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4.6 out of 5 stars386
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 24 February 2015
I basically bought (Well demanded it for my birthday from my wife) this set for the Blu ray HDMA version. Its a lot of money to spend just for the blu ray but it sounds sooo good on my lovely system. I actually like the whole box set and its a nice collectors item to have.

Back to the Blu ray. Its breath taking. I have been listening to this album for over 20 years and i am only now hearing it as it was intended. Sound quality, separation, surround immersion are amazing. Its almost like listening to a different album.

Ive never heard "ring a ring a roses" half way through "take it back" before. it took me by surprise. spooky!!! i then listened to the original cd and it is on there but not so obvious. never noticed it..

I use to love the album but thought there were one or two week tracks. Now with the blu ray, its a different grade. No week tracks what so ever. Every track is just stunning. e.g.. Poles apart- trippy atom heart mother bit (2min 50ish in) is amazing. wearing the inside out- backing singers sound amazing, sax at the beginning is lovely and guitaring at the end sounds stunning,

First listen, i thought they had got it wrong by not using the centre channel but by doing this the spacial multi channel image is staggering. It sounds like there is an orchestra in my living room at some points with backing singers breathing down my neck!!!!!!

can't get enough of it!!!!!!!!!
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on 3 July 2014
This is for the 20th anniversary reissue...
I just love Pink Floyd, so was naturally very excited to learn about this.
It arrived on the day of release and my first impression is that the packaging is first rate. There are a number of extras contained in the box, but I was after the vinyl.
Contents; 2 LP set, full-length, cut in 2014 from the original masters.
Blu Ray High Res audio and AV material.
CD - the 2011 remaster.
Replica blue vinyl 12" High Hopes, Keep Talking, One Of These Days (Live) plus 7 "film" cards.
Replica clear vinyl 7" High Hopes, Keep Talking, both are radio edits
Replica red vinyl 7" Take It Back (edit), Astronomy Domine (live)
Download card HD 24-bit, MP3 320 Kbps
5 Collectors prints, including unreleased, StormStudios / Hipgnosis Ltd
24 page lyric booklet.

I'll talk about the vinyl, as thats what really interested me.

Its heavy, flat and probably the quietest pressing of anything I've ever heard. Spreading the album over four sides gives room for the full length tracks, and the sound quality is just stunning. Its an album I know very well, and I can clearly hear things I'd not heard before. The whole presentation is really smooth, obviously no digital hash; its AAA all the way. The dynamic range is wonderful; no compression that I can hear, and no need to worry about "loudness".

This is one of the best sounding albums I'e ever heard. If you're serious about the 12" format or Pink Floyd, this is a must-have.
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VINE VOICEon 19 November 2014
I have been a Floyd fan - that's Pink, not Keith - for four decades or more, which probably makes me mean average age for the purchasers of this album. I bought it (again) because my original purchase is in a corner of the house somewhere gathering dust and because I bought the Endless River, or Division Bell Part II as a lot of people have it and certainly playing these back to back, as I now have them set up, there is a seamless quality across the two albums. Not my favourite Floyd album but certainly far from my least favourite too. The quality of the musicianship is excellent and I always did like Pink Floyd for the soaring instrumentals as much, if not more so than the, lyrics - but know rather more than I should off by heart. This is actually better than I remembered it, even though little played for the last couple of years, even if it still is closer to easy-listening-Pink Floyd than the great and more challenging albums like Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and the Wall.
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on 15 July 2014
I had very 'high hopes' for this album release being on heavy weight vinyl over two records and it does not disappoint, absolute brilliant release. I still have my original copy but although the album itself was very well recorded, I was disappointed with the quality of the vinyl (had notable background noise in certain places from new: probably just unlucky).

The 2014 version is pressed on 2 X 194g vinyl (my copy weights) with heavy-weight cardboard cover and the records are housed in cardboard sleeves. No title on the front or lyric sheet sleeve as with my original. A little disappointing the lyric sheet is absent and assume you need to get the expensive box set to have this.

The records are perfectly flat and there is no detectable background noise. Really a wonderful pressing, I wish all new releases displayed this level of quality.

Compared to my original:

Record is louder on the same amp setting.
Sound-stage is more detailed, instruments and vocals have more clarity and space.
More defined bass (low end frequency) without any loss in high end frequency (certainly no detectable compression).
Lower back-ground noise from new, I think a better quality vinyl used,
Also the tracks are longer (spread out over 2 records), which is positive but personally it's not the major factor here for me.

In conclusion: a great reissue, sonic-wise in my opinion better than the original and therefore highly recommended. I am slightly disappointed that there is no lyric sheet included for the price but the quality of the pressing and music makes up for this. So no need to go looking for expensive second hand vinyl copies of the original, this is a brilliant release.
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on 31 August 2000
This is a truly exceptional album. Not only does it have eleven AMAZING Floyd tracks, but there are voices, sounds and soundbites hidden in different places on the album. The only way to find them all is to listen to it over and over and over....
Which you'll want to do anyway!
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on 10 February 2012
I have all Floyd cd's and have adored their music from the very beginning. The Division Bell to me is a great final hoorah to one of the greatest bands the world will ever know. Much better than "lapse of reason", perhaps because of the obvious stronger influence of the late great Richard Wright. For me, Floyds most seminal moments have almost always involved his subtle, and less subtle contributions. When Gilmour and Wright are working together, it's Floyd at its best. Like all great Floyd cd's, this is one that you just have to listen to from start to finish because of the brilliant way it flows to a fabulous final ending ..... and then start all over again. Thanks for the music Pink Floyd.
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on 3 October 2003
This has to go down as one of the best Floyd albums ever written. Dating from 1994 well after the departure of Roger Waters, this is the second studio album with David Gilmour as the lead man. It is the heavy side of Pink Floyd with all guitars , drums and Daves powerful voice blazing away.
The opening track is an instrumental - Cluster 1, very keyboard orientated, leads nicely into 'What do you want from me'. You suddenly realize why you bought this album when the guitar solo starts- for me thats the beauty of Pink Floyd the guitar solos from Dave Gilmour. This song is very hard-hitting with its powerful lyrics.
A slightly more swing style is adopted in Poles Apart. Following this is the magnificent Marooned. I first heard this moving instrumental on Echoes- the best of P.F., in an abbreviated form. What you've got here is a piece to move you to tears.
A great day for freedom is not one of the best tracks on the album, but makes way for possibly my favourite- Wearing the inside out. This emotional ballad- like piece, with its moaning saxophone and haunting lyrics is one that not everyone will enjoy- but definately my favourite.
A more commercial stance is taken on the next track- Take it back, with a song that could have come out of U2's back catalogue. This segues into the gentle 'Coming back to life'. Another maybe more familiar track is Keep Talking- another classic rock song with a touch of genius by adding Steven Hawking to add naration.
This is then followed by Lost for words- maybe the best song on the album. Its not got heavy guitars and the chord sequence is simple but what a tune and great lyrics- you'll be singing this wherever you go.
The last song is a great way to end the album. High hopes is again powerful and thought-provoking.
This album is best listened to in the evening with the lights off, to chill out to. Perfect music.
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on 26 September 2011
Now first of all the Division bell for me is the best Gilmour led pink Floyd album, and i personally feel has not dated like the over blown Momentary lapse of reason. There are many musical highlights including High hopes, and Rick Wrights wearing the inside out. This album was originally recorded digitally so I was wondering what else could be achieved from the original mater. I received the knew discovery version, an the first thing is the annoying paper sleeve and tried to remove the Cd without making any marks on it, almost impossible I hate those sleeves. Anyway i placed the CD on my Naim Cd Played and played What do you want from me, I then played the original, sound difference i could not tell, there appears to be no increase in volume which is good, but I just can not hear any difference in sound. Now I think maybe its because this was recorded so well that not much can be gained, which may explain why it was not remastered last time around. There is nothing extra in the booklet, and as for the album replica sleeve, why, this was bought by most people me included on CD originally. So if your a fan like me maybe, but seriously no change in sound at all
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on 23 December 2004
What a phenomenal album - rich, warm melodies and trademark Floyd vocals. Gilmour's guitarwork, in my opinion, is what makes Pink Floyd the band they are today. In fact Pink Floyd have advanced beyond the realm of mere band - they're an empire. And I know there are many amongst us who would quickly remind me there was a Pink Floyd before Gilmour stepped into the scene, and many would also say Waters' departure marked the end of the band - but I am staunch in my belief that Gilmour makes the heaviest mark on the band's sound, and this album proves it. What a stonker! What Do You Want From me is a rock classic, and High Hopes is a beautiful, haunting melodic piece of comtemporary rock at its finest! Buy it!
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on 1 August 2002
I can't understand how people can say this album is a failure.
This album is unbelievable. It's an achievment that I doubt will ever be matched. It is undoubtably the best Floyd Album by far. There may not be as many stand out tracks as in some Floyd work but the whole album blends perfectly to create something so beautiful that you are totally overwhelmed by the whole thing. It's not music, with individual songs; it is in fact a perfect mixture of instruments and sounds that create an experience quite unlike anything else.
There's something about this album that makes you keep coming back. When you're in a reflective mood this album will literally break you down into tears. The mix of acoustic guitars and the classic soft but powerful Floyd solos executed by David Gilmour flood you with emotion.
This album got me through some tough times and it could do the same for you. Just be prepared to cry at the end.
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