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on 3 January 2012
This is a review for the 6GB RAM, 750GB HDD version of the Acer 5750G with the Intel i5 2430M processor. Amazon don't list this computer as the 5750G (they have it just as the 5750), but that is what it says on the box.
First of all I was surprised by the sturdiness of the laptop, having read several times that Acer can be a bit plasticky. This machine is solid and is also very elegent looking in a mesh black cover. The mesh is to prevent fingerprint marks.
The touchpad pad is very sensitive, almost too sensitive. I prefer to use a mouse. Start up is quick and so is shut down. Getting started for the first time takes about 10 minutes. Acer recommend that the owner create recovery disks in case of future problems. There is a total of about 18GB of information to record. This requires 5 DVD recordable disks. 4 for the factory settings and 1 for the applications and drivers. This all takes about 1 hour.
If you want to install further programs like MS Office or Outlook then the set up time will be longer. This computer does not have Outlook. Outlook is now sold seperately by Microsoft for about £90 for a disk. A lot of MS office programs no longer have Outlook on them.
McAfee Antivirus protection is given free for 2 months.
Initially when I was looking for a new laptop I was considering the Acer 5742Z. But a computer consultant friend of mine pointed out that machine comes with a relatively old core processor. The new core processors are the i3/i5/i7 series which come with various make of laptop. So I chose this laptop instead.
The laptop is quick and quiet.
The sound is Dolby 'surround sound' and it even has its own graphic equaliser. The volume does not go very loud though. But is excellent quality. There are USB ports on both sides of the computer which is useful. I do believe that one of the ports is the new style of USB port which is much quicker. The CD/DVD compartment is slim but robust. The screen is crystal clear. The key pad is aesthetic and practical.
The price of this laptop seems to vary. I bought mine for £499 from Amazon, which was cheaper than the lower spec 5742Z.
Last item of note is the wireless connection for the internet. It seems quick to connect and recieves a strong signal.
An all round winner of a laptop. Warrantee is for 1 year. I've only just bought mine so I don't know how reliable it is.
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VINE VOICEon 18 January 2012
I spent a couple of weeks periodically investigating laptop models from various manufacturers and sources, and this one maintained it's place on my wishlist along with one of it's Lenovo equivalents.

I saw some question-mark comments about whether Amazon was selling the 5750g, as spec'ed on this page, or if it was, in fact, the 5750 without the NVidia graphics processor. In the end I decided to order it and consider it a bonus if it was the NVidia chip installed, and so I was really pleased when it arrived, and I found that it is, indeed, the 5750g as detailed.

My first concern on removing the laptop from it's sturdy packaging was that I could hear something small rattling around inside. Having had plenty of prior experience of disassembling and assembling PC's, I removed the screws holding the back cover on the chassis. Trapped within the murky depths was a loose motherboard screw, which plopped out onto the carpet! A little disappointing, but ultimately not a big problem....there's plenty of screws holding a motherboard in place, and it's possible that the one that dropped out was a surplus, dropped inside by a clumsy technician.

I then continued the normal procedure of fitting the battery, plugging in the power supply and "finishing" the Windows setup procedure. Quick and easy, and Win 7 was very quick to finish doing it's jobs. Uninstalling the trial softwares that I don't need (McAffee, Norton storage, Acer Games etc.) was quick and easy, and I had no problem installing the things that I did want.

Connecting to my home internet connection (via cat 5 cable to my netgear router) was way easier than I expected (it did everything itself) and before long I'd installed Google Chrome and iTunes.

So far, everything is working well. I really like the look and feel of this laptop. It's got a nice, quality finish, looks smart, and isn't a terrible magnet for fingerprints, thanks to it's textured finish and off-black hue! The keyboard is much better than any portable I've tried before, I reckon even better than a macbook pro, and the touchpad seems decent too. I've done a quick webcam test (though not yet skyped with it) and it seems ok, perhaps not as good as the £10 USB thing I got for my desktop PC.

I really can't fault this product at the moment. Given the functionality and selection of features, it seems like really good value - 750gb hard drive, 6gb of FAST memory (which can easily be upgraded to 8gb), a dedicated 1gb graphics processor, LED back-lit screen, and a decent Intel i5 processor, plus a legal (!) Windows 7 O.S installed. I couldn't find another laptop this well spec'ed for £550.

I'll update this if I experience any big problems...
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on 22 November 2011
Bought a lower spec Acer last Xmas and my husband kept 'borrowing' it, so I decided to treat myself to one I can call my own! This review is for the Acer Aspire 5750 - 6gb Ram/750HDD, i5-2430M processor, there are lots of Aspire 5750 with slightly different spec. I actually bought it elsewhere for £499 so shop around. This is a smart laptop and the 6gb makes a considerable difference in speed compared to the 4gb one last year (bad luck hubby!) I like the Acer keyboard as it's very easy to clean out if you get the odd crumb in it. Having a proper number pad is also useful as I do a lot of spreadsheets. I've never got on with laptop touchpads so I use a mini wireless mouse. Set-up took all of about 10mins including connecting to our wireless network. Comes with McAfee (take it off, it's power hungry and slows everything down) and Norton (similar). I use AntiVir, free and doesn't affect performance. The only negative is a design flaw which might not affect other users. It's that the on/off button is at the very edge on the top left of the keyboard, exactly where I put my hand to move the laptop closer or further away from me. It's also extremeley sensitive to touch. Hence I am getting just a little annoyed at persistently powering down accidentally when I'm in the middle of something.
No other software of any note installed so you'll have to invest in Microsoft Office or something similar, I bought a 3-pc licensed Office 2010 for £95, cheaper than the single pc version!
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on 17 December 2011
this laptop is very good for the money. I looked at other laptops and this had to be the best I could find for the specs for £500. its too early to say anything about reliability but its worked fine for over a month although the warranty worries me as it is only for 1 year and the CPU goes to 70C under a high workload so if you get this laptop I suggest you buy a laptop stand with fans to cool it down.

advantages are:
very quick
handles games like minecraft and other resource hungry applications
seems to have stronger WiFi than my old laptop
looks stylish and is fairly lightweight
does not have too much crap installed when you get it

disadvantages are:
CPU gets rather hot
battery life lasts for 2 hours on high performance setting
the textured surface of the lid gets marks on it fairly easily
Microsoft office is not installed on it :(

overall this is a very powerful laptop and the price is lower than what they could charge. a few bad points but the good sides of this laptop make it worth getting. it runs like a dream and I am very pleased with it.
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on 13 January 2012
in the short period of time i have owned this acer 5750 my imediate thoughts are that this is a brilliant many who shop for a laptop i spent alot of time doing research,checking out local shops and reading loads of reveiws.the high points for me about the 5750 are: long battery life approx 4 hours (depends on usage)I can run many apps at once and the hard drive remains very has three usb 2.0 and one usb 3.0 inputs and multi card reader so there is loads of room for multi tasking. the low points are minor first the touch pad is very sensitive (i bought a mini mouse to get round it) and lastly the machine casing seems to attract paw prints very easy.But if thats all i have to worry about im not complaining.hope you find my reveiw helpful.
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on 15 December 2011
Having just bought the Acer Aspire 5750 i5-2430 there's no doubt in my mind I've made the right choice. The setup could not be simpler. There is no heating up underneath like my old HP Pavilion which actually scorched our table. The keyboard is very positive and I particularly like the spaces between the keys enabling you to gently blow away any debris that gets between them. Start-up and shutdown is fast and the rest runs like a dream. Nothing of note in the bundled software. I never install anything anyway unless I intend to use them, otherwise it can be a hell of a job getting rid of them.
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on 31 January 2012
After our old laptop gave up working we started looking for a replacement and were very confused by the choice and spec options! Fortunately a friend into computers analysed our needs and recommended Acer on the basis of good features and reliability for a very reasonable price.
We decided on this model as even though the spec was slightly above our needs we fancied having the very latest, fastest Core i5 processor and the full 8GB Ram and the Amazon price at the time was much lower than anywhere else.
On initial start-up we were very impressed - quick, easy and we were conected wirelessly to the internet in just a few minutes! Screen and keyboard seemed great and the fan very quiet. It was our first time with Windows 7 so that took a bit of getting used to.
However, after 3 days it stopped working completely and switch-on just revealed a black screen with error messages. So we contacted Acer customer support and they were very good - arranged for it to be picked up the next day, repaired and delivery back in 3 days. Apparently it had developed a faulty hard-drive which was replaced (in fact it came back with a slightly bigger one of 640GB.)
So everything looked good again on start-up (effectively reset to factory settings) BUT now we couldn't connect wirelessly to the internet! After trying for hours I eventually discovered it had a missing "network device driver" which I somehow managed to download and install from the Acer website and that fixed the problem. But I can't help feeling they should have checked that before sending it back?
Overall we are very happy with the laptop and maybe we were just unlucky with the faulty hard drive. If that hadn't happened we would definitely be recommending it.
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on 25 January 2012
I bought a Acer Aspire 5750 i5, 8GB RAM, 500GB a month ago and I must say I'm very impressed with it!

I play a lot of World of Warcraft and Football Manager as well as doing database stuff for work. This lappy handles my games with ease and handles business apps excellently! The battery allows for about 2 hours of gaming time; which is good considering how much power you're using.

The laptop starts and shuts down very quickly and the connection to wifi takes seconds which is very handy when I need to check my emails quickly.

The only slight downside is the fact that while gaming you could have a BBQ on the bottom of the lappy; this is easily resolved with a lappy fan (I just bought a Microsoft cooling base) which stops this issue dead in its tracks.

Also being 15.6 inch you might want something with a bigger screen for playing Call of Duty or other shoot um ups, but if you want something thats a good price and got the power, then this is the laptop for you.
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on 30 November 2011
The last laptop I had was 5 years old so it was in need of an upgrade. I needed some good spec for all of the video work that I do and this does the job perfectly and only took 10 minutes to set up. Although Amazon send a box in a box in a box which takes ages to unwrap. Performance is really good and it doesnt take long to burn Cd's and DVD's. For the price that it is you get some really good spec.
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on 8 January 2012
Bought this laptop as a replacement for an Acer Aspire 6530 purchased 3 years ago.This machine was still in good order but needed a new battery, so was passed on to my niece for her college work. I work a lot with computers and this new one doesn't let me down. It is very fast and responsive and has a good battery life compared to my previous laptops.To sum up a very good laptop for the money.P.S. this is my third Acer in 6 years.
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