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3.9 out of 5 stars148
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 23 October 2015
Sorry, this is a nerdy post - but, for those wanting a bit more information from an independent scientist....I have just tested a range of bathroom scales against each other. The Salter Ultimate Accuracy is the best of the lot - although not quite as good as a WiiFit Balance Board coupled to an Android Phone. The Salter Scales have the same 'defeat' software as in most other scales whereby it saves the previous weight for about 45s and if you step back on the scales again it will return the first measurement as long as you haven't changed by more than 200g in weight. This mechanism is probably there because most people do not understand that weighing swaying humans is difficult and there is noise on the measurement. Giving the same value back for repeat measurements avoids them losing confidence in the scales. Obviously to get a consistent measurement you need to use the scales on a flat hard surface. By using a protocol to overcome the defeat mechanism (alternate weighing with an without holding a 789g hammer - 30 consecutive measurements) I have found that the standard deviation is around 0.05%. So, for an individual weighing 60kg the SD is around 30g. The absolute calibration is also remarkably good when calibrated against by laboratory scales (again within 0.1%).
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on 12 September 2012
The scales work well on carpet with the special little feet;
Your weight is given to an eighth of a pound;
The same weight is given if you step on the scales three times in a row (so I would like to think they do give a 'true' weight reading.

The scales are good, and for the money would definately recommend buying.
The display is clear, easy to use, easy to set-up, good for weight monitoring
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on 28 November 2012
These scales are just what we required. Very light and slim and good in appearance but more effectively they are so accurate and register fractions of weight gain or loss which was most encouraging when you are trying to lose some excess! Highly recommended.
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on 23 January 2014
I took a chance on this scale based on the manufacturer's claims and reputation - despite the number of negative reviews - because so many of the people leaving negative reviews appeared to be in a state of apoplectic hysteria and more than slightly ignorant about how these devices work.

My punt was rewarded with a superb and consistently accurate scale.
Absolutely spot-on readings with zero variance on every single weighing.

However... caveat emptor... the manufacturer has exaggerated the ability of this device to work on all floor surfaces. It doesn't. It only works consistently if you have a rock solid floor. On any other surface (including bare floorboards and lino) there can be over 20lbs in variance.

I use the scales on the tiled concrete floor of my conservatory and it is absolutely pin-point accurate every single time, no variance. Anywhere on the floor. Every time.

So it's five stars from me but if you don't have a solid floor then I have news for you; you will never be able to use a scale completely accurately. Not just this scale but ANY scale.
Digital bathroom scales will only ever be completely accurate if you have a solid floor surface upon which to place such a device. If you don't have a solid floor chill out and get yourself a decent old-fashioned analogue bathroom scale.
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I bought these scales to replace a set of body fat analyser scales which I had found to be too inconsistent to be credible. I think for my needs "simpler is better" in terms of scales and I will manage my fitness on the basis of weight rather than the misleading readings from a body analyser scale. I almost didn't buy these Salter scales because the price seemed almost too low to be credible. Had I gone along with that instinct I would have lost out because I have come to like and trust them. As I see it these are the pros and cons of these Salter Ultimate Accuracy scales;


- Look and feel well made. They are slim and mainly glass - I think they represent a lot of engineering for the price.
- The scales can be calibrated automatically by pressing your foot in the middle of the scale - that has the same effect as the dial you used to turn to zero old fashioned scales.
- The scales switch on the moment you step on to them and the reading remains for long enough after you step off.
- You can weigh in Kg, Lbs or Stones and Lbs in small increments.
- A set of wider feet are supplied for use on carpet.
- The display is large and clear.
- Despite using the scales on carpet, I got consistent readings and they seem accurate based on comparison with my now redundant pair of older scales.
- 15 Year Warranty.


- Instructions could be clearer.
- On my version, the LCD display although clear, isn't obviously "backlit" as suggested on this page.
- Nothing else obvious.

Overall, these scales appear accurate and well made as well as representing extremely good value for money. Recommended.
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on 20 January 2013
I bought these scales because I liked the look of them and they have a 15 year guarantee. Old scales had a broken dispay so was keen on a set that would last. I knocked a star off because the scales are a bit fussy - see below. Now we have it set up we have repeatable results that we believe in. Nice big display that reports your weight to the nearest 1/8 of a pound if using it in stones and pound mode. And if you need to peer more closely at the reading, it stays there for long enough after you get off.

You have to set the scales up before use and it took me a while to realise that the little button underneath that is labelled "unit" was the one that changed between kg, plain pounds and stones & pounds. Then you initialise by placing your foot on it and letting it settle. Simple enough. It does not like to be moved and will then change your weight by four or five pounds in my case. Has to be reset - not difficult just put a foot on it to recalibrate. We try not to move it.
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on 2 December 2015
I don't like it. It accurately told me I was heavier than I wanted to be. When I buy scales I expect a certain amount of laxity between the truth and what I imagine I weigh. Well there was none of that here. So if you are looking for scales that make you feel good when you are a bit of a tubber these are not for you. I guess i'll just have to lower my calorie intake and do a bit more exercise if I want to be happier with these scales.
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on 6 July 2013
Advice for people who don't get consistent readings - please put it on hard, flat surface and always in the same place. The floor is not even and even millimeters difference can influence the measurement. Using it in the same place assures that this bias is always the same and you can accurately track changes of your weight.
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on 15 September 2013
Had these scales for a few months now...not very happy. Seem good solid scales but readings can vary each time you step on them.I would say that they are accurate 3/5 pounds.
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on 2 January 2013
Nice clear screen and nice to be able to change the measurement unit, but they're not accurate readings. I had 8 completely different readings in the space of 3 minutes, ranging 11stone 1lb to 11stone 9lb, quite a difference when you're trying to lose 2lbs per week! The reading was actually lower while I held a bag of sugar than it was normally! Recommend using the extension feet at all times, not just on carpets, it gave my weight as 6 stone 3lbs without the feet on, even on a solid floor! I like how it finally settles on your weight and then freezes the display long enough for you to make a note of it.
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