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4.7 out of 5 stars39
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 5 January 2007
In its fifth and final season, Twilight Zone went through some challenging times. Rod Serling had even less involvement, writing scripts in a hurry and generally feeling very fatigued. Producer Bert Granet passed on to William Froug just after the season began. Unsurprisingly, season five suffered from a lack of quality compared to earlier seasons, although there are still some superb episodes.

The season starts strongly with Twilight Zone alumni Jack Klugman and Billy Mumy in 'In Praise of Pip,' about an alcoholic bookie who discovers his son is dying in Vietnam. The season continues to have strong episodes such as 'Nightmare at 20,000 Feet,' a superb tale and one of the most-loved episodes concerning a recovering mental patient (William Shatner in one of his best performances) seeing a gremlin on the wing of an airplane he's flying home in; 'Living Doll,' in which a little girls' new doll starts terrorising the girls stepfather; 'Number 12 Looks Just Like You,' a chilling story about a future society that encourages people to upgrade their appearances to all look beautiful; 'Night Call,' which sees Gladys Cooper receiving eerie phone calls on dark and stormy nights; 'The Masks,' wherein a dying millionaire exacts revenge on his greedy family; and 'Stopover In A Quiet Town,' in which two people wake up in an empty town made out of cardboard and paper.

Most episodes in season five ultimately fall very average compared to previous offerings: 'Steel,' 'A Kind of A Stopwatch,' 'The Last Night of A Jockey,' 'The Old Man in the Cave,' 'Uncle Simon,' 'Probe 7 Over and Out,' 'Ring-A-Ding Girl,' 'You Drive,' 'The Long Morrow,' 'The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross,' 'Spur of the Moment,' 'Queen of the Nile,' 'What's in the Box,' 'I am the Night - Color Me Black,' 'The Jeopardy Room,' 'Mr Garrity and the Graves,' and 'The Brain Center at Whipple's' either offer great ideas that are not realised well or are all average episodes that pass the time well enough.

There are some (by Twilight Zone standards) dreadful episodes in this season: the clichéd and utterly dull 'The 7th is Made up of Phantoms'; 'Ninety Years Without Slumbering,' which completely cheats its audience at the end, 'Black Leather Jackets,' a contender for worst ever episode and mind-numbingly dreadful; the childish and irritating 'From Agnes - With Love'; the totally awful 'Caesar and Me'; 'Come Wander With Me,' the most bizarre and confusing episode ever made, so incoherent that it is rendered unwatchable; 'The Fear,' in which Twilight Zone lives inside its own clichés for 30 minutes of pointless drama; and finally 'The Bewitchin' Pool,' the final episode, wherein the script isn't brilliant but the production is so much worse.

Fortunately, the Twilight Zone's worst is still pretty good, and even in the worst episodes there is still at least something, however small, to admire.

Also on this DVD are 4 non-syndicated episodes that are rarely seen. Included chronologically, it was a rare treat to see these for the first time. They are somewhat of a mixed bag all in all: 'A Short Drink From A Certain Fountain' doesn't generate much energy, and 'Sounds and Silences' is pretty okay but could have been much better, whereas 'The Encounter' is a fascinating and extremely personal tale about consequences, and is fresh and diverting. But the episode that REALLY impresses is, ironically, not really a Twilight Zone episode at all. This is 'An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,' which was produced as a French short film that won the Cannes Film Festival. Serling brought the rights and aired the film as a Twilight Zone episode. Stunningly produced, it is one of Ambrose Bierce's most haunting stories.

The sixth disc in this release includes footage of Serling's lectures and interviews with guest stars and writers, and is worthy of your attention.

So The Twilight Zone comes to an end. Although season five may not be perfect, it is a vital part of this incredible show. A terrific series, all in all, and one of the true landmarks of television entertainment. A masterpiece.
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Alas! Season 5 was the final outing for the brilliant Twilight Zone. I've just finished watching this :(

Aired in 1963-64 this last season contained 36 episodes and here they are with a brief description just to jog the memory. . .

1. In praise of Pip- A bookie receives news that his son has been wounded in combat, then gets the chance to save him.
2. Steel- A boxing promoter tries to get the most out of his broken-down robot boxer.
3. Nightmare at 20,000 feet- A salesman, who is recovering from a nervous breakdown, sees a creature on the wing of the airplane he is on, but no one believes him.
4. A kind of a stopwatch- A talkative bore acquires a stopwatch that halts time.
5. The last night of a jockey- A disgraced jockey is granted his wish to be big.
6. Living doll- A man is physically threatened by his stepdaughter's new, talking doll.
7. The old man in the cave- A soldier causes discord for a community of atomic-war survivors who are being guided by an unseen cave dweller.
8. Uncle Simon- The long-suffering niece of a grumpy inventor finds no peace after his passing.
9. Probe 7, Over and Out- A space explorer crash-lands on a distant planet and learns his own has been destroyed by nuclear war - then discovers that he is not alone on this new world.
10. The seventh is made up of phantoms- Three National Guardsmen exploring the site of Custer's last stand wind up getting involved in the actual battle.
11. A short drink from a certain fountain- An old man married to a younger woman takes an untested youth serum.
12. Ninety years without slumbering- A man believes he will die the moment his grandfather clock stops ticking.
13. Ring-a-ding girl- A movie star receives a ring from her fan club that draws her back to her home town, where she offers to do a one-woman show to stop plans for a town picnic.
14. You drive- A hit-and-run driver is haunted by his car.
15. The long morrow- An astronaut falls in love before going on a 40-year mission into space.
16. The self improvement of Salvadore Ross- A suitor discovers he can trade his physical assets for those of others.
17. number 12 looks just like you- A young woman resists having the surgery that her society requires to make everyone beautiful and identical.
18. Black leather jackets- Three motorcycle-riding men are actually part of an alien invasion force - and one of them falls for a teenage girl.
19. Night call- An old woman keeps receiving frightening phone calls.
20. From Agnes-with love- A programmer receives advice on his love life from a computer that is in love with him.
21. Spur of the moment- An engaged woman is terrorized without a reasonable explanation by a woman on horseback.
22. An occurance at owl creek bridge- A Confederate spy is about to be hanged when the rope breaks, allowing him to escape and return home.
23. Queen of the Nile- A reporter discovers the secret behind the apparent eternal youth of a film actress.
24. What's in the bx?- An unhappy couple's newly-repaired television set shows them hurting each other.
25. The masks- At Mardi Gras a wealthy dying man requires his daughter and her family - his would-be heirs - to wear masks that show their true selves.
26. I am the night-Colour me black- A man is to be hanged at sunrise, but on the appointed day, the sun fails to rise.
27. Sounds and silences- A man's obsession with loud noises causes his wife to leave him; then all of the sounds in his life go haywire.
28. Caesar and me- A struggling ventriloquist's dummy talks him into a life of crime.
29. The Jeopardy room- A political refugee is forced into a game of cat-and-mouse with a rather artistic assassin.
30-. Stop over in a quiet town- A married couple wakes up after drinking at a party and find themselves in a strange town devoid of life - except for the distant laughter of a child.
31. The encounter- A samurai sword sparks a conflict between a World War II veteran and a Japanese-American
32. Mr Garrity and the graves- A stranger brings a dog back from the dead and offers to do the same for those in the town cemetery, making the townsfolk uneasy.
33. The brain centre at Whipple's- A factory owner decides to replace his human employees with machines.
34. Come wander with me- A professional singer looks for an authentic song in the mountains, where he gets in trouble with the locals.
35. The fear- A state trooper and a secluded woman experience strange incidents after the woman reports seeing lights in the sky.
36. The bewitchn' pool- Two children escape from their bickering parents to a special place by way of their swimming pool.

Some great actors appeared in this final season, some of who had already done a stint in previous episodes/seasons. Jack Klugman, Lee Marvin, Bill Mumy, William Shatner, Mickey Rooney, Telly Savalas, James Coburn, Richard Basehart, Marsha Hunt and Martin Landau to name but a few! Not forgetting Nick Cravat as the Gremlin terrorising Shatner!

I personally think a fitting end to the Twilight Zone series. I will no doubt watch all five seasons again over the years. Highly recommended to all sci fi/paranormal fans.
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on 13 July 2012
Rod Serling, creator of the hugely influential Twilight Zone series, wrote the majority of episodes included in all five seasons. The format and ideas featured in the famous cult classics, was ahead of its time. While some, weaker episodes, appear dated, the overall quality of this original and groundbreaking series make it a cultural treasure cherished by a huge fanbase. Serling was an articulate man and a gifted writer. His penchant for off-the-wall, surreal scenarios were drawn from the sci-fi genre he clearly loved and was influenced by. His black and white series afforded opportunities for many actors and writers who went on to become famous. The work Serling's brainchild created for others cannot be overestimated, nor can the amount of enjoyment and entertainment value for countless people be accurately estimated. Suffice to say, the Twilight Zone is securely fixed in the affections of numerous and diverse people from different generations. Serling himself regularly appeared throughout all five seasons, he is especially famed for his eloquent prefaces and epilogues in most episodes. His witty eloquence and distinctive turn of phrase has been much imitated and admired, while the compassion that tempered his clear intellect made him a likeable human being as is manifest in his on-screen presence.

The fifth season of TZ, sees a return to the half-hour formats of seasons 1-3, which was extended to an hour in season 4. Purists prefer the traditional, shorter length episodes and the series finale appears to benefit from the concise stories it includes. Solid performances from the typically prestigious cast lend to the stronger titles featured.

'The Last Night of a Jockey' starring Mickey Rooney, and 'The Self-Improvement of Salvador Ross' with Don Gordon are particularly worthy of attention, both having the perfect balance between good ideas and strong performances that showed TZ at its best. William Shatner fans will appreciate 'Nightmare at 20, 000 Feet' more than less impressionable individuals who tend to find the plot feeble and the 'Gremlin' risible. But this is a rare nadir easily compensated for by predominantly good material. Time as a theme and a rich seam for all writers after H. G. Wells (whose seminal debut 'The Time Machine' was first published in 1895) crops up entertainingly in 'A Kind of Stopwatch', 'A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain' and 'Ninety Years Without Slumbering'. Humour, pathos, the unexpected and poignancy are liberally mixed in the last season of the series.

Much imitated, TZ was a pioneering treat at the time of release that has not been equalled. ('The Outer Limits', produced some years later, was a disappointing attempt to rival TZ, the obvious source of its inspiration.) It served as the launching pad for the careers of many actors and afforded low-profile writers a platform to reach a wider audience. The fact it is so fondly regarded more than forty years after it first emerged is an impressive testament to the quality of Serling's unique vision. A more substantial endorsement than any review can provide.
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A six disc dvd box set. It contains all thirty six episodes - all of which run for twenty five minutes - of the fifth and final season of the Twilight Zone. The classic anthology show.

This is the original 1960's show, rather than the two later revivals.

This is a region zero dvd, which means it will work on any player. But it does have no subtitles. And the only language option is English.

This final season is a slightly different kettle of fish to what came before. Restored to it's normal length after the longer episodes of year four, but this still doesn't have the same producer as the first three years. And it had a Rod Serling who by his own admission was now rather burnt out.

Some episodes are by first time writers for the show as well. So, whilst any anthology programme can vary in quality from week to week, this season does more so than most. Some episodes are forgettable. Some don't work. Some are very preachy. Some in the earlier years had these faults, but here they show more.


There are still classics to be found.

In Praise of Pip. A touching tale of fatherly devotion.
Steel. Lee Marvin and boxing robots.
Nightmare at 20000 feet. William Shatner has a nightmare plane trip.
Living Doll. A nasty stepfather meets his match in the shape of a toy.
Number 12 looks just like you. A tale of peer pressure. With a happy ending.

All are absolute standouts and some have gone into popular consciousness.

Others like 'The Masks,' 'Mr. Garrity and the Graves' and 'Night call' all rise well above average. Some like 'You drive' and 'the jeopardy room' - the latter a thriller with no fantasy at all - are quite effective.

So there still gems to be found.

Also of note is 'Probe 7. Over and out.' Where two survivors of a war in space are stranded on a planet together. Because although it has one of the most clichéd endings ever, it's very well directed.

There are also curios. The episodes 'a short drink from a certain fountain,' 'sounds and silences', 'the encounter,' [which includes a pre Star Trek George Takei] and 'an occurrence at owl creek bridge,' all never got repeated for a long time after first being shown. The first two because they were involved in lawsuits alleging the show's writer had plagiarised the idea. The third because it got complaints from Japanese American viewers over an inaccurate portrayal of Japanese Americans at Pearl Harbour in 1941. And the last because it was a French short film version of the Ambrose Bierce story which they only had the rights to show once. The first two were repeated again years later, and are okay if average. But the latter two should be new to many. Owl Creek Bridge is good. The Encounter is well acted but has a muddled script that doesn't convey what it's trying to do very well.

The only extras are the usual audio commentaries on a handful of episodes, which are all interviews done long before and just put on the dvd.

Plus 'Submitted for your approval,' an 85 minute long documentary made in 1995 all about the life and work of Rod Serling. This is thoroughly absorbing, and contains some fascinating footage from his pre Twilight Zone work. It doesn't quite go into as much detail as it could re his later tv work. But it's still a really good watch.

All in all, a very good package for a season that isn't the best, but still has it's good points.
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on 26 October 2014
This is where it all began and this is the season where it ended until the mid 1980's - the grand daddy of all TV Science Fiction.

Considering these were made 50 years ago they are still outstandingly good thanks to the high quality writing of maestro Rod Serling.

Great short teleplays with brilliant twists in the tale at the end.

Thankfully they went back to the 25 minute format for the final season.

Make sure you buy the Blu-Ray versions for the superior picture quality and extras, makes them look like they were filmed yesterday as they have been taken direct from the original negatives. Extras are interesting and plentiful, including 10 Actor Video Interviews, many audio commentaries by cast and crew and over 20 Isolated Music Scores which are beautiful and my personal favourite.

Simply Stunning, a must buy!
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on 19 January 2015
And so Season 5 which aired in 1964 was to be the very final season of this spectacular show. Rod Serling felt that the show had to end given the studios hint that the show would be cancelled unless it took on a 100% horror theme. Serling rightly disagreed given that the show was much more than just horror, social commentary was high on Serlings list- and Season 5 shows this. The final season asked about the Vietnam war, talked about racial equality and even had a few major roles for black people- literally unheard of in television in the early 60s.

It's easy to think that because this was the last season that this had to be the worst one. Far from it- this season took many risks and is perhaps the best season of the show. It may not be filled with genuine classics- though they are here. But what Season 5 does have is a high consistancy of very good episodes, episodes that you will be happy to return to again and again. Here is a rundown:

We kick off in spectacular style with the tearjerker In Praise of Pip. Jack Klugman plays an estranged father whose son has been killed in Vietnam. He has memories of his son when he was a child and feels he neglected him and wants one more chance to reconcile with him, this is one of the most moving stories ever on The Twilight Zone. Bill Mumy the evil kid from It's a Good Life plays the son.

Steel is another great episode, told from the future where boxers are now robots as it has become illegal for humans to box. Lee Marvin stars. The make up is very good. Next up is one of the most talked about and infamous episodes- Nightmare At 20,000 Feet starring William Shatner as a nervous businessman aboard a plane. His trip gets worse when in a storm he appears to see a monster on the wing- but is it just his imagination? So famous is this episode that the plot line even in comedy shows has been repeated and still is repeated several times. Nightamare at 20,000 Feet is directed by Richard Donner who would go on to direct another five episodes this season.

A Kind of a Stopwatch is classic Zone material. It's one of those 'out there' episodes with a nasty ending, think Time Enough at Last. The episode is about a hapless loser that is given a stopwatch and every time he uses it the world stops..... Just imagine! This one if followed up by The Last Night of a Jockey, notable for starring Mickey Rooney who is the only actor in this episode. Serling himself wrote the story with Rooney in mind. The acting is great, but unfortunetly this episode just can't grip you, Rooney whining for 20 odd minutes on his own just doesn't work.

Living Doll is next and this one is another fondly remembered epsiode about a doll that wants to kill. Telly Savalas stars as the angry dad who pays no attention to his family or his daughters toys, so things go awry for him. The doll's catchphrase "I am Talking Tina and I'm going to kill you" was an obvious inspiration for Chucky in Child's Play movies some 2 decades later. The Old Man in the Cave is a delightful story about peoples faith and lack of it after an explosion has wiped out most of the world- and what is inside the cave, anyway?

Uncle Simon is a little silly if not just plain goofy- about a woman who lives with her uncle Simon and he rules with an iron fist- she wishes death on him, but what has uncle been making downstairs? Not too bad an episode. Directed by Don Siegel. Probe 7 and Out is about a man who has landed on a distant planet and finds only one more human a woman that is naturally terrified of him- you may guess the ending way before it happens. The 7th is Made up of Phantoms doesn't really go anywhere and along with one more episode (noted later on) is among the worst of the season.

A Short Drink from a Certain Fountain is about an old man who is with a beautiful if shallow younger partner, he takes a speial serum to look younger. And it works, however the serum just keeps on working and you can guess the rest, average at best story. Ninety Years Without Slumbering is extremely well acted even if the plot is so so- about an old man who believes that when his grandfather clock stops working, he will! Ed Wynn stars and this episode marked Bernard Herrmann's final score for the show.

Ring-a-Ding-Girl is one of the most eeriest stories from the show- concerning a movie actress that drops in to see her normal family in her home town. But she keeps getting messages- could it be that she is already dead? Pretty effective episode. You Drive is about a car that is seemingly possesesed who wants to convict its driver of homicide. An interesting if carefree look at cars that drive on their own- something Hollywood would repeat again and again from everything to Knight Rider to the horror movie The Car.

The Long Morrow is a great story involivng two lovers who click- but the man must go on a space mission which could see him gone for years- superb climax and Mariette Hartley has to be one of the most gorgeous actresses to appear on the show. The Self Improvement of Salvadore Ross hardly has a title that could inspire- but this is a great episode. Don Gordon plays an obnoxious man who wants to marry a well to do woman. He realises after breaking his hand that if he wishes for something it can happen, he goes from being young to being old to being young again and becomes a millionaire- but he is still the loud mouthed obnoxious man- so he has one more plan. Great episode and well acted with free flowing story, directed once again by Don Siegel.

Number 12 Looks Just Like You is a bonafide classic episode from the show. Serling gives us his divine social commentary here. In the future at a certain age the transformation takes place, everyone has a choice to be beautiful with 3 different models to choose from. But one girl doesn't want to have the operation, a great episode. Black Leather Jackets is a little out of time and goofy- three bad men wearing leather jackets in 60s America, however the episode succeeds in unintentionally showing us a slice of 60s Americana, and for that this episode is at, the very least of historical interest.

Night Call is an eerie one about an old woman who keeps receiving phone calls in the middle of the night, things take a dark turn once we find out that the calls are coming from a near by cemetery, directed by the legendary Jacques Tourneur. For note this was the episode scheduled to air on November 22nd, 1963 the night of JFK's assassination. This was rescheduled and debuted in early 1964. From Agnes With Love is a real goofy episode, the Zone seemed to have a few of these each season, and this one is no different. May remind you of the 80s movie Electric Dreams. Spur of the Moment is strangley effective about a woman who sees herself as a youngster as tries to stop herself making the same mistakes- episode comes across as a feverish like dream- and the acting is very solid especially by lead actress Diana Hyland.

An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge is unlike any Twilight Zone episode aired and the reason for this is that techinally it is not a Twilight Zone episode. Originally a French short movie that won an Oscar- this one was slightly modified and the shows producers were able to buy the episode and fit it well within budget for the show. It is a superb tale of a man about to be hanged and his final thoughts on life, well directed by Robert Enrico- the episode was bought for $25,000 a snip considering each regular episode cost $65,000 at the time.

Quuen of the Nile follows about an actress who has a power to stay young, so a young reporter decides to investigate- good episode that has a gorish moment for TV standards. What's in the Box is about a brooding man who can suddenly see the future from his TV signal- and the future says he will kill his nagging wife, an episode easily forgotten. The Masks brings us back to Zone territory where a dying millionaire summons his horrible money grabbing family to his bedside for last night- but there's a catch they must all wear hideous masks, with hideous consequences. Very intersting to note that this was directed by Ida Lupino the only female to ever direct an episode of The Twilight Zone she is also the only actor/actress to ever star in an episode- The Sixteen Milimeter Shrine from Season 2 and direct an episode.

I am the Night- Color Me Black is a very powerful episode that deals with small town racism and the death penalty in America. This is controversial stuff at least for the time it was made in. Serling wrote this as a reference to the then recent assassination of JFK. A great episode. Sounds and Silences had a good premise but isn't able to deliver as it should do. Masters of Horror TV series did a better telling of the same story called Sounds Like, 40 odd years later. Caesar and Me brings back the ventriloquists tale that we had seen in Season 3- done better too in the episode called The Dummy. This is still a very good and at times eerie piece. The Jeopardy Room is another effective story about a KGB spy trapped in a room- if he tries to escape a bomb will go off- tense and flows very well.

Stopover in a Quiet Town is hailed as one of the classics- the sort of story that you have heard of about the show with the neat bizarre twist ending. In short a couple wake up after a boozy night in a house they do not recognize- once they sober up they realise that nothing around them seems real. Remade though never offically recognized by Hammer in their 1980s short lived series Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense under the episode title, Child's Play. The Encounter is the 'banned' episode of The Twilight Zone- it was shown once in the States before being omitted in the syndication of the show. It stars 2 characters, one a racially agrivated all American played by Neville Brand and the other a Japanese American played by George Takei- they are stuck together in a loft, talk have a beer and inevitably through race, religion and war realise they hate each other. Great acting throughout makes this a memorable episode.

Mr Garrity and the Graves is a fun episode, set in the Wild West where Mr Garrity ventures into and claims to the townsfolk that he can ressurect the dead. But is all that it seems, great acting and drawn out long scenes, special mention to the bar man, a fine actor played by Stanley Adams- shines here. The Brain at Whipples may leave you with your jaw hitting the floor about how it sees the future. A manager of a factory decides to sack his staff after accepting a machine that can do all of the mens work- a machine that doesn't come into work late, claim holidays, get sick- from his words. Oh my how we see now how this is happening around us 50 years after this episodes airing. Seen how many people work in a bank now? How many people are on the assembly line at the car depot? Or how many self service tills are there in a supermarket compared to tills with REAL PEOPLE working? This is a great episode that sadly rings true today. Acting is very good all round and convincing.

Come Wander With Me is a curate's egg- personally I thought this was one of the strongest episodes of the season. It has deep South atmosphere and is a terrific little ghost story. It feels grown up and has a nice tune throughout the run. Come Wander With Me was also the very final episode of the show filmed. The Fear is a goofy but ultimately a homage to 50s camp Sci Fi- starring Peter Mark Richman as a cop who comforts a woman at her secluded house because she believes there to be a UFO above her home, is she right? And if so what will the pair find? Not a bad episode, but could have been better.

Finally to what is regarded as the final episode of the show- The Bewitchin' Pool- deals with two kids who get no love from their rich parents. They find a portal in their swimming pool and are seemingly thrust into a new dimension a forest with a lake and an old woman in a cottage who looks after frightened abandoned children. On an emotional level this falls flat- it could really have been a sucker punch. Instead we are left with terrible acting all round- especially the parents, and an old woman who expects lots of hard labor from her children in return for some cake. I don't buy that at all.

So there it is, Season 5. All in all I found 24 episodes from 36 to be great with only 12 not meeting the mark and only 2 being of a poor standard. It turns out that Season 5 is a great season indeed, perhaps the best. Below are my TOP 10 personal episodes from this season.

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on 21 June 2013
as with all seasons, great picture and audio quality and a ton of extras. just like season 3 of Star Trek, the quality of the shows may not have been as good as the first season but there are still a bunch of classic episodes to enjoy and it is Twilight Zone - even when it is bad, it is still better than most shows.

great price too. same discs as we get in North America but around 1/2 the price with the shipping. if you live in North America and are concerned about ordering, don't be - great price and I received it in no time.
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on 12 April 2015
Blu ray version: So far so good! I haven't finished the boxed set yet but the picture quality has been stunning, out performing many feature films of the period also on blu ray! This actually made one of the 'lesser' stories come to life more so than when I originally played it some years back on the DVD release. Such is the power of blu ray. The extras are numerous and varied too. I like watching the commercial break bumpers in each story - well done CBS. The introduction by Rod Serling for the following story is also a treat not released before, at least in the UK. Clearly a lovingly restored boxed set and at a sensible price.
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on 22 October 2015
Season 5 is often considered the last and least season, but I couldn't disagree more. Nightmare at 20,000 Feet is one of the most famous episodes of all, arguably the most famous, and a lot better than you might expect if (like me) you only knew it by proxy through the many pastiches made of it. There are also lots of other top grade stories: other reviews have given full details so I'll just say I'd give a special mention to Night Call, with the splendid Gladys Cooper, and Queen of the Nile.

In my view only Season 1 is clearly better than this one; it holds its own, at the very least, against any other.
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on 26 July 2014
The stories are not as good as previous twilight zone, however they seem shorter in length but values, morals are still evident. good price for this collection, last dvd is about rod serling which was nice to know why he became a writer and helps to put some of the well known episodes into perspective for advent fans of the original twilight zone. It is a blessing to watch on weekends and think what is the message I can take from this....could make you a better person than you already are.
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