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1.0 out of 5 stars Rubbish, even as a back-up device it's so bad I'd almost rather get lost!, 7 Jun. 2012
This review is from: Navman Tourer Sat Nv - UK , ROI (Electronics)
You will see I have updated this review over a period of 16 months, so I have well tested this device , & would score it "0" if Amazon had a zero option! Terrible, poor, rubbish, bad, ..... it's just awful that stuff like this gets to market.

I spent an hour messing about to get the map update for Europe, the programming of the software is sloppy, so each step made me ask myself questions as to what was actually meant by the messages at each stage. After BACKING UP I downloaded the new map, to find not enough space, so was prompted to delete the map that came with the device. I did so (but I HAD backed up). The new map was bigger than the space available on the device! What a schoolboy error by Navman, you make an update that won't fit!! Excellent. To be honest I'm not surprised as all software is rushed out now, & nobody seems to have the job of Quality controller anymore, so stupidities happen pretty regularly on Satnavs , phones etc.
I reinstalled the backup , & I'm back to where I was hours ago. Thanks Navman, nice start to the working week!
Having written programmes I can see that the interface is just poorly done, & the writer assumes you know what he's thinking , & the phrases used often could be interpreted in different ways. The download does actually work, but the update doesn't I thought I'll put in a Micro SD card, but the Tourer does not have the ability to have a micro SD inserted (even though this is prompted by the install procedure).

I'll update this review as I use the device, but I'm guessing it'll be OK (see below to see that this wasn't the case , things just got worse!).
Navman currently have "3rd position" apparently in the Satnav market.

few months later:

Routes sometimes rediculous, eg a 15 mile detour on a motorway to save less than a minute (by the satnav's own calculation).
Re-routing "Back On Track" will bully you until you either go back to the route, or it will happily take you through 3 miles of the worst roads in London to force you back to a road it wants you to take, even if this will take an hour. If I had done this today a 2 hour journey would have been 4. Nice.
Camera data only for a limited time, can't update until I find out what the Navman Tourer Europe Series NUMBER is (maybe I knew this previously when I did the attempted Map update - see above), ie the choice of downloads for the Traffic Data needs you to select your particular satnav series number of the device. I cannot find this on the device, the paperwork, the CD, or the net... so will have to take a stab in the dark, there are four or five that it could be. I think (maybe) it's just a a Tourer , & that the Europe means it came preloaded with Europe maps , however why then are there other Tourers with specific series numbers ? Once again being able to see in to the minds of those writing the interfaces would be helpful, but unfortunatley I just have to second guess them.
I'd assumed that connecting to the Computer & their site via my account may reveal this info, but still couldn't find it.
Slow to load maps, driving speed is out by 5 miles an hour (a lot if you are trying to avoid speeding). Also re-routing is painfully slow, & the system .
Turn messages are often early or late, either way that's a pain in London where roads come up thick & fast.
Used it in several Cities I am vaguely familiar with, did a good job in good traffic conditions, but re-routes after a wrong turn (because of a late messages to turn) took ages to correct with, at one-point the "Back On Track" wanting to take me on The Wolves Bi-Pass to get me 500 yards up the road ( a 1 mile back on track through traffic).

If you haven't got a satnav it's better than nothing, just about, but the poor interface between the user/device/Navman control panel/website is indicitive of a Company who will never get to the top of the tree. I'll be looking to swap this out for a decent satnav soon, as I want a responsive satnav that re-routes sensibly, & can just be plugged in to get Cameara data, or comes with it for the life of the unit.

5 months later:
Downloaded the Camera data, which SHOWS me the Cameras, but NO AUDIBLE prompts, so almost useless as one can't watch the screen for cameras. If I switch the "Visible & Audible prompts " option on & off a few times, it sometimes works, but doesn't most of the time.
I PAID these people for Map Data, but I'm damned if I'll pay for a call to phone them to get it to work. In fact I know they won't be able to get it to work, it'll be just more wasted time with a shoddy product & hapless company. The phone staff are OK people, but they are very defensive, so I guess they get flack all the time by people that the Company have sold a pup to.

Another rubbish SatNav, with a terrible customer Internet Interface (That gives you Updates that are too big, or don't work).
As I said - better than no SatNav at-all, under some circumstances, but only just better than nothing.
Another few months later, some cameras are picked up all the time now, however some come & go. Audible prompts work on about 10% of cameras.
A friend has a similar model, he hates his one too, he now uses his iPhone, & when we ran them together, the iphone won hands-down.
SatNav companies have a real dilemma now, whether to shut up shop; or get some decent programming done on their gear.
If you think a SatNav is about £60-£100, more for the ones that tie you in for the maps /updates .... an iphone doesn't look like such a bad idea as an all-purpose tool that includes a SatNav app that puts most SatNavs to shame.
After another year I decided to update the camera data, to keep this as a backup device.
, this is to say that I can SEE them on the map, but the spoken warning is not happening - it warns about red light etc, but not safety Cameras. I have set all the warnings to Visual & Spoken. I have reset, remapped, re-camer'd , turned all selections on & off, reset each, rebooted, & all combinations of the previous. Nothing ....basically I have done all the checks one would do on faulty software.... & it is!
Haven't even bothered to phone 'em yet, as I can't stand any BS at the moment, as I am setting up the Tom Tom I just bought. I will phone these guys & get my money refunded for the useless Camera update - after all, I can't look at the satnav all the time to see if there are cameras.
This really is the iconoclastic satnav.
The map is often wrong, also the directions may say take 1st left, on a roundabout, but show on the screen as a right turn, with the other exits missing off the map!
I cannot update the map, (see above) as the map is bigger than the device volume!).
The website is useless, the unit is useless, why is this company still in business, maybe because of mugs like me giving them money for their poorly thought-out & poorly produced device.
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