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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: Green / Grey|Size: 1 TB|Change
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on 10 November 2015
This is AMAZING. The blue colour is stunning. This was a birthday present for my husband, a solider who is flying to Afghanistan over Christmas this year. We are filling it up with his favourite TV shows so that he and his friends have something to pass the time during deployment. The fact that this has been tested to military standards is what sold it to me, it will be safe while he transports it from one country to another. The memory size is large and we have another the same size with DAYS worth of TV shows and movies on it. The comparison with this to our other box is the size, this box could easily fit in the pockets of his combats, whereas our other one could not. This one is small and portable. It also does not require its own plug to the mains supply making it a far better choice for travel. It works with a laptop and a TV too meaning he can use it with so many devices out there. And WOW do the files transfer quickly onto this! Took half the time that our other box does! The only thing is the USB cable is quite short (see pic) so it has to sit close to the device its connected to.
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on 5 August 2014
Bought as an additional backup for my extremly valuable photo images. Current thinking in many photography circles is to backup to at least 2 or 3 seperate external drives of different manufacture and to store them in different locations. Paranoid? It may appear so until the worst happens and years of irreplaceable images are lost when a hard drive fails or is stolen, or as happened to me recently, a laptop returned to the manufacturer for a warranty repair was returned with the hard drive wiped! Thank goodness I backup my data.

This drive was delivered next day by Amazon and put immediately into use. Fast operation using USB3 quickly copying over 200gb of photo images from my computer. I bought the 1Tb version and so have plenty of space for future use.

Seems to be of good construction with rubberised outer shell. Ive not tested its drop resistance and hopefully never will, but, it is reassuring to know it is tested to US military standards when my valuable images are stored on it.
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on 15 May 2014
great hard drive, shock resistant. another reviewer posted negative reviews as he had broke the hard drive when he left the cable in the HD when travelling and he snapped the USB port. ANYONE with basic HD knowledge KNOWS NEVER to leave cables in during transit!!! the HD is strong and durable but small ports are always more fragile and can break - this HD if you drop it on the floor it's not going to stop working, which is what you really want. JUST DON'T LEAVE THE CABLE IN DURING TRANSIT AND YOU WILL LOVE THIS.

I had a 3TB HD full of TV shows, it fell off my dresser and now doesn't work, all that data lost - invest in this instead
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on 26 November 2015
Firstly a quick note regarding my CrystalMark screen caps. Some of the drives are empty and some are not, this may affect the results. The various tests were run at various points over the last 12 months, as such, they are not run in a controlled environment. In other words, the tests were not run on factory fresh machines, one after the other and all things may not be equal.

In short, they are a guide only.

So the Transcend 25M3 vs Samsung M3 or more specifically is the Transcend worth the premium?

The short answer is yes, but it does depend on your needs.

Both drives come with a 3 year warranty and that is about where the similarities end. Amusingly the Samsung M3 comes with a Seagate drive and also a Seagate warranty a company who’s drives took a bit of a beating in reliability reports from BackBlaze earlier this year. (2015)

The Transcend on the other hand comes with a Samsung drive… oh my the irony.

So off the bat the Transcend comes with what should prove to be a more reliable drive inside. Regardless of this there are reasons to consider both drives, the key question is what you want the drive for.

The Samsung M3 is the faster drive, but far from the extent that it is noticeable in real world application such as movie and music playback. The difference between the 1TB M3 and 1TB 25M3 is far more notable than that of the 2TB drives.

The Sammy also noticeably runs cooler, with prolonged constant use the Transcend 25M3 can run up to 15% hotter than the M3 after streaming a movie.

The Transcend 25M3 however, has far superior bundled software, an excellent one touch backup feature and is also immeasurably more rugged and durable than an M3.

Both are capable of streaming movies to USB equipped TV’s and Blue ray players. (Both M3 and 25M3 Tested and confirmed working with Samsung UE32F5000 & UE42F5000 playing MKV's and Sony BDV-L600 playing MP4’s)

So which drive is for you?

Well, neither can match the performance of a powered 3.5” external drive such as WD Mybook, there simply isn’t any competition. These types of drives, however are not portable drives, something I found to my chagrin after dropping a 3TB Mybook once too often and destroying it within 3 months of ownership.

If you want to expand the storage capacity of a desktop machine and never plan to move it, then a powered 3.5” external drive is the way to go for optimum performance. If you want a drive to use with multiple PCs or that is going to be moved around even if it is only infrequently just don’t use one of these types of drives it just isn’t worth the risk no matter how careful you are.

If you want a cheap drive for media streaming be it MP3’s with a USB equipped HiFi or MP4’s/MKV’s with a TV or Blue ray player that looks smart in a media centre then the Samsung M3 is the drive for you. A perfect drive for constant use with non critical data that is backed up on another drive for use around the house but preferably usually hooked up to one device.

The Transcend 25M3 on the other hand is a drive for storing backups of non replaceable data or for those requiring a go anywhere large capacity storage medium. The drive inside the Transcend is undeniably more reliable than that of the M3 and the crack in one of my 1TB M3s will attest to the superior durability of the 25M3.

Both the M3 and 25M3 are capable of running a full install of Ubuntu, but again due to the slightly higher heat levels of the 25M3 the M3 is perhaps better suited to such a task.

In short, if you want a drive for around the house buy an M3. If you want a drive that is going to be used as a backup medium or outside the house buy an 25M3. If you want a drive to expand your desktop PC storage that isn’t going to ever be moved by a WD Mybook. If you can afford it by far the best solution for most bases would be a Synology NAS, but it will cost you.
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on 22 May 2013
These are solid and easy to use as a back up. This is the second one I have bought and you can't beat the solid build quality.
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on 20 August 2014
First drive failed after a few months but managed to get it replaced via Amazon. I find hard drives are generally prone to failure but I would expect at least a few years of use first. I have found Seagate to the most reliable in my experience.
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on 21 May 2014
I've bought several of these in the confidence it would be robust. Unfortunately I've learnt the hard way as one of them has already gone faulty without even a small knock. Transcend aren't bothered about my lost data as its a 'back-up' drive. Suggest you consider a 31/2 inch drive instead as I've since found out they are easier to recover data from.
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on 20 August 2014
The product worked fine for several months then wouldn't start at all , would only bleep . Contacted Transend explaining the problem , just got back load of irrelevant links on a pre written emails that all involved having it running 1st . Wrote again saying IT WONT START and that it contained a lot of important university material which we need to have , their answer basically is to return it for a replacement or a refund and that the warranty stated their not responsible for the loss of any data with their products , absolutely disgusted .

Now i see from their response is that they advice is to contact the same people that were of no help at all in the 1st place , so we can get more useless totally irrelevant links , if the drive wont start how do they expect it to be accesses to do anything with , you cant recover something thats DEAD .

Transend has to be one of the worst companies i have ever dealt with . If the product fails don't bother emailing them , all they do is click pre written reply with loads of links that are of no use what so ever , customer service is next to zero . All i have got from them is "return it for a refund" , "the guarantee states we don't cover data stored on our devices" , they clearly dont feel confident enough to recommend anyone rely on their storage products for important files , use more than one , personalty i think use a different brand would be a better option . Our experiences are going to be sent to every consumer medium we can think of , im sure there will be many more customers with the same responses that we have had .
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on 31 July 2014
When I plugged in the drive on my Levono laptop (Windows 8.1) a message popped up stating that Windows needed to "fix" errors on the drive. I followed the screen prompts to do so but that did not work. I then returned the drive using the Amazon's replacement procedure (which was very easy to do) and a new drive was despatched immediately - without waiting for the defective drive to be received by Amazon. The new drive arrived 2 days later. It is supplied with a very short USB cable which I thought would be USB 3.0 compatible but the drive could only be accessed from a USB 2.0 port using this cable. I had purchased an additional longer USB 3.0 cable anyway and when I used this cable to connect the drive I could access the drive from the USB 3.0 port. It appears that the lead supplied with the drive is not USB 3.0 compatible and yet the specification for the drive states that the drive is USB 3.0 compatible and so I would have expected the cable to be USB 3.0. So my advice would be to purchase a cable that states it is specifically for a USB 3.0 port.
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on 15 October 2014
Died after 3 or 4 uses. It's been carried around in a brief case maybe a dozen times. Never dropped. As I bought it a little over 3 months ago I can't return it to Amazon. Have contacted Transcend - other's comments suggest I'll have to be patient!

(Looking around for a non-Transcend replacement, just about all similar devices have non-trivial numbers of one star reviews, most stating unexplained failure after a fairly short time period. This suggests to me that this 'solution' does not really work. I think I'll look for a solid state based solution.)
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