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78 of 78 people found the following review helpful
on 15 April 2012
I purchased this laptop due 6yr old ACER finally giving up the ghost resulting in a need to replace ASAP! Noticed this laptop as a bestseller at the time on here and after reading the spec and reviews decided to purchase.

Quality- To be fair for the price wasn't expecting it to be on a par with my previous laptop that said it has a solid feel and stylish design, love the keyboard really makes it feel just that bit more special overall very good.

Spec.- Again very good and like so much in this review it all relates to the price. Happliy runs all everyday stuff without any issue. I'm not someone who uses my laptop for too many heavy applications so I can't comment on the laptop's ability at that point. The laptop does come with many preloaded bits from Samsung but easy enough to remove...but again for the price this is a small issue.

Overall- Very good bit of kit read the reviews and I have to say I haven't found any problems with mine so either I'm lucky or some customers have just been unlucky incline to think the later. Would happliy recommend for an everyday user. Very good buy don't be put off by any poor reviews.
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378 of 381 people found the following review helpful
on 20 January 2012
Before buying this machine I compared Acer, Lenovo, Dell and HP. I bought the Samsung primarily because it offered an excellent processor speed (new gen i3) an Island keyboard, DHMI port and several other features I wanted, speed being the most important.

Overall, I believe this machine is excellent value for money and has been performing exceptionally well during its first few weeks of use. I can't really fault it, but in the interest of full detailed review there are a few annoying features, but even with these I believe it is well ahead of competitor products at this price level, with many feature usually only found on more expensive machines

So, the very good points are:
-Island keyboard, which are the raised button type (like apple laptops) are really excellent and usually found only on more expensive machines.
-Screen clarity and performance is excellent, probably the best screen in its class
-Good range of USB and other connectivity ports (but not USB 3)
-Functional simple design, without the design clutter of other models
-Quick start and shut down (sleep mode) are far quicker than other machines
-Outside case is ribbed so does not show finger marks or scratches
-It is very quiet, not much fan and disk noise
-RAM or hard drive upgrade is easily accessible via one removable panel
-Battery life is very good, as long as you use the batter and not leave it plugged into the main, which tends to kill battery performance
-The overall design is nice, doesn't look cheap or too plasticky. Much better than black plastic from othe manufacturers

The slightly annoying points:
-Keyboard has a very small shift key, pretty annoying when you miss it, I am getting use to it, but it should be larger (wider). Lenovo is the same which is why I ruled out that machine, but didn't realise Samsung was the same...oh well !
-Keyboard has a number pad which means the main letter keys are offset to the right and means you have to adopt a slightly left-of-centre typing style, that takes some getting used to. Other manufacturers do the same (except HP / compaq), but not sure why as I can't remember the last time I needed a separate number pad and number keys running under the `F' keys on the main keyboard..madness ! . Is it the bean counters getting their way I wonder !!!
-I sometimes hit the track pad with my palms when typing, inadvertently moving the cursor across the page.
-Mouse pad buttons have a very loud 'click' and lift up a little when you take your finger off them as skin tends to stick to the fake polished steel finish.
-The chassis flexes and bends a little too much. It is not possible to pick up the laptop with one hand near an edge because the chassis does not appear strong enough. It's no more flexible than other machines in this price range however.
-Web cam, no separate operating mode, needs to be used with Skype etc and I can't find out how to turn it on or even instructions how to do so. Would have been nice to operate this to take pics etc
-silver finish might wear and the ribbed finish is not carried over to inside.
-Screen will only tilt down to about 35 degress due contacting main chassis. This is the same on most machines at this price point, but as I am very tall and like my screen tilted a little further down than 35 degrees

Overall, this is a very good laptop for the entry level price. The processor is lighting fast and performance is to match. Set up is very easy and Samsung supply a good built in user guide which is simplicity itself. You can't expect business level laptop robustness or build at this price point and that does show, the whole machine feels slightly delicate, but no more so than competitors. For me the Acer and Toshiba came a close second to this machine when I made my buying decision. The reason for choosing this machine was a simple uncluttered design, next generation i3 processor and a better keyboard than competitors. If I was buying again, I'd probably buy a MacBook or alternative 500-1000 pound machine, I think in the long run it would be a better investment resulting in a more robust machine with a more thoroughly user tested experience. At this price however, I think the Samsung is as much (and more) than you could ask for and it's a nicely thought out and considered design.
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13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on 26 June 2012
Samsung RV520 15.6 inch Laptop
After looking at reviews of laptops for about 6 months I decided that the Samsung RV520 looked to have all the requirement that I required. My Desktop was like me getting old (I am 74 Years Old ) and slowing down and I thought it was about time I updated. With the laptop I also ordered a Brother DCP-J315W Wireless Printer, Microsoft Office, Laptop Bag & Books on Windows 7, Microsoft Office and Excel (all to be reviewed later)

First Amazon delivery was great everything came at once well packed and well within the delivery estimate. The Samsung RV520 was so easy to setup, within 15 minutes of unpacking it was up and running, setting it up to the wi-fi took longer finding the right code and making sure that I used lower or higher case as required.

Everything works well and the speed is fast and I would fully recommend this laptop. The keyboard is easy to use, screen size is just right and it has all that I want. There are couple of things that I do not like the DVD tray seems a bit flimsy and I wish the screen was non reflective, but no real problem and the battery live of only about 4 hours (why don't they have Solar powered Laptops or do they?).

Yes! again I say a good Buy, an Affordable Price, it does everything that I want and a great service from Amazon.
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91 of 95 people found the following review helpful
on 1 May 2012
Generally I have been ok with the product, but I feel it suffers from a couple of drawbacks that would cause me to hesitate to recommend it.

1. big screen
2. cost
3. performance for price tag
4. looks good

1. Keyboard is uncomfortable to work on, especially when not on a desk, but rather in your lap
2. tracking pad is too big and makes it awkward to work on. Buttons are to big and almost takes 2 hands to operate as a result.
3. Screen colours are bad, it always looks over exposed, no matter how much I play with the gamma, brightness, colour balance, etc. it never seems quite right and is rather annoying.

All in all, for the cost of the laptop though, if looking for a budget laptop it is not a bad buy, but the screen colour issue is extremely annoying and would put me off buying a 2nd one.
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12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on 7 June 2012
This is a top class laptop, astonishing at the price. It feels the business, it looks sleek, feels sleek and does everything it says on the box. There are much more detailed reviews so I do not intend to repeat all that. But a warning for the unwary, the programm has to be set up, easy for the experts, but the first screen is vital, it asks to select the language. There are four choices, get the wrong one, Italian rather than English, and it is impossible to change it. So take care!
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 9 August 2012
Received this laptop today 4 days after ordering it which is good considering it was estimated to arrive tomorrow-Monday. I am extremely pleased with my purchase. I was going to buy a computer tower and add a dedicated graphics card to it so I could play my favourite PC games such as Rome Total War, Battlefield 2 and Company of Heroes but in the end I decided to stick with Xbox games and buy a very, what I thought was a, basic laptop. No way. After using this laptop for almost 12 hours straight I can inform you that this laptop is amazing. The Intel Core i3-2330m is a very fast processor and the Intel HD 3000 graphics integrated into it are actually very good. I don't see why people say the Intel HD graphics are so bad. Not only can I watch full HD videos full screen but I can play Rome Total War, Battlefield 2 and Company of Heroes very smoothly to the point where I don't get lag at all! The 4GB of DDR3 RAM is good as well, it clearly makes this laptop process things very quickly.

Obviously there are some negatives about this laptop which need to be said. Firstly the Wi-fi is a bit dodgy. I got the impression from other reviewers that it completely cuts out randomly very often. Well this isn't true, it can very slow and lose connection sometimes but it doesn't completely cut out. The problem can easily be fixed as one or two other reviewers have said. I thought it would be very hard to do so but infact it is just a matter of clicking this link and downloading the drivers available: [...]

Another negative is the speakers. They aren't as bad as some people make them out to be but they are mono sound and you can't here any base. For things like skype they are fine but for music just spend around £20 for a good 2.1 speaker set like I did (Logitech S220).
There is a fair bit of crapware already installed on the laptop but it only takes about 30 mins to uninstall.

There is also the screen. It is a very nice 15.6" HD LED screen with 1366x768 resolution which does seem quite a low resolution but infact it is very sharp and bright with excellent colours. There isn't any ghosting or a single dead pixel to sight. The only problem is the glossy screen. It reflects any light and I can always see myself in the screen. It is easy to ignore but I presume some people may find that difficult and annoying. Despite what people say I find glossy screens to look very expensive and high quality.

Back to good points. The webcam was a complete surprise. It is incredibly smooth and sharp. I was expecting a juddery piece of rubbish that I would have to upgrade but no. I don't think it is HD but it still has high definition quality whether it is 720p, 1080p or not. Cyberlink youcam which is already installed on the laptop is very good and easy to use. The funny effects that can be added to the webcam image are very good quality and work brilliantly. I certainly don't regard this program as crapware.

Another point. I saw images of this laptop and thought it looked old and not modern with the latest black matt colours. But it does look very up market even though it is £350. The silver and black toned outer shell are very attractive and look expensive. The keys are very well made. Instead of gaps in between each key there is plastic which stops any biscuit crumbs from falling in while watching BBC iPlayer.

So overall this laptop is great for everything, music, HD videos, video editing, web browsing, e-mailing, office work and even gaming (not Battlefield 3 or Crysis 2 worthy) but as I said Rome Total War, Battlefield 2 and Company of Heroes all run extremely well on medium-high settings. No lag at all.
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on 7 May 2012
Excellent laptop, great value, spec and very fast. Haven't found any issues with the screen at all. Very impressed! Buy this computer with complete confidence.
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21 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on 12 May 2012
I find the Samsung RV520 Laptop with the i3 processor very pleasant to use.( I use it only for surfing the internet, online banking, watching bbc i player & You Tube ). Screen images are crisp and bright ( But,not quite as crisp & bright as my previous Sony laptop). When opening the lid from hibernate mode, the laptop is ready to use extremely quickly. Even when starting it from a full shut down , the start up time is very quick.

I find the battery time to be very good ( Approx. 4 and a half hours )

The cursor pad is smooth to the touch and responsive and the cursor pad buttons have a lovely super smooth feel to them. They have quite a loud 'click' when pressed, but I dont find this to be a problem. Keyboard buttons are very responsive and the keyboard surround has that lovely super smooth finish that gives a good feel to this laptop.
The laptop is very quiet and even when the fan kicks in, the noise levels are very low.

Overall, for the price ( £369 ) this laptop feels quite sturdy and well built with fairly high quality materials. It doesn't feel quite as solid and top quality as my wifes new Sony laptop, but there is nearly a £200 difference between the two !

I would highly recommend this laptop to anybody looking for a reasonably priced, very good quality machine for everyday normal home use.
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15 of 16 people found the following review helpful
When my Toshiba crashed I went on the hunt for a sturdy laptop (I use it a llllooottt, an average of 15 hours per day). I went through the usual "Apple or not Apple" dilemma and opted for a PC instead. It is my understanding that Samsung manufactures for Apple and I could see a lot of similarities in the design.
This is a sturdy machine, does the job and I do not have any negatove comment. The processor may be quicker (i.3 is not the best), but for the price it is a great bargain. It has a DVD writer, 64 bit, does not crash and is reliable. I have had it for one month and it is sooo much better than more expensive Toshiba and HPs that I have owned in the past. And it looks gorgeous as well. Very happy with my purchase.

**EDIT: after less than two months of heavy use the machine crashed very badly! The system stopped working and I had to do a complete reboot, which took about 5 hours. Now it is back to "normal" but I am really disappointed. I do not foresee this laptop to last that long. Next time I will buy an Apple notebook.
And in fact it did not last and crashed in less than 3 months. Got my money back and bought an Apple instead, which is a joy and a breeze to use (and it is also more than double the price but totally worth it)
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49 of 54 people found the following review helpful
on 24 January 2012
I bought this laptop to test Windows 7 64 bit multi-core performance and the core I5 processor. I gave it a job which on dual processor Xeon 3GHz server running Windows XP would use 16 GB ram, 4 cores and solve in around 20 mins. This laptop did the same job in 55 mins, very impressive. Even with all 4 cores running at 100% and the memory paging the machine was still very quiet.

Windows 7 was very stable and all 32 bit application went on with no problems. Windows graphics looks good even for OpenGL applications.

It has now been used for over a month for office work, video and internet etc. for which it is ideal.

A really nice well made laptop with impressive performance.
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