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4.5 out of 5 stars126
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 19 December 2011
Being a fairly big Nickelback fan (have travelled across the atlantic to see them several times because seeing them in the UK just wasn't enough) I was naturally quite excited about the prospect of a new record in 2011, so on listening to track one 'This means war' I was really surprised...but not in a good way!
'TMW' seemed repetative, processed and fake.
Having already heard 'Bottoms up' and 'When we stand together' I'm just going to say that I really liked both of those although 'When we stand together' does sound like the jangly guitar intro to the scrubs theme tune.
The rest of the album seemed to follow a similar pattern to 'This means war', with the music sounding very basic,processed and repetative, as if most of the music were an afterthought to the lyrics.

And let's talk about those lyrics Chad...

'I started thinking that she could really handle alcohol'
'You brought a knife to an all out gun-fight'
'East coast loves the cocaine, the west coast marijuana'

For me, it's a deep, deep shame to see Chad resorting to such generic lyrical content, if I'm honest I've always respected his songwriting abilities; for example, 'side of a bullet', 'someday' and 'too bad' are really thoughtful, whereas
'Here and now' is just Chad telling us about drugs, alcohol and strippers. (although I'd like to point out that there are quite a few other people with various writing credits on the album, so perhaps outside influences are largely to blame for anyone else who feels as I do about the record.)

In a nutshell, If you liked dark horse and the much more dumbed down sex, drugs and rock n roll themes,you will definitely see this as a good record, but if you're expecting them to return to their grunge roots and knock out more thoughtful songs like 'hollywood', 'good times gone' and 'how you remind me' then you will be disappointed.
Like me.
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on 3 January 2012
And so it was with great expectation I received this latest Nickelback offering and, like Metalheader, I thought both All The Right Reasons and (especially) Dark Horse were terrific. This is not a bad album by any stretch, it still kicks like you'd expect it to and I'm so pleased that Nickelback are still championing 'feel good' party rock with themes based around booze and women, but it's no Dark Horse.
My first surprise was that they had gone back to Joey Moi for producer; while he's no slouch (he's done a great job both here and previously) I thought they'd really found their sound with Mutt Lange; those thunderous drums were stunning. For a band that came out of the grunge era I can understand why some people won't like such a polished sound but I loved it.
With Midnight Queen, Bottoms Up and Kiss It Goodbye there's still plenty of power to chew on and Lullaby is the kind of achingly good ballad the likes of Bon Jovi and Def Leppard used to excel at that it renders When We Stand Together superfluous; although I can see why they kept it.
Don't Ever Let It End continues their very ballsy and to-be-applauded approach of ending albums with a softer, upbeat message (take note Bon Jovi, morale and the end of an album is no bad thing!) which I was very pleased with.
So with so many good points, if you've chosen to read this you may be wondering what's detracting about it? Nothing-it's great. It just feels like a step back from Dark Horse, almost as though this album was recorded first but held back for a couple of years.
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on 22 November 2011
First, let me start off saying i'm a big fan of All The Right Reasons and Dark Horse. So only really take my review you feel the same otherwise you probably won't agree.

Overall, it's good album, but not as good as those listed above, HOWEVER, there are some stunners in the album. Here's a blow by blow account of the album, starting with the BEST (number 1) to what i consider the worst of the album (number 10).

1. Trying Not To Love You
What a an unbelievable ballad, the chorus is goosebumping, teary eyed, powerful. One of the best ballads they have ever written.

2. Lullaby
This is a very close second, almost tied with first, another credible ballad.

3. Don't Let it End
An awesome ballady, happy song, more uptempo with an absolutely great ending, check it out.

4. When We Stand Together
You probably know this song already, nice happy little rocksong.

5. Everything I wanna Do
Good upbeat rock

6. Gotta Get Me Some
Nice chunchy rock song, awesome for headbanging.

7. This Means War
The opening track of the album, could have been a better opener, but this is a good song.

8. Bottoms Up
This is a heavy rock song, but just gets a bit boring after a while, it has a great guitar solo tho.

9. Midnight Queen
Hectic rock song, good but not like something in your mouth or anything.

10. Holding Onto Heaven
The melody on this song just didn't do anything for me

11. Kiss It Goodbye
I wish they kissed this song goodbye.

Overall, highs and lows, still worth buying. Chad does much more guitar solos in this album which is cool.
But yeah, as other reviews have said, don't expect anything different.
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on 19 December 2011
Three long years I've waited for this album!!!

But as the time drew nearer I started to get nervous - what if it didn't live up to Dark Horse? What if, as Chad Kroeger had said in interview, they had reverted to their much earlier sound (too hard rock for me)?

But I should have had more faith in The Chadster. This album was definitely worth the wait and, in my humble opinion, even better than Dark Horse!! I never get tired of listening to it (and neither does my 13 year old son). There isn't a single track on there that I don't love - although there are some I love more than others from the hauntingly beautiful Lullaby, through the fun ones like Don't Ever Let It End and/or Kiss It Goodbye, to the downright raunchy like Gotta Get Me Some and Kiss It Goodbye!

Well worth the money. Just one request Chad, I know you have a life but, please don't leave us waiting another 3 years!!!
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VINE VOICEon 3 February 2012
Nickleback are the band that constantly strive for that balance between raunchy rock lyrics and riffs and more radio friendly ballads and songs. Here and now shows a shift more towards the rock songs than the previous albums. The shame for me here is that those songs don't quite satisfy in the way that other offerings did.

When we Stand together is the obvious song with a hook that engages you straight away. Lullaby and Trying Not to Love You take a few listens to be memorable and for you to really enjoy them.

Bottoms Up and This Means War are fun with a welcome return to flowing guitar solo's which hasn't really been a factor in recent albums.

However overall, the songs are quite as rocky, fun or catch as previously ones. It is worth a buy, but don't expect their best.
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on 4 January 2012
My brother bought me this CD for Christmas as I have always been a Nickelback fan and have all of their CD's. When I heard about this new CD of their's coming out I couldn't wait. The first song I heard on the radio or wherever was 'When We Stand Together', which I thought was ace from the first time I listened to it. From then on I couldn't wait for the whole CD to come out and it was everything I expected it to be. I love every song on there apart from maybe the first one, I don't like as much, but otherwise nothing less than an AMAZING CD. I would recommend it to anyone who liked Nickelback in the past or anyone who likes rock and metal tunes in general. CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR NEXT CD, NICKELBACK :D here's to waiting in anticipation!!
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on 3 January 2012
Received this album a few days ago and on first listen found it to be less instant than Dark Horse, Nickelbacks previous album.
After repeated listens it does start to gel, but I find this album a slightly inconsistent compared to All The Right Reasons and Dark Horse. It is a solid album in it's own right though.

Nickelback have not really explored any new ground and some of the lyrics are cheesy as hell, but the musicianship is still a glory to listen to, hard crunching balls up rock n roll.

Highlights for me are Lullabye (Think Nickelback meets Coldplay) and Gotta Get Me some.
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on 21 November 2011
I'm a Nickelback fan. But honestly? The biggest impression this left on me was "wow, they're really phoning it in". It's been three years since Dark Horse, and in those three years they've only written 11 songs? 39 minutes of music? 13 minutes per year? And the thing is... they're not even particularly good. I can't put it any better than to say, most of the songs seem to be mostly chorus. Very repetitive. They're catchy choruses, don't get me wrong, but... There's no spark. It's all so formulaic. Feel quite let down by this honestly. But distinctly missing is the lack of a special edition, with a second disk, and a few more songs...
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on 19 October 2013
I loved Nickelback's Silver Side Up, Long Road, All the Right Reasons. I'm torn by this album, some songs I love and end up playing on loop (This means war, when we stand together, lullaby) but some (bottoms up, gotta get me some) just make me shake my head and think what are you doing??
Only because I think the good songs out weigh the superficial rockstar clones that this album wasn't terrible.
I'd listen to all the songs and just buy the individual ones that you like rather than buying the whole thing :/
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on 11 April 2012
I got this delivered to my house in November and ever since, I've been listening to it almost every day, that makes it their 7th album, in my opinion one for every day, listen to each one, once a week and you'll never get tired of them. Additionally, "This means war" is a good track to kick off the playlist, you find yourself almost wanting to stomp your feet to the ground when you have this playing in your earphones early in the morning on your way to work!! Favourite track; "Kiss it goodbye" :)
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