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4.5 out of 5 stars625
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 10 August 2012
As others have pointed out, the screen protector is actually slightly smaller than the screen on the camera. Resulting in around a 1mm gap on every side. Initially I thought no more of it as once the screen is on you don't really notice if looking straight at the screen.

The problem arises when you try to take high of low shots as there is a distinct line across the screen from the edge of the protector. Aside from this the screen protector seems of good enough quality and was easy enough to apply bubble-free, I just don't understand why it can't be cut to the same size as the screen. If it's meant to be for a specific camera, you would imagine its dimensions would match those of that camera.
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on 27 November 2013
I ordered this product on 20 November for my Fuji X100S and it was delivered on 25 November, well within the delivery window. When I applied it, I found that there were some small marks at the top left hand corner. The screen on the X100S is smallish and I think I had aligned the product slightly incorrectly. I gave it four stars, for no other reason than that the blemish made it look imperfect. The next day I received, unprompted, an email from Vikki at Expert Shield offering me a free replacement and giving me a link to their blog which gives clear instructions and tips on fitting the screen protector. She asked me to feed back on the refitting of it. The replacement protector arrived today and I fitted it this evening, perfectly this time! It is invisible and is a high quality item. It's very rare in my experience to get this superb level of customer care and I can highly recommend Expert Shield as a business and the product. Excellent! Hence the unequivocal five stars.
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on 12 April 2012
I've no experience with screen protectors and have just purchased this product on its promise of durability and ease of fitting.
It arrived promptly and went on so easily that, for a few minutes I didn't realise that it WAS in fact on, which I suppose proves the point! Just read the simple instructions twice and you won't have my uncertainty. Very pleased that the appearance of the camera is totally unaltered (no bubbles evident) and, like the camera, it's made in Japan which is somehow reassuring!
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on 17 September 2013
Having decided to purchase an X20FujiFilm X20 Digital Camera Silver (12MP X-Trans CMOS II With EXR Processor II, 4x Optical Zoom) 2.8 inch Premium LCD, a case to carry it inFujifilm Leather Case for X20/X10 and a protector filter for the lensFujifilm X20 Lens Hood/Filter Kit - Silver it seemed to me that it would be tempting fate to ignore the LCD monitor. I noticed there are two versions of the Expert Shield, £1.00 apart; assuming the only difference was the anti-glare property of the more expensive one, I contacted Ed Tyson at ES for confirmation. What I discovered was more interesting; evidently, the anti-glare version has a matte finish and tends to reduce the display image slightly whereas this, cheaper version, has a glass-like finish maintaining the clarity of the original display without any reduction in image quality. Because I liked the idea of the latter more, although probably because I am a tightwad, I opted for this version. The X20 has a Monitor Sunlight Mode in the Setup Menu to make the display easier to read in bright light. Anyway, Ed assured me, if at any time I want to switch to the anti-glare version, that will be fine. I was already getting a great feeling about this setup. On the day, the Expert Shield went on easily. A few air bubbles appeared which disappeared as soon as a plastic card was gently applied. However, when Step 2 was removed, some blemishes were revealed on the Expert Shield. No amount of gently wiping with a dry PEC-PADPEC-PAD Photowipes for Photographic Emulsion, 100 Sheets 4x4" [Camera] or the little black cloth enclosed with this product would remove them. An email to ES elicited a quick reply from Vikki Kershaw and a replacement was received the next day. All is now fine, and I must say that, in addition to what appears to be an excellent product, I was most impressed by the professional attitude and excellent, friendly service demonstrated by both Ed and Vikki. Of course, having only just installed the Expert Shield, not enough time has elapsed to tell how effective it will prove to be in practice. Perhaps an update in a year or so, if I can remember. But, if my experience so far is anything to go by, I have every confidence. An excellent product from a small, growing company to watch!
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on 5 September 2013
Fitting this first time around was an arduous job! But I am a perfectionist and only "no blisters" would do. The first thing you read on the box is "Dust, your worst enemy". Believe it!! If there is a minute speck of dust on the screen the protector will not lie flat and a blister will appear. You can't squeeze this air out to the edge, as it's the particle of dust that causes the bump. So off comes the film. clean the screen and maybe the film and do it all again...Arrgh. Seriously, don't wear anything that might shed dust whilst you're working on fact maybe don't wear anything at all, and a shower cap perhaps to stop particles falling from your head.You really do need clean conditions. Also, ensure that if your screen has a slightly raised edge that the film goes inside it. If it goes even slightly over that edge it won't lie flat and guess what...blisters again. A film slightly smaller than the screen size would make this easier, but on my Fuji X20 camera it was spot-on the correct size which actually made fitting it more tricky IMO. I found taking the film off using the adhesive tape method very easy, and in the end I got quite proficient at re-positioning it with a tab of Sellotape at either side to hold and position it. Anyway, it's on at last and no blisters. Will it last and do the job? Don't know yet, but no reason to doubt it at present. The matt finish does blur the image a little, but I guess that helps reduce sun glare.

UPDATE: I didn't realise when ordering there was a clear version of this available. I do find find the slight blur from the matt version a distraction, especially when manual focusing using peaking. I think this should be made more clear in the descriptions of both types. On the plus side, it's stayed on well and doesn't show finger marks, etc.

UPDATE 2: In the end I changed from the anti-glare version to the clear version (superb customer service from ExpertShield UK !!). Following my own advice above regarding fitting, this one went on perfectly first time. I do think that putting a tab of adhesive tape on each end of the top surface to hold the protector, and taking off the whole of the bottom layer in one go rather than the peeling technique as suggested, really helped to speed-up positioning and application, therefore minimising the chance of dust ingress. It worked for me anyway. The new transparent version is glass clear and I can't honestly tell it's on there (it's that good).

UPDATE 3: Have since bought the shield for both my X-E1 and the new X30. Happy with both.
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on 4 April 2012
I've used anti-glare protectors before and have always found them to be difficult to apply and no matter how carefully applied I've had the "bubble syndrome". In fact they've made the camera screen look worse.
The Expert Shield is perfect. Very easy to apply, just get the alignment correct and when you are set remove the final layer. No bubbles at all, it looks like part of the camera screen.
I works too. It does what the box says. I would recommend these to anyone with a camera and will now stay away from cheap alternatives as they just don't work.
Well done, it's great to use a quality product.Expert Shield - THE ANTI-GLARE Screen Protector: for FujiFilm FinePix X100 *Lifetime Guarantee*
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on 18 February 2015
The screen protector is awesome!

One of the most notable points about this product is the awesome customer service that ExpertShield provides - which, if you think about it, is absolutely essential in the success of a company that deals exclusively with screenguards, a product that carries such a notorious stigma.
Let me explain:

First, I was a fool not to heed the advice of the packet, and didn't apply the protector in a 'steamy environment'. HEED THIS ADVICE! Run a shower in your bathroom for few mins, and do it in there. To do it in any other environment is asking for disaster - if even one little speck gets under in the process, you'll kick yourself. Saying this, all is not lost, as the screen protector is extremely durable and may be cleaned easily. (But again, do this somewhere steamy, please!)

Second important thing: if you do need to lift the protector once it's been applied, use PROPER STICKY TAPE. Like sellotape brand, or something.
I, again, was a fool and tried to use PVC electrical tape, and that didn't provide the lifting force needed. I then tried to peel the protector off using my fingernail - BIG MISTAKE! I permanently damaged the corner of the protector. Whoops. It still works fine, and will probably last a while before any dust gets under it, but it's visible and not so nice like this.

So, coming back to customer service - I sent one email explaining my scenario to Expert Shield, who were very receptive and good enough to send a replacement protector via first class post immediately. They mean it when they say 100% satisfaction guaranteed! Like I said, this is the only viable business model for a company that deals exclusively with products of such notorious rep ,and Expert Shield have got it right, and do it so very well for that matter.

All in all, an excellent product experience, don't let the issue of putting a screenguard on put you off. It's well worth it, and once you've done it, your camera will be well protected.

One last note: My fave thing is that I can wear my Fuji round my neck without fear that metal zips on my jackets will scratch it! This danger would have normally put me off carrying it like this, but in allowing me to do so, the 'creative' value of my camera is increased three fold - the best camera is the camera you have with you (or round your neck).
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on 4 October 2012
Firstly I need to say that I am not affiliated with Expert Shield in any way and this is a completely independent review. The product is extremely well made and the instructions are very straightforward and systematic to follow. I have successfully applied screen protectors in the past from a variety of manufacturers. Unfortunately I did have significant difficulty trying to fit this screen protector to my Finepix X10 but I must stress that this was in no way due to the product itself but rather to my own fumblings on the day. You really need to be able to sit down and give the process time and not rush it which is what I attempted to do. This led to inclusion of bubbles between the X10 and the screen protector which I was unable to remove.

A little later I received an email from Ed Tyson of Expert Shield asking how I had got on with the application of the screen protector and showing a genuine interest in my satisfaction with the product. I telephoned Ed and explained that I had not been able to avoid bubbles, became frustrated and ultimately had given up on the application. Even though I explained that this was due to my difficulties and nothing to do with the product (which I still consider excellent) Ed sent out a replacement screen protector by return of post at no charge and under the terms of the Lifetime Warranty. This is the first time that I have seen a company truly demonstrating an intesrest in customer satisfaction and honouring the Lifetime Warranty even though the fault was with me and not the product's. Ed gave me some excellent pointers for my next application.

My learning from this is you really do need to take your time with this application, do not rush it, and only sit down to apply the protector when you can give it your full attention.

An excellent product and even better customer support. My thanks to Ed and Expert Shield.


Expert Shield - THE Screen Protector for: Fujifilm Finepix X10 *Lifetime Warranty*
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on 11 December 2014
This product would be deserving of 5 stars were it not for the following issues:

1. The screen protector for the XM-1 (I ordered the glare version) does not cover the entire screen. This meant that when I applied the screen protector, it covered the entire left half of the screen but there was a sizable margin on the right side. However, I could not reapply once I realized there was a margin, because -

2. Apparently you can only apply this screen protector once, without reapplying. Mine had a margin on the first application (due to issue #1 - that the product for some reason does not fully cover the screen) as well as a few bubbles, most of which I managed to smooth out, but some remain.

3. There is only one screen protector in the package, apparently the company sends new protectors to those who have messed up with bubbles etc, but why not just include another one inside the package? That would then save the trouble of having to send new screen protectors to people who have messed theirs up, especially in cases where people buy the screen protector and then go traveling, where they don't have a permanent address...

Nevertheless I recommend this product, it really does prevent glare but the picture is still relatively crisp and sharp, and the application process is easy. In general, it is highly advisable to get a screen protector for the XM-1, particularly as the screen tilts and is more vulnerable to damage.
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on 23 April 2012
The Expert Shield Screen Protector arrived a week earlier than promised and is so much better than I expected. It was simple to apply to my camera screen (Fuji X10) which now feels as if it has an invisible "Teflon" coating, as it is unnoticeable once applied. I've seen other reviews saying that they have tiny air bubbles under the screen protector, but all you have to do is run a credit card smoothly across the screen with the flat edge of the card and the bubbles disappear. The screen protector fits beautifully and doesn't detract from the image on the screen. I have no affiliation with Expert Shield whatsoever - I am just a very satisfied customer. Try it for yourself!
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