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on 21 February 2012
I bought this instead of a Gtech floor sweeper, and it has become my favourite gadget. Always ready to use. Costs around 18p per week to run. Works well on both hard and carpet floors. Small dust cup means it needs frequent emptying, but it picks up things my Dyson misses. I am disabled with week wrists, and this is just the right weight. Heavy enough not to bounce over carpets but not so heavy that I cannot use it. In two words - ideal, brilliant, the swivle head means it gets at most places, and is easier to use than a normal size hoover, and the Amazon price is just right too.
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on 19 April 2012
I have difficulty using heavy vacuum cleaners and so prefer to use a Roomba IRobot on my carpets and a GTech cordless sweeper for cat litter, dust and fluff on the kitchen floor, but I needed something light to clean the stairs and the cobwebs that gather around the ceilings. As I have been pleased with my Samsung phone and netbook, I chose this Samsung stick vac and have now had it for two days. At the moment it stands proudly in its cradle in the kitchen from where I can easily lift it whenever a bit of cat litter or fluff catches my eye. I don't even have to bend down to unplug it, just lift it and press the power button on the handle. It vacuums the kitchen hard floor so well that I no longer need my GTech.

It obviously doesn't do as good a job as the Roomba or a good vacuum cleaner on carpets, but it's so light and easy to manoeuvre over the carpets throughout the house, even the deeper pile carpet in the lounge looks better after just a few minutes. It gets into small spaces that other cleaners miss, and under very low furniture. The hand held separates easily and can be fitted with a tiny fragile looking brush for dusting.

Unfortunately, the machine is not ideal for the two jobs I bought it for. I expected to be able to use the whole stick to reach high up cobwebs, but only the hand held with the tiny brush can be used for this job...and that doesn't reach the highest points. The vacuum doesn't do the edges of the stairs either and I wonder how long the fragile little brush will last with the rubbing and scrubbing it took to clean them.

The biggest disappointment though is the dust container emptying procedure. I expected to just press a button, but unfortunately it's not so easy. I have to grip the two clips on either side of the hand held. This is quite hard and I need to lie the machine down on the worktop and struggle for a few minutes, then the dust cap has to be removed and neither my husband or I could do it at first. I've now got the knack and push one side at a time, easing it off. As the dustbin is very small, this needs to be done after almost every use.

Despite the problems, I am using the cleaner a lot - though mainly at the expense of the GTech!

FOLLOW UP: I have now had this cleaner for a couple of weeks and find that I still need my GTech for cleaning up cat litter and things like crumbs and seeds. The Samsung drops them all when I switch the machine off leaving the floor in a worse mess than when I started. I have to keep the machine running while I shake it over the bin before going through the annoying procedure of emptying the dust container. This machine looks good, is easy to lift off it's stand and useful for a quick sweep around, but when all is said and done, for me, it was not a good choice.
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on 20 July 2012
I have been reading the reviews on this product and decided to go go for one. I have recently had hard floors put in the hall, porch and have hard floors in the kitchen and bathrooms. I have a large dog which continually moults and was using an electro-static mop to pick up the hair daily. Since purchasing this appliance cleaning has never been so easy. It cleans the kitchen, hall, rugs, bathrooms and still has enough power left for other similar jobs. The bin is easy to empty and in my case needs emptying daily. But it is so light and easy. I have arthritis in my hands but don't need to keep the on/off switch pressed as you do in some cleaners so no problems there. You cannot use it for cleaning high surfaces but I use my main vacuum for that. It is hard to push on long pile carpets but on short dense pile it is fine. Strongly recommended for hard floors and especially with pets. There is a rotating brush on this cleaner too. Also I assembled this myself all you need is a Phillips screwdriver and you're there. easy. Since writing the above review I have found I need to vacuum and wash the filters every couple of days as I se this cleaner daily. I found it difficult to find the correct cyclone filter and contacted Samsung. For anyone that owns one of these cleaners the filter part number is-5045179736805. I bought three more of these at around £3.49 each plus p.p. on line (Buyspares.) This means that you always have a dry clean filter when needed.
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on 7 May 2012
Great helper around kids. I'm really impressed with functionality and power. Don't expect to be as big vacuum cleaner,but for what was made does his job perfectly. I had a gtech sweaper before but the Samsung is far better. Very happy with the purchase.
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on 9 May 2012
Overall, a very nice machine. Small, light, good battery life, ok suction, looks nice. However, as noted by another reviewer, it seems incapable of picking up grit. It picks it up fine, I wait for a while or carry on hoovering, then when I turn it off it spits all the grit back out all over the floor. I've tried to pick up the same small pile of grit 5 times but it just gets deposited whenever I turn it off. Must be some badly designed aerodynamics in the tube where it's getting caught up and won't get into the storage compartment. The time saved by not having to plug a large hoover in is completely cancelled out by having to keep hoovering the same dirt over and over, and make tactical turn offs aimed at the bin.
Doesn't do it's intended purpose, clean the just moves the dirt around.
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on 28 April 2012
i have been looking for a handheld vacuum for some time so i was delighted to find this. only arrived yesterday but im already crazy in love with it.
love the colour (i have the white with blue accents) & the look, its small enough to store easily & light enough to carry about.
the pros :
- its cordless (no cables or pipes to get stuck around corners & under doors)
- its light
- it recharges pretty fast
- it sucks very well too
- handheld detaches from the main unit - no back breaking bending over

the cons :
- no indicator for battery
- hair gets a little stuck in the brushes which needs to be removed by hand
- a little noisy over tiles, rollers could be softer

the cons are worth living with though because its such a magic machine! im incredibly pleased with mine.
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on 17 May 2012
Great product, very light making vacuum very easy to use if you have any problems which make traditional vacuums difficult. I have arthritis and this product allows me to tackle stairs! Good suction easily lifts on carpet and vinyl.. I bought the white as much cheaper and dont regret choice. Recommend too for caravan if you looking for slim effective product.
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on 22 April 2012
Ok... You have cats? You need this!!! We live in a two floor house and have two long haired kittens... I used to have to assemble my wired big vacuum cleaner and carry it upstairs. I can do this every day with no effort!!!!! The suction is perfect for a little unwired vacuum, and the handheld is just perfect, it comes with a little attachable brush that will eliminate all the hair with no effort. Simply amazing little vacuum. The charger occupy almost no space and is great if you want to leave your device on display while it charges. It is beautiful so you would not want to hide it!!! Best buy ever!!! Won't regret a penny of it!!!
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on 27 July 2015
We have had this now for a year and a half. It's a great vacuum. Nice and easily stored behind a door, plugged in and ready to be switched on for charging. A charge of 2 hours works well for us. We have a good sized 3 bed house, fully carpeted. I can hoover the entire house and still have charge left over for if i need to use the hoover for the odd mess inbetween a full house hoovering. After having a normal hoover in the past, this one is brilliant. I can do the whole house in half the time as im not faffing about with the cord wrapping round furniture or unplugging and having to replug the lead in elsewhere to reach other rooms. The weight of it is an amazing plus. I can easily carry it up the stairs with one hand and its so easy to hoover under things too. Unclip the handheld bit and you can add a small brush or use it as it is, very handy for getting into skirting boards or nooks. I have given it 4 stars not 5 as it does have a slight problem with picking up everything, while it gets most everything it struggles on things like grits which just jumps around under it, so i have to pick it up by hand but i'd much rather that than go back to a heavy, corded hoover that to be honest didn't pick up everything either. Cleaning it everytime is a must but is simple and quick. Just unclip the bit that captures the rubbish you have hoovered up and tip it into the bin, you may like to do this after doing the upstairs then again after downstairs, a quick wipe over with a very wrung out tissue collects the dust off it and bang the filter clean and its done. I have very long hair that wraps around the brushes so i cut it off after each use to keep it working at its best. My mum is 81 and can use it with ease cos of its lightness and ease of cleaning.
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on 24 November 2015
I consider myself a Samsung fanboy. I believe Samsung make quality products that are worth paying for and so I was doubly disappointed with this product. By far it is the worst Samsung product I have ever owned and I wish I had returned it when I still had the chance. Perhaps on smooth wooden and linen floors this might work, but on carpets it's useless.

We have a house with pets so there are lots of hairs to hoover up and this hoover completely fails at picking them up. Instead of going into the bagless hold all the hair gets stuck in the head and after that it doesn't pick up anything else. If it hoovers up anything at all it just gets caught up in the head and spits it all back out whenever you power it off and pick it up. You can clean the head of hair but it gets clogged again way too easily.

Product simply doesn't work as it should and is incredibly frustrating to use. I'd never doubt a Samsung product before, but this hoover changed that.
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