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4.3 out of 5 stars19
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 8 December 2011
I too knew about the glitches in the Fly By Night CD, but given that the record company has known about the problem for some time now (the US release was a couple of weeks ago), I wrongly surmised that the UK release had been put back in order to correct it.

Unlike the previous reviewer I find the glitches VERY irritating, to the point that the CD is unlistenable for me.

Music-wise the remasters are a slight improvement on the last lot, but no great revelations. Packaging is a bit disappointing: the box is quite nice, but the 'mini-LP' sleeves are not a patch on Japanese issues. I also noticed that the discs are quite scuffed with lots of fingerprints on them - not what I want to see on brand new CDs - as the polythene sleeves are a bit 'snug'.

All in all, this was a great opportunity to do something akin to the Genesis box sets: hi-res stereo and 5.1 for all the albums, archive material, video etc. Unfortunately it falls a long way short of that...

February 2012 addendum:
The faulty discs have now been corrected, thanks to Amazon and Rush for sorting out replacements. I've upped the rating to 4 stars... I would still rather have paid more and got 5.1/hi-res stereo DVDs of ALL the albums, but given the price and what you get it's not too bad. I'm just wondering if somewhere down the line I'll be forking out again for these albums...

(Incidentally, and rather ironically, the replacement discs came packaged in separate plastic jewel cases, so not a mark on them!)
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on 9 April 2012
The albums on this collection and Sector 2 are very much the cornerstone of my love of rock music. Not, I hasten to add the cornerstone of rock music, that's another argument for another day, but for me, back between '79 and '82 these albums formed the basis of everything I wanted from rock music, guitars, more guitars, a little bit of keyboards and bonkers lyrics. It was when the keyboards outweighed the guitars and the music became, for me, a bit sterile in the '80's that I lost interest.

I had bought the vinyl , I had replaced it with the '97 remasters which weren't bad but I'm always looking for improvements in the sound so when I saw these were being released I was interested. But, due to previous encounters with so called remasters that sounded the exactly the same as the previous issues, I was cautious. As has been well documented here the first editions to come out had flaws on some of the discs so I held fire and waited until they had been sorted. The reviews on indicated that there were definite aural improvments, so I took the plunge, afterall there was also the DVD of Fly By Night.

Was it worth it? Oh yes, these do sound better than the '97 discs but are not louder. The difference is not night and day, but like the recent Pink Floyd remasters it's more a matter of texture. Neils drums sound more alive, as does the bass. I can hear no problems with the FBN CD and the DVD sounds incredible, just plonk yourself in the middle of your room and surround yourself with classic Rush. One reviewer has reported problems with the All The Worlds A Stage disc, I have found nothing similar on my disc.

The packaging? There have been plenty of grumbles about the packaging. I like it, it's definately better than the packaging on the Floyd remasters, which are a bit tight to say the least. But here you get wonderful reproductions of the original album sleeves and the discs come in their own mini dust sleeve, just like the '70's.

Grumbles? yes two. Well, a question and a grumble really. Firstly, the question, much as I love Fly By Night, surely the obvious candidate in this package for the 5.1 treatment was 2112, widely acknowledged as their 'Classic' and certainly their breakthrough moment. Does this mean that in the not so distant future we will be asked to fork out again for a similar package to Moving Pictures. Our pockets only run so deep, especially at the moment. And the grumble, much as the booklet is useful with all the relevent production details and lyrics an essy on the production of the albums would have been appreciated. Many bands include them these days, with Deep Purple and The Band being two excellent examples. Surely it wouldn't have been too much to ask for some scribe to interview the band for their memories of these albums. Perhaps they just want us to go out and buy Beyond The Lighted Stage.

So,is this package worth investing in? If, like me, you love these albums the answer is cerainly Yes.
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on 13 February 2013
I ordered the box sets Sector 1 and 2 hoping they would be the new ones with the replacement discs for Fly By Night CD and A Farewell to Kings DVD, but instead I got the old ones. When I complained I was asked to return the box sets. The replacements arrived quickly, but again the discs for Fly By Night (CD) and A Farewell To Kings (DVD) were the faulty ones. Here are the matrix numbers for the bad versions and the replacement discs, which I hope to obtain someday (hopefully through Amazon itself):

Fly By Night CD Bad Disc DIDX-778016
Fly By Night CD Replacement DIDX-794835

A Farewell To Kings DVD Bad Disc - matrix # is DVSS-3157140A1
A Farewell To Kings DVD Replacement - matrix # is DVSS-3358580A1
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on 24 February 2012
I had this item bought for me for Christmas but didn't open it until I had received instructions on how to get the faulty Fly By Night CD replaced. That having been done I have now taken the tie to listen to all the discs and I have to say the audio is superb. The sound is much clearer and crisper. As to audio glitches, from memory there is one tiny one on a track on the first album for a fraction of a second and I can't even say for sure if that was just an error in it copying over to my i-tunes. Needless to say now that the A Farewell To King's DVD has been sorted too I have Sectors 2+3 en route. Even with all the LP's and the older CD versions of these I would highly recommend these too!
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on 13 December 2011
So, the Sectors box sets are finally with us. I'm not gonna talk about the actual sound of these new remasters, suffice to say that the customer reviews on Amazon (UK and US) range from "Awesome" to "No different to the 1997 remasters", so its really a case of `make your own mind up'. I bought all three Sectors because Rush have been my favourite band for 35 and I'll pretty much buy anything the band release. Seeing as Rush has been a byword for quality product and integrity throughout their entire career, I can only imagine that they and their management must be furious at the quality control problems that have arisen (and I sincerely hope that someone lost their job over the complete mess!). Lets talk about the problems. !/ The gatefold sleeves in my Sectors seem to have been folded by Stevie Wonder after a bottle of vodka!
2/ Almost all of the plastic cd sleeves have creases in them - creases that cause scratches on the discs as you remove them. Genius!
3/ Nobody seems to have mentioned this, but on the 5.1 version of Anthem (from the Fly By Night dvd), the first two thirds of the guitar solo is `missing'! WTF?!
4/ Other problems with the `drop-outs' on the Fly By Night cd and the A Farewell To Kings dvd.
I notice that Amazon have stopped selling Sector 1 and Amazon . com have stopped selling Sector Two. Rush have released a statement on their website saying that corrected replacement discs are being pressed. I hope that Amazon will be sorting out the replacements.
If you're a Rush fan, you'll buy these Sectors whatever, but be aware, you'll probably have the hassle of having to `return' to defective discs at some point in the near future. I reckon the record company should produce some kind of `freebie' for the loyal fans that have to return discs!!!
RUSH - still the best band in the World, but seriously, what an utter balls-up!!!
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on 26 September 2013
I purchased this set together with the sector 2 and 3 upon release. I am currently renewing My interest in rush and decided to play Fly by night on cd ( i used a Sony bluray disc player connected to a grundlig flatscreen tv purchased in 2012). I am currently listening to the track Making memories. It all sounds perfectly okay , By tor - no glitches as I Can hear. Rivendell , the acoustic start sounds perfect. My conclusion regarding the problems with this disc from previous reviews must be that not all cds are affected. This set together with the other sector sets are recommended to any RUSH fan.
Hello from hans Lindskog, Sweden
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on 11 February 2015
I was a Rush fan when in my tens and early twenties and had all their early releases on vinyl. Must admit after Permanent waves and Moving Pictures found the albums patchy and less inspirational. Reading the reviews I was unsure as to which recordings were included in this collection. For those similarly confused I can confirm that the albums are Rush/ Fly By Night/ Caress of Steel/ 2112/ and the live album All the Worlds a Stage. Not particularly bothered about sound quality, but no faulty discs and it is great to revisit these classic albums. Along with A Farewell to Kings and Hemispheres these albums for me are the groups most original.
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on 23 February 2014
I was terribly that in Sector 1 the Fly By Night dvd would be a problem, however I must be lucky because on my home cinema system it plays perfectly. I had all my Rush albums stolen a while ago and to be able to replace them in 1 hit (I also got Sectors 2 and 3 and the Studio Albums 1989-2007 box sets) is absolutely brilliant. Have spent the last day listening to the albums in order and they are all great quality. Thank You
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on 18 January 2012
How glad I am that I did not allow all the negativity surrounding this box to put me off buying it! Some previous reviewers have compared this box set to japanese mini-lp versions, though I consider this comparison superfluous because i) most music fans will not know what japanese mini-lp's are and neither will they care, and ii) if this box were made in japan it would cost at least one hundred pounds more.
The only (and I do mean ONLY) glitch on my copy is that on the Fly By Night DVD the links from individual tracks to the DVD extras do not work, although this is easily circumnavigated by simply returning to the main menu. As such, I am perfectly happy with this disc and even if/when the record company offers replacement discs I won't bother as I am perfectly satisfied with the original disc.
The reality here is that for just thirty quid or thereabouts you get nicely remastered sound (plus an excellent surround mix for Fly By Night), decent replica card sleeves and perfectly adequate plastic sleeves for each individual CD, all housed in a really nice drawer-style box.
Those who consider this to be poor value are entitled to their opinion, but I take the completely opposite view ie. that this is in fact excellent value. So much so in fact, that I shall shortly be purchasing Sectors 2 and 3!
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on 18 September 2012
After reading reviews going back 6 months complaining about the audio flaws in the Fly By Night CD, I assumed that Amazon would have pulled the defective CDs from circulation by now, and happily ordered by Sector 1 box set. But no - on my first listen of my favourite ever Rush track "By-Tor And The Snowdog", there's audio drop out. So first things first, a bad mark against Amazon for still shipping these flawed CDs.

That aside, this is a fantastic collection. The Fly By Night DVD (which in my box set at least, didn't seem to suffer any flaws) is worth the money alone for the incredible surround sound mix.
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