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4.7 out of 5 stars686
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 13 January 2011
I absolutely love this film.

I love the way they have tried really hard to make a film that stands up on its own merit and not rely heavily on jokes from the previous two (although of course there are the fabulous in-jokes that can't be beaten)

It is also quite dark in places, often a bit frightening and doesn't patronise its audience with soppy storylines and 2 dimensional character portrayals. It is a film that both adults and children will adore, and mostly for the same reasons.
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on 7 July 2013
This is a great film as I am sure most people are aware. The double play copy is great as it means we can watch the blu-ray at home and take the DVD copy for the screens in the car.
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on 2 April 2011
Pixar continue the tradition of great storytelling with their third Toy Story film, advancing the characters even further as Andy gets ready for college, and has to decide what to do with his beloved toys.
Through a mix-up, the toys end up at a daycare centre, and while Buzz, Woddy and co seem to be welcomed with open arms at first, it quickly turns out that all is not well, and a daring and exciting plan has to be put into effect to set things right.
The acting from Hanks, Allen and co is as great as ever, and the film is liberally peppered with gags that the parents will enjoy as much as the kids (well, at least the first few times anyway). There's lots of funny, fast action for all, with dramatic chase sequences and stunts, incredibly challenging villains, and one of the most exciting and dramatic endings possible for a film aged at this age group - literally terrific.
It also has unusually complex characters, and that as much as anything else makes this a hugely rich and rewarding film to rewatch time and again.
Barbie gets a Ken who is the butt of several excellent jokes, and the animation is gorgeous, even on fur like on Lotso, the daycare centre's head teddy bear.
For a warm hearted, dazzling romp with excellent storytelling, you can't go wrong.
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TOY STORY 3 continues the high quality of its predecessors; with a heart-warming story, hilarious script, and stunning CGI animation. The movie begins with Andy leaving for college and accidentally donating his beloved toys -- including Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the Potato-Head family-- to a daycare. While the crew meets new friends, including Ken (Michael Keaton) and plush patriarch Lotso (Ned Beatty), they soon grow to hate their new surroundings and plan an escape.
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on 5 February 2011
Pixar have proven themselves to be the best animation company in the history of film. Every single one of their movies is amazing and awesome. Toy Story 3 is no exception, each movie got better and better and number 3 is the best in the trilogy, in fact its the best movie of 2010.

Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Rex, the potato heads etc are donated to a daycar centre when Andy, now 17, leaves for college. There they meet a whole host of new toys who seem to live in perfect happiness, but the bear Lotso governs the daycare with an iron fist and the gang soon find themselves battling to get back to Andy before he leaves forever. The animation is top notch and the voice cast get their character down to a tee, the plot and script is witty and engaging as always and the movie never lets up on entertainment values.

This is really the end of the road for the gang of toys, but the ending isn't bad, in fact it couldn't have been more perfect. The awesome animation and voice cast make this a perfect ending to an absolutely perfect animated trilogy that is sure to become a renowned classic for many many years.
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on 23 July 2011
Our favourite Toy Story characters make another welcome appearance in the latest instalment of a modern Disney classic. Toy Story 3 is a fine piece of CGI animation. This successful modern animation represents Disney finest piece in the 21st century. Toy Story 1 and 2 enjoyed massive success. Toy Story 3 continues to be captivating, enchanting and hugely entertaining. It shows no signs of faltering and continues to maintain wide appeal to various ages. I thoroughly enjoyed the animation. The animation conveys the values and qualities of what Disney is traditionally renowned for. This includes a mixture of charm, humour, magic and a beautiful story. The characters shine strongly in the animation. Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Mrs and Mrs Potatoes Head and others are memorable and sparkling characters. I admire the friendship between the characters and how reunited they stand n the face of difficult times. It is really touching and beautiful to admire.

The plot is well thought out, as it heads a new direction. Andy is a grown lad and embarks on a new life in college, but must leave behind the toys. The toys are understandably an important part of Andy's life. He has fond childhood memories of playing with the toys. Can the loveable toys cope with the new changes? By error, the toys end up somewhere else, as they still have a special place in the attic. It takes the toys on a new and thrilling adventure, as they acquaint with other characters, but are desperate to escape. The new characters show a different light as you about to discover. The adventure is filled with excitement and high emotions, but never distant away from the charm, beauty and magic that characterises the animation.

Toy Story 3 is a brilliant CGI animation. The partnership with Pixar proves to be a successful. The animation is first class, as the attention to details is amazing and it stages a new world to life. Most importantly, the storyline consist of substance and engaging characters. I love the animation and was totally absorbed in watching it yesterday. Well done to Disney for delivering a quality animation to enjoy. Family entertainment represents a core value of Disney and it shows strong evidence of this. I do not know whether a follow up is in the pipeline, but I am sure it will work well as it has the wow factor to interest different type of viewers.
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on 3 December 2010
Don't let the kiddie friendly DVD cover and trailer give you the impression that this is light-hearted family entertainment. This film always was/is dedicated to those who grew up with Toy Story (I saw these films when I was around 7-10, and they are timeless). I am 18 now, and I think those who watched the Toy Story films in their childhood will have a much greater emotional and nostalgic impact than other age groups when watching this film. I think children are unlikely to appreciate this film since there are so much mature themes that they won't understand.

If you were one of the few people who didn't see this film in the cinema (it grossed buckets in the UK and around the world, it is actually the highest grossing film of 2010 making over a billion dollars), I will tell you the basis of the plot. The film is about the fate of the toys as they realise that Andy (their toy owner) is an adult now, and is heading off to college. It is emotional for me because I grew up with these toys and wonderful characters, full of personality and charm despite only being depicted as toys within their world. Since they are never played with anymore, there is a sense of abandonment and lonliness as they are unsure whether they are likely to continue being Andy's toys.
This leads to a funny and often bizarre adventure involving a daycare centre which they believe is a haven, since they will be able to get played with by little children, something they have not experienced in many years. Their joy is cut short when they realise it is ran like a prison in which those at the top of the hierarchy control which toys get which children to play with.

The two reasons why this film is so deep and emotional is a scene before the ending where these toys who we have spent our childhood with almost face death. The sequence is so long and emotionally exhausting, which is what makes it profoundly touching. Animated films usually never create this kind of emotion, instead going for cheap gags and one-liners in a effort to keep audiences entertained, because what Pixar has done is shaped a scene that is so raw and powerful that I genuinely thought that what was going to happen, well, would. This scene alone to me is seen as Oscar worthy - it has to be one of the most saddest and moving scenes I have ever seen in any film, never mind a computer animation.

And if that wasn't enough to honour Toy Story 3 best picture (I hope that they will do, the film is that good) then it is the bittersweet and truly heartbreaking ending that will set most, if not all people off. I don't want to spoil it for you, but it involves basically the passing of life, and joy, to another. It is done is such a gentle, careful way that I see it as a flawless and perfect way to end the film, or the whole trilogy. You won't forget it, because it touches on so many emotions and themes, like childhood, growing up and sentimentality, which are things anybody of any age (well, if you're not under 15) can relate to. That is why I feel adults will appreciate and enjoy this film more. It is not only moving, but often hilarious and the dialogue is spot on. The animation is one of the best in the field - possibly Dreamworks have caught up with their nearly-as-good-but-in-a-different-way 'How to Train Your Dragon'.

If you're looking for a film that has genuine emotion, laughs, excellent animation and personality, this film would be the best pick of 2010.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 November 2010
This review is based on taking my family to see the film at a small local community cinema. If I had been rating it entirely on my own opinion, I would have given it five stars. Because it is primarily a children's movie, though clearly designed to be one that parents watching with their kids can appreciate, I have given a rating based mainly on what my children thought of the film.

Although Toy Story 3 is basically a positive film, it does not shy away from the bittersweetness and pain which can accompany growing up and change. My wife and I both thought that this was handled brilliantly, but our twins, although they enjoyed the film, said that to them parts of the film were a bit sad.

There are few things as difficult to do well as a sequel or third installment following on from a really good film. Perhaps for that reason, PIXAR don't usually do sequels even to their most successful films unless they have a set of ideas around which a film which does justice to the original can be made. This one does.

Andy, the boy who all the toys belonged to, is now 17 and about to go away to college. They have not been played with for ages and are getting lonely, but that's the least of their problems: Andy will have to clear out his room, presenting him with a choice of whether the toys will go to college with him, be put in the attic, given away, or thrown in the rubbish.

Andy initially decides to take Woody with him and put the other toys in the attic. Due to a series of mishaps, they end up given to a kids' daycare centre and are under the impression that Andy was going to throw them in the trash.

The daycare centre initially seems to be a toy heaven - particularly for Barbie, because by some incredible chance the daycare centre has been given a Ken doll and accessories but hasn't previously been given a Barbie. Without wishing to spoil the film by giving too much detail, the interactions between Ken and Barbie which follow are hysterically funny. Incidentally, it does credit to Mattel that they had the intelligence and a good enough sense of humour to realise that agreeing to their brands being used in this film would do them more good than harm. There are plenty of more stuffy corporations who would have balked at allowing some of the jokes at their products' expense.

But it soon becomes clear that Lotso, the ringleader of the toys at the centre, is not as benevolent as he appears ...

Parts of the film are very moving indeed. There is one particular scene where Woody overhears Andy's last conversation with his mum before driving away to college, which brought a tear to my eye. To a child this would probably have had a message about the need to move on when you or someone you love reaches a new stage of their life. To me as a parent it made the link between the emotions of the toys now that the child who had played with them was a child no longer, and the bittersweet feelings of a proud but sad parent watching the young man who had once been her little boy leave home.

Be prepared for some parts of this film to hit you or your children in places where it hurts, though in a positive way. But it's a very good conclusion to the Toy's Story.
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on 21 March 2013
We all loved Toy Story 1 and 2 (unless you weren't born then or lived under a rock) and I wondered if Pixar would ever make a 3rd. Just over 10 years later they did! With most series the sequels start to get sour and never live up to their predecessors, like what happened after Terminator 2 for instance. So I wondered if this movie would be good or not, I worried it might not.

The good news, it is actually better than the last two! which is quite a feat. The animation as you'd expect (though a benchmark back in the late 90's) is a bit better, it's more colourful and vibrant. And the storyline in this is as good as ever, one or two points in the film are actually quite emotion provoking, this is a animation about toys yet manages to evoke more feelings than many actual movies.

Verdict, it's one everyone should watch! Pixar caters for both adults and children which is great, and they don't pop sequels out for money, hence the 11 year wait. I was 20 and enjoyed it very much.
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on 8 December 2010
I watched the film on a plane because I missed it in the theaters. Was a bit of a tear-jerker (I'm a very grown-up man), as it demonstrated the rites of growing up and leaving a certain stage of your life behind. Guess it helped (or didn't) that I had just sent my eldest son off to college (same age as the character). Very well recommended.
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