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4.7 out of 5 stars2,258
4.7 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 May 2016
“Grand Theft Auto V” is an action-adventure videogame about urban criminal gangsters, and can be played from either a first-person or third-person perspective. It’s set within a fictional state in the USA – known as San Andreas (based on Southern California). This is an open world environment, and you can roam freely throughout San Andreas – on foot, in cars and trucks, even in planes. The single-player campaign concerns three criminals, and the various missions they are assigned – often involving heists, shoot-outs, and get-away driving. There is also an online multi-player mode – where up to 30 players at a time can engage in either cooperative or competitive game matches.

This is a big game – with a superbly designed open world environment. The overall presentation is excellent, and the gameplay is great. The game is rather controversial (especially concerning its depiction of women, and its use of torture). If you’ve played and enjoyed the previous games in the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ saga, you’ll probably really like this instalment.

The graphics are great on the PS3. And the online gameplay is highly entertaining. This is one of the biggest open-world games I’ve played, and the attention to detail by the game designers is amazing. While there is a lot of fun to be had playing the various missions, it’s equally good fun just exploring the world and causing trouble – resulting in law enforcement agencies trying to catch you. This is a adult-themed game, and is not suitable for children.
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on 20 September 2013
Many people, myself included, were disappointed by GTAIV on its release. There was still the initial thrill of exploring a beautifully crafted city, but that soon wore off. If I had to choose one word to describe GTAIV, it would be dull. Generally dull characters inhabited a dull world, which was scattered with dull sidequests and predominantly dull missions.

I admit that I bought GTAV in no small part because of the hype. It was difficult not to get caught up in it, and I had very high hopes for a new Rockstar world. Many games struggle under the weight of such unrelenting hype, but I'm pleased to report that in my opinion GTAV is one of a very rare breed of games that actually lives up to the expectations that have been set by the gaming world.

Simply put, the world of Los Santos is stunning to explore; it is brimming with life and colour and it feels a privilege to inhabit it. In terms of scale, it took me over 10 minutes just to traverse from one end of the map to the other (land only), and that was using a very welcome fast-moving motorway that runs all around the outside of the island, weaving between traffic on a very nice superbike. The detail of the game world is also fantastic, with every corner of the map populated by little details, such as a colourful little hot dog stand nestled behind a farmyard barn right on the outskirts of civilisation. Taking all this into account, it would be ludicrous to criticise the graphics as not being as polished as very linear, closed-world games, but when the orange sun is setting behind you as you trek up a mountain side and look out at the sea crashing against the rocks, I challenge anybody to quibble about the graphics then!

In general, GTAV is a refinement of previous entries in the series and Rockstar's other open-world series, such as Red Dead. The character and car mechanics, the missions and the game world are all cases in point of this. Your character (there are now three main protagonists) handle well and the shooting mechanics have improved over previous series entries, but in my opinion it still doesn't feel as polished as some dedicated third-person shooter games, such as the underrated Binary Domain. The cars have real weight to them and are a pleasure to drive, and the sheer number of them is staggering. Unusually for open-world games (where exploration and carnage is king for me), I'm really enjoying working my way through the missions. There is so much more variety than the majority of GTAIV missions, and some in-mission twists that genuinely take me by surprise. You now get rated on each mission based on whether or not you met a set of criteria, some more difficult and outlandish than others, which has got me re-playing some missions just to get the higher rating. It's a simple but clever idea that brings added replayability, as they're available to retry as soon as you've completed them. If you don't fancy missions right away, however, why not just cruise around the city area, which is now less than 1/4 of the map size (don't worry - there's plenty to do in the rest though), and look for random events that you can participate in. Do you join two gangsters in holding up a woman outside a supermarket, or help her out? Or do you risk incurring the wrath of the police by trying to rob a security van? Do you return a civilian's bag to them after you've chased down their mugger, or keep the money for yourself? The choices are yours to make.

I could go on forever about the brilliant attention-to-detail that GTAV boasts, and the moments that never fail to make me grin like a kid who's just won a Mario Kart race. Instead, please feel free to ask any burning questions in the comments section and I'll answer if I can and I'm not too busy playing the game!

I'll leave you with two little silly morsels of information if you're still on the fence. Some cars now have three headlight settings: off, normal and raised. Brilliant eh? And when you've completed a taxi fare, keep an eye on the punter to make sure he pays you!

I cannot recommend this game highly enough if you're even remotely interested in the open-world genre, because in my opinion this game is at the pinnacle.
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on 14 October 2013
I've never really enjoyed the single player experience of the GTA games before. The story has never really captivated me and the characters usually bored me. But this game changed the way I look at GTA forever.

First off, the story. Without giving off any major spoilers, the game has three protagonists. Franklin, a lowlife criminal who repos car for a living with his friend Lamar. When Franklin is going to repo a car from a nice home, he meets Michael. Michael is a man with a wife, two kids and a nice home. Ten years ago, Michael used to live a life of crime with a few friends of his but when he realised that it's only going downhill from there, he struck a deal with the FIB and turned himself in to make sure his family didn't suffer and was put in witness protection. One of Michael's old friends, Trevor, is the third protagonist. Trevor is, quite frankly, insane. After Michael's deal with the FIB, Trevor went into hiding and moved to San Andreas where he started a drug dealing business. But for how long will he believe Michael to be dead?

The gameplay is typical GTA, it takes a while to get used to the driving but the chopper and plane piloting has been improved. The shooting is pretty easy to control because of the standard aim assist and is in no way a problem.

Also, the online function is pretty great as well, it is a fun game to play with friends altough the jobs can be a bit boring at times, just free roaming is fun as well.

I love this game and that's really all I have to say.
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on 14 October 2013
I've been playing video games since the mid 80's and have owned numerous systems. Whilst I'm not a hardcore gamer I have seen the industry grow over three decades to become the leading entertainment phenomenon. I must confess to never having played a Grand Theft Auto game until this one as the premise of the previous games didn't appeal to me. I'm no liberal, it's just that they seemed to try to shock for publicity sake and to attract a particular male demographic and in all honesty I found them somewhat immature and puerile. Well haven't I now eaten humble pie! Whilst I wasn't caught up in the years long hype surrounding GTAV that gameplay trailer released a few months ago peaked my interest so I preordered it. After playing GTAV for nearly 30 hours I can say without even the slightest reservation that this is the greatest video game I have ever played. Period. It's open world is by far the most astonishing thing I've ever seen in a game. I cannot grasp how Rockstar have created such a vast world that is fully explorable with virtually no boundaries. It's crammed with such astonishing detail it blows my mind. I am hooked, totally. I never want it to end and it's reset the bar for what games can be. Every other game pales in comparison. It took the open world style perfected in Red Dead Redemption and thrust it into a contemporary Los Angeles with a satirical twist. There's just so much to do, or not to do as you can just live in the world if you so chose, playing golf, driving around in fast cars or any number of other pastimes. Some of the mini-games are as polished as other full games. It's also the greatest looking and sounding game I've ever seen. The environmental effects are sublime and I defy anyone to find a better looking game currently available. The most important aspect of any game is the actual gameplay mechanic itself and in this respect GTAV has it nailed. Driving, shooting, everything feels just right. This game is polished and reeks of quality craftsmanship. It's addictive beyond belief and the hours you put into it just fly by. The three main protagonists are all superbly realised, scripted and acted. Even the wildcard Trevor manages to be equal parts endearing and frighteningly repulsive. The games sense of humour is spot on from character dialogue to the myriad visual gags, there's a scathing wit running throughout the whole game and modern Americana is the prime target. Hats off to Rockstar, they've stolen the crown and have my highest admiration for their ability to push both the medium and current gen technology to new levels. My new favourite game of all time.
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on 12 October 2013
Where to start with this is really hard in summary the Game is Huge! Graphics and sound are amazing especially for a game on such a large scale as this, Graphics are not too important in my opinion but it's nice for a game to look good! The story mode along with the characters is really where this game hit's the spot! The 3 main characters that you play as are very well thought out and all keep you interested in the game as the story pans out you switch between the 3 to complete certain story objectives/missions and at certain points you all some together to complete missions as each character has strengths and weaknesses in terms of driving,shooting and flying etc.
Every aspect of controls, navigating around the city (I could go on and on about in game functions) really have been improved to perfection and you have far more gadgets, weapons and even a smart phone to play with, All these are not gimmicky and are essential to the game play.
What I salute Rockstar for is that the Online mode has been really glitchy and there have been a fair few problems, Why do I rate Rockstar for this? Well 90% of games for the past few years have had really short campaigns and really boring story modes as the developers have lost their touch with the actual game and just concentrated on the online feature! I personally am not a big fan of online gaming and I prefer playing campaigns like Splinter Cell and old Ressy Evils etc.
Rockstar have surely dedicated the time to making the actual GAME and story mode and now they have absolutely nailed it with the game they can now work on patches for the online feature!
I am well and truly hooked on this game and it is a masterpiece!
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on 8 October 2013
Now i'm not usually one to write reviews, especially not on games. But I feel with the mixed reviews this game is getting, I need to get my opinion out there.

OH MY. This is game is amazing. I got it the day of release and I ended spending most of the day on it. GTA 5 is the most fun I have ever had on a game, even more so than San Andreas!!!! The map is huge. The characters are hilarious. The music on the radio is pretty average, but the talk shows and adverts are so funny! So much fun its unreal.

I'm not sure if I was disappointed with the story. The actual missions are amazing. They are all pretty long, the situations and stuff you have to do is insane. But I cant help but feel the storyline is a little weak and too short. Now I don't know if it was the sheer amount of time I spent playing the first week, but I completed the story pretty quickly. Its 69 missions long, and it feels a lot shorter than San Andreas and GTA 4, but I never played those as much as I have this in such a short amount of time. But even so, the missions are amazing, whether the overall story is too short or not. Also the story seems pretty weak. There isn't much of an aim or story until the end... The characters have a connection which is sort of explained through the beginning, but the main body of seems to be personal errands, heist, FIB, heist etc. Not much really happens in the story till the end, when you revisit the start.. But its still bloody great fun.

The online is also amazing. Yes, the servers are terrible, but rockstar are sorting that out, and as each day goes on, they get a little better. Basically, online you can do the usual Deathmatches, races and missions. All of these are pretty well thought out, and good fun to play with your mates. Deathmatches can get a little stale after a while however. But before you do these, you get put in to 'a lobby' area, which is basically 18 people thrown into the map and you can do whatever you want. It is so much fun. If you're going to play online, i'd say play with your mates, because it can get quite boring if you are just cruising around by yourself.

Overall this is the bench mark for modern gaming. It is the most fun I have ever had on a game, and I don't really see anything beating it in the near future... (GTA 6 maybe..)
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on 23 September 2013
Grand Theft Auto V
PlayStation 3
Rated 18

HD 720p
1 Player / 2-16 Network Players
Requires 8.23GB minimum of free hard drive space
Compatible with the iFruit app for smartphones and PSVita
Features GTA Online

Developed by Rockstar North
Published by Take-Two Interactive Software

Story: How did things get so bad?
Michael Townley; a crook teams up with Brad and Treveor for a bank heist in Luddendorf, North Yankton; but things go out of hand, with Brad and Michael being shot by a sniper. Micheal is presumed dead and Brad is presumed to be incarcerated. Michael However is actually living another life as Michael De Santa in Los Santos after he and the Sniper (Dave Norton) struck a deal. Micheal's life seems to go swimmingly... or at least it would have, if Michael didn't catch his wife Amanda in bed with a tennis coach, not happy with his wifes betrayel, he then chases after the tennis coach who leads them back to an hill top mansion; with Michael not thinking it through, he tears down the house and then drives off. This mansion turns out to be owned by the Cartel, headed by Martin Madrazo. Madrazo turns up at Michael's house seeking compensation for the damages caused to his hill top mansion, however Michael doesn't have that kind of money Madrazo is asking for, so he meets up with an old aquaintance Lester. Michael leads a team of people with their own expertise into robbing the Vangelico Jewellery store, the plan was devised by Lester and executed by Michael, but soon after successfully completing the heist; Trevor, an uninvited guest enters Michael's house with unanswered questions: What's Michael been doing and where's Brad? The latter is worked out over the course of the whole game. Dave Norton also struggles to stop the FIB from digging deeper into his and Michael's deal, so Dave enlists certain requests for Michael which are a bit extreme and somewhat dangerous; Soon it becomes apparent that things would soon spiral out of control for Michael and Dave; what with the Merryweather, IAA and the FIB down Daves throat and Trevor down Micheal's, but poor young Franklin is caught in the middle of it all.

Story Review:
The funniest thing I've seen, heard and played from start to finish, Trevor is just a mess of a guy, but likeable in every heap of the word, with his griminess, foul language and horniness coupled with the fact he hates just about everything society throws at him. Trevor is a force to be reckoned with. Michael just wants to please everybody, even if it means alienating the people he's trying to please. He has a nice house, a nice car and a family that he dotes on so much, even if they are over-ecentric and greedy people. Michael wants peace, but he has to fight for it. Franklin is a character that just wants a better life for himself, but hanging out with Michael and Trevor is not going to give him that, Franklin loses the respect from close family and friends because of his sudden craze for the high life, leaving behind the neighbourhood he grew up in. However Franklin's fashion sense far out exceeds that of Michael's and certainly Trevor's.

The game centres around Los Santos and Blaine County and offers different ways to move across the landscape, from driving high powered sports cars, flying various aircraft to swimming underwater. The mission's themselves centre around heists and the overall planning of them, from getting various equipment for the heists, selecting crew, to placing a getaway vehicle. Some of these hiests pay off but others are thwarted by last minute decisions which effect the overall value of them. The character's are also blackmailed to take part in dangerous missions outside of heists by merryweather, FIB and so on. The player is able to switch character's at will by pressing down on the d-pad. As soon as you switch, the character's would be doing some other non player interactions, ie. appearing out of shops or getting chased by the cops. these characters can partake in some activities; be it recreational or just random encounters with other pedestrians; with the recreational activities ranging from tennis, darts, golf, strip clubs, fair ground and movie theatres. The player is able to customise the 3 characters clothing, tattoo's and hairstyle's with the addition to customising guns and cars as well. There numerous of businesses up for sale too and these would have you doing some errands like driving VIP's across town or saving the business from hooligans; saving the business would ultimately give your selected character their expected weekly allowance.

Los Santos and Blaine County are teeming with life from birds to cougars and Chop (Franklin's dog). The underwater areas are fully detailed, same as the city and urban areas. The draw distance, weather and lighting is a big leap forward for Grand Theft Auto with the fact they add to the immersion of the game and this time around Rockstar North have added colour to the cities without it looking like a washout compared to GTA IV. The environment in which you play in, is diverse in the sense of having a countryside, desert region and a mountaineous region drawn together from a beautiful landscape.

GTA Online:
Create your character, take part in heists, roam, set up heists, purchase apartments and engage in a new level of story which is seperate from the main or take part in fun activities with your friends; with Rockstar continously adding updates, you can rest assure that you'll never get bored, with each time you enter GTA Online would be like a new experince.

Well there are 2 games that stood out for me in 2013: The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto V because the quality and the diverse nature of the 2 games are up there with the major cinema blockbuster's. The character's in this game are funny adding to an exciting story, but with one character, the story would have dwindled, but the decision to add 3 character's was scary for Rockstar, but I can tell them this... it paid off in a hell of a good way. The music in particular is really good, a real good selection of songs that we know and love with an addition to their own unique soundtrack which bring increased intensity to the missions. One special mension to Steven Ogg's performance as Trevor Philips; briliantly crafted. We may have Sleeping Dogs, Mafia, Saints Row, the Getaway or some other open world game, but nothing comes close to a good GTA like this game; I just can't wait for the other sequel to come out; lets hope Ubisoft can surpass this with Watch_Dogs cos' Rockstar have left massive boots to fill. This game is awarded 5 stars for increased quality, innovation, gameplay and story.

This title will also be released on the PlayStation 4 in the Autumn.
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on 20 September 2013
I'll keep this short, I just want to put my opinion across because if this amazing game doesn't warrant an overall 5* on Amazon then nothing does.

GTA 5 is; in a word, phenomenal; though incredible, jaw-dropping, staggering, all fit the bill nicely too.

For me this just feels like "it", the game I dreamed about all my life, a game of boundless possibilities, the zenith of 21st century pop-culture and all on a system that, as a PC gamer, I though well past it's prime.

The most jaw dropping moment in my gaming life:

We were flying over the sea, the plane, already battered, cuts out, and drops to the sea. At the last moment we jump out, getting enough distance between Franklin and the jet so that he isn't crushed under 10 tons of steel. As we plummet under the sea, subconsciously expecting a bland, yellow bed of sand, our jaws hit the flaw... the coral, the rocks, the fish, the plane drifting to the sea bed giving up a plume of sand, the sun glistening through the water... the most amazing underwater scene unfolding before our eyes. The level of depth, the detail, the genuine beauty of this world that will go largely unseen. For the first time, gaming straddled photo-realism. We were awed. This almost mundane event in any other GTA became a moment so special that we will never forget it.

In short

This. Is. It.

The dream game, the almost photo-realistic graphics, the staggering detail and the general feeling that this is something to behold. There are some glitches, it isn't 60fps... but I don't care a bit.

From Pong to GTA 5, the cycle is complete.

The best game of all time.
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on 19 September 2013
Warning - May Contain Spoilers!

I queued since 23:00 on Monday night ready for the release of this game at Midnight. Didn't leave GAME until 01:30. So I was queuing for over an hour and a half, talk about epic. Was it worth the wait? Most certainly. Even took the day off work to place this, paid holiday by the way!

The game itself is amazing and deserves a lot of recognition. It took awhile to download and install, considering it's like 8654mb in size I believe, but I was reading the strategy guide while I waited.

The game starts by throwing you into the deep end, by getting you involved in basics such as driving and shooting. There is a lot of missions to get through, best part of about 70+ at a quick glance. You've got the missions from the three main characters, strangers and freaks [Random Encounters-GTAIV], tasks you may participate in on your travels [Such as for example robbing the Cash vans] and also property management missions [In which you help out a property you've bought]. Other things you can take part in include; Scuba Diving, golf, yoga, tennis, triathlons, watching television and taxi missions-just to name a few.

Collectibles are a small part of the game, kind of expected this. But these include secret packages [which contain large sums of cash], Submarine parts, Stunt jumps and Alien parts [bit weird I know].

One of the main characters gets to eventually keep a dog called Chop, in which you can call him your buddy I suppose? But he can help you find treasure, play ball and go for walks together. The character switching is a great feature, which allows you to switch to any of the three characters-for example during missions.

Properties are a great idea as well, although I wish there was more of a variety. There's the opportunity to buy helipads, marina slots and also safe houses for each individual. Each character also has specific properties that only they can buy. Other properties include; a modification garage [free modifications], taxi company [free taxi journeys], cinemas, golf club and much more. These properties also produce income for your character. A personal favourite of mine is the Sonar Waste Collection Dock, which has a Submarine and a Dingy fitted with sonar, the purpose of this is for collecting toxic waste scattered on the oceans floor and for collecting valuables at sea. It's good to see there's a lot more choice of helicopters and aeroplanes to fly; such as the cargo bob, maverick and the shamel.

The heists are so much fun! Normally you have like three or four missions before a heist mission. This is so you can prepare your crew, collect a getaway vehicle and much more. These missions net you a lot of cash. So far, I've purchased the taxi company, sonar waste collection dock, two marina slots and a helipad. Also have three garages [not safe house] from buying the Special Edition copy. However majority of safe houses do have separate garages too.

Okay, so GTAIV isn't absolutely fantastic? After playing this for the last couple of days I've come to the following disadvantages-which in my option would make the game that slightly bit better;

Include Sat Nav voice over as seen previously in GTAIV. It's difficult concentrating purely on the small mini map in the left-hand corner. Bring back the driving and bike schools last seen in GTA Sanandreas, as I liked the challenges and enjoyed unlocking rare cars/bikes as a reward. Allow us to use the so called 'Packer' for what it's meant for! No point seeing these driving around with no cargo loaded on them. I'd like to see vehicle exports bought back previously from GTA Sanandreas, where you were paid for collecting specific cars and dropping them onto the container ship. Lastly I'd like to see trucking missions return, as I rather enjoyed doing these.

Overall though, an incredible game! Shame the online version isn't released until Tuesday 1st October-allegedly [my birthday]. Well it gives me time to complete the single player campaign I suppose?

Was the Special Edition worth the extra £15.00 I paid? Well, not for the weapons, clothing and tattoos unlocked. However you do get access to three garages [one for each character]-extra car storage space! Not to forget the blueprint map [which shows places of interest; rare cars, safe houses and fast cash]. Worth preordering just for the Atomic Blip [the huge balloon floating across the skies].
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on 9 April 2014
This is absolutely the best game ever.

I can't think of a better technical game than GTA V, the man power that must of gone into making this is outstanding.

I just wish they were bringing it to Next Gen, but heres to GTA VI.

The online multiplayer is a great laugh with your mates, but there is no real end game, or any reason to level up. It is best just to enjoy it for what it is.

The size of the map is jaw dropping, if you didn't buy it on day one like most people, now is the time to buy it at a great price.
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