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4.3 out of 5 stars38
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 25 May 2000
This is the third carpathian novel by Christine Feehan, and amidst great expectations she manages to deliver results again! Another great novel, strong story line, and another scrummy Carpathian! What more can I say?
Alexandria and her little brother Joshua are saved from unspeakable evil by Aidan Savage.
Aidan has to earn Alexandria's love and trust. He displays a tremendous amount of patience and acknowledges that he cannot force Alex into his way of life, but that she has to come to terms with it and embrace it on her own accord.
Alexandria has to come to terms with what she has been exposed to, what Aidan is, what it all means to her and Joshua. Her whole belief system has been rocked, and she needs to find herself, trust Aiden, and embrace her new way of life.
The setting is modern day San Franscicso, a far cry from the Carpathian mountains of Dark Prince and Dark Desire, however everything else is the same. Very well written, strong characters and a writting style that is both dark and compelling, close your eyes, and you could be in San Franscico!
Buy it you will not regret it
Also recommended Dark Prince and Dark Desire.
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on 25 July 2004
This was my second novel of the Dark series, but it was a pleasure for me that the characters from this book were different from the first. Only one thing remains common, the female characters are very independent and have very strong opinions and they drive the male characters crazy because of that, and of course the male characters, how should I put it, have a mentality of a man of the 15th century. But they have to grow up and mature and realize that women have achieved their liberation from men. It's hard for them but they come to terms with that.
This book introduces us to Aidan, one of the golden twins.... One of the ancients and very powerful Carpatians... This character unlike the other of his race is linked to his human "family", but for that you must read the book.
Alexandria is also a novelty regarding the other female character, she's also not alone in her life.
The love that they have for one another is taken through many ordeals until they can finally be with each other.
This book maintains the same feelings of the last but introduces the friendship that the male character has towards other characters besides his lifemate or Carpatians.
If you want loose yourself in another world, this is one the most beautifull to be lost in.
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on 13 January 2003
This book promises much but doesn't quite do it. I found myself wanting to reach into the pages and slap the herione Alex for the first 2 thirds of the book, she comes across as weak, self-pitying and well.. downright annoying and childish, and as for Aidan against the weaker Alex he comes off looking like an insensitive bully and not very likeable becuase of that. However the final third does make up in part for that, Alex finally gets around to showing some "girlpower" and standing up for herself, Aidan finally starts showing that caring sensitive side we know all carpathian males have and the plot hots up sufficiently to get you hooked. However for me one question I had was never awnsered What about joshua?? what happens when he realises that allthough his sister is now immortal he is not...I hope Christine addresses this in a later book.
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on 1 February 2011
Since their parents died Alexandria Houton's life has revolved around her six-year-old brother Joshua. When they are kidnapped by an evil Alex could never have imagined, and then rescued Alex's life changes forever. Aidan Savage is the Carpathian who rescued Alex and her brother. He left the Carpathian mountains to hunt vampires in San Francisco, but when he realises that Alex is his lifemate he also realises that by entering her life he has turned her into a target for all the vampires in the area.

This is the third in Christine Feehan's Carpathian series (which started with Dark Prince and continued with Dark Desire). I'm gradually working my way through the series and have mixed opinions so far so I wasn't sure what to expect. I did like the change of setting from the Carpathian mountains to San Francisco as it made the book feel a little more normal.

The story picks up quickly at the start of the novel and the first two chapters are action packed. After that the book becomes more about Alex and Aidan's relationship, which is what I expected the main plotline to be about as this is a paranormal romance after all. The idea of a collection of bad guys means that there is a fair amount of variety to the storyline, and I have to admit I loved how Thomas Ivan was tied in as potential competition for Aidan. I've heard the Carpathian men referred to as overbearing, which I agree with, but Aidan manages to give Alex some independence which is refreshing. There are few things worse in romance novels than having a dislikable overbearing jerk as the "hero".

I really liked the character of Aidan, and I loved how his struggle with his inner demon was portrayed. I did find Alex to be a whiny at times, although she did eventually get over herself, and I liked how her struggle for independence was portrayed. I loved the supporting characters as well, in particular Alex's brother Joshua and Aidan's staff Marie and Stefan.

Gregori shows up in this book, and it isn't surprising to realise that book four (Dark Magic) is his book. There was a fair amount of effort to setting up his book in this one, and also Alex realises and reveals a couple of things about Gregori that hadn't been mentioned before. This did leave me more interested in reading his book, but also made the abruptness of the ending of this book more obvious. The last few chapters are action packed with a lot going on and this meant the ending felt abrupt, although I can't think of a better way to have ended the book.

All in all, this was a good read and I'm looking forward to Dark Magic.

Plot: 9/10
Characters: 8/10
Ending: 9/10
Enjoyment: 8/10
Cover: 7/10

Overall: 41/50
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 November 2009
The third book in the Carpathian series and as enjoyable as the previous two. I have just finsihed reading it for the second time as I go through my entire collection in sequence this time.

I found Aidan a little overbearing and annoying at times just as I felt Alexandria could be a bit of a spoilt brat. But my dislike of the characters is not a comment on the book. Christine Feehan must be admired for her ability to create unique characters time and time again. And not mollycoddling them with nothing but attractive qualities.

Dark Gold focus's more on the relationship between the two characters than it does on the threat of the undead or the 'Society'. Alexandria has literally been plunged into the carpathian world through no choice because she had been bitten by the vampire and Aidan only had one way to save her. Once again there is cameo from Gregori, my very favorite Carpathian.

It's unique among the Carpathian novels as there is so much reliance on humans, Aidan's family (house keep and driver), Alexandira's younger brother Joshua and a couple of what I imagine to be mafia hitmen, the humans are the Aidan's weakness exposing his vulnerability to care for those closest to him during the daylight hours. But they have as much love and respect for him that equally they would give thier lives for him. I really enjoyed this book, but so far in the series as written Jacques is my favorite. And because this is not my first time reading them I am looking forward with baited breath to reading Dark Magic and spending some qulity time with Gregori!
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on 18 July 2010
This is the third in the Carpathian series, although I had read the Dark Prince, Dark Desire, Dark Magic and Dark Guardian before this, I was really looking forward to this one.
Although the story is good, Alexandria Houton and brother live in San Francisco, they are saved by the hero Aidan, twin of Julian and of course Aidan discovers Alexandria to be his lifemate.
I have never been so frustrated or disliked a 'heroine' so much in my life. She was a pain from beginning to end, when she suddenly discovered (after nearly 300 pages of hating him) that she loved him, would accept the difficult life (come on! lots of money a sex god as a mate and never having to worry about ANYTHING) he had exposed her to without given her any choice. Excuse me, but the vampire exposed her to the dreadful life she now had to endure first and this is completely forgotten about all the way through this very irritating and frustrating book.
What were you thinking Christine Feehan, you certainly didn't have your mind on the right path with this one, very disappointing simply because of Alexandria.
The story, is as the others a good vampire read, shame I had to suffer Alex!
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on 23 April 2013
After reading the first book in this series I was hooked and bought the next 3 together, what a waste!!
The books are well written and the characters are relatable and very realistic which just makes the bad stories even worse! You really care about charecters, so reading about them being treated so horribly is not enjoyable in any way.
When I read the first book I was quite excited by the different take on the vampire myth (especially after the sparkly teenage twilight vamps) but where the first book seemed to be about finding a balance between the old ways and the new, between instinct and rational thought, it quickly became apparent in the second book that the whole point of inventing a new species was so that these "independent modern women" could tell them that everything about who and what they are is unacceptable.

I very quickly became sick of this idea that "independent, modern woman" is synonymous with "selfish, stubborn and pig-headed". As the series goes on these women get more and more nasty about these gorgeous, rich, strong men who need to devote their lives to the care and protection of the women they love, everything they do is about making sure their partner is happy and healthy and they don't ask of much if anything in return except that women don't leave them and as far as I know not leaving pretty important in most relationships.
Considering what the women came from you'd have thought that maybe one of them might just have had a seconds gratitude before they started arguing or plotting against them. I understand that it's a shock for women, but the abuse these men go through just for following their instincts is just horrible.

This was the most heartbreaking story because it starts with the hero coming to the rescue, doing everything he can the save a life and stop a monster. Then the rest of the book is him being abused and attacked mostly for being kind and generous and too handsome.

So much of the story is about how these poor women have no choice, but what about the men? Find a mate or become a monster and risk destroying what's left of their dying race.....some choice!!
Every species but humans accepts the male need to protect, why is it considered so wrong???
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on 15 September 2010
Alexandria and Aiden... Alexandria is telepathic, feeling when evil is near. she is an artist, interviewing for a position with a successful video game designer whose successful games are about vampires. Aiden is one of the older carpathians (his brother J... is 'darker' than Aiden). Aiden is blond, has moved to San Francisco, and hunts vampires.

Alexandria and her young brother are taken by a vampire, one who has plans for her. Aiden rescues her, replacing the damaged (blood) done by the vampire and replacing it with his.

He immediately recognizes her as his lifemate... she does not want to give up her independence and her humaness... but makes choices to protect her brother.

how is this one different from the other carpathian books? Aiden is close to turning vampire, and fears his demon side. He has trouble holding onto his patience to allow Alexandria the time she needs to accept the changes in her and and to accept him. Even though he recognizes her as his lifemate, he feels close to loosing himself in the demon since she resists sex with him.

The turning point for her is when she goes out on a date (with his inobtrusively watching over her) - a date with a pretty scuzzy guy. Then she goes to a singles bar, and meets a few men - for a few minutes. And she finally sees the futility... that she never has found attraction much less love with a human, and Aiden is there in the corner waiting for her (yes, he found his patience)...
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on 28 December 2000
I agree with the reviewer from London. Everything it says is spot on. The only down side to it there was no Michail, Raven, Jacques & Shae in it. Gregori, the dark one doesn't make an apearence until near the end. I do hope we see more of them in the next book, Dark Magic. This is Gregori & Savannah's story. Well done and keep this series coming. I don't want it to end after 5 books.
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on 26 May 2014
I was hesitant at first about reading about Aidan since he was barely mentioned in the first book and he came out of nowhere but once I started I thoroughly enjoyed it. Here we are told about the story of Aidan and Alexandria who had a violent encounter with a vampire and from that moment on was suspicious of Aidan and his motives from the beginning.

What I liked about this book was the fact that the Carpathian male had a rival. In this case Ivan Thomas (who did not stand a chance) which was a pleasant change because in the previous books the chosen life mates had only the Carpathian male to deal with. There were some laugh out moments in this book especially the scene where Maria gave the flowers that Ivan brought for Alex. Aidan had to really fight hard for his life mate according to the human way which made him almost human.

My only gripe is that it was sometimes repetitive. I know that the series can be read as a stand alone books but for those of us who are reading the whole series it becomes boring.

Another plus for this book is that Gregori made an appearance. I have his book and I cannot wait to start it!¬
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