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on 11 November 2013
Garmin Nuvi 2595. As a Satnav, I think its brilliant. The reason I have given it only 3 stars is because I had immense trouble downloading updates to maps and software. The problem was that Garmin Express and GarminMapUpdater failed to recognise the device. I spent several frustrating hours downloading and installing new versions of usb drivers, browser plug-ins and all associated software, alternative usb cables, avoiding usb hub, trying Firefox and Internet Express, ... without any success. I was just about to give up and send it back to Amazon when I found an online entry explaining that some of these devices were shipped with the wrong mode preset, to "MTP AutoDetect mode" not "Mass Storage mode". To fix this, do the following: Power on the satnav and wait until main menu displayed, go to the Volume screen, then press and hold the top right hand corner of the Volume screen for about 10 seconds (I know, seems quite bizarre)- the screen has nothing to indicate that anything lurks there. This secret procedure brings up a developer menu. Scroll down and select "MTP Settings". This takes you to another menu where you should select "Mass Storage" and Save. Problem solved!!! but what a pain!!! I dont know if this was just a small batch of these had the problem. Anyone who is not comfortable with computers and software is likely to just send the device back.
Downloaded software updates and all new Europe maps without any problems (takes 3 to 4 hours on my broadband connection).
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I have upgraded from several Nuvis, including the Nuvi which is replaced by this one, the Nuvi 2460LT, and I am much happier with this latest Nuvi. And here's why:

Near instant re-routing when a wrong turn is taken - I have owned 4 other Nuvi's in my time, and I have never seen such fast re-routing, if I should take a wrong turn or attempt to vary my route when driving. Within two seconds this 2595LMT will recalculate a new route. This is most impressive, and shows that the processor in this and/or its coding is far superior to that used in previous models.

Lifetime Map updates - I am very happy with the way maps are updated on my Windows 7. My ISP does not use any form of "bandwidth shaping" or "protocol management" and so I am able to download and install entire maps from Garmin's servers in well under an hour. Others may not be aware that their ISP is to blame for any slowness in updating maps, and if so, I would strongly advise that you change your ISP to one that provides a 'clean connection' for your money, and you too will have no lengthy delays in updating maps from Garmin's servers. Any ISP that promises that they manage bandwidth for the majority of their users should be avoided as that simply means that they have under-invested in network capacity and must make up for such by slowing down how their customers use the internet!

Does this Garmin bring me down dodgy laneways etc.? No! I am in central London and so far, I have been pleased enough with its routing. Of course, it is no match for personal knowledge of short-cuts. But that would, I would argue, be expecting too much in a city of the size of London - never mind the fact that full European mapping is included. For this is a machine and must be given credit for bringing me on a relatively straightforward routing whenever I've called upon it to take me across London.

The Lifetime map upgrades are supported by advertising - is it intrusive? Not at all. And I absolutely abhor ads with a passion (when I was younger I tried to get into advertising, but apparently I was... 'not wanted', and so I've hated everything that advertising stands for with a passion ever since!). Trust me I really do hate ads, but the occasional ads which appear are tiny and barely noticeable, nor any distraction whatsoever. So full marks to Garmin for being sensitive as to drivers' needs when it came to how they would subsidise lifetime map updates. So far so good.

Does the Voice Control work well? Yes, I have had no difficulties using it. Although it is slightly different to the way it worked in the former Nuvi (which I had to return because it switched itself off occasionally when Voice was used). Before you had to speak the Town, then the street, then the house number, and then it would present a list of options which you could call out. In this latest Nuvi, you speak your destination all in one go and it would then attempt to calculate what you meant. More often than not, what I said would appear within the first four options which it returned as possibilities, and so I have been pretty happy so far with how it has worked. I will certainly use voice more and more for safety reasons in particular, as it is a very good reason to upgrade from another sat-nav - provided that you speak reasonably clearly. I would imagine that it would perform less well with muffled voices and strong accents.

I have had no problems with its mounting nor any aspect of this unit's performance. Nonetheless, thank you for your interest in my review, and I will be very happy, for the timebeing, to answer anyone's queries in the comments section below. Meanwhile, I would highly recommend this Nuvi over the four previous Nuvi's and one Tom Tom I've used.

UPDATE Please see my comment of 2nd July 2013 about its increasingly unimpressive sealed battery performance. Its sealed OEM battery is now lasting only half an hour, from full recharge, after only a year's usage. Hmmmm.
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on 24 February 2012
Bought this as my old Tom Tom was very bulky and outdated. After reading reviews of Garmin generally decided to go with them rather than Tom Tom who charge for absolutely everything (map updates, traffic etc). The fact that map updates and traffic are included for the life of the unit persuaded me to buy this one. I had reason recently to undertake a trip from Northumberland to Beds, Bucks and Oxfordshire. The unit worked brilliantly including a traffic detour which saved me 30 minutes. It found and accurately directed me to the hotels that I stayed in. The voice command works perfectly and saves fiddling with the touch screen. I think some of the reviewers are being very picky, my understanding is that a human brain has the ability to ignore spurious directions and speed limits. This is a tool to help with driving directions not to replace common sense. You should have seen some of the routes my old Tom Tom tried to take me.
Overall a good product, speedily delivered by Amazon's partner and I would recommend it to anyone
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on 1 July 2014
This is my second Garmin sat nav and thank goodness I kept the old one as a spare. This model has been nothing but trouble. The main problem on all the units I have had is that they keeps rebooting whilst on the road. Now the screen on mu current model has stopped working. The traffic module is next useless and I have turned it off completely. Currently trying to get a replacement again (third replacement) but Garmin are impossible to contact on the phone and are ignoring me by email - terrible customer service.

I thought I would write this review as Garmin keep me waiting on the phone: currently 15 minutes. I am now waiting 2 weeks for reply by email despite protestations.
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on 27 November 2012
########PLEASE READ ON#########
This is my second Garmin 2595LMT, the first went back after a few days with it being stuck in demo mode and problems with updating the software.
The software version on the original one was 6.10. Amazon great about sending out a replacement as usual. However after having several TOMTOM's before and often having problems after updating the software, I decided to jump ship to GARMIN. I use a windows 7 PC and pretty much know what I am doing. So this SAT NAV is great, great voice command, quickly finds satelites and no lag on the map screen when driving unlike my old TomTom. So after having it for three months, with no problems what-so-ever, decided to update the map with the life time map update, I WISH I HADN'T. Connecting to computer no problem and was offered software updates and map updates as usual. So No problem there. The software version originally loaded on the second device was 7.10, so my replacement was obviously a newer made model and updated from my previous version of 6.10 software. I just wish I had remembered about the problems updating the original device. SO I went through the software update procedure and software loaded no problems along with the latest version of the map. All loaded no problem's quite quickly as I have a reasonably fast internet connection. However, the following day, whilst out driving I used the voice command and selected by voice command 'FIND PLACE'. To my horror to unit just shut down and turned off, no warning nothing. So i booted it up and tried again, same problem. So did a factory reset and hey presto same problem when I try to use 'FIND PLACE' on the voice command feature. So I reloaded the version sofware version 7.20 via the web updater and still same problem. So infuriated with my second faulty satnav contacted GARMIN, and guess what there is a problem with the 7.20 software that they are aware of and other's user's have complained about after the software update. BUT unfortunatly, they don't know what the problem is and don't know when a fix to the software update will be released. SO no Iam left with a second faulty device that I can't use it's full fuctions and don't know if any other problems will develop due to this faulty update. SO MY ADVICE IS DON'T BOTHER WITH THE 7.20 SOFTWARE UPDATE and just use it as it is to avoid similiar issues. Also have tralled the internet and other people have posted the same problem. It's a great unit and I am glad I Changed from TOMTOM, but I am so disappointed and fed up with software updates that aren't fully tested before release, then mess up your machine when downloaded. I hope other user's find these finding's usefull.

29/11/12. True to their word, Garmin released a software update for the voice command problem to version. 7.50, a couple of days later. So downloaded it via web updated as advised, and the device still has the same problem with the error code RTL TRAP on the info developer screen. So I guess the problem still isn't.t fixed. Amazon excellent about exchanging it for a replacement. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND this device as the functions are great and the voice command is excellent, but I will not dare update the software on the replacement again, and just go with the map updated when they become available.
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on 25 March 2012
Garmin nüvi 2595LMT 5 inch Screen Sat Nav with European Mapping, Lifetime Map Updates and Traffic Alerts and Bluetooth
The Nuvi arrived on time. I had deliberated for a long time about replacing my old TomTom ONE which has been a good device, not without software and firmware problems over the years, but always fixed without the need to send it back. I have had various Sat Navs for many years, including a very early Garmin with 64 MB of memory!

Pros and Cons for the Nuvi vs. buying a new TomTom? now I have used the new NUVI for a couple of long trips and planned several multi-country trips for the near future. There are some of each, but the postivers outweigh the negatives

First of all: It worked first time after charging for six hours. The owners manual (online only 88 pages) and the quick start leaflet included in the box only mention using the car lead, but the USB will do it, as will a mains charger with a usb socket, provided you check that it is the right voltage. Once charged, connect to the Garmin website, registered, and set about updating the map set for all of Europe, speed cameras etc. Be Patient! the Garmin website does not autoload on connection like TomTom Home, and there are a couple of downloaders to be installed. Once done, using FireFox on Windows XP SP3, with Micctosoft.Net, the download only took 40 minutes, whole process took about an hour.

This is where I found my first "cons". The Owners manual and some instructions online are not crystal clear, or are downright confusing to a new visitor to Garmin websties, after the ease of TomTom home. I have used the email support system twice, to confirm that the French "danger areas" were included, and to find out if Cyclops updates were included. the answers were prompt, accurate and relevant. My reading of the product info indicated it might be on the LMT, but that is not the case, updates are by an additonal subscription. Also I was hoping to use the "live services" as the product info said smartphones enabled this process. Not true. Only Android phones do this, not my iPhone! Although it does twin on Blutooth, I don't us that feature, as my car twins with the iphone for hands free use, including music. OK, I have now subscribed to camera updates, which I would have done with TomTom, but took the edge off the anticipation of a new improved device. I would also like to change the speed camera alert sounds, but cannot find out how that can be done.

On the positive side, my early use has convinced me I made the right choice, once I started to discover and use the many features that are included in the package, including Traffic info and map updates. I have not had the software or reliability problems that some other reviewers report. The traffic info is supplied by routemaster, on a TMC system, which will be around as long as FM radio keeps going. Setting up the device to do automatic detours/re-routes takes a bit of searching on the device, but worked well on two trips from Cornwall to Tyneside. The Cyclops safety alerts worked well, with fewer erroneous reports than on my old TomTom (Belt and braces I used both as a test). Accuracy was slightly better on the Nuvi on the roads, but it does not seem to have the same level of detail as Tom Tom for Services Carparks, or any car parks in general. I have never been sure that mapshare and shared camera reports have been too valuable on TomTom.

One outstanding NUVI feature was the intersection info and the excellent way it was presented.

Also, for me the itinerary planning on the Nuvi is superb, and it works, mostly. For some reason won't let me cross the channel using Plymouth Roscoff route, even though it appears in map view, and sends me through the channel Tunnel to reach Brittany, when I live within 45 minutes of Plymouth - I may have to get on to the support team again!

I am still discovering features I didnt expect (owners manual not covering all of them again), many of which are going to be useful, such as translator, detailed trip meter, and Eco Routing. As I said, I am no sure I have made the right decision, especially as new TomToms will not work with TomTom Home, and its replacement "My TomTom", is in my opinion shoddy, and unsupported by TT support! Also as TomTom re-structure their company (laid off hundreds this year) their stated intention is to concentrate on the fixed in car satnav market, and move away from portable devices, so the once excellent support (which has already deteriorated) will probably fade. So I look forward to a long relationship with the NUVI, and as I am getting older, it will, I am told, take me back to my car when I have forgotten where I left it. which for me is a reassuring feature.
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on 6 November 2013
Having had a TomTom for many years I decided to give a Garmin a go after being tempted by the free lifetime map updates and traffic alerts. I commute an hour to work and back each day and my main reason for having a satnav is the traffic updates. MyTomTom has frequently saved me many minutes of driving with the accuracy of it's traffic alerts. After using the Garmin for a month there is only one occasion where it has managed to identify a delay and I have often found myself stuck in traffic "snarl ups". The final straw for me was tonight, sitting in a traffic jam which delayed me by 40 minutes but being told by the Garmin that there was "no traffic on route".
As a navigation tool I can't fault it but in terms of saving time avoiding traffic delays it is totally useless. I'll have to chalk it down a as £125 mistake and dig out the trusty TomTom again. They may charge for live services but at least these services work!
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on 24 June 2013
My wife and i decided that for a change, this year, we would leave the grey clouds and cold evenings of the UK and venture into Europe for our holidays, more specifically Italy. I had my concerns, driving on the other side of the road, the arguments of map navigation and getting lost in some dodgy shanty town in a foreign country, so, i decided if we are budgeting for a holiday, then included in that budget, would be a brand new sat nav. Something i have never had or owned in my life. It seemed in the UK i could get around, by using the 'force'. however the force is strong in this one i thought to myself that surely it would not get me through a road trip to Italy. So my searching started, which sat nav, how much should i spend etc. etc
I started to read reviews and with every electronic product you buy these days there were goods ones, bad ones and some of a mixed review. Actually reading the reviews confused me even more and only added to my concerns that ' Am i going to spend £100-£150 pound and end up like the 1 star reviwers - lost on roads, heading the wrong way, being told to turn left into a field or corrupting the device when updating maps, especially as we have our 3 young children coming with us.
I researched and from the reviews and people i spoke to regarding sat nav my biggest concerns were the cost of updating maps and having to load different countries on route. I then came across the Garmin nuvi 2595LM...
First of all the price was within my budget, secondly free lifetime maps and also full european navigation. Could this be exactly what i was looking for? So i bit the bullet and invested.
I still had my concerns, however i took it out of the box plugged it into my computer and visited the garmin website.
It did take a long time to update the latest maps, but we are talking the whole of Europe, so kind of expected it.
I used it in the UK and was impressed with the ease of use and amazed by the Lane assist. 'Wow' was my exact word.
The period between me buying the device and actually leaving for Italy was useful for me to get used to how everything worked. So good so far.
I then discovered the voice command, even with the engine running it still understood me, I m welsh too.;O)
Also during this time i had planned my trip using the 'trip planner'.
I did struggle to find the names of the campsites i was staying at, but the power of the internet gave me GPS co-ordinates and i was able to enter these as destinations. Again 'Wow'.
Then the day come, time to leave for France for an overnight stay and then onto San Vincenzo the following day to arrive in Italy.
Through out the whole journey the Sat Nav never sent me the wrong way, if i was diverted due to road works, it quickly re calculated and was back on track within seconds.
Every junction i needed to take, the lane assist kicked in and even when at service stations, with complicated exits, it new exactly where to send me to get me back on track.
Im by no means a sat nav expert, but for my 1st ever sat nav i give this device 5 stars and was, and still am very impressed with this product, now sat home in front of the tv, in exactly the time my sat nav told me i would be.
One very happy customer. I ve payed a one of price and now need to pay nothing more to get the full benefits of updates etc. the device was worth every penny i payed for it as my family and i are now sat safe in my home after enjoying a hassle free road trip and a fantastic holiday in Italy. Well done Garmin. Hats off to you!
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on 28 May 2013
I have now had three of these units. I am just in the process of requesting a refund as I am not prepared to accept number four. I have a feeling that Garmin will not refund me and tell me that this is not something they are able to do. I am at the end of my tether with this and so will look to take legal action should they not agree to refund me. Can't believe how bad this has been.

The problem is that it randomly shuts down during navigation. This tends to happen when I am somewhere I am completely unfamiliar with so I am totally lost. Sometimes the unit comes back to life immediately but more often than not it won't turn on again for about 10 minutes.

I am yet to own a Garmin product that has lasted. I have owned a sat nav previous to this one that constantly crashed and froze and I also own a Forerunner 405 that I recently sent back under warranty as the battery started to run out after 90 minutes (not very good if you are halfway through a marathon!) In fairness to the watch I do still love it and I had used it almost daily for three years before it went wrong.

It does worry me that Garmin sell aviation navigation equipment. Do they work as well as their other equipment? If so I am not getting in a plane where one is being used!

Would not touch this with your barge pole let alone mine!
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on 21 February 2012
I bought the Garmin 2595LMT to replace my TomTom that is over three years old. I have travelled up and down the country, I think its excellent, i have no issues with the voice commands works fine for me, updating the maps was easy and the traffic alerts are great. £200 seems expensive but if you take into account the map updates and traffic alerts are free for life its good value.

Good satnav - would recomend.
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