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4.1 out of 5 stars21
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 8 January 2012
I ordered this particular player to suit the Toshiba TV I bought earlier from Amazon. It arrived virtually overnight! Simple to set up and was working within minutes, my Blue-Ray discs are so much clearer. The remote only requires 1 battery which is another bonus and there is also the option of using the 'Regza' link which enables the use of just 1 remote to work both TV and Blue-Ray player. I have another Blue-Ray player by a well known manufacturer, it is okay, but not as responsive as the Toshiba. The Toshiba starts up virtually straightaway, unlike the other which takes a minute or so to sort itself out! All in all I am delighted with my purchase, I would not hesitate to buy another in the future. Not too soon in the future. The quality of the Toshiba will ensure I won't need to replace it anytime soon.
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(internet connection needed) for regular firmware updates & BD-Live.

Good for Toshiba/LG/Sony/Samsung/Pananasonic - LCD/LED/Plasma TVs).

I bought this Player during an Amazon promotion and wasn't left
disappointed nope.! it met all my expectations and more with BD LIVE.

I Find the player starts quickly and has silent operation, together with

a common sense approach to the design of a trendy remote control which only needs

one battery, 1x(AAA). I binned the free battery as it was very basic.

I then replaced it with a battery from a pack of Duracel Ultra's. I bought

here on Amazon. I Just wish to say if you want a player that up-scales

normal DVDs to close 1080p as possible using a special processor, then

this player is for you, then there are all the updates you need free, just

wire a Ethernet cable to back of device, or buy the Toshiba wireless wifi adapter.

The setup was pure easy why?? because a Wizard brings you through setup.

The menu system is intuitive, and is a good investment for both young and
older persons, even technophobic s I dare may say.

The screen is well colour saturated, and picture clean and sharp...

All in all for the budget asking price, its money very well spent you will
not regret, Amazon UK were cheapest at time of review...

I also own a decent Panasonic Blu-ray player, at over twice the price, and to be honest there's
no difference in picture quality... So, bag yourself a bargain before they go out of stock.

Plays Cds/DVDs superbly so; - "With Free delivery into boot you really cannot go wrong"...
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on 20 September 2012
Firstly, I bought this player through an internet auction site for the bargain price of £35. Having said that it is well worth the £60 price that is being asked for on Amazon.
Out of the box this player is reading to go in seconds. Plug in your HDMI lead and turn it on and after a quick run through the settings (done in less than a minute) and you are ready to start watching.
I did not get a HDMI lead with the one I bought but you may get one when bought through Amazon.
You do have an option of using a co axil lead so you get sound through an amplifier, which is something I will do later as I do not have the co axil lead at the moment, but they sound through my television (Regza 46" widescreen) was very crisp and clear. Obviously you would want to go through an amp if you want the 7.1 surround sound.

This unit will play blu rays and any region DVD's. I tested regions 1,2,3, and 4. I'm also informed that it may play Region A blu rays (the UK uses region B which play perfectly) but I do not have a region A disc to test at the time of writing.

The unit is very light weight but as a bargain blu ray player you could do a lot worse. I'm very pleased with it's performance. Loading times are quick, as quick as a playstation 3 in my opinion, and the upscaling of DVD's is better than a Playstation 3 I think.

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on 6 January 2012
I wanted a small Blu-Ray player with a good range of features that is reliable and quiet.

There seemed to be three candidates; this one and models from Sony and Panasonics. However, the Sony has no display, reviews say that even the on/off light can be seen only from above, and it has a Playstation-type GUI so that all displays and some functions normally found on the remote control can be accessed only by calling up on-screen displays and menus. The Panasonic, according to reviews, has no resume play function to continue viewing from the same point after stopping, and also some reliability issues.

This Toshiba has none of these shortcomings. It has a front display, a wide range of controls on the remote, is quiet during playback, though it can make some noise when it starts to play as it moves to different places on the disc. And to cap it all, it comes at a very reasonable price. It works flawlessly playing Blu-Rays and DVD's and I'm very pleased so far, though I can't comment on the Internet features as I haven't used them.

The only drawback I can see is one that is common with Blu-Ray players and seems to catch out a lot of purchasers. They use the HDMI protocol and because that was designed for high definition where adjusting the aspect ratio is undesirable because it degrades the picture quality, the signal that they produce does not give the options to adjust the aspect ratio that you get with plain DVD players. (That said, some DVD players, like my Panasonic DVD recorder do output format options through both SCART and HDMI, so HDMI is capable of carrying them.)The snag is that many films have been released with aspect ratios that leave something to be desired. If you watch them on a Blu-Ray machine, whether the discs are BD or DVD, you might be stuck with an aspect ratio that you don't like and can't adjust.

Back to this Toshiba, as far as I can see, unless you want some specialised Internet functions, this is the best and best-value player out there.

PS Regarding the remote, it is admittedly small. I guess that seemed appropriate for a player with compact dimensions. It works well enough and it stops me from confusing it with the others but if your fingers are not very nimble or your eyesight not so good, that could be a consideration.
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on 20 May 2012
Bought this Toshiba BDX1250 Blu-ray Player and found it easy to install, worked first time with great results. I'm highly satisfied. It also plays standard DVDs quite happily which appear to be enhanced also.
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on 17 April 2012
This Blu-ray player was bought for use in the bedroom with an inexpensive HD capable 19" flat screen TV bought from Aldi, for this purpose this player is ideal, as it is small and takes up very little space. The performance on both Blu-ray and DVD is excellent. I record movies and documentaries onto DVD from a HDD recorder, the Blu-ray player works excellently with these and is good value for money.
However shoppers should be aware that this inexpensive player only has a single HDMI output and would not be suitable for use with other equipment such as a home cinema system.
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on 20 April 2012
I could not believe how cheap this Blue ray player was. I do not want whistles and bells and I am told this does not have them.
However, it plays all of my discs (video and music) and accepts a memory stick with downloaded films. They all play to a very good standard and are enhanced by the fact I have a compatible Toshiba TV so I could use just one remote if I wished to.
What more do you want for £59?
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on 23 February 2012
I bought this machine because I have access to a hi-def TV and thought that I would find out what all the Blu-ray hype was about. The machine is very easy to set up but you need to buy two further items: an HDMI lead and a USB Flash drive. I bought both these items cheaply via Amazon shops. The Toshiba instruction booklet says that not all Flash drives are compatible but I use a Kingston 4Gb DataTraveler 101.

Compared to DVD the Blu-ray performance of this machine is incredible. Detail that would be fuzzy on DVD is now pin-sharp clear. Sound though, is another matter. The only connection for better sound is a single co-ax connection on the back which limits the options available so the TV speakers will remain the only choice by default. The one facility that I miss though is the zoom. I only have a few Blu-ray discs at the moment and the zoom will not work on any of them although it works with the DVDs.

The remote control must be one of the worst I have ever used. It is small and the buttons are fiddly to use. Added to that the buttons are not in the most obvious places. It would not have cost too much more to give us a decent remote. Overall, the machine is good value for money but a little more thought would not have gone amiss.
review image review image review image review image
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on 19 January 2012
This toshiba bluray player is very good for this little money.

The quality is ofcourse dependant of the bluraymedia, so.

But I will write this review primarily to warn people about the remote.

This has to be the worst remote control I have ever used. Buttons are placed seemingly random, they are too small, don't register or register two times... impossible to navigate with it.
I read it was a bad remote before buying, but I knew it wasn't an issue for me, because I am a happy owner of a Logitech harmony remote Logitech Harmony H700 Rechargeable Remote Control , but i never dreamed it would be this bad.

So a word of warning: If you don't have a universal remote, stay away from this player!
BTW, the power cord is not detachable, so I (living in belgium) had to cut it to adapt it to our power sockets.
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on 11 April 2012
Loved this Player to bits. It was perfect. Especially for the cheap price, it was a bargain. But my issue was, I had foreign subtitles popping up every now and then when they shouldn't have been, and Toshiba were unable to resolve this issue so I took it back for a refund. The DVD I was playing was a standard DVD [which this Player is advertised as being able to play] so I can only assume this was some kind of subtitle glitch with the model in general or this particular player, possibly because it wasn't a Blu Ray disc?

Either way, I'm gutted I had to return it due to some bizarre subtitle issue.
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