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on 4 August 2013
Only just got this, mainly to charge up a gopro battery, but thought I would charge up my iphone5 as was about to go out and no time to plug into mains charger, as it does not come supplied with the latest type (lighting connector) I took the iphone lead with me and plugged it in... great its charging... two minutes later the charging stops and you get the yellow warning triangle displaying on the iphone5 that this is not a compatible charger and so will not charge your iphone5 despite the product claiming to charge it.

Update: After writing this review I was contacted by Anker who were most concerned about this not working with the iPhone 5, to cut a long story short this product now gets FIVE stars and the same for the Anker support via email, there is sometimes a slight delay in getting a reply due to the times zone but it was sorted out and Anker sent me a replacement unit via Amazon.
I plugged it in to a half charged unit and no more warning from the iphone, charged up the iphone which was on 67% to 100% in no time at all, can not recommend this company and support highly enough, if only all support was like this... they also told me no need to return the old unit so keeping that as it works on the Gopro hero 3.
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on 8 September 2014
We are all carrying more and more devices with us and batteries do seem to run out at the worst of moments. Some companies even charge massively for backup batteries and even then those batteries will only work with the device they are brought for.

I have found the Anker Astro 5600mAh power pack to be a life safer of many occasions. I do not find it heavy and it's nicely sized so i keep it in my pocket when i go out. Often on a busy day my iPhone will run out of battery, or my camcorder when i really want to film something. This is not a problem anymore since i am able to charge on the go.

Surprisingly the battery charges devices very quickly, but once the Anker battery needs recharging itself it can take a while. I suggest charging the Anker battery over night, that way you are guaranteed full charge for the day ahead. You can use this battery to supply power to anything that uses USB to charge, simply by plugging the usb cable into the battery, and then connecting your device to the same cable. Pressing a button then activates the charging process.

You also have use of a torch that's built into the device. This is very useful if you even need a torch on your journeys. I highly recommend this product to pretty much anyone. You never know when you'll need more power while outside and this gives it to you.
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on 16 January 2013
Very good product, quality made and clear instructions. Useful additional to carry around to boost the charge on my two mobile phones as well as my Kindle Fire HD when on the go.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 16 April 2016
 Having already purchased the Anker 10000 for myself and been pleased with it, I decided to treat my husband to a power bank, but as he doesn't carry a handbag (that i know of :-) I opted for the smaller Anker 2nd Gen Astro 6700 so it would fit in his pockets without adding too much weight/bulk.

Just like my one, its well made and easy to use . It comes with a net carry bag, instruction manual and usb charging cable.

It has a circular 'ring' that illuminates to show you how much juice is left in the power pack so you can easily see when its top up time.

Well made and practical for those emergency 'top ups'. Just what the doctor ordered
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I almost want to say that this little device has changed my life! I have an iPhone 4s, I love it but as we all know iPhones are not known for their battery strength. This phone is now fairly old and well used which certainly doesn't help. I normally charge my phone before I go to bed, then sometimes I top it up again in the morning but if I use it a bit (and by a bit I really don't mean that much) then it quickly drops and I start to be aware of trying not to use it in case someone calls. Recently I've had a lot more phone calls and this has made it worse, I'd be trying to plug the phone in for ten minutes here and there when I could to try and get me through the day without my phone dying.

So then I thought about buying one of these. It's wonderful! It's quick to charge and has lights to indicate how charged it is, and it charges my phone quite quickly too. I can plug it in and still easily use the phone too. It has made such a difference as I'm not now planning my day around having time to top up my phones charge and the stress around all of that has gone. The customer service has been great too, not that I've needed to contact Anker but they have sent me a couple of emails with hints and ways to contact them if needed which is unusual and appreciated (not too many emails either so don't worry about being spammed by them!). I'd really recommend this and love how long it keeps charge so if I don't use it for a bit I don't have to worry about it being empty, and as it can do multiple charges I don't have to keep remembering to charge it up either.
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on 2 April 2014
Yet again a great product from Anker, comes completely "plug 'n play" out of the box even though with batteries it's always good to give it a full charge at least once before you start using it... overnight if possible.
I received my Astro portable external battery charger yesterday and started using it today: it works great, it's great value for its cost, comes with a nice pouch, cable, instruction manual and the quality of the product is top of the line. it also packs a lot of juice. (last year I spent over 40 euro's on a external battery with far less mAh, it could'nt even charge my phone to 100%) so I am very pleased with this Astro 5600mAh!

I also love the 'reverse-action' charge/discharge possibility, to charge up any device with the Anker Astro, just plug in the USB-cable: normal USB-plug in the Astro, and the micro-USB plug in your device, to recharge your Anker Astro, just reverse the cable and plug the micro-USB side into the Astro, and connect the normal USB-plug to a computer, laptop, any device with a USB-port that allows you to charge the Astro... you don't even need to power up some devices as long as they are plugged into the wall socket.

the Astro has a nice looking charge/discharge indicator and even a built-in flashlight, great for finding your keys at night while standing at the door...

finally... and just as last time I ordered an Anker-product: not even the slightest problem with the delivery; well within the estimate and the package itself wrapped in bubble-wrap... great!
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on 17 December 2012
When first arrived, the item looked well packaged and a high standard product. I felt that the 5600mAh battery would be enough for me as I was going for more charging cycles as well as portability.

The device itself looks very sleeky and stylish - perhaps a gadget you would expect to see from a James Bond film. There are various adapters and cables which come with this product as well as a handy carrying pouch which is big enough to hold these adapters and the battery device itself.

Once I connect the battery via the USB port of my laptop, the LED lights on the battery pack indicated how much battery life is left/used. 4 lights = fully charged. After having fully charged the device, I connected it to my smartphone (Sony Ericcson Xperia series). It managed to charge up my smartphone fully through about 3.75 complete cycles. This is very impressive despite my phone having a large, bright screen and the network and 3G/Wifi constantly running.

Please note that the device may NOT work with a tablet device e.g. iPad/Playbook/Galaxy Tab - I tried connecting this battery pack with my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and it did not allow the battery to function. [Error Message: this a high-powered USB device]. However, I am not bothered about this as I only bought this product for charging my smartphone when travelling around.

The device is very light and stays lights when fully re-fueled. The torch is also a handy feature especially when travelling around or on a camping trip.

Overall a great piece of technology at a very affordable price. Thanks Amazon :)
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on 13 June 2016
Fantastic! Extremely fast in charging. First time I used it, the Anker came with 3/4 battery life; my iPhone 6 had 13% battery left. Charged the phone in 29 minutes to 96%! The charger was left with about 40% (which can be viewed by touching the Anker charger and the green ring illuminates according to the amount of charge left). Would definitely recommend it. My son has the 5200 which charges fast too. A great piece of kit! I like the fact it comes with a pouch too to protect it. (I had originally bought another brand but had to take it back as it took nearly 4 hours to charge to even just a good percentage.)
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on 15 April 2016
I love this. I have a new Samsung Galaxy S7 which doesn't have the capability of swapping out the battery, unlike my old S5. There are many size options, but I like this one as it has a nice balance between charge capacity and size/weight. We have one of the larger ones that can charge multiple devices, but is quite large for carrying around. This one is perfect for shoving in a bag, knowing that you can completely recharge your phone on it. It doesn't come with a wall charger, but you should be able to use the one that comes with your phone. A protective carrying bag and cable are provided.
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on 1 April 2016
I'm very happy with this portable charger. I had the first edition, with which I was also very happy, but I decided to upgrade because they had managed to increase the capacity without changing the size. It was a good price, delivered quickly, and in attractive packaging.

Pros: I really like the new design of this one, which is rounded with a smooth matte finish, a definite improvement on the blocky, glossy plastic design of the first generation. The battery level indicator is also much improved, as it now has ten lights rather than four, so you get a more precise indicator of the charge level. The first generation model had a button which could display the charge level, turn on the light, and start the charging; there is no button on this one: you can display the charge by gently shaking the charger, and the charging starts as soon as you plug it in (another improvement - there is no extra step to actually begin charging).

Cons: There is no LED light any more, which doesn't really bother me because I have one on my phone anyway, and the only reason I carry the charger is to power my phone. The little net bag the charger comes with feels high quality but fitting the cable in there with the charger is a tight fit and makes the bag lumpy, which doesn't feel very 'premium' - I'm aware this is a very petty criticism! Other products solve this by integrating the charger cable into the product itself, but overall I think I prefer having a separate cable, because it can be easily replaced, it's more flexible, etc. The charger level indicator seems to turn on at even the slightest jostle - sometimes merely touching it will activate it. Initially I was worried that this would eat away at the battery by constantly turning on the light when I was walking around with the battery in my bag, but that doesn't seem to be the case; the light uses a negligible amount of battery.

I used my previous charger for around eighteen months, with no problems. This one feels even better, and irons out some of the few, mostly cosmetic, flaws in its earlier model. I would definitely buy this again.
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