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2.1 out of 5 stars9
2.1 out of 5 stars
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on 6 April 2012
Francis Dunnery once again tries something new, this time releasing an album that features no guitar! It goes without saying that this album is and will not be to everyone's liking. I have read many negative comments regarding the album so let me say the 1 star reviews are just as valid as my own.

Before dismissing Made In Space though lets start by saying the songwriting is top notch (as per usual). Frank does use a vocoder however I don't find this to be detrimental to the songs at all, it fits in well with the easy R&B vibe.

If your after It Bites style prog rock you'll be sorely disappointed, my advice would be to listen to this album with an open mind. Personally it's unlike any other album I have ever heard and admittedly is not the kind of music I would normally be partial to but Dunnery on the whole succeeds. The vocals harmonies with the talented Dorie Jackson are superb and after half a dozen plays the songs work their magic and have an undoubted charm about them.

Made In Space is not an easy listen - initially I thought 'all of these songs sound the same' - the songs are growers, stay with them and you may well be rewarded just like I was. The title track is magnificent and totally absorbing. Interestingly quite a few of these songs have been kicking around for years and years. 'Little Tears From A Big Pair Of Brown Eyes' is around 20 years old, ditto 'Bat Thing' & Haunted is also not a new track either, it does of course sound totally different though and like the album overall will divide opinions. For me, the album is far from perfect, I'd score it 7/10 and have rounded that up to 4 stars given Amazon's ratings system.

Many Dunnery fans will have probably heard Made In Space already by now however for those casual lurkers I'd advise to approach the album with an open mind. Frank so far, has never released the same kind of album twice and I for one wouldn't want him to either. Indeed if the next one is in the same style I'd be very disappointed. It's healthy to see an artist venture into the unknown and try something new, if it doesn't suit other peoples tastes quite frankly who cares. Francis clearly doesn't, he has remained true to himself as an arist and obviously accepted the days of mainstream commercial success are long gone. Fair play to him and roll on the next album!
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on 13 April 2012
I have been an IT BITES and Francis DUNNERY fan since 1986 and own every album he has produced over the years. There was a time in my life, that I would have bought an album of Frankie snooring on vynyl however i regret to say this is most certainly not his finest hour! I truley recommend all previous Francis DUNNERY albums and both his voice and guitar playing are a joy to listen to...............which leads me to MADE IN SPACE.
The entire album is completely ruined by the voice synthesiser place over the top of DUNNERY's vocals and the total direction changing 'R&B feel'. I'm sure that the songs if re-recorded would stand well on their own and I have seen recordings of the title track with it's catchy melody, but i just can't like this, no matter how hard I try!
I think that Frankie needs to look at his Fan base and maybe leave the R&B to a younger and more credible generation and not to be ashamed of what he does well. I bought the album 6 months ago and i'm still not over the shock! In a nutshell 'Truly Terrible'.

If you've been listening to DUNNERY for any length of time you won't believe it until you've heard it for yourself! Prepare yourself, be warned!
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on 6 March 2012
I disagree with the majority of what Alan wrote, in that I saw Francis and band perform a couple of years back at the Customs House in South Shields and it was a brilliant gig. The accompanying double CD, There's a Whole New World Out There, and the Gully flats Boys releases were also indicative of a mellowing out without a reduction in quality. However, and this is where I must agree - the vocal effects on the samples here are truly heinous - is it a Vocoder? It was bad enough when Cher used it all those years ago, and to put it on Dorie Jackson's beautiful haunting voice is simply a crime. I won't be buying this that's for sure and as I've always held Francis in the highest regard, well, that my friends makes me sad...
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on 26 March 2013
"Man" is one of my favourite albums of all time, and i like the other albums of his i have heard.
However this album is just embarrassingly bad, it's like an artist who is desperate to be "down with the kids". Call it a mid-life crisis if you want, or just a horrible attempt to sell out. I have no idea what Francis Dunnery expected his fans to make of this, it's a poor offering.
You could say that he is entitled to write whatever he wants, to follow his creative instincts, even if that leads to this. However I just don't believe the man who wrote "man" would naturally want to write this.
The vocal effects on every song are just cringe worthy.

This album may appeal to a new audience, people will like it, however i feel it lets down his existing fan base badly.
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on 6 July 2012
I will not get personal, I love Francis's Music, and will always purchase his CD's when released. But he's really got the vocal production wrong on this CD.
There are some great songs on this CD, and Dorie is flawless as always. But the auto tune on francis's vocals just gets on my nerves.
I know Francis is a positive person,and he will bounce back, but as stated Made In Space is not for me.
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on 27 May 2012
Sorry guys, I'm a huge fan of Franks work and kind of knew this was going to be different, but.....................I don't get it! It's the first album in many years that I've downloaded then deleted!!!!
I'm sure many will enjoy it but not me, sorry Francis, hope there's something a little more akin to Man or guitar based in the pipeline ;)
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on 29 January 2012
In 'Tall Blonde Helicopter' Francis Dunnery released one of the most underrated and under-promoted albums ever made. It's a sublime piece of work that should make anyone who bought any of David Gray's albums hang their head in shame at their complete lack of understanding of the genre. But, commercial radio is to blame for that and Francis Dunnery's almost total anonymity on that media is no surprise to anyone who follows the work of a largely independant artist. The bare production and honest lyrics make Dunnery's hauntingly beautiful talent instantly accessible on the first hearing to any glancing listener. To anyone who has followed his career it was the stripping down of his psyche that he later referred to in less subtle terms on 2001's 'Man'. 'Man' was the album that first started to say "I don't really care what the fans want any more. This is me and this is what I do and believe". Fair enough. There are an equal number of beautiful sentiments on that record as there are confusing, self-absorbed, psychobabble nuggets but it was, for many, an ominous sign. Since 'Man' he has released just three studio albums of hugely decreasing quality. Dunnery's mental state during these years has been the subject of much debate amongst the declining fan base. The latest, 'Made in Space' is the sound of a 50 year old man trying to make an impression on a youth who would never show interest in an artist of this age if he bowled up on X Factor dressed up as Lady Gaga. It's a man who has been thrust into the mid-life crisis that even he didn't see coming, despite making constant references to this phenomenon during the last ten years, when his live performances have consisted mainly of his pontificating about how we should live our lives according to a mish-mash of tertiary Buddhism and astrological nonsense. A 50 year old is never going to sound cool basing a production on 15-year-old 'autotune' techniques. It's ridiculous. This new album cements the notion that his musical career is, sadly, completely over. It's absolutely, irredeemably awful and illustrative of one of the most public breakdowns in musical history. Thankfully, for his sake, hardly anyone knows who he is. If you want to investigate Dunnery's work then 'Tall Blonde Helicopter', 'Fearless' and even the drummerless 'Man' will give you the whole prior-breakdown picture. To listen to anything from the last 11 years would just sully and embarrass the beauty you will find in the preceding period.
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on 26 March 2013
Most of the other reviews I have seen here seem a bit unfair. Some people just want their favourite artists to bring out the same recording every single time...they don't give them any margin to evolve or try something different. This isn't a consistently strong album - it has more than its fair share of weak tracks - but just for the opening track 'Moonflower' its probably worth it. 'Picked you up and now...' is also a good R&B tune. Plus, if you compare this album to 2000's 'Man', which had some nice songs, but uncomfortably spanned electronic influences and his more well-trodden style, well this is much more convincing. Its probably worth 3 stars as a collection of songs, but just to compensate for those mean-spirited reviews, I give it a resounding 4.
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on 21 March 2013
Always loved FD's stuff, and was happy to listen to a different direction, but apart from from Moonflower and Made in Space, I'm not keen on the album.Too much vocoder for me. The song writing is still strong, but I don't think this style is his forte. I'll still play this, but not as much as the other albums which I've played to death. Looking forward to the next album
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