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4.8 out of 5 stars68
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 17 May 2004
The Borrowers Series one was made and shown on BBC in 1992 and this DVD features all of the original episodes in their original 30 minute episode format. It is good that they are released this way, unlike when they are all joined together on the video release.
This is not the best drama that BBC made but it captures all of the enchantement and imagination that made the sunday tea time slot famous. The story, based on Mary norton's book, centres around a family of small people living in a small ara of a large country house who make their way by "borrowing" things from humans. One day when the daughter is accidentally seen by a human, they have to go on the run to avoid being exsposed by humans, who they believe are evil.
Ian Holm and Penelope Wilton star. The acting is good, as are the set designs and script. The story seems to loose its pace slightly as it nears its close but is still very entertaining, imaginative and fun.
BBC have gone to some trouble to raid the archives and put on extras. There is a 9 minute Blue Peter sketch from 1992 featuring behind the scenes interviews and looks at how it was made. Also included is a photo gallery, a preview of season 2 and a quiz. The case is also quite nice since it folds out like an old fashioned playing card.
At the start of the DVD before the title menu comes a promo saying that other BBC drama classics are coming to DVD. This is great news! The Chronicles of Narnia (already released) along with Just William, The Secret Garden, Five Children and It and The Box of Delights. It is great that all of these classics are being re-released for a new generation and all will be great additions to collections!
So overall, this is definelty worth buying if you like quality dramas, it can be enjoyed by children, families or...yes, adults!
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on 3 January 2010
My 7 year old loves this - lots to watch - episodes mean a small bit at a time too and cleverly portrayed. A great value purchase - only draw back is that she now wants the rest!!! Can't beat a bbc drama.
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The Borrowers is a TV version of the books by Mary Norton. This wonderful visualisation originally made in 1992 for the BBC is very good. The first series is based on the first two books The Borrowers and The Borrowers Afield published in the 1950s.
This is a really good adaptation with some clever camera tricks and special effects that make it believable.
The series was written and adapted by Richard Carpenter who had been very successful previously with shows like The adventures of Black Beauty, Dick Turpin and Robin of Sherwood.
The production is excellent and there is solid acting from Ian Holm and Penelope Wilton. All of the series is here in this glorious DVD set.

Life is difficult for the Borrowers who are actually only 15cm tall. They can live behind skirting boards or under the floor in the houses of "human beans". The Borrowers venture out sometimes to get domestic supplies.
The Borrowers are a family called "Clock" who live in a house owned by regular sized people. The family are a teenage borrower girl named Arriety and her parents, Pod and Homily.
During a borrowing expedition with her father, Arriety befriends a human boy named George who lives in the home and develops a friendship with him. This is contrary to borrower nature,
The tiny family, who live under the kitchen floorboards of an old manor, are eventually discovered by the other humans who occupy the home and are forced to flee into the English countryside.
After finding an old boot to live in the family befriends a fellow Borrower - a young man called " Spiller" who then helps them find a more permanent home by reuniting them with relations who had formerly ran away from the same manor after one of them was seen and eventually relocated in the caretaker's cabin on the manor's grounds.

The show is great fun and is entertaining to children and adults alike. This DVD set is first class and can easily be watched again and again.
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on 8 February 2012
I live in North America and I guess I am not up on DVD formats because I didn't realize I wouldn't be able to watch this on my TV. So I had to watch it on my computer which was more than a bit annoying. The stories were exactly as I remembered them and was very happy with the content itself. My 4 & 5 year old grandsons watched the first episode with me and loved it. So it still appeals to children today. My daughter & I decided to dig out the books and start reading them to the boys. She likes to read chapter books to them at bedtime.
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Another nostalgic classic BBC Sunday teatime serial follows hot on the heels of Box of Delights [DVD], The Chronicles Of Narnia 4 DVD Box Set [1988], and Five Children And It [VHS] [1991]. With top-notch casting: Ian Holm and Penelope Wilton play Pod and Homily, the effects were ground-breaking at the time and still look great today. The story is gently whimsical and quite slow by today's standards, but it's so well made that this doesn't really matter. A great series from the golden-age of family TV.
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Faithfully based on Mary Norton's books from the 50's, my son (9) and daughter (11) loved the two BBC 'borrowers' series, first screened in 1993 with season two in 1994 - this DVD has series one only (6 separate half hour episodes). Check out the twin DVD set though as this has both Borrowers series one and two on 2 DVD s (12 episodes in all), as often that is a bit cheaper than buying the two series as separate single DVD sets. The present price (£14) is a bit expensive for a single DVD (at the moment the entire 4 DVD BBC Narnia set is the same price). If you can't decide whether to buy, try renting. Picture quality is quite good (better than than the slightly older BBC Narnia sets).

My kids really enjoyed the 1997 film version, but to be honest this BBC series is far darker, being played straight with no slapstick. Despite the Borrower's amusing antics and the witty script, it's got many quite tense moments and is all the better for it. The special effects in The Borrowers are actually very good - certainly more than adequate - although a lot of the atmosphere is derived from the superb 'miniature' sets. It's also set in the original isolated 1920'ish shires countryside, about the time of Norton's childhood, in a period when children were more strictly brought up and would think nothing of keeping big secrets from the adults. This adaptation is fairly faithful to the book, so don't expect a really sugary happy ever after ending, the books are really just snapshots of the borrowers lives, where like us, they just get on with it.

The 'Borrowers' are a family of tiny people, just a few inches high, who live in a miniature world under the floorboards of an old country house in England. Pod, Homily and their thirteen-year-old daughter Arrietty collect things for their miniature home by "borrowing" food scraps and oddments which are no longer missed by the humans in the house. There are many famous faces in the cast, including Ian Holm (simply great as the sensitive and secretive Pod), Penelope Wilton (the house proud Homily), Sian Philips (the sinister and strict 'human' Mrs Driver, scourge of the human boy George unfortunate enough to be left in her care) and Gemma Jones ('human' Muriel Menzies in series two). The principal child actors who play Anrietty, George and Spillar are also top notch, interacting completely convincingly with humans and borrower alike. These adaptations are a real delight both for any new audience, adult or child, and for those revisiting the series ten years on.

Being presented in serial form as screened, the Borrowers DVD is ideal for one or two episodes a night before bedtime. The pretty beginning and end credits and catchy theme tune really set the pace as the serials are always scripted to the cliffhanger. Plus there's no adverts, previews giving away the main plot elements from next week's episode or anyone prattling over the credits and music. The original 'Borrowers' books are a good fairly easy read as for later preteens. Just a shame the BBC didn't continue with a few more of the Borrower's books with this superb cast.
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on 5 October 2010
I remember watching this series as a child in England, and although i was rather young at the time, the series left a good impression on me, enough so that when I saw the series for sale on amazon, i didn't think twice, but ordered it on the spot. I then spent the next two weeks like a teenager before a date, eagerly awaiting its arrival. I was not let down. The DVD is very nice, with a beautiful Cardboard flip box (with an amazing imprint of a playing card on the inside box) and the series...Still good. Watching it today I still marvel at good actors (and yes, Ian holm was, and is, a good actor) ability to create good TV without todays special effects, and without being tempted to be too childish or too violent - Both adults and children will throughly enjoy this series. The fact that the DVD has SDH subtitles is another point in it's favour - too many editions are without subtitles at all, in complete disregard to the people who need them. The series is a real Gem and this edition does it the honor it deserves.
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on 13 January 2010
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on 28 December 2012
I loved this series when my children were young. One of them bought me the DVD as a reminder of the fun we had watching and playing at the Borrowers.

I am VERY disappointed by the awful quality of this DVD. They are grainy and fuzzy. In fact so poor I prefer to watch them without my glasses on. (I am only a little short sighted) If you want to buy them, I would try and get better quality ones than this. Out of ten I would give the video a poor 4 but the sound a good 10. Such a shame.
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on 17 October 2010
Still the best series/movie, not the horrid modern version. Soundtrack keeps playing in my head, nice tune.
Good casting, very much like the book.
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