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4.3 out of 5 stars236
4.3 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
Price:£6.99+ £1.99 shipping
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on 2 December 2011
So I loved Saints Row 2 and have been waiting for The Third to come out ever since. How does it compare? Well - its similar but different; it keeps most of the good bits of SR 2 and improves on them and bins off the less good bits. There are a couple of disappointments, but I'll come to them later...

So the plot is fun - silly and occasionally jaw dropping. The second mission on the plane (I will say no more) is one of the most genuinely awesome gaming experiences that I've had; the gameplay was simple, but the visual effect... wow! Having worked my way through around two thirds of the main plotline, it is funny, kinda clever in parts. Not quite as engaging or dramatic as parts of SR2 (nothing to touch the SR2 Brotherhood plotline, certainly), but solid. Another nice touch is that, as well as the better graphics, customisation goes a bit further than SR2. As well as boosting your characters resistances and skills (with money, rather than by completing the minigames, with certain boosts locked until higher levels), you can customise your weapons to be better, including (in some cases) being able to shoot explosive or incendiary ammo.

One of the things I liked most about SR2 were the minigames and these are back in abundance - and most of them are a lot more polished and good fun than the ones in SR2. As well as the old favourites, there's also a version of Mayhem played with tanks, a survival maze where you shoot people dressed as hotdogs and a truly brilliant version of Escort which I won't spoil for you (but anyone who has seen Talladega Nights will love the reference). The tasks are all engaging but not of them are too taxing.

This touches on one of the issues that was a bit disappointing - the game difficulty (at least on normal) is very low. While this is kind of nice and means you don't end up playing the same tasks over and over again (like the higher levels of Trail Blazing in SR2), there isn't much of a challenge. Maybe the harder difficulty levels will be different.

Other good bits - better soundtrack than SR2 I reckon, less fiddly vehicle customisation, fun new characters (Oleg and Kinzi are both ace; Zimos is good in a quirky, Marmite-love-him-or-hate-him kind of way). Although some reviews elsewhere have criticised the cityscape as being too samey, I don't think this is the case; it isn't as varied as SR2, but that always seemed a bit over-artificial to me anyway. There is some variation, and it isn't as dull and samey as Liberty City in GTA 4 was.

Bits I didn't like - Shaundi has turned from cute stoner babe to Cheryl Cole semi-lookalike with a chip on her shoulder (although minus the Geordie accent) and the character is less engaging for it. There isn't as much out and out silliness in the same way that SR 2 had (fewer weird secret locations) and the gameplay isn't as rude or, for want of a better word, 'edgy'. This is played up to in some parts (when doing the minigame in SR3 that was, in SR2, drug dealing, your character is distributing naff Saints Row merchandise), but there is a definite feeling that aspects of the game have been toned down to avoid criticism. There aren't the same options to customise your cribs to the same extent either, which is a bit of a shame, but they're actually pretty sweet anyway so that's not so bad.

All in all - worth the wait and worth buying new. Great for dipping in and out of and playing casually, if you liked SR2 (and/or thought that the GTA series has started taking itself too seriously), then you should buy this game.
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on 30 January 2012
I have a confession to make: I don't usually buy this sort of game and I'm definitely not its target audience, being more of an old-school RPGer. It just so happened that I was in a gaming doldrums of sorts, willing to try out something different, and let myself be dazzled by all the hype surrounding SR3 as well as the flashy aesthetics surrounding the game (great job from the marketing department, it has to be said).

Contrary to all expectations and much to the surprise of those acquainted with my tastes, this... ended up being a lot of fun. A whole 40+ hours lot of fun. The story is largely forgettable, the graphics aren't really up to today's standards - for an updated engine, no less - and the game can be a bit too silly at times, but it really just is a *fun* game. It gives you all the toys you could want on a city-sized playground and simply lets you have a go with the playstyle you feel most appropriate. A retro cybersteampunk dilletante? Check. A matrix-style vamp femme fatale? Check. Jason Statham wannabe? Check. Hardcore gangsta rap pimp with a zombie voice? Check. SR3 lets you go wild with your in-game persona and that's just the beginning. The over-the-top setpieces have been lauded time and again, and rightly so, and the voice acting is all-around excellent, with the main character voice sets (all six of them, plus zombie grunts) filled to the brim with personality, almost granting a new experience all by themselves should you choose to have another playthrough with a different voice.

Saints Row: The Third is not the type of game you commend or respect. It doesn't want to be respected, nor does it need to. It's unapologetic in its craziness but somehow manages not to be gratutious on its own (that's up to the player). What it lacks in memorable characters it mostly makes up for with nice character moments and a number of quotable one-liners. It's an easy game with fluid controls and a gameplay that seldom - if ever - gets in the way of fun and will never be a top game contender in any chart, nor will it be fondly remembered as a great piece of storytelling. It's the gaming equivalent of the craziest, booziest night out you've ever had, of which you can only recall bits and pieces.

And that is not necessarily a bad thing.
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on 11 December 2011
This game is absolutely amazing I have played a great deal of it already and I have been laughing all through it:

Good Character Custimization
Great Plot
Cool Characters
Can have a ZOMBIE voice!!!!!

A little buggy
Homies wont go into your car in missions
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on 27 February 2012
If you've played Saints Row since its debut you will realise it has steadily moved away from "GTA Clone" and descended into its own unique and frankly completely crazy sandbox game and this instalment descends it further into that territory. Initially I was worried by the early impressions and footage of the game that it had maybe gone too far down that route and once again I was eating my own words. Make no mistake it is crazier than ever but thats the best thing about this game it still maintains a well scripted story, yes its over the top and completely out of this world (literally) but it just works so well.

The setting has now shifted from Stillwater to Steelport with the Saints now trying to assume control of new territory and the set up is all the same as before which is great because if somethings not broken don't try fix it. Steelport is well designed much like any city in these crime games its the usual several islands connected by bridges and surrounded by ocean so not much has changed there. The story carries on from the second game despite a change in location as usual rival gangs occupy the city and the STAG army are sent in to try control things. The main story missions are all well executed despite most been in bonkers territory from gunfights while skydiving right through too becoming a walking toilet (yes I kid you not). The graphics and physics are good their no longer state of the art but work perfectly for the kind of game their creating.

The story aside which I won't go into due to spoilers all other side missions return from the previous games along with a few new takes on them Escort, Trafficking, Trailblazing, Mayhem etc all return and several new ones including Tank Mayhem and Professor Genki. The principal is the same for each activity each varying in difficulty you will slowly take over areas of the map and increase your hourly income from the city. Your income can then be spent on upgrading weapons or purchasing abilities as your character levels up. So while the game can be easily dismissed as a vein sandbox game it is at its core still very deep. Other returning side options return such as Assassinations and Car Thefts which can keep you busy long after you have finished the story and If that wasn't enough there is also all of the challenges to complete and hidden collectables to find.

There is too much emphasis on comparisons with GTA and it is impossible not to draw some but I think both have now found their niche, GTA clearly now does the realistic gritty crime sim well and Saints Row caters for the more extreme OTT sandbox and long may that continue. This is a game that will keep you hooked and busy for hours and most importantly its easy to play and at no point becomes frustrating. Possibly the most enjoyable game I purchased in 2011 and probably the first game in a long time I purchase some DLC for.
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on 2 January 2012
There is only one word to describe this game, INSANE! This game probably has the most outlandish profanity and humour of a very mature adult nature that has been allowed to hit the shelves. Saints Row The Third plummets (literally) you into an 'over the top' action movie cliche straight from the offset. After you complete the introductory tutorials you are allowed to deeply customize your character, so much so that the customization goes right down to the size of your manly or womanly parts. Later in the game you can carry an arsenal of weapons (some very crazy ones that i'll let you discover yourself) that can be upgraded (the upgrades are called levels) which add new attachments like silencers, laser sights and larger clips etc. The are also a ton of vehicles. Cars, Jets, Helicopters, Planes, Flying Jet Bikes, Vans and Trucks can be driven, tuned and upgraded with engine upgrades, neon lighting, body kit, rims and much more. Another nice feature there is also two player Co-Op mode (to play co-op you and your friend need to both have an online pass, if you don't have one you will have to shell out 800 microsoft points) which you can play through the whole campaign and wreak havoc together in the city with your best buddy! This game is nothing short of boring, the combat and driving elements have been heftily upgraded from the previous saints row games, and the graphics have had a complete reworking and look very nice and shiny, even if they are abit on the cartoony side.

I only have a few niggles with the game, but they are not really significant to decide the fate between purchasing the game and not. The first thing is the fps (frames per second), They are usually around 30-40, not quite as smooth as 60 frames per second (as most games are), but in really chaotic situations the game they may dip some frames, but its not to detrimental to the experience. In the options menu, there is a feature called 'V-Sync', that is available for game-play and cut scenes. V-Sync is basically intended to stop the screen from 'tearing' (you can see black lines appear on fast moving objects and I have noticed if V-Sync is 'OFF' the screen tears a lot, so i suggest leaving V-Sync 'ON' for the best graphic experience.

I found that the story is not very compelling but interesting enough to keep playing, but most of the missions compiled of challenges that you had to complete for each major follower you get, which do get a little repetitive because there are only about 6 different types and there are lots on the map, but they vary in map locations, difficulty and character dialogue. Aside from the challenges, you get to make certain choices that impact your reward which make the story missions much more interesting, also allowing you money and respect bonuses. There are 7 different voices to choose from, 3 males and female voice and a special ZOMBIE voice. Your character is represented throughout each cutscene two, however he/she looks, nobody gives a damn. You can run around naked and nobody bats an eyelid. One weapon that never gets old are your fists. You can enter slow mo action scenes where you perform some very painful move on your victim, and if you press the right button (mostly triggers) at the right time, will impact more damage. You can also sprint into people and perform a really cool action of causing extreme pain to the victim, such as testicular manslaughter (a very strong punch to the nuts), using the victim as a surfboard, leapfrogging over them and then one bombing them in the face, leap frogging and forcing their head to the ground, and posing in a 'sensual' style. Its gags like that which make this game incredible.

I also STRONGLY recommend that you install this game to your hard drive. Not only will this increase the loading speed and reduce the loudness of your xbox, but it will help up the frame rates more, so the game can still be smooth when there is some action going on.

Overall, This game is GREAT FUN. Well worth picking up.
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on 3 April 2013
If you like open world third person sandboxes this will always be second on your list to GTA in fact this is just a filler for me until the next GTA (and it will always be the case for me) however saints row is a fun cartoonish, over exaggerated explicit romp in an open world and it lets you know from the outset that it does not intend for the player to take it seriously ( you'll see what i mean in the opening scenes!) it is as blatant in its attempt to be unrealistic as gta4 is in trying to be realistic..this shift separates the genre where once saints row was a clone of GTA; it still is but now has a more defined identity. the graphics are quite dire to be honest...this late on in the console cycle, THQ really should have put more effort into this part of the game. the game play controls work well enough and there is much to keep you entertained for at least 20hrs if you don't rush the game and enjoy all the side missions and add ons (probably longer tbh) the story follows on from previous saints rows and there are as always a wealth of vehicles clothes and guns for you to customise your chosen character. I give it 3 stars because although enjoyable there is not the same chemistry as GTA4, certainly GTA4 is still alive and kicking in online multiplayer which is a testement to that games longevity...SR3 will tide you over until Saints Row 4's release in Aug'13 or the enivtable game of the year in GTAV a little later on near winter '13....3/5 for me
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on 24 November 2011
The game play is brilliant and really fun. That's pretty much all this game is about:

Stupid, funny, wild ass fun.

If your looking for a good story and such then this game isn't really for you, but if you love hectic and fun game play then give this a go. The game is actually quite short but the game adds plenty of hours if you choose to play coop and the "Whored" mode.

Great game play, descent graphics/sound, predicable/poor story. But it does what it says on the tin.
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on 17 March 2012
I absolutly love this game it has improved so much from the first and second game. The graphic level and the gameplay are great I finished this game within 5days as I was totally hooked. The side activites are still good and there are also some new activities. At this moment I cant think of anything that needs improving. Money well spent.
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on 23 November 2011
Saints Row: The Third is a brilliant game and well worth the hype and anticipation. I was a big fan of Saints Row 2, mainly because me and my friends could have endless fun and laughs with it. Also this type of gameplay suits my style well.

The storyline is as unrealistic as it gets. Within the first 10 minutes, you'll realise this. But, this is definitely not a critisism. It's a compliment. Too many games of this nature are engaging with realism and this game gives you a well needed break, and just lets you relax and have fun. To put it another way, it resembles an action movie (where everything is very unrealistic). The graphics are also a nice touch. Again, non-realistic and cartoonish. It has a nice style that I never get sick of.

The multiplayer I see/hear a lot of people complain about. Even though I agree with them to a certain extent, there are still "multiplayer options". What I mean by this is that there is a "co-op campaign" which does what it says on the tin. You and a friend can share the story mode together and help each other with side missions and such. This can be done online(confirmed). I'm not sure about offline(split-screen), someone else may confirm this. The other "multiplayer option" added is "Whored Mode", which is a generic 'horde mode' Saints Row style. Also a very fun new feature.

I think this game is highly enjoyable for the amount of content provided and the endless hours of fun you and a friend can share. I'm sure the future will bring fun DLCs.

I would have given the game 5* had it of included bigger multiplayer modes such as 'team deathmatch', 'free for all' etc.

EDIT: I can now confirm there is no way to play OFFLINE co-op. Me and a friend tried this using two different profiles on the same Xbox AND signing in as a Guest, but no luck. The bottom line is, there needs to be two Xboxs involved to achieve co-op. This is an annoyance for those who either don't have Gold or simply just wish to play the game together on the same console. A big let down in my opinion.
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on 23 August 2013
Saints row the third is a hilarious addition to the saints row franchise. It is a fun one to play with friends too because of all the funny situations and dialogue (from killing police with a giant purple dildo to finding a big muscly naked guy and making join your gang!!). The character customization really allows the game to give personality into your character. This game also allows you to customize your own cars, weapons, clothing and facial features. The story of saints row the third is epic too, you will find yourself being more and more engaged in the story and game play over time or you can mess about in the city with hookers and zombies. There are uncountable ways to play saints row the third and that's why I'm giving it a 9/10.
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