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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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This is a remarkably fine performance of Donizetti's first major success - his 31st opera. By that stage he had really learnt his craft and knew precisely how to sustain musical interest and tension. In this opera he has also got the advantage of an inherently dramatic moment in history as envisioned by a good librettist.

So how have the performers risen to this challenge? In my opinion the whole enterprise is very fine indeed.

Anna Netrebko in the title role gives a performance of real dramatic bite ranging from the reflective and forgiving to the passionate and fiery. She is totally on top of the considerable musical demands of the part. Her voice has also acquired an interesting greater richness and depth of tone and this is one of her finest performances to date.

Elina Garanca is well able to match Netrebko musically and delivers bel canto singing of great accuracy. This is well up to the exalted levels we have come to expect of this artist. The scena and duetto in Act 2 featuring these two fine singers is a high point of intensity creating real sparks of temperament. However the part of Seymour as one would expect does not carry the same dramatic or musical weight as the title role so the limelight rightly remains on Netrebko.

Ildebrando as Henry VIII is in good fine voice too with plenty of regal sonority to his voice and convincing acting. His confidence in the kingly role reminds one of his authoritive Escamillo role in the Royal Opera's production of Carmen.

The roles of Seaton, Percy and Rochefort are all capably sung and acted whilst not being a serious challenge to the three main stars of the opera. The chorus is effective in a rather static production - although, to be fair, this is also the way they were cast by Donizetti - rather like commentators on the unfolding events. Little room for action therefore.

The production values focus attention on the singing with little action to distract the attention. This would be unsatisfactory if the three main roles were not acted or sung so well. The costumes have caused some negative comments concerning Tudor period but I did not find this to be an issue that bothered me!

The recording is crystal clear as regards both visuals and surround sound and I found the camera work to be sympathetic to both the singers and the opera itself.

I would suggest that this recording warrants the full 5 stars and provides a phenomenal role that seems to suit Netrebko perfectly.

In summary therefore, I would suggest that this disc warrants very serious consideration from anyone interested in purchasing a good, modern recording of this relatively rare work which offers both fine performance and production credentials.


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Hello Ian
Just found your review which is useful as ever. One of my favourites Luca Pisaroni is singing in this at the moment in Japan so that led me to look it up and then led to a YouTube piece of Netrebko and Garanca which was beautiful-hence here and yet another opera to add to my collection. Hope all is well with you.


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on 5 July 2014
Donizetti composed Opera full of light humour and beautiful love songs such as L' Elisir d'Amour, and other works such as Lucia di Lammermoor full of desperation and ending in tragedy. I recently attended the Metropolitan Opera production of Lucia di Lammermoor at Teatro alla Scala, Milan. Anna Netrebko was unfortunately touring in concert but the production was the same, and I have the DVD. The Anna Bolena Opera was Donizetti's 31st completed in 1830, and amazingly, the first to be really successful during his lifetime.
Anna Netrebko plays beautiful Anna Bolena with a passion that is truly regal. This is a great contrast to the flirtatious country girl in L' Elisir d' Amour, but she is joined again by Ildebrando D'Arcangelo as King Henry V111. Here his humorous capabilities as the Doctor are also put aside, for a very serious and strong portrayal of a menacing monarch who allegedly stopped at nothing in his desire for a male heir. Anna Netrebko and Ildebrando D'Arcangelo show their brilliant versatility also in Le Nozze Di Figaro by Mozart, in a video directed also by Brian Large.
Elina Garanca is wonderful, giving an equally dramatic and beautifully spell binding performance as Giovanna Seymour. A Lady in waiting, Giovanna is the object of Enrico V111's affections and soon to replace Anna as Queen.
The Libretto by Felice Romani takes artistic licence with History, but the stress of her imminent execution induces a sense of unreality as Anna tries to comfort her young daughter Elizabeth, just as Lucia di Lammermoor is driven to madness. There is much confrontation and reverie throughout, but Anna begins the finale with the beautiful arias Piangete voi? and Al dolce guidami castrei natio, with the Chorus.
The young Minstrel Smeaton is played excellently by Elizabeth Kulman, with Dan Paul Dumitrescu as Lord Rochefort, Francesco Meli as Lord Riccardo Percy, and Peter Jelosits as Sir Harvey.
The supreme Chor, Orchester und Buhnenorchester der Wiener Staatsoper is conducted by Evelino Pido. The sumptuous 16th Century period costumes are designed by Luisa Spinatelli.
Intense drama and scintillating music demanding the pinnacle of vocal prowess, all captured on Blu-ray. What more is there to say?
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 December 2011
I guess that more than 50% of the people looking at buying this copy of Anna Bolena are here because they are fans of Anna Netrebko and/or El'na Garan'a and not because of their love of Donizetti's opera. IMHO the roles of Enrico and Lord Percy are incidental to what is really a battle between soprano and mezzo-soprano.

If you are hesitating about buying it because you are not sure if you will like the opera or even if you like the opera and are going to order it, I would suggest you all do one thing and that is order the mp3 download of the 1957 Live La Scala recording with Maria Callas Donizetti: Anna Bolena for only £1.58 for the complete opera. Firstly it is a cheap way to see if you like the opera and secondly it will give you something to judge this performance against.

The blu-ray disc is very good both visually and sound quality. I cannot fault the engineering of this disc.

The role of Anna Bolena is brought to life by the superb singing of Anna Netrebko. She has put on some weight recently but this is not necessarily a bad thing as she sounds better with this extra weight. Her voice seems fuller, more lustrous and with greater depth and focus. I have most of her DVD's and all of her albums and this is the best I have heard her. Bel Canto aficionados may debate whether or not Anna Netrebko's voice is suited to this style comparing her to Sills or Callas. She sings coloratura passages with an individual style that is both refreshing and precise. I'm afraid I am not a big fan of the Sills recording (blackboard and chalk come to mind) however I think the Callas recording is the benchmark. You need to listen to the MP3 of it yourself and make your own mind up as to Anna Netrebko's performance compared to Callas. I have never been a huge fan of Callas but she sang Anna Bolena when she was at her vocal prime and despite the poorish recording quality you can hear the most exquisite outstanding performance by Callas. My own opinion is that Anna Netrebko is the best that can be heard in today's World. Callas she is not but then I would not want her to be.

The lovely El'na Garan'a is superb as Giovanna Seymour, in my opinion she is the best mezzo-soprano singing today and equal to Anna Netrebko in performance stature. She seems to sing this role as though it was written for her. It appears so effortless for her to sing. The beautiful second act duet "Sul suo capo aggravi un Dio" between Elina and Anna is one of the finest I have every heard in any opera from any generation. I am pleased she was able to make this recording as she had to withdraw from the Met production due to her pregnancy. In the 1957 recording Elina's role was sung by Giulietta Simionato, one of the best mezzo-soprano's of her generation. There is no doubt in my mind that Elina's version is better.

Was I being too dismissive to say the roles of Enrico and Lord Percy are incidental? Ildebrando D'Arcangelo is excellent, very believable in the role and will not disappoint, he backs up the ladies with a rich dark vocal performance that helps make this performance as good as it is. Francesco Meli is also very good, nothing I can really say about his performance, certainly nothing negative. I definitely think he is someone worth watching for the future, he should be very pleased with this performance.

In summary. This blu-ray is a must have for any fan of Netrebko and/or Garan'a. It is IMHO better than the much lauded Sills performance and the equal of the Callas 1957 performance (vocally).
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on 11 June 2014
I can only endorse the superlatives given by the other reviewers. The sets and staging appear fairly discrete but very effective. This is in no small part due to the performers. Anna Netrebko and Elina Garanca are brilliant in singing and acting. The same is true of ldebrando D'Arcangelo as Henry 8th. All three look the parts which is a great bonus.
The orchestra under Evelino Pido perform superbly. The video direction by Brian Large is, as usual, exemplary, without wasted camera shots or close-ups which would destroy the atmosphere. There are of course close-ups but always well judged.
A must buy for opera lovers.
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Great singing from Anna Netrebko & Elina Garanca. Ildebrando D'Arcangelo too gave a fine performance as Henry Reminding us at times that Henry was a fine athlete in his younger days.He struggled with some of his lower notes, but his upper register shone.Francesco Meli I have never liked. His top notes were feeble & he lacked power during Orchestral tutti's. A sign of the times I suppose as far as tenors are concerned, some notable tenors excepted.I am prepared to put up with Meli to hear such fine singing from the soprano & mezzo. History tells us that Anna was a notable beauty & Netrebko did us proud in that respect as did the lovely Garanca as Jane Seymour.. A splendid performance of a great opera
Charles Webb Pontypool Wales.
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on 19 April 2012
Apart from the proud reputation of the Zurich Opera House appreciation of opera in Switzerland is rather remote but the various doings of Anna Netrebko, a consumate theatre animal, receive considerable media attention. Consequently the soprano's presence in the title role of the 2011 production of Anna Bolena from Vienna stimulated more than usual interest and soon after coming on the market the DVD was shown on German speaking television.

The praise, heaped on this production, which would burden an elephant is entirely justified. Also it was a clever ploy to market the DVD as a star vehicle for both Anna Netrebko and Elina Garanca for this fine mezzosoprano in the role of Giovanna Seymour is Netrebko's absolute equal in both singing and acting honours. It is hard to believe that these two definitive performances could ever be bettered. Also most worthy of note is the very good singing and acting of Elisabeth Kulman in the trouser role (the inevitable lot of opera's numerous pages) of Smeaton.

The men fare less well. Ildebrando D'Arcangelo has a fine bass voice and sings well but visually he lacks kingly splendour which in this particular opera is a necessity. I thought that Francesco Meli was rather lightweight in the first act but things improved greatly in the second. Both orchestra and chorus could not be faulted.

The opera is presented with minimal staging but it works well. The costumes, although not authentic, complement the staging. Netrebko, who in recent months has put on some weight, looks very fetching in her hunting outfit and it is tempting to speculate that her Tudor style costume might have benefited by the addition of the French hood, pioneered in England by Anne Boleyn. Enrico would have certainly benefited by the addition of Henry VIII's famous hat for the singer's rather ragged haircut is an irritant and detracts from performance appreciation

In 1989 I was fortunate to be at Covent Garden for Dame Joan Sutherland's farewell performance for which she selected the title role of Anna Bolena, always one of her Donizetti signature roles. As would be expected there was warm and sustained applause for the famous soprano but there were also some mutterings that Dame Joan was now simply not up to the demanding role and her career had continued for too long. In 1984 Toronto mounted a traditional version of the opera designed as a virtual solo promenade for Dame Joan. Second place was given to James Morris who possessed both a regal look and a commanding presence. In what may well have been a deliberate decision the role of Giovanna was relegated to the B team and reviewers barely ever mention Judith Forst, whose more limited capabilities simply cannot be compared to the achievements of Elina Garanca. Such is manifestly apparent in the great Anna/Giovanna duets of act 2 (often regarded as the opera's high point) for in addition to their splendid singing Netrebko and Garanca succeed in creating a real dramatic tension which is simply not achieved in Toronto

For any opera aficionado the jewels of the Vienna production are such that it must deserve a prime place in any Donizetti collection. That said I suspect that the always reassuring presence of Dame Joan, the majestic look of James Morris and the instantly recognisable Tudor costumes might well make the Toronto production the first choice for someone seeking an introduction to the opera


Unfortunately a recent viewing of the Joan Sutherland version (March 2015) was something of a disappointment. The singing is at a very high standard and the observations made above remain valid but the picture quality is poor and the English subtitles are embedded. All interests are best served by the Netrebko/Garanca version

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I don't mind admitting that I didn't know this work but my daughter bought it for me this Xmas and I'm very glad she did. I'll need to listen to it a few more times to get a proper understanding of it but this is a great live performance with some wonderful singing.

Anna Netrebko is brilliant in the title role but for me the top prize goes to Elina Garanca as Jane Seymour with a peerless vocal display (and good acting). The supporting cast are strong too.

Buy it!

PS I can also strongly recommend these two singing together in Bellini. Bellini: I Capuleti e i Montecchi
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Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII and mother of Elizabeth I, fell out of favour with Henry because she was failing to provide him with a male heir. Having given birth to a girl, she was then plagued with a series of miscarriages. Having taken a fancy to Jane Seymour, Anne's lady in waiting, Henry contrived to rid himself of Anne so that he could wed Jane, who eventually gave birth to a son who grew into the sickly Prince Edward who became king at the age of nine in 1547 only to die six years later at the age of 15. His sister Mary, daughter of Henry's first wife, Catherine of Aragon, then became Queen (1553-1558). On her death, her younger sister Elisabeth, daughter of Anne Boleyn, became queen for the next 45 years. From his opera it would seem that Donizetti was very sympathetic towards Anne Boleyn, portraying her as strong and brave in the role of the wronged woman. It was her child and not the child of either Jane Seymour or Catherine of Aragon who would be numbered among the greatest of the great, a fact that is clearly emphasised at the end of the opera when the child Elizabeth walks on stage.

It almost seems as if Donizetti was trying to emphasise that Elizabeth's greatness was due more to having inherited the courage and determination of her mother than from anything she may have inherited from her father. Be that as it may, the opera is composed in such a fashion so as to emphasise the courage and steadfastness of Anne: the glory is all hers whilst those around her behave shamefully in one way or another. Whilst Anne is strong, brave and determined, Jane Seymour is portrayed as a confused young woman in the clutches of a dictator. (After marrying Henry she sadly died within weeks of giving birth to the future Edward VI.) Brave to the last, Anne Boleyn, who had spent some years at the French court, opted to be beheaded after the French fashion. Not for her the head on the block and the fall of the axe. She knelt upright to meet the force of the swinging sword on her neck. Through his music Donizetti brings out the true greatness of this brave woman.

Anna Nebreko is superb in the role of Anna Bolena. It would be hard indeed to better her interpretation of this character. It was as if Anne Boleyn was reincarnated there before me expressing. through the genius of Donizetti's music, what it all must have been like for her when it was actually happening nearly 500 years ago. Elina Garanca is equally good as Giovanna Seymour. In fact, it would be hard to fault any of the singer-actors. Il Debrando D'Arcangelo is perfect in the role of Enrico VIII. (I love the way the Italians translate English names into their language, although the librettist, Felice Romani, seems to have been stumped when it came to coining Italian versions of Seymour and Percy) Elisabeth Kulman is perfect as the page-musician Smeton and I enjoyed Francesco Meli's singing and interpretation of the role of Lord Riccardo Percy. Maybe Dan Paul Dumitresco as Lord Rochefort, Anne's brother isn't quite so 'up to it' as the rest of the cast, but then this is maybe because I've always pictured him somewhat differently when studying history. I can't help feeling sorry that Peter Jelosits as Sir Hervey hasn't more to sing because I like his voice.

All told, this is another great performance by the Vienna State Opera. You could watch it over and over again and never get tired of it. This is bel canto at its best and I'm sure Donizetti would have been thrilled to bits with this production. The staging has been kept simple, which is a good thing really because the music and singing are so riveting that anything too elaborate would be superfluous. I also like the costumes, which I feel reflect the period in question very well. What more can one say except that this is truly an all time great performance of one of Donizetti's greatest works. I'm thrilled to bits with it.
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on 22 January 2014
This recording is suprb. Anna Netrebko proves again at she is the best soprano singing today. Elina Garanca is relly brilliant here both in singing and acting. They are just perfect together.The male cast is o.k. nothing more. I love this dvd and I am very glade at I have bought one and the english subtitles are not missing.
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on 11 June 2012
The opera has proved its qualities by liveing so long.
This performance is to be legendary. These two wanderfull sopranos - voices, interpretations and looks - make you believe you are there in 1536.
The orchestra, the coire, all the soloists are so good that it is hard to explain.
So beautyfull.
Excuse my not to good English - as I am not English.
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