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on 13 January 2013
Before I got this, I'd tried projecting slides onto a screen and photographing them with a digital camera - surprisingly hard to do without suffering some distortion and degradation of colour.

I've now transferred three or four boxes of slides using the scanner, and based on this I can say that it does a great job within its limits, which is quite good enough for me. I'm looking at slides which have languished in a box in a cupboard for many years, and the quality is fine for viewing on the computer. Any blemishes are easily removed with free software such as Gimp, (but clean the internal screen frequently and use a blower-brush on the slides). Haven't tried it on negatives yet, but have no reason to doubt that it will do the job.

Would give five stars, but I share the concerns of other reviewers with regard to the apparent flimsiness of the slide-holder.
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on 2 July 2012
I bought this scanner some time ago and have finally started scanning slides this weekend. I am an amateur photographer and so I take care on the quality of my slides, which is why I used to take pictures of slides in the first place.

My view is that the slide viewer is OK but not that great for quality scans. I liked the idea that it scans at 10M pixels but the quality is just not that good. The quality can change from slide to slide. Some slide scans come out great, others come out a bit constraty. I even scanned a sunset picture three times and the colours came out different every time. There is no white balance setting so the colours do change a bit. Unfortunately a bad scan at 10M is still a bad scan, so maybe I should have considered a better sanner even if it has less mega pixels.

There has been some criticism on the quality of the manual, but to be honest that didn't really matter. They're right, the manual is not that good but the device is so simple to use that you don't really need it anyway. If it wasn't for the quality of the scans all other aspects of the device are very good. Well made consumer device. It's not designed for commercial use so it's not made rock solid but it is more than solid enough for consumer users. I scanned in about 400 to 500 slides and had no problems. You might need a can of air gas though to remove any dust from the slides before scanning in.
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on 28 January 2013
Item works well enough for transferring slides to SD card and onward to PC. Quality of image OK but can sometimes be over saturated particularly in the blue ranges. One problem when using an SD card in the scanner and being connected to the pc to read it, the 'Realtek' driver for the sd card reader in the pc gets corrupted and has to be reinstalled. Other reviews say slide mount is fiddly to use, if the small locating tabs on the cover are trimmed back it becomes much easier to use.
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on 18 February 2012
TeckNet 5M/10M Slide, Negative and Black/White Film Scanner to SD Card, With 32MB Build-in Memory - Full Black
When it works, it is very fast, 3/4 seconds to transfer a slide to an SD card. There is however, a problem when the slide has extremes of light and dark, for instance, a firework display. As detailed in my request for information dated 22nd. January, for which I am still waiting a reply.
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on 6 June 2013
I am very disappointed with the product.
There are extremely limited options when you are trying to adjust exposure, etc... The scans themselves are very small and absolutely nothing is sharp.
It's not worth half the price it's being sold for.
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on 12 November 2012
I bought this primarily due to the price, which to be honest is reasonable considering other scanners I've tried - the results are not bad on the whole, but odd slides seem to fool the auto color balance etc. I seemed to get odd ones which were well out of focus too, however I discovered that this was due to the slides that I was scanning being slightly bowed in their mounts, but you can't really adjust for this as you could using a projector.
The results are quite good enough to stick on a CD or DVD and disply on your TV, but they are not the best or sharpest quality, but having said that I've seen the results from much more expensive scanners which were not much better either, so you get what you pay for in the end I guess - the scanner is very easy to use, and has exposure compensation plus a few adjustments driven by an easy menu system, all in all I'd say it was OK for what I paid but dont expect projector like quality, if you want pin sharp crisp images then I suspect you may need to spend a bit more on a higher resolution scanner. 7/10
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on 10 May 2013
As soon as I saw the scan on my computer I knew I had made a mistake. The poor contrast and colour I could have probably lived with but the very poor focusing spoilt the images. Needless to say it has gone back.
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I'm in the process of digitising 1200 or so old photos; the vast majority I have as prints, which I am scanning with a Canon flatbed scanner. I bought this to deal with the remainder, which I only have as negatives.

First off, you need to be realistic; a box costing £50 is not going to produce professional results. The construction is plastic and flimsy, the negative holder is fiddly and (in spite of claims about ISO compliance) doesn't really align the negative that well. (I'd rather suspect Canon, who made my camera, are more likely to comply with ISO standards than a no-name Chinese manufacturer...)

It's not the easiest thing to use - it connects to your PC via USB, but that is primarily to provide power - you can go into the menu to enable USB data, at which point the scanner appears as a USB drive containing images on your PC, but once in this mode, you can't actually do any scanning. To scan, you then have to turn the scanner off and on again - not really convenient.

All that said, the results are better than I had feared. Compared to a scan of the same printed photo, there is evidence of some colour imbalance - the scanner tends to a slight blue tint. It also overexposes consistently - before scanning anything, go into the menu and set the exposure compensation to -1, which seems about right. (Irritatingly, this setting defaults to zero whenever you power off the scanner, so you need to keep resetting it.)

The scanner does a lot of image processing; there is no option to create an unprocessed lossless file, and the JPEG compression is pretty brutal, compressing a 10 Mpixel image down to well under 2MB - by comparison, a 10 Mpixel image from a decent DSC would be twice that size. There is also a lot of edge sharpening applied - images look ok at typical snapshot size, but when blown up, the edge enhancement is quite jarring.

But all that is in the context of a £50 box - after a bit of judicious tweaking of levels and colour in Photoshop (hint - just run Auto Colour and Auto Levels on everything), the results are quite acceptable for anyone not planning on blowing pictures up to A4. If you're a dedicated pixel-peeper, this device isn't for you, and I'm still not sure whether I'm going to be completely happy unless I try a more professional scanner with less processing and compression, but for the vast majority of people, this will do just what they need at a reasonable price.
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on 25 March 2013
As is mentioned in other reviews, this is a very basic scanning device. I found two problems with using it:
1. The video processing is excessive, creating violent colour casts on high contrast content. This can be worked around by setting the exposure to "-1" and then using the computer to lift darker backgrounds.
2. All my slides are now "bowed" in their slide holders. There is no way to hold the film flat. So every image varies in focus across the picture. This could be cured by engineering a better slide holder and even extracting slides from their plastic or cardboard surrounds.

Otherwise, for £50 it allows you to grab a medium-resolution, partially fuzzy and colour-casted image from a slide. Which is better than no image at all. If your slides are old (> 20 years) this probably does not matter, and the scanner is quick, easy to use, reliable and robust.
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on 8 April 2012
Having a great number of old slides, buying this scanner was a lot cheaper than having them converted professionally. The first disappointment was the manual; it is quite dreadful. You do eventually find out what to do, but solely by trial and error.
The second disappointment was the digitised results. I had not expected the original clarity of projected slides but did hope for something better than the grainy and poor colour rendering which this scanner gives. You will get no result at all from night-time pictures, fireworks etc; it just refuses to scan. The only positive thing I can say about it is that the slide holder is not actually as flimsy as it appears to be.
You get what you pay for, I suppose.
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