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4.5 out of 5 stars47
4.5 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Catwoman - Steel Book Edition|Change
Price:£2.92 - £59.99
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on 22 October 2011
I have only played about 6/7 hours of this game and i have barley touched the surface of arkham city! There is tons to do in this game, much more than in arkham asylum. Catwomen is an amazing character to play as she moves and gets around the city very differently compared to batman. at the moment, i am happely enjoyng exporing arkham city and doing side quests, let alone playing the gripping main story! The game did come a day late but im not going to dwell on that. This is an amazing game, much better than arkham asylum. Now, go do yourself a favour and buy this game! You wont regret it!
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on 21 April 2016
‘Arkham City’ is the second entry in the Arkham series of videogames, and serves as a direct sequel to ‘Arkham Asylum’. The story takes place about a year after the conclusion of that earlier game.

You play as the Dark Knight, in a third-person adventure – involving lots of action (fighting) as well as strategy, detective work and puzzle solving. For this game, part of Gotham City has been sectioned off behind fortified walls, serving as a huge prison to house all sorts of criminals and other undesirables – and it’s here, in what’s known as Arkham City, that you must work out what’s going on, figure out who’s behind it, and stop them from completing their evil plans.

This is a vastly expanded world to play in, and there are lots of enemies to fight ... from Bane to Poison Ivy, from Mr Freeze to the Penguin. The 'big' villains are the Joker (with Harley Quinn), Hugo Strange, and Ra's al Ghul. And, throughout the game, there's lots of puzzles to solve and death traps to survive as created by the Riddler. Arkham City is an open world environment, and you have total control over Batman – who is able to demonstrate amazing free-flow combat, as well as an arsenal of gadgets.

It's a game involving fantastic graphics, a great soundtrack, wonderful voice acting, and an interesting story (written by Paul Dini). It is rather more diffuse as a plot as compared to the earlier 'Asylum', but the world in this game is far more immense and allows for multiple stories to be developed. If you enjoyed ‘Arkham Asylum’ (or any of the other games in this series), you’ll like this one.

This is the 'Steel Book - Catwoman' edition of the game, in which you can play as Catwoman (her story-arc is interwoven with the main Batman story) … to access further additional content (e.g. the Harley Quinn mission) you’ll need to purchase the various DLC’s. But I suggest you look around, and see if you can buy the 'Game of the Year' edition - which includes all such extras. Of course, this edition provides you with a very nice case!

I thoroughly recommend this game.
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on 22 October 2011
***Mild Spoilers***

I was a HUGE fan of Batman: Arkham Asylum, with its rich level of detail and inclusion of so many of the classic characters. To me, and many other fans of the Bat, there was just no way to top it. How wrong we were. If there was one fault with the near-perfect Arkham Asylum, it was that there was NO GOTHAM! One of the central parts of Batman is his film-noire, industrial, neon-lit city and the Asylum, for all its lovingly-crafted design, just wasn't Gotham City. Arkham City, however, is. To be exact, the New Arkham is a walled-off section of North Gotham that can hold any super-criminal or other miscreant. Naturally, having a massive hub of the criminal element on your doorstep is not what Batman wants, and so he uses his considerable public presence as billioanre Bruce Wayne to try and have the place shut down. Big Mistake. Before long, Bruce is nabbed by some guards and thrown into the Asylum - which is being run by the nefarious Hugo Strange. A quick Batwing drop-off later, and Batman is ready for action.

Arkham City is like a distilled Gotham City. Flashing neon signs? Check. Industrial factories belching smoke? Check. A giant Bat-Signal on the horizon? You bet! Everything that a Bat-fan could want from a virtual Gotham is in Arkham City, down to Crime Alley (where young Bruce watched his parents gunned down) and the Ace Chemicals Factory (where the Joker was born out of an experimental chemical vat). In fact, anything that a Bat-fan could want in a game, IS HERE! Name a Batman villain, and the odds are - they're in Arkham. I consider myself a Batman devotee and there were some baddies in here that I hadn't even heard of. Let's just say that when I was 20 minutes into the game and I had encountered Strange, Penguin, Catwoman, Two-Face and Calendar Man, I knew I was in for a good time.

The gameplay is just as fun as ever, with some subtle changes made to make it flow even better than before and the new Grapple-Boost makes traversing Arkham City easy and fun. The story is, of course, fantastic - the opening is amazing and the finale was truly jaw-dropping (I won't spoil it here, but YOU are in for a shocking treat.

I have nothing but praise for this game. It does everything SO WELL! Any Batman fan should know by now that they MUST BUY THIS GAME! If you're interested but don't really know much about the Dark Knight then buy the graphic novels Batman: Year One, The Long Halloween and The Killing Joke and then play Batman: Arkham Asylum. I know that's a fairly long reading/playing list just to play one game but I highly recommend doing as I have suggested - newcomers may well be lost in the immersion of Arkham City, but anyone familiar with Batman will simply revel in it. As you can probably tell, I love this game (to the extent that I will probably re-buy Arkham Asylum, which I had eventually traded in, just to get me in the mood to play more Arkham City)! You, as a Gamer, owe it to yourself to buy this game right now!


Note: Some people have complained about the Catwoman missions requiring Xbox Live/PS Network to play. Don't be put off - it doesn't affect the story, and the game really doesn't benefit from them at all.
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on 24 October 2011
If you have played the first one you know what your gonna get, a great game with great combat, great characters and a great story. This delivers everything the first one did and in some ways betters and and in other ways doesnt.

The combat has had a work over and feels smoother and has more movements/takedowns, its pretty much the same to be honst but thats not a bad thing.

The best and main addition to the game is the ability to glide, dive bomb and grapple hook your way through the city, it feels effotless once you get the hang of it and makes going from mission to mission alot more fun than the first game. The map is bigger than the first game but somehow manages to feel pretty small, you can get from one end to the other in just over a minute, not that its a problem but its not really a city, but batman arkham...bit of fenced off city doesnt have a good ring to it.

The story and pacing isnt as good as the first game, its by no meens bad, infact its very good but the first just raised the bar so high. The joker and harley have a smaller role this time and thats what really made the first game for me, they were just so well done and always in your face and talikng over intercoms and really kept the game alive. This role has being transfared to hugo strange and prisoners who basicly have no personality.

The bosses have also beeng greatly improved and all have diffrent methods to taking them down. I really missed scarecrow has a kind of replacement in a way but its no way near as good.

Also the size of the main game has been blown massivly out of proportion by the designers, this was my main dissapointment its not as short as the first but not by that much, i think they said 15 hours for the main story....not even close im afraid 7-10 hours at best.
There are a few side quests to do but all they do is take the pacing away from the main story, they are also very a very dated style of side mission. For example, blow up some of these, keep answering phones untill the percentage bar is full. Rescue people until the percentage bar is full. There was one really nice surprise but it was over in under five minutes.
I really really would recomend playing through the story first and egnoring the side stuff on your first playthough. I think you can do them afterwards anyway.

The riddler is also back and has over 400 hundred things to do and collect, all with little diffrent puzzels, collecet enough and he gives you a bigger challange. Much better than the first games ridler clues. Im not a collector, i dont care about achievments or trophies but if thats your thing you will be looking for them for a long long time. I did a fair few but im not going to be going back for many more as i find it a bit repetative.

YOu will also get to play as catwomen if you buy it new, but i dont think her collective time is much over an hour, but she plays well and its fun. I really wouldnt want to pay 800 microsoft points for it as its not worth it. That really is gready, taking away some of the main game unless you buy it new, its not like this wouldnt sell.
I do really hope to get some sotry dlc though.

Its a good game, one of the best this year, but i cant give it full marks because of the very slightly weaker story, pacing, mediocre side quests. rocksteadys greadyness and main story lengh left me feeling a little dissapointed at the end buts its one i will be playing through again and again.

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VINE VOICEon 27 November 2011
I'm not a big fan of comic books I must confess. I've not even played the precursor to this game on the XBox 360. So why did I buy this game? Mainly because of the outstanding reviews it's been getting everywhere, and also because the graphics and gameplay looked stunning in the video clips I'd seen online.

Having now finished the main storyline part of the game I'm happy to say the reviews pretty much nailed it. The story is great, the characters and sequences all work brilliantly with the gameplay and whilst you can get held up in places it all trips along quite nicely without that feeling of frustration you get from some games.

You get to play both as Batman and Catwoman in the game and their different skills make for different challenges. The gameplay area seems quite small when you bring up the map, but you don't feel constrained when playing. The attention to detail is superb and really makes Arkham City come alive.

My only gripe is that once I'd completed the main storyline I struggled to find the desire to play through the remaining side missions and have moved onto something else, but that probably says more about my lack of desire to get 100% than anything else.
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on 27 March 2013
This is probably one of the best games ever made. Taking off where Arkham Asylum left off, Batman and Catwoman find themselves in Arkham City - a place in Gotham cornered off for criminals. All of the big characters are here - Joker, Harley Quinn, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc, Bane, Mr Freeze, Ras Al Ghul, Talia - the game is such fun and you get to play as Batman, Catwoman, Nightwing and Robin. It's AMAZING! One of those games you can go back to over and over again.

I'm a Catwoman fanatic so I got the Steel Book Adition and it's beautiful - the colours really pop and the case is really strong - with Batman on the back. One of the best games ever - really great storyline, great fighting techniques and epic landscapes. It looks as amazing as the script. Another great thing is we have the original voice actors from BTAS doing Bats and Joker - probably for the last time. The challenges are also really fun and can be played literally over and over until you've scored high.enough to satisfy yourself. Brilliant game - but be warned, once you start - you can't stop :)
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on 22 October 2011
I was originally waiting to buy this on PC which is going to be released at a later date but alas, I just couldn't help myself picking this up for my 360. Like most people, I had so much fun with Batman AA that my anticipation for AC was at an all time high. Thankfully AC doesn't disappoint and - depending on your viewpoint - significantly improves in almost every aspect over AA.

Anyone who did play AA will find AC almost totally familiar right from the get go - which is a good thing because you're thrown right into the action almost straight away. Camera, movement, fighting etc are basically identical to their predecessors in AA. However it should be noted that moving around is now much better in AC with a couple of new abilities thrown into the mix for travelling across the city. Tied in with your new found mobility are several additional attack options - all of which improve your fluidity and kick ass power as the Dark Night.

The city environment is a star in itself... complex street layouts, meticulous detail poured into each and every structure. The gothic art and feel of Gotham city is all here present and correct. As I said before I will be picking this up again for my PC at a later date but regardless of what you play AC on it is a beautiful game to look at. Even more so when one considers how big the map is, not counting interiors. You can tell a lot of effort has been poured into this by some serious talent. It's one of those games.

The aspect of AC that may catch AA vets off guard is the pacing. Don't get me wrong I like side missions, I enjoy having other things to do etc.

But there is SO MUCH to do in AC that at times it can often feel a little over whelming. This complaint is only very minor and totally dependent on the viewpoint of the individual, so by no means am I running the game down. But often in the process of travelling from "A" to "B", you'll find yourself distracted by something new that demands further investigation. And while investigating that... something else will come up - until in the end you can't remember (without rechecking the objective screen) why in the hell you travelling to "B" in the first place. This is particularly true of the hidden Riddler trophy puzzels, some of which are excruciatingly difficult to grab this time around in AC. You'll be sat there trying to complete a set sequence of events in just the right order after 20 something attempts, totally incapable of tearing yourself away until successful.

As I said this is not really a straight out complaint. In many ways it's praise. But if you're not disciplined about when and where you choose to track off the beaten path - you can suddenly find you've lost half an hour or 45 minutes, on what was only meant to be a 5 minute excursion. All of which can sometimes make the game feel fragmented, particular compared to AA which had a very deliberate pace throughout. But again it depends on the player and how you choose to play. There's a lot to do here.

All in all a stunning, A STUNNING game. It is truly amazing to witness just how good a game can be. The amount of hours and effort that must have gone into this game is hard to imagine. Batman fan or not.... if you're a gamer, casual or serious, you owe it to yourself and your 360, PS3 or PC to pick this beauty up. An easy 5 out of 5.
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on 24 October 2011
I played Arkham Asylum and that was pretty slick with its overall gameplay. However with Arkham City they went far, far more ambitious with this sequel and have succeeded masterfully. The combat is a lot more slick, graphics are incredibly detailed around the city of Arkham. What I like most in this game are the endless possibilities to take down the enemies without being detected. Its all left to the imagination, and thats the best thing about this game.

You will find all your classic villains in this next sequel and the villains in the game have a lot more serious agendas, making them a lot more of a serious threat to the City and Batman. Its like Rocksteady have really identified the majority of their audience are adults and that shows throughout the game.

Batman: Arkham City is one of those games that you will end up playing over and over again cos the more better you become at getting to grips with the gameplay, the more you enjoy it.
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on 19 November 2011
I have completed the main campaign but I will not spoil it for anyone who has not purchased it yet.

I throughly enjoyed playing this game as it gives a true experience of the Dark Knight. The combat has improved since Arkham Asylum, with plenty more moves and gadgets available, with tougher enemies as you progress. The main story moves at a good pace, however I do wish - given the amount of villians in the game - that there were more encounters with them. I aim to complete the game 100% before I start the New Game Plus. Catwoman's missions are a good diversion with a more agile combat sysytem and a different way of travesing such a big environment. I do wish the main story was a bit longer, as I felt it took less time than the developers said it would.

With such an epic and cliff-hanger of an ending and a guaranteed third game, I wonder where Rocksteady imagination will take Btaman's adventures next...

Rating: *****
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on 6 December 2011
Preordered this on the strength of Arkham Asylum and wasn't disappointed. Despite the monicker it's not a vast sandbox game, but it does give you free reign to swoop around the environs of Arkham City, the vast prison developed to house Gotham's most disturbed super criminals. If anything, the game's a little too easy and the main story mode can be blitzed through fairly quickly. Hoovering up all the tasks and achievements around the city is another matter though, and offers hours of entertainment. The Catwoman sections are great but don't bother with the Nightwing DLC, it's pants and should've been included free with the steelbook edition (but wasn't).

Overall, one of the best games of 2011 and Rocksteady's melee combat system is peerless.

More reviews over at [...]
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