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3.3 out of 5 stars119
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 16 May 2012
This film certainly won't win oscars, but it's not trying to.

It's just having a bit of fun, silly fun, and for that, should be in your collection. Not all films need to be Goodfellas, One flew over the Cuckoos nest or Inception to be worthy. Films suit your mood and when you just what some brain dead silly entertainment, Shark night fits the bill perfectly. It's ideal for watching with a few friends over nibbles and beers. It grates on me when I go to someones house to watch a film and, on viewing their collection, realise it's only full of serious, worthy, intellectually stimulating films (I love watching this type of film in silence on my own). I don't understand the mentality of building a purely 'worthy' film library as, yes the films may have critical acclaim, but for watching with a few friends who want to have a chuckle, they'll kill the mood and make everyone silent. With Shark Night 3D you can chat/laugh and even throw popcorn at tv if you feel like it. The men and women are also in swim suits for most of the film, so there's eye candy for everyone too.

I gave it 4 stars because the way in which the sharks are used is sparse and not varied enough. You'll probably see half of the ending coming a mile off, but there are a few surprises.

The 3d is pretty good too, much better than expected. There is a great feeling of depth and the odd (very odd) object that flies towards you. It's a lot better 3d-wise than some of the 3D films I own, some of them big budget productions.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 January 2012
After watching Shark Night, I was totally disgusted - NO character development, NO story, NO deep and meaningful inner message designed to enrich the soul and really make you think.

Only kidding.

If you haven't already figured it out, Shark Night is about sharks - sharks that eat people. And, if that's all you're looking for, you shouldn't feel too short-changed.

Shark Night starts off with a couple of carefree, randy American teenagers, frolicking around in a salt water lake - guess what happens to them?

Anyway, cut to the local collage where a group of seven insanely good-looking teens, all armed with quick wits and iphones, go to the same salt water lake to chill out.

Then, when bikini meets shark teeth, there can only be one winner. Okay, so the sharks are all (surprise surprise) water-based, but don't worry, our human heroes find every excuse possible to end up in the water.

So, there you have it. If you like your B-movies bloodthirsty and don't take things too seriously, you'll enjoy this (think Piranha 3D or Cabin Fever). Some other reviews have said the special effects looked cheap and there wasn't enough of the sharks. I found the FX okay and the sharks were hardly given any real dialogue to learn, so give them a break, okay?

A fun, popcorn-munching, 3/5.
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on 25 February 2012
Shark Night is a very poorly executed movie. The cast is awful, the special effects average to bad and the music score, script and plot mostly dull. The idea is quite fun but it's wasted in this movie. The sharks aren't in it enough(and they're all CGI) and the human cast are very forgetable. The film seems to be more of a slasher or torture film than a Shark attack movie, focusing on nasty human killers and their unfortunate victims. There's no real shocks or surprises but there is one or two fairly fun moments but I was very disapointed. I watched it expecting it to be a fun friday night movie but was unimpressed. Not even as good as any of the Final Destination movies(that the director of shark Night had made two instalments of) and certainly no where near as fun as 80's classics like the Friday the 13th films, April Fools Day or My Bloody Valentine. Also no where near as good as the films it's mostly influenced by Jaws, Jaws2, the original Piranha and the Piranha remake. I can only justify giving this fim one star due to the couple of o.k fun moments which include the overly fake tanned guy on the jet ski rushing to get help in the shark infested waters and the Sherriff character rocking out in a couple of fairly fun scenes. But over all I wouldn't even recommend this movie as a one watch for a laugh, because it is basically badly made and mostly not fun.
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on 20 February 2012
We would all concede this is a pretty poor, predictable teen horror bore, but for a bit of light, stupid entertainment (and if you love sharks) then this is an ok watch.

From the 'Final Destination' and 'Snake on a Plane' director this is meant to be a silly teen horror popcorn outing, with bikinied honeys, dumb jocks and some quite good mechanical sharks. There are also a couple of local red-neck baddies for good measure.

If you like sharks, and films from the Final Destination/Piranha 3D genre then this will be right up your street, for more serious Shark films watch Jaws, Open Water and ?. Piranha 3-D is more adult, but for most teens this will be a welcomed watch.
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on 26 March 2013
Got this cheap at local supermarket thinking it would be really bad 2d conversion.

Was actually surprised as it was filmed in 3d had a goodish story line.

Special effects were good.

I think the title let's the film down.

This was a lot more fun than piranha 3d and 3dd.

Just a good old romp.
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The movie opens up similar to "Jaws" where the girl dies (oops sorry about the early spoiler). There were some differences. The music wasn't as intense, it was broad daylight, it was a shallow water attack, it was in fresh water,and we don't see a dorsal fin until later in the film. A group of college students, including a top athlete prospect (Sinqua Walls) who wants to be monogamous head up to the Sara's (Sara Paxton) lake/gulf house for the weekend. We know they are going to encounter 3D sharks, but in addition they meet with some uncouth sexist men who should be belong in a slasher film. Nick (Dustin Milligan) has interest in Sara, but hasn't made his move.

The dialouge was fairy decent. It wasn't predictable and at times had the classic "indy" freshness to it along with some modern pop music. After the first shark attack (you knew it was coming) we discover they have no cell phone reception...then there is the mishap with their boat. What to do for a shark attack? Stay out of the water. Humans have the advantage on land, believe it or not. But that doesn't make for a good shark horror movie so we add the twist. This is not just any shark. This is a movie shark. It can swim miles in a matter of moments. It appears to go out of its way to hunt humans, even leaping out of the water to get them.

The shark special effects didn't seem that great, perhaps viewing in 3D would make them better. The movie had a few slow scenes needed to establish relationships and character. We find out Sara is a survivor out of a different horror movie. The acting was on par for B movies. Dialogue slightly better. Soundtrack slightly better.

Rear nudity, sexual situations, language.
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Fans should note that the 'US' BLU RAY edition of "Shark Night" (2012) on 20th Century Fox is REGION A LOCKED - so it won't play on our machines unless they're chipped to be 'all regions' (which most aren't).

Check your player's Region Coding (needs to have the A, B and C logo) before making an expensive mistake...
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on 11 February 2012
Firstly I loved Piranah, Machete etc so i'm no stranger to this genre and I was really looking forward to carnage, light story and plenty of action.

Some carnage movies manage the balance of delivering daftness with and imagination or style that enables you to sit back, enjoy and justify a couple of hours zoning out - this doesn't. It's genuinely unsulting and lacking any imagination, thought or care. Picture the most stupid film you have ever seen. Now imagine it twice as stupid and you are getting close.

The makers should be made to wear a bag over thier head, be banned from making a film again or fed to real sharks.

Simple story, stupid characters, moronic plot (jaw droppingly moronic). The worse 3d film I ever saw was 'Treasure of the 4 Crowns' - this was much worse.
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on 20 March 2012
There are a few rules to a successful horror: either go jokey but horrifyingly gruesome (Director Ellis' own 'Final Destination 2' / other successful 3D romp 'Piranha 3D') or go deadly serious and full of tension ('Switchblade Romance', or 'The House of The Devil'). It's invariably lethal to dumb down a jokey script AND water down the gore and scares.
Presumably to try to benefit from the increased audience appeal of 3D (it's so ingrained that it's a part of the title), 'Shark Night 3D' essentially gets two low-budget writers to rehash 'Piranha 3D' meets 'Jaws' on a saltwater lake, but on a '15' age rating.
As a result we get a group of stereotypes going to an isolated rich girl's lake house to party, and falling foul of cliches. Sorry - I meant sharks. Well, actually I meant both.
We get 'your cellphones won't work out here, guys', an athletic 'street-talking' black guy who's only in college on a sports scholarship and who cops racist flak from the local 'hicks', we get (God help us) racist hicks where it would have made a nice change to have something smarter as an alternative, badly written paper-thin shark fodder characters, and - yep, you guessed it: someone we're not even introduced to and don't care about bites it before the opening credits just to establish that there's a menace.
There are moments of funny dialogue, and the cast try hard, but even at their best it feels like your watching adequate actors trying to emote, and they never really suck you into what's going on.
One nice touch is the twisted reason behind the shark attacks, but when it's revealed it's not much of a surprise and the acting involved varies from 'alright' to unconvincing. The reasons behind the motive are paper-thin and are never shown to actually have any genuine demand for their scheme.
Needless to say, the chase sequences and the sharks are the stars. I watched this in 2D, and the 3D effects made some of the sharks look a little fake in 2D. However, many of the scenes are slick and convincing, with a nice variety of the snappy predators and some spectacular stunts. There is blood, and some fleeting gore, but many of the attacks are borderline silly and the film has so many vast and gaping plot holes you could heft Buckingham Palace in between the gaps.
As a dumb thrill ride it's guiltily entertaining and terrific with a few beers. As anything else, it might be one of the worst films of the year.
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on 2 March 2014
If you want a shark film with a decent enough storyline, good CGI and acting that doesn't make you only too aware that it is acting, then I recommend this. Don't get me wrong, it isn't Oscar winning stuff but if you like this genre - and if you are looking at the reviews of this film then you probably do - then this is worth a few quid. Even my boyfriend - who doesn't find this genre as appealing as I do - really liked this and said we should keep it so we could watch it again - we normally give these movies away once we have watched them once.
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