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4.2 out of 5 stars41
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 19 September 2006
When candyman was released some 14 years ago it was with a fresh feeling as the film explored urban legend and folklore,something that wasnt part and parcel of the horror genre of the time,nowadays its standard practice but candyman helped kickstart the art.

More of a thriller than a straightforward horror in my opinion candyman tells the tale of a woman who hears of the candyman legend and wants to explore further,i never understand why people dont run,instead walk hand in hand with the demon in these films,but as the more she uncovers the more she becomes obsessed with something that people dare not mention.

Candyman is both entertaining and gory,always a winner,check this out.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 December 2014
I love this film, so when I heard it was coming out on Blu-ray I was looking forward to the release, but to tell you the truth it was a big let down, number one the Blu-ray picture quality was just ok, number two there were no special features on the disc, that's why you should keep your DVD version and wait for a better release, and I will give my Blu-ray to charity, but still the film is still as good from the first day I watched it.

I bet they will wait for a steelbook or anniversary edition, rip off if you ask me, but to tell you the truth am a bit of a sucker, and will most likely buy this anyway, because at the end of the day this is a top horror which deserves a better release.I have given 5 stars for the film, which is a quality film.
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on 5 June 2012
Well what can I say..A huge let down. Universal really failed on this one. None of the special features from their previous DVD release of Candyman have been brought over for this release, not even the commentary. Which is shocking because this should be an upgrade of their previous DVD. Picture quality and sound not great either, very similar to the DVD. If you have the dvd already, don't buy this.
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on 10 August 2000
I remember a few years ago when I was a mere ten years old. Rumours had started up around the playground about an evil that would come when you called his name in the mirror five times. It wasn't until I was twelve that I realised that what I had heard those years before had been from a film. Immediately, I set out to find this film so that I could see what people were talking about. Of course, at twelve I never could until a couple of years later I saw that C4 were showing a film called Candyman as part of their extreme cinema season. I set my video so that I could watch it the next day. I was never dissapointed. This film has everything that a true horror film needs - it has blood, suspense, terror and drama. This is the film that you should watch late at night with friends and then see who dares to call his name.
I was never ready for what I saw. This was the first, and only, horror film that I became addicted to. The storyline based around urban myth and legend was so familiar as it was what I had heard in school. Candyman isn't about a psycho like in Halloween for instance, but it is about a pure evil that was created from true love. There is no part of the story that you can guess what is going to happen, the ending is one of the most shocking and unpredictable endings of all time and all the actors play their parts superbly. After this film Tony Todd (Candyman) became exactly what he said, "the writing on the wall, the whisper in the classroom."
In my opinion the greatest horror film of all time, but don't buy it if you are just interested in gore because it is kind of limited. Gore fans should buy Candyman 2: Farewell To The Flesh.
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on 23 March 2008
Tony Todd at his most menacing. Given its low budget, it manages to be much scarier than many glossy horror movies, and has several top quality shock scenes. You can almost smell the grime oozing from the blocks of flats, and the protagonists descent into her own personal hell is very well handled.

It succeeded in spooking me so much that I gave myself a fright looking in the mirror on the way to bed
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The urban legend motif has been around for a long time now, but Clive Barker took this time-honored theme and ran with it in the form of Candyman, one of the most original, atmospheric horror films of the 1990s. This well-made film satisfyingly captures the unique vision of Barker, blending in myth, folklore, socioeconomic stratification, fear (definitely), terror (of course), gore (buckets full), and truth to create a complex story quite unlike too many run-of-the-mill slasher films that titillate yet rarely intellectually satisfy the horror aficionado. Helen Lyle (Virginia Madsen) is a grad student working with fellow student and friend Bernadette on a thesis built around urban legends, and once she hears the story of Candyman, she is compelled to make this particular legend the focus of the work. According to the legend, Candyman will appear if you look into a mirror and repeat his name five times—if you believe, that is. The residents of Cabrini-Green, a tenement house not far from Helen’s home, believe; in fact, Candyman is being blamed for a very recent, particularly gruesome murder there. Helen braves the dangers of the rough neighborhood to explore the murder scene; having discovered that her own apartment house was originally built as a tenement house just like Cabrini-Green, she knows a secret means of accessing connecting rooms, and her look around the adjacent apartment of the murder victim reveals a plethora of Candyman references and clues. Helen’s obsessive investigation of events leads her deep into Candyman’s world, but when she is attacked and identifies her real-life attacker to police, the people begin to doubt the reality of Candyman. For that reason, Candyman is compelled to appear to Helen, and he sets in motion a dramatic series of events that will assure the continued, fervent devotion of his followers. The police blame Helen for the ensuing murders, and her options wind down to only one possible course of action at the end. One cannot really blame Candyman for being so angry. A talented black artist in the late 19th century, he was tortured and killed after the white woman he fell in love with became pregnant. His hand was sawed off, and then he was covered with honey and left to die at the stingers of innumerable angry bees. He has a hook for a hand now, and that is the weapon he uses to gut his victims.
There is plenty of blood and guts in this movie; evisceration by an old rusty hook is an unavoidably messy way of dying. I appreciated the definition and characterization of Candyman; he is both real and not real, and he philosophizes poetically on the virtue of his immortal type of being. He lives in the fear of others, his name frightfully whispered among the members of his de facto congregation; both children and adults are terrified of him, but they believe, and that is what makes him strong. Helen’s character tended to get on my nerves at times; there is just something about her that I find annoying. Toward the end, she comes to doubt her own sanity while struggling to accept the truth of the Candyman’s unique existence in this world, but Candyman leaves no doubts as to his own existence. The movie seems to drag a bit here and there, but the gloomy fog of unreal apprehension that rides the wave of possibility and myth into the slums never turns loose its grip on the audience. Tony Todd is superb in the role of Candyman, filling the screen with his presence whenever he appears and seemingly floating just outside the boundaries of observation when he is absent. If you want to watch a gore-blessed horror film that somehow manages to appeal to your intellect as well as your prurient appetites, Candyman may just be your movie. The ending, I should note, is quite good and reflects the careful touch with which an artist performs his final brush stroke on a work of art.
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on 1 November 2011
If you own this movie on dvd,and enjoy watching this little gem from time to time,then dont bother with the upgrade.

No effort what so ever has gone into this blu ray release,it just looks like the dvd.There is no fine detail what so ever,and to tell the truth colours just look dull and flat.Not worthy of a Blu-ray release!

So unless you dont own this film on dvd,or have sold of your old dvd collection,and just fancy watching the film,then i would give this one a miss.
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on 8 August 2014
All version of this great film(including blu-ray) are slightly cut to the gory death of the psychiatrist scene and based on the U.S Restricted print(MPAA "R"). It was shown uncut on C4 a few years back and it was uncut on UK VHS. Wish I kept mine now!
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on 12 February 2016
Candyman is a horror film that I personally consider to be one of the finest ever made. It's loosely based on a Clive Barker story, and it does show. Tony Todd is an incredible actor too. The story itself is like a cross between the original Universal, Karloff Mummy movie, and A Nightmare On Elm Street, with a hint of Blair Witch. If you like those three films, or love them like I do, then Candyman is the film for you.

So my problem with this? The blu ray itself. The transfer is very poor, suffering some black crush and off color timing. The disc is also featureless, and doesn't offer fans of the film a thing. It's been a while, and I, as well as other fans of the film are still hoping for a better release.
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on 11 February 2004
There is a whole bunch of us out there who enjoy nothing more than sitting down and watching a good horror film. I often ask myself why, and to be honest I don't really know an answer to that. But Candyman answered it more than any other horror film.
It's the idea of local myths and dark histories that excites me as a viewer and thats the genius of Candyman, its about a woman who studies that very subject. So it's a self-exploring horror film. A scary one at that. There's a general view that a film has to be gory to be scary. Nonsnese. Candyman scares through it's brilliant and chilling atmosphere which is set up from the word go. Credit to the compser for great music, and the director of photography for fab visual style.
The story itself is simplistic yet intriguing, the best horror films always are. Yes there is a hype about this film but it's a deserved one. Horror films tend to be rtaher dull and crap, there are few outstanding exceptions (The Exorcist, The Shining, Texas Chainsaw, Night Of The Living Dead), and Candyman is another. Some horror films work best alone, Candyman does, but it's also good with other ppl. Grab yer girlfriend/boyfriend, sit back and enjoy a good scare. You won't find a better film for this purpose.
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