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on 5 December 2014
The main reason for purchasing the Perixx Periduo 703W was because I required a full-sized keyboard that didn’t have pop-up feet. As I work from home and frequently switch from one PC (work) to another (personal) I also switch keyboards and often catch the feet on something and inevitably they fly off (often somewhere totally obscure) and often break leaving the keyboard lop-sided and uncomfortable to use. I opted for the Perixx after reading the reviews and this seemed the best option for the price and looked a nice keyboard in white; although I may order the black one soon too.

The Keyboard and Mouse are direct Plug n Play and I was able to set up and use within literally two minutes. Just a point I`ll add is that there were only two AAA batteries included which fit the keyboard and no batteries (2 x AA) for the mouse; but as I had them in my old mouse it wasn’t a direct issue for me, but if purchasing this might be worth bearing in mind.

Overall the Keyboard is very responsive and the Chiclet keys (never knew they had a name before) are comfortable to type with and you are confident you have not left any letters out when typing. The other thing I was concerned about was it being a UK keyboard, and yes the layout is UK with the £ sign above the 3, so all good there too.

The Mouse is responsive, although can be a little off when moving in small areas; but that could just be me and my desk surface as it seems fine other than that. The mouse is flatter than most conventional mice but is comfortable enough in my ogre hands after a few minutes use and you soon forget about it once you concentrate on something other than the mouse.

Value for Money? YES

Would I purchase another? YES
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on 20 November 2012
I'm a software developer and I find that I'm very fussy about keyboards. I need the keys to have a nice feel, have just about the right amount of travel, but also that the ctrl, alt, shift, arrow keys, etc etc are all in the right place and the keyboard manufacturer hasn't decided to make them different sizes or move them around.

After a few months of using this keyboard every day, I can say that it is excellent. The usb receiver needs to be in a powered usb port - so either on the computer itself or on a powered hub.

The mouse is perfectly functional - less remarkable but still good. The rolly wheel thing has a good notchy click to it.

Highly recommend it. In fact, I'm writing this because I just recommended it to a friend!
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on 9 January 2013
I must say I wasn't expecting a great deal from a wireless deskset costing under £25. I purchased this primarily because of the keyboard looks, hopeful that the keys wouldn't be too rubbery, like a previous set from Aldi. This thing is amazing! Very solid, excellent responsive keys, good travel and pressure feeling. Huge space between keys, all laid out nicely and it is white! - well off white and slightly cream really. I wasn't too fussed about the mouse in the pictures but it works very well, has a good solid feel and the scroll wheel is a joy to use. It could be better ergonomically but on the plus side it will be equally useful for righties and lefties. Overall I am extremely pleased with this set and would indeed recommend Perixx to all and sundry on the back of this.
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on 19 July 2012
I am rarely moved to write a product review, and it is sad that this one has to be negative (in part). It's a nice slimline keyboard, easy to install - plug in the dongle, insert the batteries, away you go. I'm a one-finger typist so not the best person to judge the quality of a keyboard but this works well for me. So the keyboard gets a big A*
The mouse is a disaster.
I was using a logitech wireless mouse before (actually I am again because I gave up on the perixx) and I used that just on my desk - no mat - and everything was fine. Fast and accurate. The perrix was unusable on my desk, skittered around, got stuck, I bought a black steelseries mousemat for it (from Amazon). No better. The perixx website said use something medium colour and matt, so I bought another mousemat (from Amazon) in light green - no better. So I gave up. The logitech works on my desk and on all the mousemats. The only reason I changed from the logitech keyboard/mouse set was because the characters were 'rubbing off' the keys - either I have rough fingers or logitech don't print very well onto the keycaps (and they don't provide spares)- so the perixx keyboard and logitech mouse has me back in business even if it looks kinda weird!
edited 3 August
So now I have been in touch with perixx and they advised me to 'reconnect' the mouse - press the connect buttons on receiver and mouse at the same time, and that has made a huge difference. I'm still only going to give it 4* because it still isn't quite as smooth in tracking as the Logitech - but it is smaller and neater! I'm now a happy bunny.
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on 30 August 2012
Mouse and keyboard look good & are designed to do just that. Print quality on some of the keyboard buttons is not great, and in places a bit blurry; also looks like it will probably wear off quickly.
Main issue is with the mouse - not a very ergonomic shape, am afraid I gave up on it after 2 days & reverted to standard black mouse, as started to get a painful thumb. Otherwise movement of mouse and sensitivity no problems at all.

No issues whatsoever with the dongle connection - using keyboard on solid wood desk with laptop on floor under desk and haven't had any connectivity issues.
You plug it in, and it just works - perfect.

Overall like the product, but will shop around for a better mouse as am an occasional RSI sufferer, and this is really designed with aesthetics in mind.
Great price.
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This is an excellent set which I bought to replace my trusty but pretty knackered Microsoft mouse and keyboard. Setup was very easy, just a case of inserting the Duracell batteries provided and plug in the USB dongle. Power up, press the connect buttons and job done. Note the dongle just as well in a rear USB port if your prefer.

The keyboard looks very smart, dare I say Apple-esque in shiny polar white. It is a quite weighty item and the rubber feet mean it stays nicely in place and does not rattle. The keys have a good travel and feel just right for me. There are handy fast keys for calculator, computer and volume etc which is a nice bonus. A CD was provided but as everything seemed to work (with Vista Home Premium) I didn't bother with that. I would have preferred legs to raise the angle somewhat though as it lays fairly flat, that and the lack of LED indicators cost it it's five stars I'm afraid. The same could be said of the mouse which has quite a low profile but is otherwise is excellent once I slowed the speed in control panel.

Overall this is a stylish and functional set that has de-cluttered and smartened up my desk. Decent value too at under thirty pounds too.

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on 1 March 2012
I was jealous of everyone in work using the new style Mac keyboards and was fed up with my own noisy, full size PC keyboard, so I started searching for a good replacement component that had to be wireless, had to be good looking and had to have the UK/Windows keyboard layout.
It took me months to find the right thing 'cos I think this is a brand new product, and I'm very glad I didn't buy the previous best option as this keyboard and mouse set are both brilliant value for money and sexy to look at. In use the keys are responsive and well laid out and the mouse gives accurate and smooth tracking.

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VINE VOICEon 14 May 2013
Very good keyboard , that's easy to instal and reliable to use. Looks very stylish and I have used it for the last 7 months with no problems . It does need 4 AAA batteries but I have only had to replace theses once . The little mouse with it is a little boxy but works well and the nice shiny surface of the keyboard means its easy to clean .
I especially like the fact it's sturdy and doesn't have adjustment legs as these broke on my old keyboard .
Very reliable , stylish and worth every penny .
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on 24 February 2013
At last a keyboard where I can see the letters on the keys. Easy to instal. a pleasure to use. The installation disc was not needed.
A great keyboartd
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on 27 June 2013
This is a reasonable priced keyboard and mouse combo. I purchased it to replace a much used Microsoft 3000 combo. A couple of the keys were a bit intermittent after many years of use. I bought the white one to make a change, also the Speedlink white mouse mat. The mouse is basic. No side keys which can be programmed. Its low profile and quite comfy to use. The scroll wheel can be left or right clicked as normal.

The Perixx is quite well built for the price. If you want a pro grade keyboard you will have to pay a lot more. There is no caps lock led but if you install the supplied driver a small window can be opened at the bottom right of the screen which will tell you if the caps lock is on. Also plenty of third party apps out there which do the same thing.

Some reviewers have complained that there are no on / off switches for the mouse or keyboard. These are rare on modern equipment, and are not really needed. The keyboard is only on when a key is pressed, or in my case when the cat decides to sleep on the keyboard !! The mouse will go into sleep mode when it is not moved. On my Microsoft keyboard the batteries lasted about 6-8 months + .The mouse about the same. If you are a very heavy user I would suggest a wired keyboard. Battery life will depend on usage.

Rechargeable batteries may not be a good idea as one reviewer suggested as the voltage is 1.2 v per cell as against 1.5 v for Alkaline type cells. This lower voltage may be a bit to low. It would depend on the equipments low voltage cut off point.

On Windows 8, which I am now using its plug and play. The same would apply to Win 7 and Vista. You may need the driver if you are still using Win XP. Plug and play on desktop Macs and most LInux releases as well.
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