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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on 2 May 2013
These M40s are amazing, I'm totally addicted to them! The sound is to die for, the noise cancelling isn't powerful but it does a good job taking the edge off things and removing droney noises, but importantly it makes for perfect bass when it boosts it up. They are pretty comfortable, the leather memory foam ear pads are lush. They look awesome too, high quality with gold contacts, leather case, women cable etc. Amazing deal and delivery, get them quick!!! :D
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on 5 September 2013
Firstly, agree with prior review that states these cans are heavy. Initially, yes they are, but once you put them on you lose that sense of their weight. They are a tight fitting against the ear area and don't leave you feeling as if you need to press them against your ear to get a better sound. The whole experience from opening the box to using them oozes class - leather carry case with additional cloth bag cover for the phones themselves. Gold connectors and strong material covered cables. Fold neatly up on themselves to leave nothing prone to being knocked and broken. Oh! And the sound, excellent better than I expected, almost as good as the B&W P5's I own. Will say no more but highly recommend these Klipsch M40's if you want a pair of noise cancelling headphones that look the biz and don't cost the earth. Especially since they are on offer via Amazon. Delivery on time and very well packed. Thanks Amazon - again!
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13 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on 8 September 2013
I do like these headphones a lot; they have a good sound & as yet, I have yet to hear any distortion across the range. The noise cancelling feature increases the volume very noticeably & I'm not sure if the function actually does anything, but my family haven't noticed any noise leakage with either the noise cancelling function . They are also noticeably heavier than any other headphones I've had which I think is mainly down to the speakers (not really an issue) & one other feature I quite like is the connecting lead between the headphones & pc / ipod / walkman / etc can be changed, so if the wire snaps after some use, you haven't lost the use of the headphones & you could easily replace it. There is also a separate lead to control an ipod if you have one. The headphones also look fantastic, but........

they are some of the most uncomfortable headphones I've ever had. I've got an average sized head & they have a bulldog clip like quality, so if you've got a largish noggin, it'll be like putting your head in a vice after a while & there is also not much clearance between your ear & the speaker, so again, you might find the tightness forcing part of the speaker to touch your outer ear. There is a solution to ease the tightness off though, I had to stretch them over a speaker cabinet (or you could use the box it comes with) & left them overnight & that has backed them off a bit. Ultimately this is the reason why I gave these headphones 4 & not 5 stars as the designers should have recognised this & the headphones could do with a deeper foam surround on the earpieces.

Overall, I do like them very much & would recommend them with the above caveats
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 3 December 2013
I do not normally write reviews but i thought i had to this time just to share my experience of using this headphones. After doing much research on which headphones to get i was going to get a Bose until I saw this on Amazon for £99 and i took a leap of faith and boy was i happy i did. i am very happy with these headphone so far and before you buy make sure you buy from recognised dealer by Klipsch and mp3 accessories are recognised. OK back to the headphones out of the box these cans are well packed and it oozes quality, trying it on the first time they feel a little tight but after using them for a few days there are more comfortable to use now. The sound quality is definitely crisp and clear but the noise cancelling function on the headphone is simply an amplifier as you get a little bass boost but it does stop outside noise from getting in whilst at the same time at full blast it leaks sound and others can hear your music. All in all this isn't a professional review but for the discount price you pay, its a bargain but if i was buying full price i will probably go for the Bose but for £99 you certainly cant go wrong if you thinking about it go for it.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 9 February 2014
1. Can't fault amazon delivery/packaging - 5 stars.
2. Headphones look great and build quality is 5 stars but too heavy, head band is too hard, noise cancelling is weak (although the headphones themselves isolate you very well) and sound smooth and even but fails to excite unlike a regular pair of headphones for this type of money (rrp £300) - fortunately I only paid £109 or this would be a 2 star rating.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 25 November 2013
Love the sound quality and the noise cancelling is good vs others I have tried. Don't look bad at all in the flesh. In line controls work very well with iPhone and mic is great.

However they fit very tight and unless you have a small head I don't think you will be able to wear them comfortably for any length of time. They hurt on the top of my head and ears.

Good value for £100
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 4 November 2013
This pair of headset left me with two different feelings, both pleasant and unpleasant.

The positive part:

Its quality is superb; I could easily place them among the best headphones, quality-wise: very sturdy, excellent build quality and materials. From the aesthetic point of view they look very luxurious; the combination of copper/bronze and black gives away a very expensive feeling. Even from the initial seconds while opening the nice box, everything points to quality and luxury. A soft pouch, a leather hard-case, gold plated jacks, excellent cables, soft ear-cushions. It feels like a rip-off at their price.

About its noise canceling performance I can say that it does an overall good job. The active noise canceling is not very strong, at least compared to the Bose QuietComfort 15, but it definitely gains lots of points because of its passive isolation. This is a good thing, in my opinion, as one can get substantial immediate noise reduction, even without turning the electronic circuitry on the headphones and enhance it further. The active noise cancellation being weaker than that of Bose makes it also more pleasant when there is no music; the latter produces stronger pressure on the ear, something that cannot be felt with this unit. All in all, very good performance.

The sound is very good also. It is substantially amplified when turning on the noise cancellation and it definitely sounds better this way. However, even with the noise cancellation set to off, the sound is rich and warm. I am sure that other headphones are way better; still, this pair is beyond simply acceptable.

The negative part:

It is tight, very tight. And this makes it very unpleasant. Despite the soft ear-cushions, the pressure applied is strong and it gradually becomes more unpleasant. Add also its notable weight and you get a combination that makes the experience quite uncomfortable. This is the reason for the 3-star rating, as well as for my sending the unit back. At this aspect, the Bose QuietComfort15 is feather-light and very comfortable.

It's a pity that I couldn't keep it, because I really wanted this pair.
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on 5 March 2014
**UPDATE** August 2015
Having had the earphones in storage for 5 months while I moved home, I just came to use them, and the noise cancelling had failed. A search on the internet for noise cancelling failure on the Klipsch headphones reveals a plethora of problems. So so many faults. My 12 month warranty expired with Amazon, but the two year warranty from the manufacturer, I thought I'd get a repair. Apparently because I bought from an unauthorised dealer, NO REPAIR, so I am stuck with expensive headphones without the headline feature. I went through Klipsch support, but as soon as I advised where I bought them from, here, then they they terminated the support ticket without me being able to respond. Keep clear as the support is very poor, and the problems are numerous. Just look around the internet for horror stories.

The sound from these headphones is phenomenal. Switching on the noise cancelling does give a noticeable difference, but I did feel that the quality of sound was better with it turned off.

The music I listen to is pretty much POP music, and I particularly like to hear mid-range (rather than bass). These headphones did not disappoint.

The build quality seems very good so far, but when they arrived, I was gutted to see one of the foam ear-cups had a rather bad indentation from the way it was packaged in the case at manufacture. I opened out the headphones and gently massaged it back to shape. After an hour or so, you would never have known the ear-cup appeared damaged. So very happy with them now.

Finally, yes, as with other reviews, the headphones are a little neat over the barnet, but on my normal sized head, I think they feel just snug. My ears fit completely in the cups, and overall for comfort I would give 4/5.
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on 9 February 2014
I have a pair of these since xmas. They give a nice sound and sit rather firmly on the head . The noise isolation is reasonably good, they do deaden a lot of the outside world just from that.

The active noise cancelation is however very poor, certainly on my pair. Theres a little switch on the side to turn it on and, when you do, some sound processing is definitely happening but it seems to be mostly just an increase in volume. Noise cancelling doesn't mean drown out the noise !

I haven't taken them on a flight yet but I was wearing them the other day when using a dyson hand dryer and switching on and off the noise cancelling made almost no difference.

In comparison, i tried a pair of Bose QC15 ( admitted between 2 ½ and 3 * the price of these discontinued, fire sale price, headphones ) at the airport and they had a video screen playing a video that you listen to . At one point it tells you to take the bose headphones off and you are sudden surprised by the huge noise of a fan behind the display, simulating the noise of an aircraft engine. QC15s back on and you don't hear it .

So the Klipsch Mode and the Bose qc15 are in a totally different class in terms of noise cancelling . The Bose are incredibly good at it, putting on a pair is like entering a vacuum. The Klipsch don't do that. The Bose are also far more comfortable than the Klipsh which grip the head firmly

Klipsch were trying to sell these headphones at a similar price to the Bose - implying similar quality. They really aren't.

They are a good headphone but the reduce pricing made me think i was getting a £300 pair of headphones for a bargain 100. In reality, I feel that these are a £100 pound pair of headphones. They were never a competitor to the Bose in terms of noise cancelling. They just priced themselves that way. I would have been gutted to have paid the high price.

I like them but I don't think that knowing what i do now that i would buy them again as the active noise cancelling isn't very good and i don't expect them to cut it when i take them on their first flight.

If you are looking for some noise cancelling headphones to take on a flight these are probably not the ones to buy.

If noise cancelling isn't a big issue for you then these are fine headphones

The headphones come with a nice protective case and a bag. The in-line microphone and controls on the cable work well with my iPhone. There is a spare cable (without the mic and controls) and the cable has a 2.5mm jack on both sides and comes out from the headphones. given that over the year most headphones i have had have failed eventually at the point where the cable enters the headphones then this is a brilliant solution to an age old problem. there are also adapters for airline audio sockets and one a for a large microphone jack socket. impressive package.

What hifi rates them well. Even at the higher price point.
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on 2 February 2014
Here is in depth review of these headphones after some 2 months of constant use. Summary section in the end if in haste.

For the initial price of 299 bucks these would have been no go, but for some 120€ I'm very satisfied.

The active noise cancellation feature is very negligible. The package note actually says that you should be able to use these as standalone ear protectors without cable attached, switch turned to ON position. Well, I tested these without music playing in a Cafe and found next to no change in chatter and music loudness. I went as far as googling a lot as nobody had really expressed clear thought about viability of the feature, and even contacted Klipsch. I asked whether or not the ANC effect is supposed to be really minuscule as I could hear a minor hissing sound when I turn these on, and the music amplifying thing works indeed, which allows to suspect that the feature is working in first place. They responded that it doesn't sound like these are working as intended and forwarded my case to closest replace retailer. Anyway due to having found via Google a review between these, some Creative and Monster headphones with claimed ANC and read that in all these the affect is nothing to be spoken about in same sentence with that of Bose's AC 2 phones (which have a visible microphones on the casing and really work the way like ANC ear protectors) I was convinced (and a little disappointed) that these are actually working and took no action with returning these.

These headphones have tight fit and passive noise cancellation is therefore very good. When playing music at reasonably low volume levels as I usually do (I wonder how are ears of those youngsters whose music I can hear playing perfectly well couple of meters away...) I have no way to be bothered by surrounding sounds and have to really concentrate to being even able to hear them. Makes me wonder if the ANC is somehow dependent on playing of music anyway unlike the manual suggests.

Music quality is very good and natural, I found many new features from songs because the separation capacity is somewhat different than what I'm used to. Now I especially love to listen to some pop orchestral covers, trailer music, violin pop etc. I tested in a store recently Sennheiser's 598 model which trades for close to 200€ and found myself rather indifferent. Adding that these are far more noise cancelling and have that different feeling, I favor Klipsch. Dynamic, yet moderate bass is dependent on the active mode of these phones. You can run these also switched off, when you lose about 50% of volume, which can be of course compensated by the input device, but in my opinion the bass feels different on equal levels of volume doing it that way. So better to have ripe batteries in place. These consume one AAA battery during about 40-50 hours of listening.

Some review here argued that these break apart in 2 weeks and claimed to have experience of 2 cases. Well, I was at airport struggling with my snowboard bag I was carrying on my back and managed to drop these headphones straight to stone floor hitting the cup first. I didn't find any sign of visual nor functional damage, even though I felt doomed hearing that loud crack because these are actually quite heavy and I expected devastating consequences of such an impact.

About the comfortability I'd say these headphones adapt somewhat. I have 58cm or size M head, quite wide forehead and skull profile I guess and at first these sure were uncomfortable. I could then use these about 1 hour in a run and then the aching would be irritating. Ever since I've used these for like 5 hours a day, sometimes with very little if any breaks. Only thing is that I sometimes turn the facing of headband a little bit forth or back because most of the weight rests on it.
For ears these are comfortable as ear leaves fit very well completely into the cups. If you have considerably outward pointing ear leaves, forget about these because the speaker element is relatively close and your leaves would touch it and that would eventually become painful.

-Negligible ANC with very impressive passive NC leading to satisfactory overall effect
-Neutral, High-end sound quality, rivaling at least 200€ Sennheisers, impressive benchmark
-Firm and durable design with turning cups allowing for aligning of headband
-Energy efficient ANC with 40++h battery life
-Good endurable leather sheath included for packing, 2 cables (one with remote for Iproducts), airplane and amplifier jack adapters
-Not for big headed people or those with pointy ears, some initial pain for those with suitable head also
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