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on 3 February 2012
Well, ive now been using the Vax Power 6 on a daily basis for two weeks and im very impressed. I upgraded from the Power 2 and although to look at them there isn't much difference, the suction power is far stronger and it collected our dog's hairs with ease. In fact, as soon as I switched it on I cranked up the power to 'max' but I found it was actually lifting my carpet off the floor so now I only use it half way.

The power cord is a great length - I can plug it into our dining room and clean the whole of the downstairs without needing to keep switching plug sockets.

Our storage cupboard is only small and this machine is really compact so storing it away is easy. I was actually surprised with how neat it was considering the power of it.

I like the fact it has several different attachments including two different heads (one for carpets/laminates and a 'Turbo' attachment which is excellent on rugs). It does come with a caddy to clip on the attachments but I have found when you are using the machine they fall off so some sort of bag would be good to store these bits in.

Overall I would definitely recommend this machine to anyone. If you are looking for a small and compact but powerful machine - look no further than the Vax Power 6.
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on 28 January 2012
I was excited when my parcel was delivered and so I opened the box immediately and found quite a few little wrapped up pieces, which I thought would take me ages to set up. However this was not the case. Inside there are lots of attachments that all serve their own purpose and do not have to be used all at the same time. Plus the smaller tools have their own place to be stored on the vacuum itself in a little caddy. The accessories included; Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, Upholstery Tool, Turbo Tool, Extension Tube with Tool Caddy, Turbo Brush, Hard Floor tool and a Turbo Tool Connector. Although this sounds confusing, you get an illustrated user guide to explain all these parts and how to use them. So, to set up there was no fiddly filters or parts to screw in, all I had to do was attach the hose into the vacuum, the extension tube to the hose, and choose the tool and I was ready to go.
My house is a mix of carpet, laminate and tiles, and so this vacuum is perfect for me. As I started with my carpeted living room, I used the turbo brush. I pulled out the power cord (which has a very fast auto rewind button), plugged it in and pressed the on/off button. Just as I was about to start, I noticed a little dial by the on/off button which controls the power from min to max. I put it to max and began to clean my carpet. After using a lot of effort to run the turbo brush over my carpet, I actually had to turn the power dial down slightly as it was incredibly powerful and was lifting up the carpet itself! With the dial set at about 3/4, the brush just glided so easily over the carpet and picked up every last crumb, hair, fluff and dust etc, even those that have embedded deep into the carpet pile, without having to keep going back and forth over the same place. This was really impressive and made my carpets look so much cleaner compare to my usual vacuum cleaner.
Next I switched to the hard floor tool and tried it on the laminate and tiled floors. My usual vacuum always seemed to push the dirt and dust around on the hard floors so I usually just used a dustpan and brush. The hard floor tool attachment was amazing and made my floors so clean even right into the corners. Again it glided across with ease and did not scratch or miss any dirt.
After using this for little over a week, I am still really impressed by this small but incredibly powerful vacuum cleaner. It's quite light to manoeuvre, has an array of accessories included and does exactly what you want and need it to do. For a price of around £100 with a free two year guarantee from Vax, I am very happy to recommend this to anyone who is struggling to pick up pet hairs and general dirt, and who have multi floor types in their house. I am convinced you will not be disappointed. Well done Vax!
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on 13 January 2013
Good for the first couple of weeks (powerful and reasonably light), but things went downhill fast after the first emptying and clean of pre-motor filter. From then on, the machine often 'claimed' to be full / blocked when it clearly wasn't (obvious little tolerance in the filters) and suction was correspondingly reduced.

Spoke several times to Vax Customer Services, who almost admitted to a fundamental design-fault with the filters (eventually got them to send 2 packs of replacement filters). New filters did the trick until they needed cleaning, and then we were back to the machine constantly claiming to be full again !. We've also had the machine literally blow the post-motor filter out of its housing on a regular basis and had the motor itself cut-out completely (due to overheating) after 10 mins of use ! - each time Vax have been contacted and indicate that other have been in touch about the same issues....

We've now got to the stage where brand-new filters last for only 30 mins of vacuuming before the machine 'claims' to be blocked (on all power settings) and cleaning the filters no longer rectifies.... We're totally cheesed-off with this product and are saving up to replace it with a Dyson (and will do so well before it is 12 months old !). Our advice to others is not waste your money on a Vax.
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on 16 August 2012
I wouldn't buy this make of vacuum again, it really was great for the first month, but then it broke. It overheats and frequently cuts out despite the filters being clean and the collection drum empty. Look on the internet for this product and unfortunately you'll see numerous similar complaints. Honestly, dont waste your money on this, mine started with problems just after the 30 day return period expired. Other internet sites complain of problems when you try to return or contact Vax, it looks as if I have a very expensive piece of junk on my hands.
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on 20 January 2014
I would heartily recommend this hoover to anyone who has a penchant for taking things apart, dissecting them and squeezing their fingers into tiny filters to drag clumps of dust out after every use because of a hilariously stupid fundamental design flaw. What a fun pass-time! Much better use of ones time than oh, say.... getting the housework done or making their living space clean.

Then there's the wide head at the end which, when attached - completely, inexplicably kills any suction whatsoever and has these wonderful little bristles inside it which attract dust and hair which love to just get all cozy and tangled up in it, causing you to have to stick your fingers (again) into this tiny little space to pull it all out after every 5 minutes of vacuuming.

And then the overheating. Vacuum for a minute, wait for it to cool down, rinse and repeat. A fantastic waste of time. Gives me a chance to catch up on my reading while I wait!

TLDR: A fantastic purchase for anyone who has a lot of time on their hands and loves having that time wasted.
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on 22 November 2012
Please! Please! listen to this if you have a pet, do not buy this cyclinder hoover, its a great looking hoover with a fanstatic size hose to reach up the stairs but as for picking up pet hair it gets clogged so easy nothing actually makes its way to the dirt bin it shows the blockage sign constantly when you turn the power above half way and then cuts out on you and you cant use it for 2 hours to then go through the same ordeal. I spoke to vax they sent me a replacement and I have exactly the same problem, they are now sending me a new container when in fact what i really want is an engineer to come and look at it so i can show them how rubbish it really is, unfortunately they no longer have engineers on the road and only assist over the telephone so bear this in mind, after 45 minutes on the phone with them i still felt they did not listen to the problem and treated me like an idiot telling me to clean the filters which should only need cleaning every 4-6 weeks according to their website. I have three filters as I have to change mine every day as well as cleaning the rest of the machine just to use the hoover for a short while. After a conversation with a supervisor at vax he said if you have a pet you should have an upright hoover, so I asked why do you sell a pets cyclinder in the 1st place, his answer was people find them easier to use on the stairs. No doubt I will be having another conversation with vax if only they would refund me and let that be the end of this trauma!!!!
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on 1 December 2011
This is a compact and powerful vacuum cleaner. I was amazed by the suction power from this vacuum. It is great on laminate floors, although more tricky on carpets due to the suction power. We use the smaller vacuum head for carpets or reduce the suction to make it easier to use.
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on 14 February 2012
I have nothing negative to say about this vacuum cleaner. At first I was dubious and thought it wouldn't be as good as the upright I usually use but I was very pleasantly suprised. I have a very furry white house rabbit and her fluff gets everywhere a thin film usually coats my black sofa. This cleaner is very quick and efficient at getting rid of the fluff. It comes with all the accessories you'll ever need and its compact to boot.
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on 31 December 2012
Never again will I buy anything other than a Dyson. This hoover does not cope with my pets hair or my childrens long hair. It continually stops after about 5 mins use as it overheats and you have to wait for about 30 minutes before you can use it again. The brushes clog up with hair which doesn't get sucked in and have to be cleaned by hand. The extra long flexi pipe is annoying and the whole hoover feels cheap. Have taken to using a brush to sweep wooden floors rather than get out hoover. Now saving to buy a new Dyson!!!!
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on 12 July 2012
What has happened to the Vax brand? I have been very very disappointed with my purchase of the Power 6 Pet and wish I'd saved a little longer and got a Dyson...

Now don't get me wrong, it's a great looking little machine, small and light with loads of tools (although nowhere to store them) and all of the positive reviews on here do make me wonder if I've just been unlucky and had 'Friday Afternoon' machines, however.....

My first unit failed after less than 4 months of use despite emptying the container after every use and cleaning the filters weekly - it still worked, but the motor simply stopped producing enough ooomph to power the turbo brush, without which I don't stand a hope in hells chance of lifting the multitude of dog and cat hairs out of my carpet!

I cannot fault Vax customer services who were absolutely wonderful and sent me out a replacement machine in May of this year. This worked fine until this week when the motor note suddenly changed for no reason and the turbo brush stopped working.

I would like to think that I'm the exception rather than the rule but I really cannot recommend this machine to anyone as my experience of two different units is that they are not up to the job.
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