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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 22 December 2011
Ordered this Headset yesterday and it just arrived. Delivery service was very good, packaging in good condition.
The item comes in a stylish package with a window which allows you to have a look at the headset itself, looks fantastic and good quality.
Feels very solid and build quality is good. All accessories included (wires and connector; instruction manual).
Set up was very easy, and adjusting sound settings on PS3 were straight forward, the instruction manual is very clear. You can hear your own voice while adjustments are done and the microphone quality sounds outstanding.
Headset feels very comfortable, you can adjust it to your needs. Ear pads are comfortable and surround easily your ears without creating any pressure (I've got small ears anyway). The microphone is adjustable as well and it's very flexible.
Sound quality in game is very good, you can distinguish all sort of different sounds and it's very clear (glass breaking; footsteps; machine gun feels proper 'heavy'). Sound volume are easily adjustable on connector, which is in hand, for both game and chat.
Still playing around with it, with different games. I did find out some games allow in their options to adjust sound settings (headphone surround) which increases a bit the overall experience (black ops). Besides this, I'm still trying to find out a way to adjust in game bass levels, if that's possible.
Overall a great product. There are plenty of options out there, at higher prices, but this headset really has it's own way of showing off in the crowd.
Very happy with it and recommend it.
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on 29 November 2012
I'd like to be clear; I didn't buy this from Amazon.
Overall, this is a decent headset. I've owned a pair for about a year now.

- The sound quality is excellent. I've also been told that the microphone picks up clearly and loudly (I could speak from 3 meters away at normal volume, and it would trigger voice activation).
-They're quite comfortable for long periods of time. I should know, I'm a World of Warcraft raider.
-They look rather neat and unconventional.

-Whilst the headband is indeed lightweight, it is also not very sturdy. The strap on mine partially broke after a month or so (one of the bands broke free on one end). While it is still quite usable, it was somewhat uncomfortable to wear if not adjusted correctly.
-The paint on the side of the earphones is not durable at all. I have a habit of scratching lightly at the earphones, and straightaway I noticed paint coming off.
-The software can be quite finicky. I once had a period where the headset would not work due to random driver issues.

So in general, it's a decent headset and worth your consideration; just make sure you're not too rough with it.
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on 18 November 2011
I have a set of Turtle Beach Ear Force X11 aswell and would say over all these are more comfortable to wear over long play sessions, with soft, oversized fabric/foam earcups, the sound on the Gioteck set is I would say better.

These are a well made, great sounding and the mic works well to. A good buy.

They work great on x-box and PC i cant say as for PS3 as not tried, the only thing is you will need XBOX 360 HDMI AV CABLE+OPTICAL RCA ADAPTER so they work with your x-box, PC they are just plug and play.
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on 24 June 2014
I've waited from up until now to give my results for this product.
In March 2014 of when I ordered this headset I was expecting the one that was pictured here on the sale with the so called "Military" branding and when I had received it,it was nothing but a stock production all black headset EX05 and it wasn't the one that I ordered.I have no quarrels over the sound quality when linked up with a DSS2 but the overall 2 hard plastic pieces that holds onto the mesh part of where it goes over my head digs right into my scalp front to back and it hurts me after wearing them for a very long time and now these headphones has just lasted me just 3 months and the wiring now is completely coiled,kinked and now there is a severe issue of the headset losing sound going from stereo to going to mono and I have to straighten the wire to get sound to flow through the headset properly but the thing that makes me a bit angry is I paid £27.88 for them and to me now they are blatantly worth just under £9.99 and these headphones are over priced and the longevity is poor with this product so buyers beware and think twice before buying them,Trust me Gioteck is not worth it
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on 4 November 2013
I own a pair of Senheiser HD650 headphones (which are among the best headphones there are) which are connected to a very good external audio interface that has a very good headphone output/amp. I therefore think I have a good benchmark to judge other headphones by.

EX05 sound:
As I expected the sound is 'hyped'. The bass and the treble are boosted. For games this is appropriate.
The bass is very good indeed, giving cinematic booms with plenty of 'oomph' and smoothness. The treble though is a bit brittle. All frequencies are very tight with no flabbiness. As you would expect from this good timing response you can hear very good detail in the sound, certainly a lot better than the average speakers in a flat screen TV, but there again, most headphones would probably afford better detail than that.
Overall the sound is surprisingly good for a product in this price bracket.

The ear cups are comfortable and do not press too hard on the ears. The headband can become a bit uncomfortable if the phones slip down and the frame presses on the head, but a small adjustment will relieve this and you can carry on.
It could overall be more comfortable but I can play long sessions without problem.

At a convenient distance down the wire from the phones is the small control box. It has two separate dials, one for the overall console/PC sound level and one for the level of other people's voices. It also has a mute/on switch for the headset's microphone. This switch is a bit small and stiff but that's not a big issue. You can see they did spare some expense on this little box, but its features are very handy and it works.

The mic arm is adjustable up and down. You can move it so it is vertical allowing for convenient storage. It is also flexible meaning you can move it closer or further from your mouth. You can only hear your own voice on the PS3 in the headset set up section, you can't hear your own voice in games. Judging by the set up the mic has good sound quality, better in the test than any player's voice I have heard in online games. I expect your voice comes out the same way as other people's in games, but at least you know that this mic will make your voice sound as good as any other mic would in most games.

I have only used this on PS3. Installation was easy, but you do need to carefully follow the instructions. If using with the PS3 you will need the audio cable that came with the PS3. As well as using the rear audio peripheral socket it will also take up a USB socket.

Overall I am impressed by this headset system.
Everything about it could be better quality, but you would have to pay a whole lot more to get much better, and I don't need it to be better.
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on 13 December 2011
Brilliant!!, so realistic that i was looking for the grenades going off behind me!!
not only is this headset very comfortable but it actually improves the game play feeling by completely emersing you direct into the heart of the action on screen, purely because it feels so close and clear. i have tried many headsets but this by far is the best, even though its wired direct to my playstation, there is enough cable to reach anywhere as not to obstruct the gameplay. I have even started to use the headset when im watchin bluerays on my ps3 purely because the sound quality through them is so blindingly good!!
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on 23 February 2013
Got this product for £25- extremely cheap.
Last one I had was the Ozone Onda 3HX- that I definitely cannot recommend because it failed in under a month (stopped playing sound in one ear) and customer support were rude.
Have not had this for more than 3 days. It feels of a very cheap quality, only bit of metal I see in the whole thing is the adjuster straps.
They sent me one without the camo design, same headset but without that. Not bothered enough to send it back, in fact it really doesn't bother me other than that it didn't say it could be this before I ordered it.
Sound is average for a headset like this, uses 2x20mm speakers so nothing good there.
Mic is clear and does the job, though awkward to adjust.
Seem to have a little PC trouble, W7 Starter (not my main PC) seems to decide it isn't connected once in a while and it also seems to use generic drivers. Xbox works 100%.
One problem is it continues to play Xbox sound while switched to PC which means I also have to turn down 'Game' volume for it to shut up when Skyping, but this could also be considered an advantage in some cases.

Overall not bad but a lil bit more metal and a 3.5mm jack option would have made it ideal.
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on 17 January 2014
i have one of these already but ordered another for family member, they are an amazing set of ear phones to play call of duty ghosts on (search and rescue) must buy!!!, so 5/5 for me for the price on the actual headset, There was a human error with my order as i was sent a WIRELESS ex-05 which are not a patch on the wired ones. There was no issue on returning the item as CHIPS does state they will refund the postage so long as it is not the buyers fault which i have yet to receive but i am sure i will be receiving the postage costs. They have also posted my wired ones i ordered originally so i am happy thanks very much, i had a bad day on my last review lol
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on 27 June 2013
well, the title says it all!
When I first got the headphones, the length of the wire surprised me, as most of the other headphones i've used in the past, only had a 1.5M wire, but this was almost twice as long (although I think this is a good thing as it can now reach behind my computer with all my other wires).

They may feel a bit strange at first, because of the mesh headband, but it's large area makes it remain comfortable.

The sound quality is good, as good as any high priced headphones, but if you're wanting to have your volume loud and make sure people around you can't hear you, these aren't the headphones for you. The open back design isn't too good at keeping sound in, but it keeps your head nice and cool after long periods of use.

Now, the mic, my favorite part about these headphones. I've done some recording with these headphones, and the quality is crystal clear! The quality is amazing, if you used extra noise cancellation software, you'd basically have a studio quality mic!
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on 30 December 2011
Firstly, I got these from GAME but you get the same headset, so I can't comment on delivery ect, I can talk about quality, ease of use so on.

Secondly, When I got these and tried them I was disappointed, On PC they sounded crap and on Xbox they didn't work.

However !
The PC problem was my USB was the slightly broken one, and the Xbox problem was my Tv, not the headset.

After a long wait, (and some swearing) I got it to work on my laptop, (proving it was the faulty USB) and using it perfectly on a different Tv for Xbox, and ever since I've loved using them :)

Why ?
-I can finally talk to others on xbl/PC and they can hear my voice, no white noise ect.

-I can play Xbox with the Tv sound off, and hear everything (and I mean, everything) through the headset alone, and thus replaced my 7.1 Surround-sound, yes ! They're that good.

My only complaint is the fittings, which is subjective to each and every person.
Because although you can adjust the height of the ear-cups, you can not do the same for the crown of your head, although after stretching them, they fit like a glove.

With these you can hear the enemy footsteps, and they're weapons reloading.

But they won't hear you.

Unless they have a pair too.
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