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on 28 April 2012
I installed it in my mac mini 2011 i5. You don't need to remove logic board. I used internet recovery to install os x lion and then all were amazing fast. My ssd has the second version firmware, which works fine. No need to update to the third which is the latest! Also , I used the program trim enabler to enable trim command and works fine with lion 10.7.3. All now are incredibly fast and lion boots in 13 sec!!!
I have compared also 8gb fo samsung ram. Totally worth the money! Totally recomended!

P.S. I used the adaptor included , to convert my stock 500gb hard disk to an external 500gb storage!

Update: I bought another one and installed it in my new macbook pro mid2012 with same super fast results.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I used this kit to upgrade the hard drive on a Dell laptop running Windows 7 64-bit. What you get is an SSD drive (with a spacer as it is thinner than a standard laptop drive), a USB adaptor that lets you connect it as an external drive for data migration, Norton Ghost, a further utility CD, and a short user manual.

The packaging is great, but the bundle lacks a clear step-by-step guide so it can be confusing. Physically replacing the drive in a laptop is usually pretty easy if you have the right small screwdriver, but migrating the operating system takes some care. This is why Samsung supplies Norton Ghost; but it is overkill for the task and installs stuff that you may not need. I would prefer a more lightweight utility, or even to use the backup and restore that is built into Windows 7, but for this review I used Ghost as supplied.

If you do this, I recommend that you read the document called NortonGhost_Data_Migration_User_Manual_(English).pdf which is in the MagicianSoftware folder on the Samsung Magician CD. The main issue is that Windows 7 creates a hidden system partition which you need to copy to the SSD *first*, otherwise Windows 7 will not boot.

You need to install Ghost first of course, which I found slow and difficult. The install flashed several command prompts at me and then seemed to hang. I waited ages, then gave up and rebooted. The install actually seemed to have worked, but I did a further Repair Install just to be on the safe side. Annoying.

I then attached the drive using the USB cable and copied the partitions, which took around 2 hours for my 100GB of data.

Note: this SSD is 128GB and probably smaller than your current laptop drive. You must ensure that your data is small enough to fit before attempting the migration. Note that Samsung also do a 256GB model if you think the task is hopeless.

Once the copy completed, I swapped the drives. I needed the supplied spacer, but otherwise this was straightforward. Windows complained a bit when I started for the first time with the SSD drive, but after a restart all was well.

When the SSD is up and running, it is a good idea to install the Samsung Magician utility on the other CD. This has a tool to configure Windows optimally for SSD. The issue is that SSD drives may wear if they suffer constant intensive data writes, so the tweaks are designed to reduce disk activity.

I did a before and after test of disk performance. Wow. Here are the results from PassMark, comparing the old 7200 RPM HD to the new SSD Drive:

Disk Mark 234.7 improved to 2186.9
Sequential Read 31.4 improved to 241.2
Sequential Write 31.2 improved to 205.4
Random Seek + RW 2.31 improved to 158.2

Another test showed the disk speed improving from 3.7 MB/Sec to 34.8 MB/Sec.

These are amazing figures, and the result is a laptop that is significantly faster. It boots quickly, applications load fast, and everything is snappier. Well worth it.

Technical notes:

You could also use the drive in a desktop PC, but will need a 2.5" to 3.5" adaptor bracket to fit it; Samsung do an alternative kit that has this included. It supports both Windows and Mac. Windows 7 is recommended since earlier versions of Windows do not have proper support for SSD. Your BIOS should be set to AHCI or RAID. On a Mac you need OS 10.5 Leopard or higher. The drive is a 6GB/s SATA drive and you should get even better performance than I got when fitted to a modern PC with 6GB/s ports. Finally, this drive comes with a 3 year warranty "for desktop and laptop PC usage only".
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I wanted to get an SSD drive to replace the small hard drive (40G) in my ageing, slow 2004 vintage HP laptop .. and the Samsung SSD 830 was for me the perfect choice.

I had read a couple of horror stories about Ghost, and as the drive was pretty small, I elected for a complete re-install ... of XP ... I wanted to do this because I have similar vintage but quite expensive scanners and A3 printers that simply do not run under 64 bit Windows 7, and also some legacy software that didn't make the cut on the 7 migration.

Replacement of the drive was very easy on the HP ... a couple of screws and a slider look care of the old drive, and the new Samsung SSD (with the addition of the packing kit and a ground up install of XP was fine ... only slowed down by having to reinstall all of the updates and service packs etc.

As my intention is that this laptop will only service the needs of my legacy software and hardware, the reinstall of all of my software was not really arduous, and was completed over a weekend. There are some features on the Samsung Drive that are not supported on XP or Vista, but they were not really relevant to me.

Boot-up (which used to be measured in geological time) is now less than a minute ... program start-up is now super quick (I used to be able to make coffee). and I have also noticed that the fan is kicking in less, so that is an unexpected bonus.

So in summary ... if you have a perfectly serviceable laptop that is just getting a bit long in the tooth, or have legacy software and hardware that has not made the Windows 7 cut ... buy and install one of these drives. If my old laptop does finally die ... I can always retrieve the drive and use it elsewhere.
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on 19 October 2012
I already got the desktop version last month from amazon for my main pc and it really transfors the response time as now days HDD's are the bottleneck for speed on day to day tasks. So i have now brought this one to go in my laptop. The reason I say it buy it now while got chance is samsung are bringing out a higher priced 840 model which has kept this one down in price, so the 830 is a very good deal at the moment. The notebook and desktop are both the same drives, but the accesories differ,this one comes with usb to sata cables to allow the old drive its replacing (or any other sata drive) to be attached via usb externally, good for transferring old data etc. The desktop kit instead comes with a bracket to allow the drive to be fitted in a 3.5" bay in a pc case. Thats the difference between the 2, so it may be a case some PC owners will prefer buying the notebook kit for the accessories. Both versions come with norton ghost which is useful if you dont want to reinstall the operating system.
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on 3 December 2012
I've had a few SSD drives over the past couple of years. They boost the speed of your machine by way more than any other upgrade. If you're thinking about buying more RAM, forget it - get one of these and use it as your system drive. Don't worry about it being relatively small capacity, buy a large USB 3.0 external hard drive and keep all your data on there if you need that much space. Alternatively the larger 256 and 512Gb versions are getting surprisingly cheap.

I put this in my 2012 Mac Mini and it gives a read/write performance of around 350Mb/s and 450Mb/s respectively. Apparently the newer 840 model is actually slower, so get these older models whilst you can!

It's very solid, a full metal chassis and with the notebook kit you get a handy lead so you can clone your system drive onto it before installing it, which means you don't have to re-install your whole system and applications again.

BEWARE however that the supplied copy of Norton Ghost is **PC ONLY** - it WON'T work on the MAC - Something that isn't mentioned in the description. Not that you actually need it for a Mac anyway because the Mac has the built-in Disc Utility that allows you to clone a drive (do a search if you don't know how). Just be sure to re-size your existing system partition to smaller than the SSD you're installing otherwise the clone won't work.

All in all, a highly recommended bit of kit that will give any system a huge boost. Mac boot-up times fall from around 40s to around 12s with an SSD! Programs load pretty much instantly!
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on 15 April 2013
I have upgraded all of my computer products to SSD, the increase in responsiveness is unbelievable. When my PS3 hard drive failed, I decided to replace it with this SSD - I knew the PS3 wouldn't be able to make the most of the drive's speed, but wanted to see for myself if it made any difference to the overall experience on PS3.

The difference this drive makes in the PS3 is very small, but it is an improvement - XMB is more responsive and deleting old messages is much faster. Loading games is a little quicker as is installing them.

I wouldn't really recommend this for a PS3 as the improvement is very small and the price of SSDs is still high. However, the small increase is a limitation of the PS3 and not the drive - once I replace my PS3 with the PS4 I will be using this SSD either in my backup laptop or as a boot drive for a gaming PC I plan to build.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 December 2012
I've just installed this Samsung 128Gb SSD into my Packard Bell laptop so I thought I'd put down my thoughts whilst they were still fresh.


1. Once installed, the speed increase is immediately noticeable. The time to when the logon screen appears is about 10 seconds instead of about a minute.

2. Programs launch immediately. Even the lowly Windows Explorer (Winkey+E) launches as I touch the E key. Word, Excel all now launch without the usual delay whilst the program loads from the hard disk. Although my disk interface is "only" SATA II the actual real-world difference between that and SATA III would be difficult to measure, unless you're doing gigabyte data (or disk) backups.

3. Cooler running. When I removed the old 2.5" hard disk from my laptop it was uncomfortably hot to handle. The SSD drive wasn't even luke warm. That can only mean my laptop as a whole is now going to run cooler.

4. Silent. The SSD makes no noise so the tiny amount of noise the old hard disk made (some faint clicking occasionally) is absent. The only noise now is the CPU fan (itself very quiet).

5. The SSD drive is THINNER than my original hard drive. It weighs next to nothing too. It would therefore fit in a very thin chassis. Normally thin drives come at a premium but I found this drive good value for money.

Conclusion: It's like having a massive upgrade to your CPU and/or RAM. Cheaper than buying a new laptop too!


1. The bundled Norton Ghost v.15 was a DISASTER.

Apart from the initial installation issues where it refused to install because my user directory is on a server (use "SUBST H: C:\" to overcome this) the actual disk clone function failed in the last few seconds (after over an hour of copying data) on TWO occasions. This is a well known error (I had ample opportunity to scour the Internet whilst it copied the data from my C: drive to the new SSD drive for a second time) and has plagued this software for several years. Norton should be ashamed of themselves and Samsung would do well do look elsewhere (or write their own disk copying function; you just don't need the entire Ghost installation just to do that simple disk cloning operation).

I found a great substitute piece of software called Macrium Reflect (free version) which did everything for the disk cloning function that Ghost didn't. Without this I suspect I would have given up and returned the SSD to Amazon. I might even buy it, it was that good.

I'm know other users have installed Ghost without issues but the Internet forums are filled with issues with this product. And I am now one of those users affected. I can't believe that in this day and age it doesn't "just work".

Anyway, Macrium Reflect did the job (although it took longer overall than Ghost). UPDATE: just checked whether Amazon sell this software; they don't, but a review of another Samsung 256Gb SSD found EXACTLY the same issue and solution! I feel better about my condemnation of Ghost now).

2. The Samsung bundled "SSD Magician" is not very magical at all.

Sure, it shows you the state of your SSD but the Disc Clone function actually relies on the appalling Norton Ghost installation and if you've read this far you know what fun I had with that.

It's "OK" but showing you your system hardware summary is hardly magical and not really relevant to installing an SSD. It almost looks as though Samsung were "filling" the software with functions to pad it out.


The SSD does everything I had hoped it would, in terms of increasing the "snappiness" of my laptop. The cool running is a welcome bonus.

If the accompanying software had worked out of the box it would have been 5 stars. Lucky that I found an alternative so I'll just knock off the one star for using up an entire Saturday doing this when it should have taken a hour or so at most.

I can only recommend the drive but be wary of the accompanying cloning software - and the FREE alternative!
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on 1 December 2012
I bought this drive for my HP mini 210-1000 after reading reviews about how fast it would boot load programs etc. My mobo supports sata2, I knew the drive would be overkill but at the time of purchase I thought this was a good idea and Samsung drives have good reviews with regard to failure rate.

Using windows disk management I shrunk my drive so it would fit onto the smaller drive, leaving Norton in it's packet I then used Reflect to clone my disc onto the SSD. Reflect is free and is very easy to use. Fitted disk booted to windows. Unfortunately I left unallocated space on the drive and then used AOMEI partition assistant home edition to increase the size of the C drive. This is also free. Optimised the drive using the Samsung magician tool. My bios is very limited but I believe AHCI is enabled, at least Intel matrix storage manager says it is

Before I installed Windows Experience gave my old drive 5.6, this now reads as 7.6. There is a slight decrease in boot time - but not in the region of what others get. Program loading takes slightly less but again nothing major.....what I have noticed is that the battery last longer, bookmarks open quicker and it feels more responsive.

I guess what I'm trying to say is depending on your current set up and future plans this may not be the drive for you as it may not give you the results others are seeing. 5 stars a great drive just my equipment can't get the best from it.

If anyone has any comments how I get better results please add to comments.
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on 14 September 2012
I am using this SSD in a high end laptop as the boot drive for Windows 7 Professional x64 in AHCI mode. I have also fitted the same drive to a Dell Vostro laptop as the boot drive for Windows XP Professional.

Very nice SSD with excellent read and write speeds (7.9 on the Windows Experience Index) and not one stability issue (unlike the Intel SSD 330 it replaced). System has not hung once on sleep/wake, hibernate/resume or startup. The provided USB <-> SATA bridge works well with the SSD and other laptop HDDs. The one annoying thing is the plastic spacer provided to stop the 7mm high drive being loose in a 9.5mm high bay - it does it's job, but can be a pain to fit and (in the laptop I fitted the drive to) rattles to the left and right, and has to be affixed to the drive with double sided tape to stop this.

The Samsung SSD Magician application works well to provide TRIM, etc on Windows XP, but I have not tested it on Windows 7 (and see no reason to use it on 7 - TRIM is built in to the OS)

The provided Norton Ghost was not used to clone the OS, as previous experience with this package (and horror stories from other users) put me off; due to multiple issues regarding cloning disks giving strange error messages & not being able to successfully shrink bootable NTFS partitions. I personally used and would recommend Acronis True Image (Home 2011), which provided a quick clone between disks.
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on 8 October 2012
The drive itself is piece of technology. Fast, responsive, even nice looking.
Norton Ghost 15 is on the other's useless if u want to transfer whole partitions.
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