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4.7 out of 5 stars2,241
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 5 February 2014
Single Player - fantastic! Generally these days I am all about multi-player but it was a blessing in disguise that GTA Online was not up when GTAV came out. The plot is rich, well paced, interesting and hilarious. The voice acting is A+ especially Steven Ogg as Trevor. I must admit when I heard there was a three pronged approach to the single player i did think it would make the whole thing disjointed and over complex, but after playing it I can say its the strongest part of the whole concept. I genuinely play differently with each character e.g. with Trevor I play like an absolute sociopath spreading destruction and death all over the place! The gameplay is challenging and fun, some people have said its a bit easy and to a degree I can see that, but I turned the HUD and auto aim off and trust me this makes it very difficult. The missions, especially the heists, are brilliant. Well paced, well thought out and most importantly fun. However, my greatest pleasure is to just cruise around looking for interesting things/people and trust me there are several Easter eggs etc that are fantastic. Graphically for this type of game on this old system (PS3) they have achieved great things - the water in this game is stunning. graphically it doesn't stand up to linear exclusive titles like The Last of Us but to say how huge and detailed it is they are amazing - the draw distance is staggering and there is very little obvious pop up etc.

GTA Online - For me this is five star but it wont be for everyone. If you play this on your own i think you will probably rate it around 3-4 star and might get bored after a while especially due to the delay in DLC and Heists etc. However, I play with my friends in a crew (there are around 10 of us and usually there are 6-10 of us on in a session) and this makes GTA Online the most fun you can have on a PS3. We spend so much time messing about and laughing its ridiculous. Doing missions is great, races are chaos and deathmatches are fantastic especially LTS. We spend ages breaking into the military base and stealing jets then trying to blow each other up. We invent all sorts of little games like throwing cars at each other with a cargo bob etc. Basically we p*ss about and love it. The whole thing is only going to get better with heists and other DLC. A lot of people moan about how GTA online is a grind for RP and $ but to be honest I have as much money as I need (all earned legit!), an expensive pad and all the cars I want.

In conclusion - if GTA is not the best game of all time (which it very well might be) then it is the most enjoyable game of all time!
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on 20 September 2013
Many people, myself included, were disappointed by GTAIV on its release. There was still the initial thrill of exploring a beautifully crafted city, but that soon wore off. If I had to choose one word to describe GTAIV, it would be dull. Generally dull characters inhabited a dull world, which was scattered with dull sidequests and predominantly dull missions.

I admit that I bought GTAV in no small part because of the hype. It was difficult not to get caught up in it, and I had very high hopes for a new Rockstar world. Many games struggle under the weight of such unrelenting hype, but I'm pleased to report that in my opinion GTAV is one of a very rare breed of games that actually lives up to the expectations that have been set by the gaming world.

Simply put, the world of Los Santos is stunning to explore; it is brimming with life and colour and it feels a privilege to inhabit it. In terms of scale, it took me over 10 minutes just to traverse from one end of the map to the other (land only), and that was using a very welcome fast-moving motorway that runs all around the outside of the island, weaving between traffic on a very nice superbike. The detail of the game world is also fantastic, with every corner of the map populated by little details, such as a colourful little hot dog stand nestled behind a farmyard barn right on the outskirts of civilisation. Taking all this into account, it would be ludicrous to criticise the graphics as not being as polished as very linear, closed-world games, but when the orange sun is setting behind you as you trek up a mountain side and look out at the sea crashing against the rocks, I challenge anybody to quibble about the graphics then!

In general, GTAV is a refinement of previous entries in the series and Rockstar's other open-world series, such as Red Dead. The character and car mechanics, the missions and the game world are all cases in point of this. Your character (there are now three main protagonists) handle well and the shooting mechanics have improved over previous series entries, but in my opinion it still doesn't feel as polished as some dedicated third-person shooter games, such as the underrated Binary Domain. The cars have real weight to them and are a pleasure to drive, and the sheer number of them is staggering. Unusually for open-world games (where exploration and carnage is king for me), I'm really enjoying working my way through the missions. There is so much more variety than the majority of GTAIV missions, and some in-mission twists that genuinely take me by surprise. You now get rated on each mission based on whether or not you met a set of criteria, some more difficult and outlandish than others, which has got me re-playing some missions just to get the higher rating. It's a simple but clever idea that brings added replayability, as they're available to retry as soon as you've completed them. If you don't fancy missions right away, however, why not just cruise around the city area, which is now less than 1/4 of the map size (don't worry - there's plenty to do in the rest though), and look for random events that you can participate in. Do you join two gangsters in holding up a woman outside a supermarket, or help her out? Or do you risk incurring the wrath of the police by trying to rob a security van? Do you return a civilian's bag to them after you've chased down their mugger, or keep the money for yourself? The choices are yours to make.

I could go on forever about the brilliant attention-to-detail that GTAV boasts, and the moments that never fail to make me grin like a kid who's just won a Mario Kart race. Instead, please feel free to ask any burning questions in the comments section and I'll answer if I can and I'm not too busy playing the game!

I'll leave you with two little silly morsels of information if you're still on the fence. Some cars now have three headlight settings: off, normal and raised. Brilliant eh? And when you've completed a taxi fare, keep an eye on the punter to make sure he pays you!

I cannot recommend this game highly enough if you're even remotely interested in the open-world genre, because in my opinion this game is at the pinnacle.
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on 12 May 2016
“Grand Theft Auto V” is an action-adventure videogame about urban criminal gangsters, and can be played from either a first-person or third-person perspective. It’s set within a fictional state in the USA – known as San Andreas (based on Southern California). This is an open world environment, and you can roam freely throughout San Andreas – on foot, in cars and trucks, even in planes. The single-player campaign concerns three criminals, and the various missions they are assigned – often involving heists, shoot-outs, and get-away driving. There is also an online multi-player mode – where up to 30 players at a time can engage in either cooperative or competitive game matches.

This is a big game – with a superbly designed open world environment. The overall presentation is excellent, and the gameplay is great. The game is rather controversial (especially concerning its depiction of women, and its use of torture). If you’ve played and enjoyed the previous games in the ‘Grand Theft Auto’ saga, you’ll probably really like this instalment.

The graphics are great on the PS3. And the online gameplay is highly entertaining. This is one of the biggest open-world games I’ve played, and the attention to detail by the game designers is amazing. While there is a lot of fun to be had playing the various missions, it’s equally good fun just exploring the world and causing trouble – resulting in law enforcement agencies trying to catch you. This is a adult-themed game, and is not suitable for children.
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on 17 April 2015
I actually pre-ordered this game for release day but am only just now reviewing it.

After playing previous games in the series I knew Rockstar had a lot to do to surpass all the games that came before, but boy did they achieve it.

The introduction of 3 main characters was a bold move in my opinion, but they pulled it off.

As always, there is the usual Rockstar humour and innuendo but it wouldn't be a GTA game without it.

There is so much to do in the single player you can finish the story and wouldn't have found even half the stuff in there.

Online brings a whole new element to the game, and with the recent addition of online heists there is even more to while away your time.

The next game is going to have to be something special to beat this.
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on 15 November 2014
Ok lets get this straight - I am a huge GTA fan and really enjoyed this game for the most part and would recommend it to anyone who asked BUT in my honest opinion it should never have got all those perfect scores!!!!!!!!!! I mean it isn't even in the same league of GTA Vice City (my favorite game of the franchise) and GTA San Andreas - I also think GTA 4 was just as good especially with the expansion packs - oh and GTA online is rubbish!!!!!

The idea of 3 main characters was pretty cool BUT I thought only Michael had any depth - Trevor is a rubbish character and Franklin is a carbon copy - cut and paste of CJ from San Andreas!!!!
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on 18 February 2014
This is truly one of the best games of all time. The GTA formula keeps getting perfected with every iteration and this one with it's awesome 3 different playable characters, the intense storyline and the general no holds barred silly violence is just another example of why GTA is a brilliant game.

I highly recommend this game for fans of the series, everyone who enjoys a good open map (sandbox) game, anyone who likes to have a good laugh and a smile on your face while playing.

This has a ton of replayability value, and the new multiplayer component, even with all it's issues, is still a very good addition to the game.
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on 18 September 2013
First impressions. Straight from the install screen you can tell this game is going to be a masterpiece. Maybe it's was the music or the fact that it had a countdown in MB, of which there are 8486, at 9MB a second, that's a long wait...but well worth it.

Then suddenly you're thrust into the action...not saying how though, no spoilers...but it's far superior to getting off a boat or plane. Here you get your first taste of the new gunplay, which was overwhelmingly great after playing GTAIV recently. Later on, after the title sequence, you get your first real go at's incredible, much improved over GTAIV (and I loved the driving in that). More on those later.

This time around we have three characters to play with...and you can switch between them mid-mission. This adds another level to how the player can complete a mission, without being tied down to the exact same mission structure, as with previous games. Simply hold down on the D-pad, select a character that's available and it switches instantly to that character and you take control. This isn't confined to inside the mission, though. When outside of a mission you can drop in (with a camera movement that zooms into the sky and back down on your character...basically, the coolest loading screen you've ever seen) on a character while he goes about his day...and he could be doing anything. The first time I tried it, I found Michael sitting in a car, clearly bored with his life.

These three characters are classic GTA. Michael, the retired criminal with a family bleeding him dry. Franklin, gangster from the hood trying to make a bigger name for himself. And last - but definitely not least - Trevor, a complete psycho living outside of the city in Blaine County.

That's all the stuff you probably know already, and obviously I haven't come close to completing this, and I wouldn't spoil it anyway. This is a day one assessment of how the game runs and controls. Do I really need to tell you how to play GTA? :D

Anyone expecting The Last of Us level of graphics will be disappointed, GTA has never - and will never - matched the highest a generation has to offer. You can't compare a linear non open world game to GTA, they are made differently. TLOU uses a smaller stage and can fit more polygons and greater quality textures. GTA has to load huge amounts of polygons and textures on the fly, so they can't be the highest quality, just the most efficient. This is why GTAV requires an 8 GB install, to maximise the games ability to stream those polygons and textures. GTAIV used a 3.3 GB install, so you can see why this game would need 8 GB of data to play with, because this game is HUGE. Los Santos and the surrounding area of Blaine County...and the rest, are said to be bigger than San Andreas, GTAIV and Red Dead Redemption put together.

While it isn't as good visually as TLOU, it's most definitely a better technical achievement. Naughty Dog have had a whole generation of success on one system. Rockstar have had major trouble with their PS3 versions of GTAIV and Red Dead Redemption. But this time both versions run almost identical (both at 720p native sub-HD for PS3 this time), with Digital Foundry even recommending the PS3 over the 360 - the minor difference being better ground textures (not that you should spend much time looking at the ground). In terms of framerate, these consoles are being pushed, but typically keep a pretty good rate around 25-30fps (even pushing above 30 on occasion), PC gamers will roll their eyes at that, but most console gamers won't notice a thing. It is still a vast improvement over previous titles. It seems the power of the Cell has final paid off in multiplatform gaming...better late than never.

One thing that surprised me is the lack of pop in. Even in TLOU there was a fair amount of it (Firefly pendants were particularly bad), but here you are driving around at speed with mountains and bridges seemingly always there. One mission - the one from a trailer with a man jumping out of Michael's second floor window (seen here from Franklin's perspective) - sees Michael and Franklin driving up to some posh Vinewood hills location. And mid-mission I had to stop, because the view just didn't seem real..."I'm playing on a PS3, THAT shouldn't be possible", but it is.

What Rockstar have done is nothing short of a miracle. The draw distance is incredible. The words "Scope", "Sprawling", and any others reviewer's tend to give, don't do it justice. Light Source, it's an amazing feat to pull. I went to the top of a mountain and in the far distance I could see lights of cars and lights of buildings...all of which aren't just there for decoration, they are from the cars and the buildings. It makes for beautiful night time vistas. Lighting in general is superb, a great improvement over San Andreas' over saturated orange.

A lot of people have questioned how this game can run on current generation systems? The answer is simple; 5 years development and $265 million! Only one other film in history cost that much (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End cost $300 million), so it goes without saying...this is the most expensive video game ever produced, and you can see why. There just isn't another open world game that looks as good as this...for me it's up there with MGS2 on the PS2, with both punching well above their weight.

Franklin's first mission (with San Andreas funny Lamar) gives you the chance to test the new driving system. And it's as expected. Halfway between GTAIV's realism and SA's arcade. You can now pull off power slides, but with the chance of messing it up. It's the perfect system. Holding (or tapping to cycle) Left on the D-pad brings up the new radio wheel (with the game effectively paused) you choose your station using the the Right stick. Far simpler than cycling through loads of stations. This system is also used to select weapons.

The combat has had a dramatic improvement. The camera is now a lot tighter, before it was a battle with a strange system that seemed intent on moving the camera in the direction of movement. You can now shoot while running, a definite benefit, because the cops are now super aggressive.

Before GTAIV, the cops would basically just all charge towards you they all charge towards you using their brains. Just a three star wanted level is a pretty tasty challenge, with even police helicopters shooting at you. They now use a cone of view to search for you, meaning you can cleverly out fox them by hiding in a back alley. They are super smart and super tough, don't even think about standing out in the open, you're dead. Don't worry though, because a nice helping of mid-mission checkpoints and the ability to save your game at any point using your phone, mean you will be straight back into the action. There is no more bringing up your phone to restart the whole mission...there is no bringing up your phone, you die, you hit one button and you're back to the last checkpoint. You keep all you guns, there is no need to keep going back and forth for more. The guns themselves can now be upgraded, right down to the colour of the weapon. Then there's the customisation of the cars...and fact...why am I wasting my time even writing this!?

One last thing. If you're live on TV, whatever you do, don't answer your phone! :D

This generation goes out with a bang. The best game of the the distance from one end of the map to the other...and I've only had it a's quite possibly the best game ever made...apart from LittleBigPlanet 2 ;)
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on 29 December 2013
A complete world with astonishing gfx and lighting that is stunning. You simply won't find a better game - and on old PS3 hardware GTAV is nothing short of a miracle.

You simply HAVE to buy this. 100% compulsory purchase.
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on 31 December 2013
I hadn't played a GTA game since San Andreas which was great i would spend hours playing it at the age of 7-12... Im now 17 and in school there was a lot of buzz about GTA 5 coming out so i waited untill christmas to get it in hopes of getting a cheaper price and the fact i wasnt really dying to play it was also why i got it late... I purchased GTA 4 on the 23rd and i thought i would play GTA 4 and finish it and then go straight in to GTA 5.. Things didnt go to plan and long story short i actually played GTA 5 firts and completed it less the 12 hours ago.. I started GTA 4 3hours ago hoping that it would still be enjoyable but my hopes were crushed as GTA 4 is trash haha..

When you move from 4 to 5 you expect improvements and that is what makes a game series a success IMPROVEMENT...

Improvements from GTA 4-5: Graphics (in GTA 4 you cant see where you are going and at nightime you can see almost nothing and things are less detailed)
Gameplay (Shooting is better, Driving is TONS better)
Missions (in GTA 4 i feel like a taxi dropping people of everywhere and hunting down the occasional drug dealer in GTA 5 i loved the complex stories and heists)
Charachters (My name is also niko but i found niko belic to be very annoying with his irratating accent he displays no charisma or taste or any charm and the charachters in to GTA 5 did and i felt attached to the charachters in GTA 5 when in 4 i dont care if niko dies..)

There are many other improvements so wether you have played GTA series or are a newcomer this is A MUST HAVE :D
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on 31 December 2013
Grand Theft Auto V shows what open world gaming is all about - freedom. The environment is huge and highly detailed, you have three different characters to play in the main story as well as an online game and there are just so many things to see and do. If you like sandbox style games this game is a must buy, even if you didn't like the previous GTA games.

I was not particularly impressed by GTA IV as the open environment was restricted by having to follow the story of just one character. In GTA V you are able to switch between three very different characters, dropping in on them in the middle of their lives and taking control. Although each has his own story to follow missions can be skipped if they are too difficult or frustrating. If you wish you can then revisit a particular mission later on to try and improve on a previous performance.

The controls remain pretty much the same as in previous GTA games, with a third person perspective and a simple but enjoyable cover and shoot system for combat. A lot of attention has been paid to making the cars in the game unique and at least reasonably realistic to drive. To avoid licensing issues the makes of cars used are fictional but its obvious what real life cars they represent and each has a different balance of speed and handling to consider.

The graphics in the game are simply stunning, once again showing what the PS3 is really capable of before everyone upgrades to a PS4. Considering the massive size and immense detail of the city of Los Santos there are no delays with loading different areas and the game moves effortlessly from being on foot to driving to flying. Every area is highly detailed with a lot of realistic environments and hundreds of people wandering around making the city come alive and breathe as a fully realised aritifical world.

The gameplay as in previous GTA games focuses on criminal activity and there is plenty of nefarious activity to get up to. Each of the characters has main missions to complete as well as side missions, and on some jobs you swap between characters as they co-operate to complete a mission. In addition to this there are a whole host of activities you can engage in from playing golf, to competing in races, testing yourself on the shooting range or simply exploring in one of hundreds of different vehicles.

Like the other GTA games GTA 5 could be questioned for a lack of morality in its content. During the game you are encouraged to engage in acitivies which regular involve murdering civilians and cops with little regard for what is right and wrong. This is partly offset by the dark but extremely funny sense of humour that pervades this game. Throughout the game the characters dialogue, the DJ's on the radio and the numerous nutcase characters you bump into had me laughing out loud at the craziness of it all. It doesn't take itself too seriously and suggests you shouldn't as a player either. I'm sure there are still some sad people who will consider the characters in GTA5 to be role models but considering the pathetic lives of most of them this will hopefully be a mninority.

The other issue that counters any question of morality is the lack of consequences in the game. Unfortunately this is also the games weakest point in my opinion. You can do anything you like in the game and the cops will forget about you about five minutes after they lose sight of you. Committing multiple murder in broad daylight will have the cops chasing after you but return to the scene of the crime the next day and everyone has forgotten all about it. The only penalty for dying is the need to restart and being arrested or hospitalised only costs a small amount of money in bills. This is dissapointing in a way as it detracts from the realism of the environment although I'm not sure what the solution is as no one wants the game to end with a character on trial for murder. As a result its a world of no consequences and very few penalties.

To add to the variety though the game does feature a well considered and enjoyable online mode. This allows you to create your own character and to explore the city of Los Santos on your own or with friends. Different instances of the same city exist on line and you can continue to explore the city and go on missions with other characters within the same environment as the single player game. In a similar way to the single player your character has certain skills which improve with practice and there are endless options to modify and upgrade your character with clothing, weapons, vehicles and even property. The multiplayer missions range from criminal jobs to numerous races and death match style combat. Again, the only drawback of this is the lack of consequences to anything you do so the multiplayer is full of people running riot, attacking you in the street and generally indulging in a bit of anarchy. You can set the game to passive mode which means you cannot be harmed but can't harm others in return, which does give begining players a chance to get the hang of the game without being shot every five minutes.

Overall then GTA5 is pretty much as good as it gets for this genre and this generation of gaming. It's a fun and enjoyable game with an unbelievable amount of depth to it. The freedom allowed in the gameplay is matched only by the well written and entertaining story that unfolds as you play. At times it is morally questionable but only if you take it too seriously, and the lack of any consequences means the violence is often cartoon like. Even so this is a game designed for adults as its content is definitely 18 certificate. Even if you didn't think much of previous GTA games I reccomend giving this one a go and playing it how you want to. Few games give you as much freedom as this one, so make the most of it!
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