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4.4 out of 5 stars340
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 31 July 2013
I ordered this on a whim after over-indulging at xmas and haven't looked back!

I was unsure how hard this would be to use and also how effective it would be, but it gets a big thumbs up on both accounts! The work outs are hard enough to get a sweat going, but not so impossible that you don't know what you're doing. Admittedly, some songs are definitely more harder than others to get the hang of, but after practice they do get easier, and you don't need to make them perfect to get the benefit. There is also a step by step option to learn the moves if you want to (I prefer to fling myself in at the deep end).

The routines are categorised into short (about 25 mins) medium (about 45 mins) and long (about 55 mins) classes and within those, you have a choice of 10 different routines with different songs/backgrounds and different levels of difficulty in each. As you get better, you unlock new songs which means it doesn't get completely repetitive. You can also choose to do songs one at a time if you would prefer to tailor it to the ones that you like or if you only have a set amount of time available.

The songs are really catchy and there are also a number of songs which I recognised such as Nicole Sherzinger, Will.I.Am and Pitbull. I find myself singing along quite often as I am doing the routines! I think the songs are taken from actual zumba classes (I definitely recognised a few) and the routines are similar if not the same.

You wear the zumba belt whilst working out, which judges how well you do the moves and also records how many calories you burn per session (which you can check later and also see your progress week by week). The only downfall was I did find sometimes that even if I did a move 100% correctly it didn't score me for it which was annoying, but on the whole the system works well.

I get bored of these types of things easily and was worried I would lose interest after a few times using it, but I have been using this game 1 to 2 times a week now since Xmas and I am still not bored of it. You really get a sense of achievement when you start to know the routines, and the music keeps it interesting and fun, and I feel like I am actually coordinated and can dance when I do it! I usually do the medium intensity, medium length class, and burn approx. 500 cals a time, so it is worth the effort!

I would probably recommend it for people who have done a bit of zumba or body step or jam before, and who are not completely new to exercise due to the fact some of the routines are harder. but that's not to say a beginner wouldn't be able to do it, I guess it depends on your motivation and coordination!
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on 11 April 2013
I've been attending Zumba classes for years but due to a move far away from any classes I bought the game for my fiance's Wii. Having given it a few weeks I feel able to leave an informed review. Probably worth saying that I bought this solely for fitness purposes, not really for fun and games (although I do enjoy it!).

Firstly, this is hard. I'm a seasoned Zumba-goer and I was seriously tired after the first session, and that was just a short class! The short class is hard going at first but after a few sessions you can try adding extra tracks one by one until you feel ready to move up to a full class (I'm not there yet but I combine a 30 min Zumba session with 30 min toning DVD).

Secondly the moves are difficult if you've not done Zumba before. The practice track is really really good and I recommend everyone do this, even if you are a regular Zumba-goer, as the names of the moves might be different, and also the Wii might not pick them up if you do them the way you learned them in a class - you have to do them the way the game tells you for them to be recognised. Like other reviewers, I'm not convinced that the stars you get for hitting the moves right and on time are particularly accurate either. One one track I got 4 stars and on another I got 2 even though I seemed to be hitting the moves.

Thirdly, don't pay much attention to the calories burned. They're not accurate. I wore my heart-rate monitor during a class and burned 137 calories, but the Wii told me I'd burned 209. It's meant to estimate them based on your height, weight & age but my heart-rate monitor is proven over years to be much more accurate and suggests that on average that the game overestimates calories burned by 50% in my case (I can't say whether that will be the same for everyone!).

Finally, the belt is pretty annoying. It keeps riding up and moving around and that makes the recording of the moves difficult. That said I'd rather have the belt than hold the controller in my hand!

Overall, I really enjoy it. It's good enough value right now to be worth a try. Do persevere, the moves get easier and your fitness will improve if you do it regularly. Just don't pay too much attention to the calories or the stars.
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on 17 September 2012
Zumba 2 gives you a really good workout and, as you are busy concentrating on keeping up with the steps, the time passes pretty quickly without you thinking too much about the fact you're doing exercise.

I did initially have some problems with the belt (a picture would be useful!), but the answer seems to be to have it around your waist (not your hips) as tight as possible. I'm a UK Size 12, so not the skinniest, but the belt seems too big for many people as it goes nearly twice around my waist and is then only held in place by a small piece of velcro - it did come flying off during one session so I think I need to get a clip to hold it in place.

I find that after only a few sessions I'm getting 4 or 5 stars for most songs so the game does seem to be picking up most of my movements. It can basically only tell if you are moving in time, so it doesn't matter too much if you are using the wrong leg or stepping the wrong way - a good thing in my case!

It's nice to see how many calories you have burned, but I'm not sure how accurate this is as I seem to burn more calories with Zumba 2 than doing the same amount of time with other Wii games (EA Sports Active 2 and Wii-Fit jogging) that leave me much more tired. I suspect none of them are very accurate!

It would be better if there were a greater variety of levels. For the mid-length workout, there is 1 low-intensity workout & 9 medium-intensity workouts. However, the low-intensity one doesn't seem any easier or much less tiring and a lot of the songs are the same, so it doesn't seem very different.

I like that you can earn awards as you go along, but it's a bit unfair that getting some awards requires working out with 3 other people. I already have bruises from bumping into furniture as I'm dancing, and there's no way 4 people could complete an entire workout in my living room!

I bought Zumba 2 as I want to lose weight and get more toned. I'm pretty sure that if I stick at it I'll achieve those aims, but like most exercise games or DVDs I think Zumba 2 could get quite boring and repetitive if you are doing it regularly as there isn't that much variety in the workouts. Love the bollywood-style dance routines though!
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on 10 April 2013
I'd just started a local Zumba class but can only manage once a week, so i thought this would be good to fill the gaps. And it is! If anyone wants to go to zumba but can't find anyone to go with - get this game. If someone wants to start zumba but is worried about not knowing what to do - get this game. And if someone just loves dancing but is not really into clubbing (any more) get this game!

I find a 20-minute (short) class is a good workout, but prefer the 40 min ones. I think a full class would kill me! I've not gone above medium intensity yet for a full class, but there are one or two high-intensity tracks in the class so the tempos are mixed up a bit. And the intermediate ones have a stretch track at the end, which is nice (and necessary).

As others have said, it would be nice to have a count-down clock, and I do find the belt quite long (I'm a UK 14-16), it can work loose and if you don't line it up right the velcro can snag your clothes. But these are minor quibbles. I find an intermediate (40 min) medium intensity class more tiring than my 1-hour "real" class, and even a low-intensity one can get you into a good sweat. I've only done a few sessions so far, so I'm still getting new tracks every time - if you're not used to dancing you might find it takes a while to pick up steps, or use the tutorials. Next tep is to start working out my own routines, once I can remember which song is which! (I'm getting there).
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on 6 February 2012
I have been postponing my weight loss for over 3 years now and ended up gaining pounds and pounds as we do ...frustratingly i was 30 pounds overweight. I had bought Zumba DVDs a few years back and knew that i did like it and found it easy to switch between fast and slow rhythms as easy way of exercising as compared to just running on treadmill but you need motivation to persevere. I do get bored is another problem as DVDs had only 2 workouts and I knew them inside out.
Last Xmas I thought of investing in a nintendo wii and bought ZUMBA FITNESS Wii..its total fun. it has lots of varying intensity classes which you can combine in a custom playlist and dance through it. You will sweat and will notice some really good results in a very short time..I started with 30 mins but build up to even 60 mins very quickly and thoso 60 mins is full of fun,and you will burn those calories. You will learn steps afteryou have done it 3-4 times, but then those hidden perks, you can then unlock all those stars is even more exciting and fact you can track the calories you burnt and time spent is great way of monitoring what you are doing.
I am sure its worth buying and now I am saying this having dropped a stone of weight within a months time :-))
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on 15 February 2012
zumba 2 is great and the pictures of the on screen dancers more real like than zumba 1. set your profile and you have to weigh yourself first to put this detail in and away you go. i have been doing half hour every day missing the odd day due to other commitments,and i started dancing the second week in jan 2012 and i have lost 10lb already and 2 to 3 inches off my waist and legs and feel very energetic and great.the belt is a bit of a pain when bending down it pops upwards and you have to push it back down hope wii will create a better secure belt for this doesnt matter if you miss steps as the remote picks up hip movement. The best of it is you go into your profile and it tells you how many cals you have burned off and how long you have danced and how your foot technics are doing and up to date weight loss you have to weigh yourself again to put this get all sorts of bonuses and videos to open when compleated dances are done and when you earn stars.Last of all the fire works go off and you get stars when your doing the dances right its brilliant great music cant wait for the next one.
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on 7 January 2012
Received this game as a christmas present and so glad I did as its made me get my moneys worth out of the Wii. Ive not got the first game so cant comment on whether its better than that but really love this one, I'm finding it better than the wii fit and keep wanting to go back on day after day. You definitely work up a sweat doing this and can do as much or as little as you like. Some good music and some of the same music from the classes, definitely better than the DVD I've only ever done that a couple of times. You can also track your progress and how much you've been playing,calories burnt. You also get things to unlock such as playing twice in one week/ four times a week/ completing all songs/a high intensity song which really motivates me to do more and more. I find it difficult to fit exercise in but I love that I can do Zumba in my own home without having to pay for every class and go out in the cold/dark. I have read some reviews that don't rate it very good but you can make it as good as you want, some people are just too picky! I would definitely recommend it whether you have zumba experience or not!
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on 23 December 2011
A much improved visual experience as the 'real' trainer is easier to follow. There are still problems however keeping the belt in position. Great fun and good exercise
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on 1 March 2012
I bought this as a means to get fit at a time convenient to me. The 'instructors' are easy to follow, giving a hint of the forthcoming move. I have done Zumba before at a class so I was conversant anyway, however I don't think it would take too long to pick up the steps. I love the fact that it gives me calories used and monitors technique.

I also like the fact that there are three different levels:- Low Medium High. High only means that the steps are a bit more intricate so don't be put off. It's also good that you have a short, medium and long class. The short is about 20 minutes, the medium about 45-50 and the long an hour.

Some people have mentioned a problem keeping the belt in place but I've never found that to be a problem.

This gives a a good workout. It makes you sweat, gets the heart rate up and is a lot of fun.
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on 24 February 2012
I have been anti-exercise for many years, but have decided enough is enough and I want to get to my BMI goal. I've always loved dancing and my friends all go to Zumba classes. However, I can't afford the costs of weekly classes so figured spending £25 was a lot cheaper in the long run!

I find the game and instructions very easy to follow and really like that there are so many class variations to choose from, from a short 20 min class to an hour class, or low/medium/high intensity.

I've now worked my way up from the low intensity to medium, and doing the zumba game three times a week has really REALLY shown improvements in my body shape and mood, let alone my weight!

I have about two stone left to go, but know I can achieve this weight loss if I stick to my diet and new dance routine!
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