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4.6 out of 5 stars103
4.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Change
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on 3 April 2012
I was always hoping for a HD collection of my favourite video game series. And it finally came! It even came a day early, which was a bonus.

Anyway, the game....

Being a port of three PlayStation 2 games, don't expect anything new to appear in the game except for Trophies/Achievements, which, to tell the truth, I have always wanted to have for these games. All three Devil May Cry games look wonderful with their HD re-textured and enhanced, I mean really enhanced sound. You can hear things that you couldn't hear before on the PS2 discs. Some audio within the game seems to have changed as well, which is nice too. It's just a shame about some of the pre-rendered cut-scenes, which are pretty low-quality, arguably worse than what they were on the PS2 before. But all of the other cut-scenes that use the game'e re-mastered HD game engine look brilliant.

The gameplay itself, feels like it should. I absolutely love it. And with the new HD look, I think it is even better, as I'm sure many DMC fans would agree. This gameplay is what made me keep coming back to the series, and now that is in HD, I will probably come back to it even more.

The bonus content sadly, is such a let-down. While the hub menu you come across as soon as the HD collection loads up is quite cool, the stuff that was included in the "Vault" isn't quite so cool. It includes music from all three games (not all of it mind you. It mostly consists of Battle themes and not much else) and some un-released concept art. I'm sure everybody was hoping for so much more from Capcom here. I was hoping for so much more, but unfortunately, they failed to deliver here. And also, as with some other HD classic trilogy's, you cannot switch between all three games whenever you like. You need to restart the disc to go back to the hub menu and select a new game.

The un-impressive bonus content and the shoddy pre-rendered FMV cut-scenes really aren't enough to repel any long-time DMC fans away from this HD Collection. For any DMC fan who have always wanted to play this series on their PS3, now you can. It come's highly recommended from one DMC fan to the rest of you!
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on 10 May 2012
Good: This game is remastered in HD and it also comes with three games, music from the game, concept art from the game and all new trophies which allows you to challenge yourself to complete everything in each game which you're friends can also see, another cool feature to the trophies is that the trophies for each game are separate which allows you to easily look at all the trophies for that one single game. Three games means you're getting a lot of content out of this game.

Bad: The gameplay may be in HD but the menus isn't which is annoying because you will be playing the game in widescreen but when it goes to the menus it still has the old PS2 menus which makes the menus much smaller as well.

If you're a fan of Devil May Cry then your going to love this.
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on 13 March 2015
Devil May Cry HD Collection. Where do I start? Devil May Cry HD Collection is a compilation of three of the genre-defining Devil May Cry games that released on the Playstation 2, remastered in high definition. The collection contains the Special Edition of Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, which comes with extra features such as the ability to play as Dante's twin brother, Vergil as well as making the normal difficulty actually normal as opposed to the original PS2 release, where the Japanese hard mode was the normal mode in western territories. All menus in all three games are unfortunately stuck in a 4:3 aspect ratio but this does not detract from the experience. Devil May Cry 1 also runs at 60Hz as opposed to the original PAL 50Hz, and believe me when I say it makes a difference. Playing both versions recently, I can definitely tell a difference and the original PS2 PAL version feels slower in comparison. This is the way the game was meant to be played. Devil May Cry 1 and 3 are difficult games and have a high learning curve, but are not impossible to people with enough willpower and patience to continue and not give up. The games have been treated well in the HD remaster, with no noticeable negatives such as new glitches. Notice that I did not talk about Devil May Cry 2. That is because it is regarded by many fans to be the worst in the series. This is because of the difference in feel and gameplay with more open areas as well as the game being much easier than any other Devil May Cry game with little to no difficulty, one of the main selling points of the franchise. If you've played these games before and are itching to play them again, buy this instead of digging out your PS2 versions of the games. It's relatively cheap and is the definitive way to play these games. If you've never played Devil May Cry and want to see what the fuss is about, then buy this as it's relatively cheap and is the definitive way to play these games. One of the best "Classics HD" on the PS3 and surely a great addition to Xbox 360 owners who buy it.
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on 1 August 2012
I have been an avid Devil May Cry fan from the very beginning; in fact it was the very first devil may cry game that inspired me to buy the Playstation 2 in the first place. I have never played such an action packed strategic game where the combat is so awesome and of course Dante is the coolest demon hunter ever. There is really no need to go into deep details about each one as for those who have played it obviously know that it's a kick ass game.

The first Devil May Cry is legendary and still my favourite out of them all.

The second Devil May Cry has been divided as most fans have stated that it doesn't come near to the greatness of the first game, that maybe true but on its own its quite decent.

The third Devil May Cry is probably the most action packed out of the three and easily my second favourite.

All three games on the Playstation 3 work like a charm and it was quite a nostalgic feeling playing through these games again which I will never get tired of.

If you've enjoyed Devil May Cry 4, then you must play these three games as well. January cannot come soon enough for the next instalment known as DMC should be good though can't wait!!
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on 9 March 2014
Exactly what I was expecting, I got this more to just play the classic trilogy (...DMC2 aside...) after ridding myself of my ps2. My only complaint is VERY slight, in which the cut scenes in DMC1 seem sped up. Like I say VERY minimal issue.

The only reason I knocked a star off is because I'm not a fan of DMC2, but like most demon hunting enthusiasts, you'll be buying this for 1 and 3.

Brilliant buy!
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on 20 August 2012
I wanted to play this game for ages and was very pleased when this set was finally released as an HD collection.
Graphically, this set is far more superior when playing in-game, however some of the cut shots have not been upscaled, and annoyingly, the menu screen (in-game) reverts to a smaller screen size with PS2 graphics.

Bonus content wise, do not expect much from this release. You get a few sound tracks and some art work but thats pretty much it! However don't let that put you off! Game play is exactly the same as DMC on the PS2 versions, so you'll know all the buttons and where to find that elusive "Rusty Key!"

And some more good news for any DMC fans out there, a new game is being released next year, imaginatively titled "Dmc", and is based on Dante in his younger days! Overall, a good buy and a good release from Capcom, all we need now is the Ominusha series to be released for the PS3 and i can be happy with all my Capcom games from my teens!
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on 14 July 2015
The first Devil May Cry game was the reason I purchased a PS2, totally insane story lines that make no sense and over the top action. Although it has it's issues with the camera, this adds to it's appeal as there are many secrets and additional levels that can be found by going to different locations or trying to find new camera angles. The remastering of the main games in 1080p is visually stunning. The game play is awesome on the first game offering the option to slice & dice or blast your way styles of fighting and a grading system for putting together combos.

The second game is somewhat disappointing and offers little new, with the exception of adding the ability to play through the game wearing "cool" Diesel clothing. It's a case of trying far to hard to be hip and missing the point of why the original was so popular.

The 3rd game is the best in the series, returning to form and offering better variety on combinations.
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on 1 June 2012
Still excellent games! Just started playing these again and the nostalgia trip is awesome! HD graphics are a nice touch!
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on 6 June 2014
This review well The Devil May Cry games I hadn't Played for a long time so I decided to purchase and get back into the series as the reboot had been released so the verdict is good these games where just like I remembered them to be action packed high adrenaline action quite simply you run round shooting things but you do have puzzles to solve aswell. the only setback is that you cannot changed difficulty from the menu with the titles you have to get killed a number of times to set to easy mode. allot of new comers might struggle with this because these games can be hard (Especially the 3rd game) being the hardest of them all. the 2nd one the easiest of the bunch and my personal favorite. but all in all a very good bunch of games for the price an absolute steal. I was very happy with the purchase and I ended up buying DMC4 and the Reboot having never played either of them.
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on 11 May 2012
Game is fantastic, doesn't add all that much to the original titles but it's handy to have all of them on one disk for a current gen system, and frankly there isn't much that could really be added to the games as is, except for the achievements / trophies / whatever and some bonus content (game music ect), and if you bought the original version of DMC3 and never got to play vergil then it's totally worth it, highlight of DMC3 for me.

That said, Amazon were a different story. This had an estimated delivery date of a few days and took over a month to finally arrive with no communication from them whatsoever. I was NOT impressed.

TL;DR - Great game, horrible delivery experience for me, if you liked the games the first time round you won't go wrong with this.
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