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on 6 October 2010
I purchased a new XL IQ Routes 2 (UK ROI & Europe) and it arrived at mid afternoon. I checked it on a short run in my car, then hooked it up to my laptop to downloaded updated maps. An hour later after updating my map I found that the update procedure (which is totally controlled by the Tom Tom software) had completely erased my UK map.

After emailing TomTom and receiving a facile email intimating that I'm technophobe. I returned the unit for a refund.

Then I found a really helpful guy in Halfords - he told me this model has a 2gb memory (and no facility to increase). It's delivered with about 1.7gb of files pre-loaded (including the UK & Western Europe Map) - but if you look at the free map update (which now includes Turkey) it exceeds 2gb - so it erases the original, finds it can't fit on the new map and offers either Central Europe or Eastern Europe instead - both are less than 2gb but neither include UK.

Tom Tom dropped a brick with this model and map update combination: The specialist suppliers are NOT recommending XL IQ Routes 2 (UK ROI & Europe) for this reason. So whatever you do DON'T DOWNLOAD A MAP UPDATE if you bought the UK ROI & Europe version until they've fixed this bug.
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on 19 October 2009
Now we are both in our seventies we found we were making navigational errors, and then getting more stressed attempting to find our way back on course! Friends had recommended SatNav in general and TomTom in particular. After a few weeks scanning descriptions and reviews we plumped for the TomTom XL IQ. It was delivered within a few days and I then spent an evening with it plugged into my computer, sorting out what had to be done over the internet - a straightforward but time-consuming process.

On almost all SatNav-worthy journeys we find it more convenient to have the unit on the passengers lap rather than fiddle with the mount. We also leave the cord connected as inserting and extracting the connector is a pain - very poor design here. The two units live in a pair of old short socks in a drawer at home or in handbag or rucksack away - a remarkably cheap solution!

In use the unit is very reassuring, with both visual and audible instructions usually coming in good time; it's particularly helpful lnowing how far to the next junction. However there is no audible warning if you are crossing a main road - it just assumes you will go straight over! It has only let us down badly on two occasions, the first when it gave no audible warning of an important turn off the road and we shot past the junction; however it then quickly recalculated the route, but it was through the centre of a town we should have by-passed! The other occured when we needed instructions leaving a large educational establishment SW of Horsham only to discover that it didn't know where we were, and we had to drive on instinct for four miles until it rediscovered our whereabouts. On occasions the turn instruction comes rather later than is helpful.

I wish it were easier to intsruct the unit to plot a route using waymarks so that it takes you the way you want.

On the whole we are very pleased with our purchase and the reduction in strain we have already experienced.
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on 19 June 2011
I bought this unit because I wanted an up to date Euromap satnav. I needed several Euro countries and this unit had them all. I thought a new middle of the range TomTom should be fine. Indeed on receipt I fired it up and hey presto everything is good. I put the TomTom home software onto my computer and linked the Satnav with no problem. Then, the bit they don't tell you about. TomTom home found a new update and as the unit was new within 30 days or so I could download it. So I did. It took forever and then stated that my unit did not have enough space. The update was bigger than my TomTom could handle. How stupid is that? It is new. When you can buy an 8GB SD card for peanuts this unit has a maximum of 2GB storage and no card slot. Now either something went wrong or I pressed the wrong button but from that point on the TomTom was useless. I looked for help but all TomTom give are the usual directions to FQA's. Their FQA's are rubbish by the way. The best advice is always independent sites where people have no brand loyalty and say it like it is. I found one and after several long downloads and failures right at the ' literally' eleventh hour, managed to get the TOMTOM back. But not as it was, I could only choose a specific combination of regions due to size and not one combination covered all the countries I am going to. So I now have a Garmin to cover certain countries, as I would have to lose the UK for the TomTom to cover them. The choices are not good enough. We should be able to swap and change individual countries if we wish in order to tailor the Satnav. When are these manufacturer's going to wake up to that fact. My advice is to download the map updates directly to your computer and store them there. That way you can update, providing you have all night. This will enable you to swap the maps around to some extent, to get over the size limit on your TomTom and load what package is closest to the areas you need. At well over £100 it shouldn't be be a a cost problem for a manufacturer to put more memory on the unit to accept the official updates for the next two years, or is there another reason???
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on 18 July 2009
After looking at a few comments on this product I find myself in agreement with many of the positive and even some of the negative.

To expound on this, I purchased the XL IQ routes ed (Europe)last Saturday for a trip around Spain next month, with the thought that I'd best get hold of one early enough to get used to the device as a) I had never owned a sat nav before (having been blessed with a pretty good personal GPS and the ability to read a map). and b) having been in cars with others who have used these devices I was concerned they may be more distracting than useful.

I picked this product based on reviews of others and a 5 minute demo from a friend, which to be honest made it look indespensable, even for the things that are often never mentioned about the device, such as the help section, which one would assume is a how to guide, but is infact a set up to get the nearest hosptial/ doctor whether driving or walking even including a first aid guide. Although I've not had to use these features, so cannot advise if any good, what a great feature!

My first trip was a known trip and on the whole it marked the way I would choose, but it still managed to save me 30 minutes off a regular journey time by throwing me down a couple of country lanes, so by now seriously impressed with the device.

So the next thing I do the same as everyone does is connect the device to their PC to make sure they have the latest maps, cameras et al.

As soon as you connect it, it installs the software already pre-loaded on the device (a really nice feature, no disc to lose woohoo!) as soon as it this application is installed (called tom tom HOME) it asks if you would like to update.



that is the message you should be shown first, how aleading manufacturer of such a product can get you updating before you've backed up a working machine is unbelivable, but just a sign of today I feel, in that once they have your money they no longer care.

Of course, I was not aware and like most clicked the update button, all is well, I disconnect the device turn it on and woohoo a nice tom tom shaped paper weight.

I then spend a week battling customer services, to get this working as I cannot return the device due to it being software and excluded from 28 day returns policy.

In the end I fixed the device myself, as customer service just insisted on forwarding me pre-prepared scripts that were not able to resolve the issue. I'll not go into how I fixed it but I did have to format it and start from scratch, re-installing applications and maps, which athough I'm capable is not something I feel I should have been doing.

Anyway now the device is backed up and working and in summary it is a great product and I would highly recommend it.

Just make sure you back up the device manually before updating (guide on tomtom website) and you should be golden.
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on 19 January 2012
Dont buy this product by the time you install a start up and shut down emblem and map updates the memory is full and thats without any voice or driving style updates.Then next time you want to update maps or cameras there is no available space and then you are out of time to return it so then have to deal with tomtom customer services luckily i updated mine then looked at available space and so then checked reviews, this problem seems to be a massive issue.DONT BUY
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on 19 July 2010
I have owned 3 tomtom machines and all have struggled with the same problem.....internal memory is small for the full European map.

There is no mention that the European map is has grown so large that the full map will no longer fit onto the 2gb flash drive. Tomtom home even tell's you your machines memory is too small for the full version and instead you are offer a zoned map of Europe that you must choose. (4 zones)

I have frequently used my machines on holidays but the way the Europe map zones are split mean you can have U.K & Germany but not Spain or Italy.....or you can choose U.K & Spain but not Germany or Italy.

On past machines I have worked around this by installing a 4gb SD card but some "bean counter" at Tomtom has decided a few pounds can be saved by doing away with the SD slot on most machines.
Adding lots of POI, music or additional features Tomtom offer!! could be limited.
Good points the TT has an easy to use interface and the map graphics are good but I paid for a full working map installed on the machine not my home computer. Removing the SD slot is a step back
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on 1 May 2009
This is my second TomTom navigation unit. My first was the original TomTom GO, which I gave to my father just over 2 years ago as the new company car I was given had a navigation unit in it. How I missed the TomTom! You miss the 3D-style intuitive display, the easy tap screen entry. Well, the new XL iq Routes European Edition is just great! It has a really clear display with a non-reflective surface, which is much better that the old TomTom GO shiny-screen.

The display is bigger and the unit is far quicker and more responsive to the satellite signals. I have noted some small map errors when I was in Edinburgh recently. The TomTom was trying to make me turn right into a road that was not there, it was 50 feet above me (North Bridge). I tagged the point on my unit (it says you can do this) with the intention of advising when I upgrade the maps on my computer. I have no idea where the 'tag' point went to? I browsed the map and manually advised but this feature is very cumbersome and probably not as intended, it certainly was not as I had inferred the feature. I will ask TomTom about this but the question is so obscure it may not be understood. But for this small quirk I would give it 5 stars.
I never use the voice for navigation or have need of a bluetooth link to my mobile 'phone (I use a Jabra earpiece), so those features are not needed from the product portfolio. This unit has no Bluetooth and if it had no sound it would be cheaper and for me better too.

The speed travelling and road limit on the bottom of the screen is an excellent addition.
I am yet to use it in Europe but all being well it will be as good there as here. The screen mount is wonderful, being both very solid and quick to attach and detatch.

I wholeheartedly recommend the unit. It is quick, simple, intuitive and accurate.
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on 26 September 2009
I would find it difficult to express quite how disappointed I am with this product. It was bought to replace a TomTom One which we had had for just over three years and which had lost her voice. The old one was bulky, had few features and occasionally had bizarre map blips when roads had changed as all SatNavs do, but we had used it all over the UK and France and been pleased with it overall.

The new XL IQ initially created a good impression with its thinner frame and clear large screen and the persistent problems took a while to reveal themselves. Firstly, it takes forever to find a signal - anything up to five minutes while you sit in the car drumming your fingers waiting to know which direction to take. Secondly, even once it has locked on, it suddenly drops the signal for no apparent reason and you are left waiting for it to pick one up again - this time while you are driving along. This is particularly unhelpful and potentially dangerous if it happens while you are going round a roundabout or trying to get in lane round a ring road. Although this was apparent from the start, the manual says that it may take a while to pick up GPS WHEN YOU FIRST START TO USE IT so we stupidly waited for things to get better. They haven't.

Then there's the maps. We live in the middle of a Victorian terrace in London. Not a new road you understand and not remote or rural. Our house is not there. Houses up to number 24 are and after 84 but not ours. This doesn't matter particularly because we know where we live, but unfortunately this is far from the only gap in its knowledge. Driving round Norwich (another city you will note) it had no idea about long established one way streets and, in addition, attempted to take us down tiny lanes that in the 19th century would have accommodated a thin horse and cart. When we drove past these it took us on a circuitous loop to go back and have another go. In Coltishall (a bit more rural I admit) it suggested we should turn right as we went over a bridge - presumably to take a trip down the river (although that wasn't in the right direction either!)

Finally there is the window sticker. This is a small plastic disc which fixes directly to the back of the SatNav. The size is good compared to the huge one on our old TomTom One but it is fiddly and clicks off while you are trying to get the angle right or while trying to push in the tiny, recessed cable which in itself is a significant challenge to manual dexterity.

Unfortunately, we bought it through BestDigitalMarket on Amazon Marketplace rather than direct through Amazon and they do not have Amazon's excellent returns policy. As I saved only a couple of pounds buying in this way, it was a mistake to do so. It took a little while for these problems to emerge and we have had the device for for five weeks. BestDigitalMarket do not permit returns after 28 days and were generally offhand and unhelpful so I am left dealing with TomTom's awful customer "support" who do not respond to emails.

So - recommendations. Don't touch the TomTom XL IQ Europe with a barge pole and consider whether the small saving you may occasionally make by buying through Amazon Marketplace rather than Amazon itself is worth it in the long run.
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on 1 December 2009
If you purchase a Tom Tom and have no issues, they are a fantastic product. However, if anything goes wrong and you have to deal with their customer service, things turn into a nightmare. My Tom Tom went wrong when activating the blue tooth, so my advice is to stick to the basics of just letting the thing get you from A to B.

Back to Tom Tom's customer service, it took me over 8 months to finally get a replacement after this the product had been sent to Germany, Scotland and Holland. Emails unanswered, 55 minutes plus spent on the phone and numerous occasions reformatting the hard drive. I really got the distinct impression that Tom Tom were hoping that I would just give up.

Unfortunately some of their devices do have faults, but why make people endure such a protracted process before replacing items? I cannot recommend Tom Tom on any level as their customer care is a total disgrace and will leave you frustrated and angry.
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on 26 June 2009
I've used several satnav sets and this one is the best yet. The Lane guidance is very neat and the overall ease of use is fantastic. The screen size is just about right and the unit is fairly compact. The quick release mounting is very neat and easy to use. Highly recommended. Can't comment on the customer service - I know some others have had problems in this area but so far so good for me - not had to call for support. Seems to be very reliable and the GPS locks onto satellites really quickly.
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