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4.1 out of 5 stars27
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 8 November 2011
Having followed Rush devoutly for 30 years I have to say that this album is a bit of a shock. The track listing should, in itself, make you very excited as its pretty much all 5 star stuff. However one thing grates. Geddy's voice. What has happened to his one time fantastic voice? The range that Geddy Lee could pull off was legendary. His voice is shot in this, and its very obvious. He cant hit the high notes, and in long held notes his voice noticeably cracks. It is obvious he is struggling with this throughout the whole album, and blu ray, which I also bought. I saw this concert when it was in Glasgow and even then I noticed something was amiss, but just put it down to him possibly having a cold. This concert was recorded in cleveland; which possibly came later, because his voice is even more affected.

I would love this album to be perfect, the tracks are amongst my all time faves, but its hard to listen to this without noticing the voice all the way through. Its like you sit on the edge of your seat thinking "when will he cough and it sound better" but it never comes. Rush are the greatest band in the world, no question, and all Rush fans need this album and blu ray; I think we can forgive Geddy his failing voice. I just hope it doesnt signify the end of Rush as a band, and that they can somehow adapt to a less vocally challenging sound for future albums.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 November 2011
Having seen this show in Glasgow i was immediately transported back to that night while listening to this disc(time machine indeed).I've spent that last couple of weeks rockin' out to 'Live at the ABC '74 ,recorded in Cleveland,so it seems entirely appropriate that this disc ,also recorded in Cleveland charts the time line of this great band.

Apart from a couple of tracks,which aren't personal favs,the set list is damn near perfect and the carrot being the complete live performance of 'Moving Pictures',a fantastic recording of possibly the three finest musicians around,sound quality is excellent,Geddy's voice i agree with the previous reviewer sounds tired and worn out on occasion but the sheer joy and excitement this band creates live ,more than compensates.

Highlights are a plenty,the whole performance of 'Moving Pictures' is wonderous ,expecially 'The Camera Eye', i've waited 30 years to hear that performed,'Spirit of the Radio',while not favourite of mine,is a perfect concert opener as it lifts the audience and sets the tone.

Other classic moments ,a superb 'Time Stand Still',a heavy rockin 'Stick it Out', a superb ,playful rendition of 'Working Man' and the rightful return of the stunning 'Closer Too The Heart'.

Well what else can you say about a disc that has arguably their three finest instrumentals 'Leave That Thing Alone,YYZ & La Villa Strangiato,yet another superlative drum solo and finally 2 previously unreleased (on album) tracks BU2B and Caravan,both excellent, the latter especially, which whet the appetite for the forth coming release.

The packaging is sparse,does the job,nothing special,although i did laugh at the thought of Geddy having a 'Brain Fart'.

Ultimately this is another 'Live release',do you need another,well from this band then yes,you cant get enough of these boys,enjoy.
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I've been a Rush fan for years; I own all their albums and have seen them every time they've come to the UK since I was old enough to go to concerts. I saw the Time Machine show at the O2 last year, and it was as spectacular as ever; it also featured one of the best set lists I've seen Rush perform, so I was itching to get my hands on this live release.

Oh dear. The music and performance are as top-notch as ever, and the entire Time Machine setlist (minus the intro videos) is included. But unfortunately, this was recorded on a night where poor Geddy could barely sing. He must have been suffering from some illness, or maybe just fatigue at the end of a long tour, but his vocals on here are truly awful. He varies between warbling and yodelling, is frequently out of tune and off-key, and is sometimes completely unintelligible. The overall effect is like listening to a stretched cassette tape - speeding up and slowing down, and, frankly, never sounding good. I barely made it to the end of the album as a result - seriously, I am struggling to understand how as notoriously perfectionist a group as Rush could bear to have this as a record of the concert. This alone makes this the worst of all the Rush live releases for me, and it's a real shame.

If you can ignore the mess that is the vocals, the rest of the sound is fine (albeit with perhaps too much audience noise throughout), but my overall feeling is real disappointment that the souvenir of the Time Machine tour is so flawed.
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on 17 February 2015
It's now pretty well established that the Cleveland show used for this release was almost cancelled due to Geddy having vocal problems. Why they couldn't have filmed a few more shows and picked from them is anybody's guess. I saw the Manchester UK gig on the same tour, and while the first two tracks were a bit vocally rough, by the third track Geddy had clearly warmed up and the show was infinitely better than the show presented here. It's a shame, as it was a great set list and great show, but I would have to suggest that this recording should be for completists only. Of the last few live releases, Snakes and Arrow Live is probably the best overall package for performance and sound quality, though the Blu Ray version of R30, which sports remixed audio compared to the original DVD (which is brickwalled to the point of being unlistenable) is also excellent. The Clockwork Angels tour release is clearly a great show, but the sound mix is bizarre.

it's perhaps premature to escort Geddy into retirement, but this release definitely catches him on a bad night.
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on 4 November 2012
Having seen Rush in my formative years I took my son to see the Time Machine Tour and part of the enjoyment was watching his jaw drop with amazement as the show progressed. He is now a confirmed fan and so buying the cd and the blue ray DVD of this was a must. Rush are one of those bands who prove that music is truly made to be played live. The energy and precision they put into the whole performance along with the their sense of humour, quirky visuals and stage sets are tremendous, I defy even non Rush fans to deny that they give total value for money. The quality and atmosphere of the concert is fully captured here and if I close my eyes and turn the volume up I'm back in the arena. Even if you didn't see the tour but like Rush get this and make sure you get tickets for the "Clockwork Angels tour".
Delivery was next day as usual so I didn't have to wait long to relive the concert.
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on 23 June 2013
I delayed buying this, influenced by negative reviews. But a Rush fan will want to have "them all" eventually won t (s)he? This is a very good surprise if you expect the worse as announced by the naysayers. Yes Geddy's voice is a bit different but certainly not "shot" as you can read in other reviews. Would Rush release a sh**ty CD? I don t think so. The set list is incredible and THAT makes it worth buying for sure. The comapnion DVD indeed focuses much more on the crowds than usual, and is worth having too. Together with the 1974 Cleveland bootleg (also a must have), this is in the end my favourite live CD/DVD from the guys, better than Snakes or even Rio (my opinion). Rush forever ....
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on 11 November 2011
along with the same titled Blu Ray as every self respecting Rush fan should do! I was eagerly waiting for it since April when I read about the recording of the concert in Cleveland; having loved Snakes And Arrows Live I knew I was in for a treat! Sadly I was partially wrong... the musicianship is of course stellar, the track list faultless (even though I prefer the Snakes one since they unearthed great deep album cuts rarely played live like Digital Man or Mission) but the sound is quite bad; mind you, NOT Rush in Rio bad (what were they thinking?!) but not up to the standards set by R30, Different Stages or the aforementioned Snakes and Arrows Live. Firstly the vocals are weak, the weakest in a Rush live album ever, secondly the mixing isn't spot on either since too much audience noise sometimes spoils the songs. I really don't understand what happened here: OK, it's for sure a LIVE sounding record with only one overdub (the "brain fart" Geddy talks about in the booklet that ruined Presto so that they had to lift the audio performance form another night) but this time a little more polished product would have been better. I would deem this for Rush fanatics only! If you want a recent great live document of this band buy Snakes and Arrows live in Rotterdam, double Cd and Blu Ray: the audio quality is so much better and Geddy voice that night was magnificent!
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on 8 April 2014
Rush for Everthing Rush
Rush - Fantastic, nothing more to say. Have them all and love them all, at least until Geddy got his new teeth. Musically they continue to amaze and get better and better.
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on 25 November 2011
It was with some trepidation after reading a lot of revues left here that Rush had produced a duffer, but after a lot of pondering I got it anyway. And I'm really glad I did as although not their best live album it certainly gives them a run for their money! After giving it a thorough listen through I really don't understand the scathing criticism other people have given of Geddy Lee's voice. If you have followed Rush for as long as I have you will know that Geddy's voice has mellowed over the years, and let's not forget we're talking of 37 years if you count the year of the first album as your start point! 37 years ago did your voice sound the same? I very much doubt it. For some of the tracks the band tune down a bit so Geddy can hit the high notes, a fact that they openly admit to, but they've been doing that for years now and doesn't detract from the songs or the music, and on others Geddy alters the melody line to compensate as this would be better than failing to reach those high notes. As is standard fayre with Rush the musicianship is impeccable, the setlist I have to admit is not my favourite, preferring the Snakes and Arrows setlist although not the full rendition of Moving Pictures) but thats a personal preference not a criticism. So why not 5 stars? Again I don't agree with the bad sound quality comments, I don't have a problem there, but I felt that the actual mix was a little odd? Can't put my finger on what it is, but it's definitely in the mix. It's not bad, I'm being very picky, and in my mind is a fairly minor point. So would I recommend it? Wholeheatedly YES, do yourselves a favour, remember that the best ears are your own and not the ears of others.
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on 12 January 2012
Sadly not what I was expecting. Been a Rush fan for over 30 years and this is one of their worst albums ever. As previous reviewers have highlighted, Geddy's voice lets the whole thing down. Track listing is pretty good but on this album they generally do not do the tracks justice. One of my favourite tracks ever is La Villa Strangiato and the version on this album as with other live albums is pretty good however, the rendition of another personal favourite, Closer to the Heart, is very poor on this album. If you have never heard Rush then don't start your collection with this album as it does not do the band justice.
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