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4.1 out of 5 stars100
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 3 January 2012
Received this radio for Christmas and it does just what I need.
1) Bedside Radio/Clock, plenty of alarm programming options for stations, volume, weekdays/weekends etc. Great breadth of volume, Quiet enough (on level 2) to wake me up without being obtrusive and plenty loud for most sized rooms. Note: the backlight remain on when the radio plays from the alarm. The Audio quality is warm with sufficient bass, middle and treble although not top-end fidelity.
2) Recording - records my fave weekly program from BBC Radio 2 and plays back with no loss of quality. (I guess I could get this from the BBC iPlayer but having the radio based facility is easier.
3) Portable - can be readily moved from place to place (I need to buy the optional charging pack to take the unit outside the house). The plug-in transformer is small and compact.
4) Ergonomics - easy to use press buttons and looks attractive in any location. Chunky extended arial look a bit old fashioned though. Not easy to find the Snooze facility as its buried in the menus.

If the battery pack was included, slightly better Hi-Fi sound quality, nicer arial and easier to use snooze button I would award the 5th star.

The price is now dropping which makes this Radio a great choice.

20Jan update: All in all still very happy and I have now bought the battery pack which seems to work fine (not tested duration). However there are two restrictions to be aware of;
1)The 'Listen Later' recording is lost if you disconnect the radio from the mains to run on battery.
2)The alarm does not work on battery power.
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on 31 December 2011
I usually listen to the radio on my lap-top but have wanted a portable radio for ages so asked Santa for this one as I have been very good this year! I was a bit worried about buying a digital radio because, having done a lot of research and read many reviews, found that many people can't get their radios to tune in, or the radio can only find a few stations, or it breaks down after a few hours use. I couldn't find any reviews about this particular model which is quite new, but it has a lot of features, more than I need, and it sounded good on the Amazon blurb. As soon as I plugged the battery in and attached it to the mains it started tuning itself and I could listen to Radio 4 whilst cooking the Christmas lunch. The instructions are easy to follow. I can find loads of stations but I am not interested in very many of them. Most of the time I do not need to use the aerial - the only time I do have to use it is when the radio is right next to my lap-top. The sound quality seems crystal clear to me; music sounds good and so does speech. Santa gave me a rechargeable battery pack as well and although the radio has been on in the kitchen almost continuously since Christmas morning, only 1 bar has disappeared so that is looking good as well.I haven't tried any of the features such as "listen later" but if there are any issues when I do I will update my review.
The radio itself feels quite solid, it's stable and neat, quite heavy for its size. My one gripe is that it is supposed to be a portable but it does not have a handle - the radio is covered in a rubbery material which I suppose helps one to grip it firmly, but the lack of a handle was a disappointment. Other than that, I am very pleased with it and can probably squash it safely into my bag if I want to take it out somewhere.
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on 12 June 2013
I bought mine a couple of years ago, so this may not be relevant to the latest model, but the surface of the radio has become sticky and no amount of cleaning can change this. It feels like a bottle of beer has been thrown on the radio! It seems that the black surface reacts badly to normal room temperatures. I had to throw the radio away eventually as it was so unpleasant to handle.
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on 1 February 2012
Pure v Roberts: I listened to several radios before choosing this. I found the Pure radios more mellow than the Roberts range which to my ears were slightly too harsh (this seems to be a feature of the Roberts sound; I found a Roberts radio more harsh 20 years ago when I compared it with a similarly priced Sony - I bought the Sony).

MP3 capability: During my pre-purchase testing I was disappointed to find that, like my little Pure Move radio, the Pure One Elite (not the Series II model) automatically switched to auxiliary input when a 3.5mm jack plug was inserted in the input socket, and that the volume of the auxiliary source was not controllable by the radio volume control. However, the fantastic sound was more than compensation for this, and I found that, even at maximum, the volume control on other radios did not make my mp3 input any louder than the Pure One Elite; it could only make it quieter.

Having bought the Pure One Elite Series II (on the grounds that it was £8 cheaper on Amazon than what I suppose we must now call the Pure One Elite Series I) I am delighted to find that it does not automatically switch to auxiliary input when the cable is plugged in (you can leave it plugged in and press the `source' button when you want to swap from radio to your mp3 player), and that the volume of the auxiliary source is controllable by the radio's own volume control (and may even amplify it).

I am puzzled why this modification is not trumpeted by Pure, but all credit to them for responding positively to the comments made by the reviewers of the Pure One Elite Series I.

Sound quality: It is difficult to put into words how impressed I am with this radio's sound. I like a mellow sound and the Pure One Evoke certainly delivers this, but I am grateful for the tone controls (accessible through the menu) which allow me to add a bit of treble.

Handle: I am not a fan of portable radios having handles - they seem to get in the way - but I must admit that it is a notable absence from this model as it is so chunky. As a six foot tall male I have quite large hands but do not find this radio comfortable to hold for more than few seconds. However, the size may contribute to the rich stereo sound so it's a compromise I am willing to make. I have a Pure Evoke 3, which I bought when they first came out, and believe the Pure One Elite has equivalent sound quality. As the Evoke 3 is nearly three times the price that is quite an achievement.

Battery life: I am using C batteries as the radio is constantly being moved about, so mains connection is not practical, and I can change them for another set of C batteries in a few seconds instead of waiting for the Charge-pack to charge up. The battery charge seems to be holding up well.

Display: I like the bright white display, which can be made to stay on all the time even when using batteries only.

Finally: Well done, Pure, for making such an excellent radio at such a reasonable price.

Update March 2013 - after a few weeks of periodically changing the 'C' size batteries, I decided to buy the dedicated Pure battery. A great decision. I use the radio for about an hour a day and the Pure battery goes for months between charges. I think I've charged it twice in the last year.

One little gripe: over the past few months a fault has developed: the digital radio signal momentarily drops out for about two seconds within about 10 minutes of switching the radio on. Irritating if you are concentrating on speech, but as it only happens once each time I switch on I haven't bothered to report it to Pure.

I am still extremely pleased with this radio and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is happy with a very mellow sound.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 20 September 2012
after many hours spent looking at reviews of dab radios here on amazon I eventually decided to go for the pure elite one series II dab radio because the other radios seemed to have quite a few negative reviews about them,now the radio itself is quite thick compared to the ones I have previously owned & I would concur with the other reviewers that with it being called "portable" it should really have an handle as I have quite big hands and even I struggle holding it from above and I can see it being even harder to hold if you have the chargepak or batteries in it,it has a rubberised feel to it and is like a matt finish, I wanted one with the information panel on the front as I've found them handy in the past for telling the time when the radio is not in use but the drawback with this one is there is no light behind the info panel when its off(unlike my other dab radios I have owned) & if you get one like mine the central knob that is used in almost everything you do well it can be a bit hit and miss(more miss at first as when I was trying to change stations I would be pressing the central knob more than 10 times and I frequently had to press the stations button again as it gives you roughly 8 seconds before presuming that you no longer want to change stations or do any of the other functions using the central knob barring changing the volume),though this now seems to have lessened as most times I only have to press it the once,it has a nice rich sound to it and you can also alter this somewhat as there are the options of altering bass & tone to your personal preferance,where I live has quite good dab signal and there was just over 60 stations picked up but about 15 or so of them are just a little too much out of range to pick up properly to listen to without distortion/drop out.
The reason why I have given it only four stars is the problem with the central knob when your paying over fifty pounds(in genral) the build quality should be better and there should be no problems with the product when its brand new.
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on 5 February 2012
This portable little dab stereo radio from Pure One is likeable in every respect.
Easy to set up your stations with a nice crisp stereo sound and nice shiny buttons to perform all the functions required.
You can pause/review or play back your favourite stations later if desired.
I chose it in white to match my bedroom furniture where it sits pride of place.
If I was being over critical I would have liked to have seen a remote control supplied and perhaps a handle to move it about from room to room.
But to be honest mine sits in the one position so I don't have a great requirement for same.
OK not the cheapest of DAB radios but as I always say you only get what you pay for.
Gave it 4 stars out of 5 simply because of above omissions.
Highly recommended though.
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on 14 November 2012
This receiver has a very soft tone compared to my B&O FM portable (still working perfectly after about 40 years). After a full recharge of the battery module it lasts about a week using it for at least an hour a day.
It took a bit of time to understand the 'listen later' function - the instructions as usual appears to have been written to make it sound very technical - whereas it only needs pressing the button once to start the recording and once again to hear it!
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on 9 March 2012
Well done Pure.
After searching for ages for speakers for my Sony MP3 player I decided after reading lots of reviews that the Pure One Elite Series 11 Dab Radio sounded a good choice.
It is ideal for me to use as the sleep facility works with the MP3 player.
The sound quality is first class and I have now been converted to DAB Radio.
This radio was bought to use in my bedroom but I think I will now buy one for the Kitchen.
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on 19 February 2012
After reading umpteen reviews and listening to many radios at various retailers, I decided on the Pure One Elite s2. For me this was the only model to tick all the boxes.
There's some great sounding radios out there, mainly from Roberts and Pure, but the ones I checked out all seemed to miss out one or more features that this model carries as standard.

You get three alternative power options, either standard C batteries, mains adapter or optional chargePAK.

The unit carries two excellent 3 inch stereo speakers which deliver a big sound with good definition for both speech and music type stations. There's plenty of volume on tap too, with the ability to adjust bass and treble frequencies to suit.

The radio has one of the strongest tuners on the market, providing good stable tuning and with the capability to play DAB+ (should this format ever materialise in the UK).

There's a 3.5mm aux input for your mp3, ipod, phone etc. My Ipod touch sounds really clear through this unit. A USB socket for software upgrades and a 3.5mm headphone socket.

There's a clock, an alarm function, back light adjustment, kitchen timer and 25 station presets. Its simple to set-up and I found the owners manual easy to follow.

You can change the information displayed on the screen via the info button. The Intelitext feature provides on-demand text information such as sports headlines, weather forecasts and news from digital stations that support this service.

Having the capability to set a timer and record radio programmes was a big plus for me. Stations broadcacasting at 128 kbit/s gives you approx 45 mins of recording time. Another great feature is the ability to pause and rewind live radio.

The radio is solidly built with a nice matt black finish and measures 256mm wide, 155mm high and 88mm deep.

The only slightly negative thing i can think of is the lack of any kind of carry handle or grip area to aid portability. This omission however in no way detracts from this being a 5 star product in every way.

Great sound, packed with features, looks good and in my opinion brilliant value. Love it!
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on 21 March 2013
It's really difficult to find a decent DAB radio with a good rechargeable battery. This one is excellent, the rechargeable battery (which, admittedly, you need to buy separately) lasts for 40 hours on one charge. If you want a portable DAB radio, I don't think there is any point buying one with standard batteries, because DAB radios use up a lot of power and you will be for ever replacing them.

The sound quality on this radio is also very good for its size and I use it all the time, both for speech and music.
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