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4.0 out of 5 stars21
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 16 September 2012
Now days when people think of a YA novel, they think of the typical vampires and werewolves business - read this book a you'll explore a completely new view on teenage life.

Lola is a beautiful, young gypsy, raised by her father, always travelling and, oh yes, is part of a major group of thieves. So Lola decides to run away and makes it to her grandmother's house where she meets some cousins and happens to ruin the engagement of one of them. Then she meets Gabe, the handsome, mysterious guy that just seems to keeps crossing paths with her - who also happens to be her cousin's ex-fiancée. When she is with him, Lola suddenly starts remembering her past-lives, which were mysteriously blocked off from her before, and finally she remembers her undeniable love for Gabe many centuries ago.
Now they must battle to be together as there is a deeper, darker secret that lies within her; if uncovered the whole world is at stake...

This is a beautiful romance with an unique, gypsy twist. It got me hooked so I couldn't put it down, and was sad at the end for finishing it so soon. Will definitely recommend to anyone who is getting bored of the usual YA romance and is looking for a change. Will also be getting the second book straight away as I can't wait to see what happens next. :)
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on 11 April 2012
I cannot believe this book is 77p! I'd have paid more for a book that was this well written and with a storyline that was phenomenally creative!
If you like to read YA paranormal books, gypsies, reincarnation then this is the book for you. I am not giving away the storyline suffice to say I am now about to re-read this for the third time.

The only thing I did not like about this book was the main characters cousin - who I suppose was written to be reviled anyway, I hope she does not appear in the sequel and I hope the sequel comes soon!

If you like this book, you will probably also like 'My name is memory' by Anne Brashares and possibly the circle trilogy by L J Smith.

Cannot wait for book two Ms Malory :)
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on 27 August 2012
I loved this book. It is a love story set in the gypsy troupes, something I new nothing about. Gypsies can remember their past lives, but our heroine Lola cannot. The story unfolds why this is with a great storyline to keep you hooked. I have just downloaded the second book straight away, as I need to know what happens next.
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on 14 February 2013
This was an impulse buy, I was initially attracted by the pretty cover and when I read the intriguing details of the story I just had to buy it!

Car theft and Lola running away made the start to this book very exciting, it also raised the question of `why?' and I was looking forward to finding out the answer. Despite this high-action start it took me a while to really feel involved with the storyline but once I did, I was hooked.

I have to admit that I didn't expect this book to be so gritty - the cover is very pretty and kind of peaceful so I guess that is what I was expecting from the storyline too. I couldn't have been more wrong because it was anything but pretty and peaceful, although saying that I did think some of the romantic scenes were very sweet.

The author created a fascinating world of gypsies and past lives, it was mysterious, intriguing and I always seemed to be on the verge of discovering something new.

The whole of part two covered one of Lola's past lives, I actually felt confused to begin with because I couldn't figure out what was going on. Eventually I realised what it was all about and I ended up finding it a really interesting part of the book, I particularly enjoyed finding out how Lola and Gabe first met.

It became apparent that Lola had a hidden secret and even she didn't know about it, I was desperate to find out what it was but it led to scenes of torture which I found very difficult to read - thankfully this was only a small part of the story but it was a very important one because it made me realise the seriousness of Lola's situation.

The romantic side of the book was lovely, Gabe was confident and sexy and the chemistry between him and Lola was powerful.

This was an unexpected read with an intriguing ending that makes me keen to read the next book
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on 31 December 2014
I LOVE u Belle Malory!!! I wished the characters actually exsisted. This is such a precious masterpiece and i cant stop thinking about it even after desperately completing the second book as well. Malory ,with her unique techniques of drawing the reader into each detail ,seems to have put a pretty big effort into writing such a special book.Wanderlove welcomed me into its journey , my love and affection growing every second for Gabe and Lola. Their love inspired me even if it was simply only a story. I like to think they do exsist ,in my world . I was so upset when i realised the second book weren't about Lola and Gabe and i resented Estelle Spencer in the beginning.In the BEGINNING ,mind you. I soon fell for the same trick and loved Estelle and Rex's love just the same.
If your reading this,Belle Malory, i want you to know that i cant express ur talent and the way u made me (Not just me im sure) hold so much affection for fictional characters simply in words. This is why we live , to learn and be inspired by people like you. Thank you for the unforgettable memories cherished in my heart and the tears i shedded while exploring this amazing world of gypsies and passionate love. Thank you...Thank you...
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on 7 September 2013
I have never left a review for a book on Amazon before but seeing this book rated 5* just doesn't sit right with me. In itself it was such a promising storyline, I was intrigued immediately but I quickly realised that was all it was... the promise of something and very little substance. The dialogue of the characters were cliche at the best of times and I kept reading hoping it would get better but it just didn't. The fact that it's priced at 77p should have made me realise it was not going to be a great read. I am in love with all the YA fiction around at the moment but this seriously fell far from the mark, cringeworthy at the best of times. Better off with books like the Delirium trilogy, if you want a proper love story.
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on 19 August 2012
A great journey through Lola's life. Living as a gypsy is fine but when you know that all sort of physic abilities and witches are real, life suddenly seems to get worse. Especially when Lola manages to run away from her father (one of the best theifs), meets cousins she never knew she had and ruins one of their relationships with her fiancee without even knowing it, has past life memories return and realises she has left a dangerous hole wide open and to close it she must overcome her love for Gabe, a boy she knows she can't have, give herself up in order to protect the ones she loves and maybe even let history repeat itself. A breathtaking story that is worth reading. Some moderate language but other than that its fine :)
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on 5 July 2013
Another reviewer wrote that she found this interesting and had learnt a lot about gypsies and their lifestyles. Another said it was a refreshing change from vampires and werewolf stories. All of this is true. Also true is that it's well written.
The story of Lola and Gabe and an enduring love through many lifetimes is a familiar theme. However coupled with the Romany viewpoint makes it very different. The storyline is very imaginative too but I don't like spoiling the plot.
This book is excellent value and much better than many others more expensive.
Suitable for teenagers and above.
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on 28 June 2014
Sounded like an interesting premise and I like YA fiction so I went for it. In fact, it was a fairly interesting idea but appallingly executed. Many of these books are formulaic but I don't usually mind that so long as it's gripping and I can empathize with the main character. This was all over the place plus the continual incorrect use of English was really irritating. I assume it was self published and not edited at all. Having said that, it almost seemed at the end as if someone had said to the author "you've got 500 words to wind it up" - it was so rushed and incoherent.
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on 12 April 2014
this plot seems like a knockoff from a luaren kate novel. but with thieving gypsies instead of angels-so you can imagine how disapointed i am. also why can we not choose 0 stars for a rating? seems like a conspiracy to make this seem goog or at least not completely rubbish because no one chose 0 stars. PROTESTING!!!!! :)
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