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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars32
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 1 October 2011
This is the second in the series of the The Fourth Awakening series and you really do have to read the first book - The Fourth Awakening - to understand what is going on. The Gathering Darkness gently eases you back into the story - (after all its been a long, long wait since the first book!!!) and then, without realising, you are so engrossed in the story that everything else in life goes on hold until you very reluctantly read the last page. Not only is the story absolutely brilliant but it leaves you thinking long and hard afterwards. So much of what is said is so simple but makes so much sense but you have to read it to understand this. I cannot recommend this highly enough and my only ask is - please, please, please can we have the next book sooner rather than later!
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on 15 October 2011
This book is amazing, gripping, exciting, fantastic - from start to finish I had trouble putting it down. Dinners were late, housework not done. Second in the series and anxiously awaiting the third now.
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on 10 December 2011
I read the first book in this series, and it was reasonable well-paced, and held my interest.
Unlike the other reviewers though, I was disappointed in this one. I thought the pace was slow, and the focus of the original Awakening moved from the superhuman abilities of the participants to an almost tangential story of trying to get a satellite into orbit, without any real explanation of what the satellite was all about (other than a throwaway line referring to the old 'star wars' project).
About half way through the book, I was sorely tempted to abandon it. Having persevered to the end I just became more and more frustrated by Walkers infallibility, a feeling of 'what on earth's the endpoint supposed to be', and by the end totally lost interest. I'm afraid this will be my last excursion into this series.
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on 23 December 2011
I grabbed a sample and impressed , acquired the book, for the next few hours I walked around with it in my pocket, its an excellent book, the author uses his plot to great effect and I was rather sad to finish it.
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on 25 January 2012
Oh wow! I read The Fourth Awakening and was mesmerised. So I bought Gathering Darkness hoping I wouldn't be disappointed. I don't know what I was worried about. Equally exciting, on every level, equally fascinating, equally riveting. It would be best if you read Fourth Awakening first, to really get the gist. If you read Gathering Darkness first, you're definitely going to want to read the first one anyway! So you might as well read them in order. Makes life simpler! A definite mustn't miss!
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on 28 July 2014
Absolute genius and the most gripping piece of fiction I've found since my own awakening made most fiction seem all-too old hat (preoccupied as it tends to be with all the same old limiting themes as ever - those age-old repeat stories of humanity that I've completely and utterly lost interest in). This one is an absolute page-turner, almost impossible to put down and I found myself smiling at the opportunity to see so much conscious-processing in action and put through its paces within the structure of a gripping and entertaining fictional plot - in short, it taught me a lot while I was thoroughly enjoying myself!

There is so much more to this fictional series than the very skilful fiction it fact it is so obvious to anyone already on the awakening track that these books have been created to attract even more people to the very tangible material they introduce, which amounts to a whole 'new' and life-altering perspective of reality. For anyone already well advanced on that journey, they serve as a series of reminders and workshops on how this stuff 'works' in real-life challenges and situations; a very practical reminder that the spiritual perspective is not some sort of abstract state of being that takes you out of life but something that can be drawn upon to TRANSFORM your experience of life and the kind of outcomes you manifest.

Both books - The Fourth Awakening especially and also The Gathering Darkness - are highly recommended and I am already immersed in The God Formula (non fiction) and about to embark on the four, shorter, Chronicles that continue on from these two books. To all those who had all but given up on fiction, thinking there's nothing out there to keep pace with your evolving perspective...but just longing to experience the excited tingle of a gripping page-turner that keeps you up at midnight or glued to your deck chair like you used to....try these!(less)
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on 18 December 2011
if you liked the first book then you will like this, as it is a straight continuation of the first book, i would not advise reading this without reading the fourth awakening first.
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on 20 May 2012
The first book had a interesting theme but a bit too much waffle about the female lead character and conversations with her friend. However I bought the second one (this one)as the plot was quite interesting. However this one was 90% ego boost for the lead character winning three pultizter prizes no less, being beautiful, rich and finding love, having a beautiful daughter that finds love etc.,etc.
If you like "women's novels" with plenty of chat about women's feelings you'll like this; I know some women who would like it. However from male writers I didn't expect all this waffle and very little plot. The characters are all very smug and clever, we learnt they were clever in the first book we didn't need it reinforcing all through the second one in lieu of a plot.
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on 9 June 2014
I bought this book because I had taken a chance by reading the first book. The Fourth Awakening, sounded interesting but I really had no idea what to expect.
It is an interesting idea for a story, & I dare say not completely off the mark in what the story suggests.
I would recommend this book to anyone who is not to analytical of the idea of the possibilities of our minds & that life may well follow cycles.
I was however disappointed that there were only two full length books available, as I felt I needed another for closure of this tale, as the shorter books were just too short to fully enjoy.
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on 22 January 2012
I was really excited to read this book after being so enthralled with the Fourth Awakening and it certainly lived up to expectations. The story continues where the last book left off and you are soon emerged back into the Fourth Awakening universe and its fast paced adventures.

A combination of an action story and a deep guide to spirituality all rolled into one. Just like the previous book I found it hard to put the book down and was drawn to the characters in a way which indicates just how well written the novels are.

I enjoyed it so much that I feel kind of sad that I've finished reading it so soon!
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