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4.4 out of 5 stars36
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 6 January 2014
Easy to set up and simple to read. However, my main complaint is about how you access information. You need to press the select button to scroll a little triangle from area to area on the readout. But the triangle is quite small, and definitely too hard for an older person to see. Once you have the little triangle in the right place, you can then use the other buttons to access different information. For me, max/min temperature is of interest - and is relatively easy to access (press select until you are in the temp. area; press up/down arrows to select indoor or outdoor sensor; press max/min button to scroll through max, min and current temp. One long press to reset memory). But why is the barometer, rainfall and UV measurement all in one area? This means you can't see both at the same time, and need to do more scrolling to access either.

So in all, for me, it is pretty good - but I wish they had thought a little about which information should be visible constantly on the screen - and made the little 'select' triangle a lot bigger!
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on 1 September 2014
The class 3 mode of wireless transmission seems totally reliable. I have not had a single break in indications or need to reset over the several weeks I have been using it. This is unlike another comparable (Watson) weather station I purchased at similar cost some years ago. Like all weather stations, the Oregon one appears to take only changes in barometric pressure into account when forecasting. I'd describe the forecasts as very generally correct (but you may wish to take an umbrella anyway!) Disadvantages include the need to cycle through the indications to obtain all the information required. Also it requires many batteries. If you want the outdoor ones to over-winter reliably, lithium cells need to be purchased. Still, they last a long time and the costs are coming down. I particularly liked the integration of the anemometer and wind direction vane. The construction seems man enough for the job and well sealed against wind and rain.The rain gauge is separate and requires separate mounting. So is the temperature and humidity unit, but I was pleased to be able to put it in an out-of the way location, well protected from direct wind and rain. If you have the display unit on a low table, you may find the contrast and viewing angle poor, a defect with many LCD type screens. Overall though, I am pleased with the purchase and the display unit seems reasonably neat and harmonious in domestic surroundings. I have always had good experiences with Oregon Scientific equipment.
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on 1 July 2014
This unit was purchased to replace a previous Oregon device which unfortunately perished when a batch of cheap Chinese batteries decided to leak spectacularly and eat away the terminals (Cautionary tale there folks...stick to a good brand of battery !)
Essentially pleased with this device - Main information I wanted was the temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. The rain gauge is interesting, as we get a lot of it in Lancashire. Not yet set up the anemometer, as unless you live out in open country with enough room for uninterrupted 360° wind flow, or are prepared to go up and mount it on the roof (Which I'm not...Don't do ladders !), then it will struggle to be accurate.
Good value at the price I paid on Amazon
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on 3 March 2013
This is a solid professional weather station which comes complete with external temperature sensor, rain gauge, and anemometer. Setting up is easy with well-explained instructions and data are reliably transmitted over distances of fifty metres. The clock remains accurate to the second. Any future product should include a sunrise and sunset facility.
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on 2 June 2014
Having had an Oregon Scientific external/internal temperature gauge for some years I wanted something to measure wind speed/direction and rainfall (without having to go outside and empty the gauge) I bought a system from a well known UK High Street Electronics group (M****n) and was misled by the salesman as to it's capabilities. Being very pleased with the Oregon I had and not wanting to spend £3-400 on a specialist bit of kit I decided to go for the Oregon WMR86. I didn't need it to talk to the computer as I am quite capable of writing things down (at the moment). It worked straight out of the box and I can reset the temperature and wind speed recorder each day (usually midnight for my records). I do however, have one niggle, to change the values, i.e. m.p.h. - km.h -imperial - metric - barometric pressure values etc. you are told to press a button. NO-WHERE does it tell you where this damn button is. It is behind the cover of the base unit, marked in VERY SMALL writing... you'll need your glasses, trust me! Apart from that I am pleased with it, it stood up to storm force winds during a hail re-inforced thunderstorm and measures everything accurately. I'm just dreading having to replace batteries in the wind and rain guages as they are on the roof and I have no head for heights, thank goodness for someone else who'll get up there to fix it in place.
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on 13 June 2016
I can really only give this 3 stars (and I think those who have given more may not have other Stations to compare it with).
It is okay as a unit- but should be better for its price.
1) the display is quite small and icons hard to read (if you need any form of reading glasses). The way you move around the display seems dated as well- you have to move a cursor to any item you want to modify.
2) It cannot display inside and outside temperature details at the same time (you have to select one to display). This is a real shame
3) It measures rainfall in quite large increments as the 'tumbler bucket' inside the sensor is quite large. It collects about 1.1mm of rain before it then tumbles and displays any reading at all. And what it displays, ordinarily, is just the amount of rain since the sensor last transmitted (ie 1.1mm in the last one minute)- not the cumulative amount of rain in any given period (for that you have to move the cursor to rainfall and press the 'max' button- which then displays the amount of rain in the last 24 hours for about ten seconds, then it goes off. Frustrating). So, it can be raining hard outside and the display says 'zero' for a while till the measurement bucket tumbles. It's just not an intuitive way of displaying rainfall.

So, all in all, I'm a bit disappointed as I purchased this because of the high average review. This is now the forth Weather Station I've had and some of the others were better for less.
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on 18 July 2013
I am pleased with this system and had it set up pretty quickly. I just wish I would read the wind speed in knots and that it came with a pressure sensor. Otherwise very good.
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on 7 February 2015
Having my recent weather station refuse to cooperate with me lately, I decided it was time for a replacement. After a week of researching the choice went for this one from Oregon Scientific. Few observations which only now I came realise.
The good
* Indication of the moon phase (just brilliant).
* Indication of the atomic clock reception (again, somebody did put some though into this).
* Good range (10m through windows works perfect).
* More sensors can be added - nice! On the other hand, why would I want to have 3 more temperature sensors?
* Temperature and humidity tendency (nice - at least I get to see if it is dropping or on the rise).

The less good - sadly, the list is a bit longer:
* Design is rather primitive (back to the 90ties) and material quality of the display is simply cheap.
* You may not see in and out temperature at the same time - need to switch with buttons. SO far I haven't found an options that the unit would automatically flip through in/out, min/max, etc.
* No rubber feet, so the freaken thing trips and moves all around the table when I try to push the buttons. I attached some, but because of cheap plastics (it is quite light and not very well balanced) the main unit must be first taken into hands and then operated.
* No idea how to change wind units (there is a bit more than m/s, like knots, kmph, mph or beufort scale).
* Normally when we speak of a NORTHERN wind, we mean it comes-from-the-NORTH, right? Well, this thing shows on a little direction circle where-to the wind is blowing. Thus a northern wind will be indicated towards north. Confusing!
* Contrast - rather poor, in dim lighting I see...well, not much.
* Not very sure about the display; don't get me wrong, I fully appreciate designing a nice one in Orgon must be difficult, but still for almost a 100 quid I can have some expectations. Indication of which sensor is on is seriously confusing (unit uses plain numbers pictured in a symbol of a little house), there is some rocket indicator (only yesterday I discovered it is meant to show a flag on a mast. Who came up with that?).
* As I write this, it is 2015 - devices do have some simple artificial intelligence build in (even the humble laundry machine). Well not here - the main unit does not even focus on the devices that are present (all channels are available to browse through despite nothing connected). A rather "dum" device.

Overall - the WMR86, with its proud label on the back "made in China" feels like a lower class product: not very well though through and made of cheap materials. Let's see how long it will last.

2 weeks later - more observations.
I take it back (thx Laura!) the unit has different units, and it is possible to mix&match them which is making me very happy. Operation is from the back of the unit (not very handy) but oki - I can live with that.
The biggest problem I have found though is the device fails at one of the key things it is supposed to do - namely predict weather. The indication seems rather random eg. clear day - unit shows rain; dark sky & rain outside - unit claims sunny days. And so on. Over the past 2 weeks I have found zero relationship between what the unit predicts and what is outside. I appreciate there is an algorithm inside, well guess it is just not very good. Sorry - that's a star down:(
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on 4 May 2014
Just what I was expecting. Great product easy to set up and see the results. Also added the swimming pool sensor which again connected without problems. Delivery and packaging 100%
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on 25 May 2014
Not having positioned the rain sensor yet, I cannot give a full review.
The display gives an accurate outside temperature reading,and the baromic pressure reading is very sensitive
At the top of the display,it predicts the coming weather, with sun, clouds,clouds with falling rain and this over a period
has proved to be surprisingly accurate.
I am hoping to instal the rain sensor soon and will expect this to be as good as the rest of the product.

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