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on 24 February 2014
Purchased these for £1.59 from Memorycapital, and Items arrived well within timescale, and on opening one packet I saw the film, and cloth they supply to clean the screen with first, and a small piece of flat plastic to apply the film to take out any creases or air bubbles as you go... very invaluable this piece by the way!

I opted out using the cloth as I have those free cloths that come with flat screen TV's and personally find those ideal for removing smudges and dust.

Being a typical Male, I don't normally read instructions for applying simple things like these, (Yip, I don't reads Maps either) but having messed up a wall sticker not long ago because i threw out an important part - the backing film... I have now started to appreciate i'm not as smart as i would like to think I am - That really pains me to admit that by the way :-(

So, I read the very little instructions on the packet, noting that this screen protector has 3 layers.. with the actual film sandwitched in the middle, and did as instructed.... firstly tho, placing screen on the tablet first to see if there was any room for error, and there isn't really.
I then cleaned the screen, and buffed up well with my own cloth, tilted the tab to one side so i can see if there was any smudges still visible, and there was... so buffed them out till there was none.

I then blew softy along the surface and used the side of my hand in a soft sweeping motion and double checked yet again that no smudges or dust was on the Tablets screen.

Peeled up the bottom protector layer SLOWLY TO AVOID STATIC THAT ATTRACTS DUST, and applied as instructed... making sure top edge was aligned level, and used the small piece of plastic as i went... got 3/4 way down and had a quick look and seen it was going off line, not by a great deal, but very noticeable.

I then took a big gulp of air, peeled the whole film SLOWLY back off. and tilted the film ever so slightly in the opposite direction, and slowly applied again, but this time very nervously looking for any bubbles or dust since i've now lifted it from the face.
Gets back down 3/4 of the way and checked again... It was perfectly in line... Phew!...what a relief! ;-0

I then let the last bit roll onto the face, and used the applicator to smooth it all over again, before removing the top layer.. Voila, perfection :-)

My only tips here would be... especially if your a Man like me that thinks he knows it all ... That will count for 99.9% of the species then?... ;-))

2/ Clean and Buff the screen to ensure no smudges or dust are left on the face.
3/ Ensure that you apply in a dust free room... even if that means coming back down to your livingroom at 3am, Naked, to apply it --- That's not as bad an idea as it sounds, as you really don't appreciate the sheer amount of dust that comes from your clothing! - Just remember to ensure your blinds are closed though ;-D

When applied, you really don't notice its on there, and i don't see any difference to the Tabs touch facility.
Smudges seem to clean more easily too, so that's a bonus I never expected.

All in all I give this a huge 5*, as it really was a lot easier to apply than I thought.
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on 17 September 2012
Highly recommended. No problems putting this on - took the first side off and placed it on the screen, there were a couple of small air bubbles, then peeled off the second layer and voila! Good Value too.
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on 2 September 2012
I used all 3 of these, they don't fit properly as they are slightly too big, it's impossible to get them on without bubbles and I mean lots of big bubbles.

I even tried cutting it down and fitting it, still got massive amounts of bubbles.

Complete waste of money.
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on 7 July 2013
I have been reading through the reviews and thought to myself that I should do the product some good and post an honest and legitimate review from a person that can adequately apply a screen protector without having bubbles and blaming it on the product. No-where on the product does it say that the product applies 'bubble-free'. Let's be honest it's a very in-expensive product and it also does the job well!
After applying - the screen seems normal and the cutouts align with the various things on the front fine, maybe a bit small but it protects the screen from scrapes and scratches. Applying it was a doddle as well, it went on first time without any errors as the cover was completely clean unlike some other screen protectors I have bought.
After reviewing the price to performance ratio it definitely deserves a 5-star rating!
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on 20 August 2015
Having used screen protectors for phones, using one for a playbook seems a sensible choice.
Delivery arrived promptly and is packaged like a phone screen with cloth and removable tabs.
On checking size, fitted perfectly and applying is as easy as a phone....except using the cloth to remove hairs\fluff\smudges is needed.
Once it was applied, nothing noticeable in relation to screen colours or responsiveness of the screen.
Would recommend as I have had to use the 2nd screen from the pack as the first was scratched due to use and a few keys that have bounced off the screen.
Removal was easy and reapplying again as per normal processes.
No loss of colour in relation to web\games so would recommend this.
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on 16 February 2012
I suppose I should start by acknowledging that these screen protectors were cheap, that should have been my first warning but based on the other two reviews of this product I placed my order. The screen protectors arrived within the advised time frame but its downhill after that. The fit is awful, too short in both dimensions, 2mm short across the width of the playbook and 1mm short in height. Now I know that doesn't sound like much but it looks awful when in place, I've used screen protectors on numerous devices in the past and whilst not all have been the perfect size these are by far the worst in that regard that I've seen. My advice, pay more for a better fit!!
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on 30 September 2013
These fit well and offer very good screen protection. I am on my second as the first was scratched. by me and it was really easy to peel off and fit a new one. I recommend this product.
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on 18 January 2013
if only these things would go on as good as the original factory fitted. feel it is ever so slightly big & glad it was a three pack, first shot was a practice, honest..............
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on 28 September 2012
These screen protectors arrived well packaged and quickly. However upon trying to get it on my playbook the screen protector if not perfectly alined (which is extremely hard thing to do) has this massive air bubble which I have tried many times to get rid of and to no avail. I have wasted two screen protectors thinking I had not placed them correctly but they have all done the same thing. Not great looking at your playbook with massive air bubble on the bottom frame edge! Tricky product to place and I take great pains to get it perfectly alined - no joy....
Great service and packaging though.
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on 7 February 2013
You get 3 in the pack which is a must as 2 of the ones I received were a waste, or should that be a paste of time.

You have 2 sides to peel away, so far so good, but 2 of the ones I received refused to peel away and the sticker that you peel with just ripped off instead.

So 2 in the bin and down to the 3rd one. Was it 3rd time lucky, well yes it was - 3rd one went on with out a hitch, and works as you would expect it to -so no problems there - its just now I will have to buy some more when this one needs replacing, I will be going elsewhere for the next ones.
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