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4.3 out of 5 stars50
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 1 January 2012
I've been a lifelong fan of the 'Deth, well until Mustaine started swapping members left right and centre which removed a lot of the magic. Thirt3en has restored my faith however! The band are showing that they still have something to prove, unlike Metallica who have nothing to show, apart from the fact that they are smug millionaires who can do as they please. Megadeth have done the opposite and got hungry again. Previous album 'Endgame' and Dave Mustaine's recent biography show that the band are trying to claim their place in metal history by force rather than sitting around waiting for the Rock n Roll hall of Fame to come knocking. This record pummels you in the face from the word Go!
Opener 'Sudden Death' is riff-tastic in it's tight deadliness and also shows that Shawn Drover must be one of the best drummers on Earth! Seriously, he is up there with the guy out of Mastodon or Joey from the 'Knot and has rejuvenated the band to their most fullest of potentialisms. From here on in its obvious the band are going for the jugular, each song is tight, well written and executed with a great sing/shout-along metal chorus. The addition of Producer Johnny K who does some writing also on the album really has helped them pull their best tricks and licks out and being a muso myself I sat there in awe at the greatness of some of the riffs, just like I did in 1990 woth 'Holy Wars'. The return of David Ellefson and the resurrection of older songs written by the 'definitive' line-up (when Marty and Nick were in the band) should have fans salivating, and they didn't disappoint either.
'Public Enemy No 1' was a bit of a weird choice for the big comeback single, kicking off with a verse riff that sounds like something Iron Maiden would do but 'Whose Life (Is it anyway?) and 'We The People' more than make up for this, the latter with it's call to arms of 'In greed we trust/In revolution we die!' Great stuff.

The more I listened the more I began to get the impression that the opening salvo of 5 songs were the albums best bits and it was beginning to tail off but once I got into it more, songs like 'Wrecker' and 'Deadly Nightshade' began to shine. This is 'Deth's most impressive album in a long, long time in my humble opinion. I'd be proud to play this to all those young kids who think the shouty metalcore crap of today is leaving older bands in the dust. Nope! Megadeth are showing they still have what it takes, let's hope they keep their eyes on the quality control and make more top notch thrash like this! Excellent record!
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on 15 November 2011
Th1rt3en is a nice, well-produced album. Is that what you want to hear from Megadeth? Nice?
Well, I don't anyway...This album is more in the vain of Cryptic or Youthanasia rather than the great Peace sells or Rust in Peace or Endgame but without the novelty those had at the time of their release.
Rather short tracks, predictable structures, silly lyrics (Black swan).
A bit of a let down, even if as a whole the album remains pleasant and somehow a good piece of heavy metal due to the abilities of the band members, it is also very patchy.
I'd rather they came out with something a bit more complex and more up-tempo. Some seem to say that this is a more mature album, and if it the case for some tracks such as the title track, most of the songs are a bit too "friendly" for me.
It might be more suitable for iTunes format, but as an album it fails, and since I don't care for downloads, and still consider an album as an entity, I can't help but being disappointed by 13.
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on 31 October 2011
In 2010 when Megadeth were in the middle of 20th anniversary tour for metal masterpiece "Rust In Peace" as well as playing the album from start to finish most of the other material played was also older tracks from the likes of "Peace Sells", "So Far, So Good..So What? and "countdown To Extinction" only a couple of tracks from current album "Endgame" made the cut, this trend would continue during the Big Four Tour. Also original bassist Dave Ellefson was back in the band for the first time since 2001 and now we have album number 13 from Megadeth called "TH1RT3EN". To keep with the going back in time theme there's even new versions of old songs included.

Ellefson's returning influence can be heard on album opener "Sudden Death" as his bass opens the track alongside some tribal drumming a classic Megadeth guitar riff, the song is a great way to open the album and the playing is really tight throughout. The first single chosen was "Public Enemy No.1" which has a galloping riff and a snarling Mustaine, what more could you ask for? Interestingly "New World Order" is an old song, a demo version was originally included on the 2004 remaster of "Youthanasia"(so the classic megadeth line up of Mustaine, Friedman, Ellefson and Menza get a writing credit), the new version is newly recorded and of course newly produced giving it a new sheen. "Black Swan" came from the "United Abominations" sessions and has nothing to do with the film of the same name.

The song "Never Dead" is a stand out track with it's slow build up, it really has a feel of an old Megadeth track, the drums are great in this track and big credit must go to Shawn Drover who has really made that spot behind the kit his own and his playing with Ellefson is perfect. "Wrecker" is another great song that has a couple of great guitar solo's and sounds like Megadeth on top of their game almost revitalised. "We Are The People" has a guitar chugging along at times not unlike "train Of Consequences" from "Youthanasia". "Millennium of the Blind" originally also appeared on the 2004 remaster of "Youthanasia" as well, the song of course is reworked and is a longer finished version.

It would seem the 20th anniversary tour of "Rust In Peace" and the return of bassist Dave Ellefson has revitalised Dave Mustaine and giving him an appetite to revisit and explore his musical past while at the same time keeping the band sounding fresh. With this been the bands final album of a 3 album deal with Roadrunner Record's it will be interesting to see what there next step will be.
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on 18 February 2012
Medageth are recognised as one of the `Big Four' thrash metal bands, which includes Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax. Whilst in rehab in January 2002, Dave Mustaine fell asleep with his left arm over the back of a chair, caused compression of the radial ulnar nerve. This resulted in him being unable to grasp anything with his left hand and he disbanded Megadeth. The band reformed in 2004, but there had been an acrimonious split with long-time bassist, Dave Ellefson, and he did not play on `The System Has Failed' (2004), `United Abominations' (2007) and `Endgame' (2009).

Mustaine and Ellefson both became committed Christians and finally managed to leave their issues in the past and resume their friendship. The line-up became Dave Mustaine (lead vocals & guitar), Dave Ellefson (bass & backing vocals), Chris Broderick (guitar & backing vocals) and Shawn Drover (drums) for the release of `Th1rt3en' (2011). Mustaine stated "I started playing guitar at 13 and this is our 13th record and I was born on the 13th. As soon as I said I was going to call it 'Thirteen', I started noticing 13 everywhere. They never used to have 13th floors in hotels but now they have them again." The album was produced by "Johnny K" Karkazis (Disturbed, Sevendust, Soil).

Whilst some critics would like to reflect on past glories, it is time to move on. Let's face it, if any band keeps churning out the same stuff it just becomes monotonous. The album could be seen as a return to form and includes new tracks and updated versions of old demos. `Sudden Death' harks back to technical trash riffage and can also be found on the 2010 Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock game. My personal favourite is `Public Enemy No. 1' (about 1920's gangster Al Capone) with its galloping pace and snarling chorus "Roses on your grave / I'll be on my way / There's no time to stay / With the enemies I've made".

`Whose Life' hits out at people who disapprove of your lifestyle and choices. It is too easy to point the finger at someone else's problems rather than facing up to your own. Then `We The People' takes a look at leadership and whether politicians can be trusted. This can also be heard in the re-recorded version of `New World Order' (originally written in 1991 and appearing on the Duke Nukem soundtrack in 1999). And `Millennium of the Blind' continues this with "Trust your leaders as they send you out to die / the true face of evil can't be seen without eyes".

`Black Swan' features cascading guitar and searing lyrics "Just like a churchyard shadow creeping after me / its only there to terrify my mind / a black swan keeps haunting me". The feeling of creeping horror can also be found in `Deadly Nightshade'. For those of you who want the thrashier songs then check out `Never Dead' and `Fast Lane'.
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on 16 November 2011
This absolutely amazing modern thrash record is definitely one of Megadeth's, and one of the best thrash records i've ever heard! it's no wonder it's beating lou reed and metallica in the charts (no surprises there, anyway!). Make sure you get this album!
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on 1 September 2012
I had very, very high hopes for this album. I must admit to being a bit disappointed although thirteen albums in you would think I'd know what to expect. Megadeth, even at their height, struggled to be consistent enough to create full albums, normally they have a few incredible tracks with the rest being fair to middling filler Th1rt3en is a strange beast. This time all the songs are generally quite good but there aren't any massively good songs; it does however stand together more as an album. Who knows maybe we are close to getting a modern day Megadeth classic with the next album, or the next two albums, maybe.

If you are new to Megadeth go straight to their earlier stuff then jump to this one. A word of warning which I feel is relevant to the album ; if you ever have the chance to hear or read about anything that Dave Mustaine has to say on anything please try and avoid it he has a habit of saying incredibly stupid things and it can ruin the joy of hearing his albums. This problem is reflected thankfully only partially in the sometimes quite childish lyrics, which are a particular weak point of the album.

Seeing the pictorial representations of all thirteen albums and trying to guess which is which is particularly fun and a nice plus point to quite a nicely laid out booklet.

Sudden Death: Nice beat, nice lead. There is a weird feel of Judas Priest's `Sad Wings of Destiny' it sounds oddly like the introduction on there. While a little bit mid paced as a Megadeth opener, it's a very good song.

Public Enemy No 1: I know its poppy and it's supposed to be the single but damn I can't get this song out of my head. Fast paced and so funny, love it.

Whose Life (is it anyways?): I like the music on this track but it really does sound like Mustaine's mum caught her son wearing eyeliner and stopped him going out, unfortunate.

We the People: This song has a really good staccato riff, screaming leads and good vocal spit.

Guns, Drugs and Money: Apart from a stupid effect applied to the vocals on the pre-chorus it's quite a good rock song, it has that alcohol fuelled night out feel to it. More sleazy rock than thrash but it's still a highlight.

Never Dead: Marching band drums, followed by a heavy but possibly over simple track.

New World Order: Moments of superb riffing and amazing leads, towards the end anyway, the first half of the song is a bit flat

Fast Lane: One of the best tracks, musically anyway.

Black Swan: No waiting just squealing guitar introduction, the rest of the track feels like it should be faster, but it does have a nice groove.

Wrecker: The guitars are full of bounce on this song, very danceable.

Millennium of the Blind: Quite disjointed, there are good sections but I think there are just too many ideas wedged together.

Deadly Nightshade: The verse riff reminds me of Weezer's `Hash Pipe' song.

13: Soft track done well.

None of the songs stand up to Megadeth's earlier stuff and the lyrics deserve minus ten, however even after all that you can still get a lot out of this album. It's not a classic but it is getting there.
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on 1 January 2012
Megadeth's latest album is really a follow up from Endgame which has a similar sound which is certainly a good thing. Although not up to the level of Rust in Peace, 13 is still a great and hard hitting addition to the catalogue.

Megadeth certainly return as close to their roots as they can with this. Sudden Death is the real stand out of the album IMO but there are many others like the New World Order which brings back some memories to the early 90s when this song was wrote, although not much better than the original version its interesting to bring back an old song that never quite made it to a studio album and re-record it for this. It was a good idea. Chris Broderick has some great work on this and the return of long time bassist Dave Ellefson is a great thing.

All the songs on this album are pretty solid, in Endgame it was only the Tout Le Monde remix I really didn't like but there are no soft weak tracks like that on this album. The track 13 is a slow song but well written and fairly enthralling.

I'm not a huge fan of modern music, although there are many good albums that are released today, I would say I'm more into classic rock and 80s/90s metal, but I really like this album. Its fast and brutal with some ear crunching riffs that I'm sure Megadeth fans will appreciate. I found this to be a great album and well worth the wait.

Kick ass Dave, and keep the legacy alive
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on 27 February 2013
I'd been hoping this would come out on vinyl having heard the CD, so I was really glad to see this & their other excellent album the system has failed were now available. Even better news that they'd put it in a nice gatefold sleeve & spread over 2 LP's. Sadly they've failed to put them into polylined sleeves & have gone for hard card instead which looks great but can mean your vinyl arrives looking second hand (as mine did) before you've even played it. Given that we're paying 3 times as much as you do for the CD & the cost of polylined sleeves are peanuts (& an audiophile standard) it really is about time Roadrunner caught up. Music on vinyl have adopted them after criticism from record buyers, so the system has failed LP arrived looking as if it had just been pressed. Perfect. A shame as this is a cracking album. I just hope the replacement is better.
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on 16 March 2015
Having been a fan for 24 years and own all their albums I feel qualified to say that this is classic Megadeth all killer no filler material. When united abominations came out I felt it had a few good tracks but that the band might have run out of steam before being able to release a full album which could benefit from the big modern production sounds of recent years. How wrong was l , Endgame: was awesome and I suspected that it might be a great album to call time on a great band. Then low and behold Th1rt3en: Dave does it again but this time it reminds me of rust in peace/countdown to extinction era albeit still sounding fresh and powerful. Superb.
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on 6 August 2012
I think this album is much better than it's crytics. We always try to cpmpare all the albums with Rust in peace and it is imposible to make any album better thant that. But this album at the first hearing caught my attention with the beginning particulary similar to Diamond Head's Am I evil? (I think this is the influence of the Big 4 tour) and with Public enemy Nº1 and Black Swan, they are awesome. But the more I'm listening to the album the more songs are start to like. I really recommend this to all Megadeth fans (don't try to compare this album with others and you will enjoy it)
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