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50 of 54 people found the following review helpful
on 21 February 2012
I bought the Garmin 2595LMT to replace my TomTom that is over three years old. I have travelled up and down the country, I think its excellent, i have no issues with the voice commands works fine for me, updating the maps was easy and the traffic alerts are great. £200 seems expensive but if you take into account the map updates and traffic alerts are free for life its good value.

Good satnav - would recomend.
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80 of 87 people found the following review helpful
on 25 May 2012
I have always had Tom Tom since sat navs came out. I bought Live xl, all it was doing is sending me wrong. I have now got this Garmin and it leaves Tom Tom out in the cold playing catch up. It does everything and also on the map it shows everything, even where Mcdonalds and Burger king are and all those. Shame we don't go there. The user interface is great. I do agree the wire for the car is a little on the thick side, but it is a small price to pay. I don't think we would ever buy the perfect item.
I will say you only get so long to register your maps and there is a new version of the maps to download. I did all this before i used it. Then i took it on a route i know to see how it performed. It took me the way i know (not motorway tom tom) and it was bang on with my e.t.a. The traffic updates are a good bouns and you can also check the traffic in the local area.
All in all it is worth the 5 stars i have given it and i would have give it more but you can't so i will leave it at 5 stars+. It was well worth the money, but i do recomend the dashboard mount and then the wire is not all up the windowscreen. I am so glad i decided to change and it was people that have reviewed it that made my mind up for me.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 21 August 2013
I am well pleased with this unit.
I updated the maps before use and discovered if you want to make full use of the Europe maps then you do need an SD card installed beforehand as the unit has insufficient standard memory to allow full Europe maps installation, but this is not an issue to me at all and SD cards are so cheap nowadays.

The update process is reasonably swift but this will depend on how good/fast your broadband connection is.
I found the instructions easy to follow and did not run into any problems but you may need to be patient and simply wait until it has finished.
If you are impatient and try to interrupt the update you will brick the unit so don't be impatient as it all works very well if you follow the instructions.

I particularly like the voice command feature although you will need to speak clearly to avoid false positives being offered as your choice.
All in all with the lifetime updates for maps and traffic, I believe you will be gard pushed to find a better deal, until of course, a newer model comes out.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 8 April 2013
Just back from trip to France - so good time to submit review having used this sat-nav extensively.

Maps: As per other reviews, the map update was completed overnight. I have XP & had no issues downloading. The main routes used by myself were up-to-date, although a local Tesco & entrance roads are not present despite being open for over 1 year.

Travel: Travelling with the sat-nav was excellent. Never got lost or ended up in dead-ends. The lane assistance was magic & a real help compared to my older sat-nav. Travelling through & around Paris was so much less stressful with this feature. The junction view assists greatly in this respect as well.

Traffic: The traffic reports feature is probably only as good as the information it receives (don't shoot the messenger), but again coming into Paris it offered a couple of prompt alerts & new routes.

Other features: Didn't use smartlink so no feedback. Played a little with voice & bluetooth - all satisfactory, but in honesty not features I overly require.
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on 22 September 2014
After 2+ years of use, these are my thoughts:

Screen clarity is good; response of the touch screen acceptable. By current touch screen standards, it's some way off of the pace, but it's perfectly adequate for the job in hand. The anti-glare coating works well. Placed on top of of an MPV dashboard (which means it's a long way from the driver) I wouldn't want the screen any smaller.

Bluetooth phone book etc works well enough for the light use I give it. Others here give more in-depth reviews of this aspect.

Voice clarity and volume are ok. After about 18 months of use, something has obviously come adrift inside mine, as I often get an annoying resonance/buzzing from the Garmin when the notification 'bongs' sound. As a result, it sounds cheap and tinny.

Pronunciation of street names and places is not up up to scratch, to the point that it often causes open laughter from the on-board members of family when we finally figure out what it was that the Garmin has just said to us. Swindon pronounced as 'Swinedon', weird intonation of the word 'Silver', roads beginning with 'La' spoken as 'Lane' (very relevant abroad, but happens in UK too) and sometimes all-but-unintelligible diction for French and German road names make it virtually useless on some occasions - by the time you've figured out what the Good Lady has said to you, you're past the junction. The two or three updates that I've made to the software (a painless but long winded exercise) have done nothing to fix this.

Recalculation of route if you miss a turning is pretty good; usually no more than 4-5 seconds.

Route planning ahead of time could be a lot better, especially if you want to set way points. A case in point: you want to plot a route to mid-France from the Channel Tunnel, but want to avoid Paris. Therefore, you set 'Rouen' as an intermediate destination, declining the options to set a more detailed address. The Garmin will then proceed to guide you to the geographic centre of Rouen - not a good move. You need to be on your toes (and therefore have some prior knowledge of the route) to avoid this and stay on the correct autoroute, and delete Rouen from the route to avoid persistent redirection after the fact.

Three things REALLY annoy me about this satnav.

One is the inconsistent nature of it's announcements; sometimes it will say 'In 1.5 miles, take the xxx....', while 10 minutes later it will just say 'Take the xxx...' without giving the Distance To preamble. The only way to untangle this is to look at the satnav screen, which kind of negates the purpose of the voice announcements.

On several occasions, just after setting out on a journey, the Garmin will power off without warning. Switching the unit back on, it has to go through a full boot up, taking me through all the 'Agree' pages etc before I can get back to the home screen. Upon hitting the Show Map button however, it just resumes guidance for the journey previously set. This powering off is happening more and more frequently. On one occasion, it would not switch back on, even after a full reset. The only way I could get it to come back to life was by plugging it in to my PC via USB. This I only found out by accident. Up to that point, I thought it had bricked. Perhaps the 'Lifetime' in Garmin's free Lifetime Updates doesn't amount to what we'd all hope...

The other (biggest) one is the algorithms/logic it uses to calculate routes. Having hit the 'Go Home' button, I'll leave the satnav on just to give me traffic info and an indication of how far/how long it is to journeys end. I'll often ignore its directions and take what I know to be the best route home. On several occasions, I've watched the info blocks at the bottom of the screen (distance remaining, time remaining etc) update as the Garmin recalculates its route, to find that the route I'm taking is shorter in both distance AND time compared to the route it chose. It does not learn the routes that I take - it does the same thing every time. Surely this is a fundamental failure? I shudder to think where it has (needlessly) directed me on journeys to parts of the country of which I have no prior knowledge.

As a footnote, I bought this to replace a Sony satnav (a 93UT or something like that, from memory). It's diction and pronunciation were very rarely incorrect and announcements always consistent, its route planning options better/more flexible than this Garmin and its GUI and build just 'nicer'. It's a great shame that Sony decided to pull out of the satnav market.
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36 of 39 people found the following review helpful
on 13 May 2012
I searched frantically to get a nice GPS. After lot of searching and filtering between tom-tom and gamin I finally chose the gramin.

This GPS is excellent. I have taken it to some really nasty road ends and it has nearly coped with every challenge I set up for it and getting me on the right track every time.

It is highly recommended for your car and is a must buy.

I was a bit worried about the map update after reading some of the comments but mine got done without any glitch in 2 hours 40 minutes (Yes I do have a very high-speed internet connection).

I am surely giving it a 5-star in a hope that it will work as efficiently as it is working right now and lifetime map and traffic updates will work every time ..

Driving has surely become a pleasure. I am exploring so much without any fear to get lost :)


Go for it !!
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24 of 26 people found the following review helpful
on 7 September 2012
Generally speaking as a sat nav this does the job. It is a nice screen and it easily gets a signal. The 3D road display with lane control is good. I like the way it shows you where petrol stations and Cafe's are. (My reference point here is an integrated low spec BMW 5series 2009 sat nav which does not do speed cameras or full post codes)

Some of the local routes seem a bit hit and miss. It insists on taking you down main roads as opposed to shorter, earlier more direct route. It does not seem to take into account congestion. It does get you there though.

On one road driving into Wilmslow from the airport it informed me that 40 is the speed limit when the signs say 30 for about 1/2 mile?
Totally misses a fixed M6 speed camera after Hilton services South and other M62 speed cameras.

There is no beep setting for when you are driving too fast which seems strange.

If you do not have a beep setting you are left going cross eyed at the red indicator checking to see whether you are under or over the speed limit ?.
I was hoping that an audio bleep would just tell me when I am exceeding the speed limit so that I could improve my driving. I understand this is available on other Garmins

It is picky on what phones you can Bluetooth to. I could not get my Blackberry 9900 to work. Since bought an integrated Bury car kit.

I have never really had anything from the traffic alerts. The lead for traffic alerts is very thick and seems to have an antenna lead that plugs into the thick lead. It is all a bit OTT. The redirection on the limited functionality Beamer system always worked really well.

It actually stopped working for 2 days for some reason. I think it was a power switch problem and so I returned the unit.

At the price I can only give it 2 stars
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307 of 336 people found the following review helpful
on 4 May 2012
I purchased this in the hope it was the answer to my satnav needs. But after downloading the detailed European map to it, it wouldn't work. The error was "Cannot access map data", meaning that none of the maps were avaiable. Despite waiting 30 mins for Garmin to answer their helpline, and spending 45 minutes with them on the phone, they were unable to fix it. They admitted they were having map software errors with this model wand stated they did not know what was causing it. They sent me several patches over email, all of which failed to fix the error. They came up blank and said the only way to progress was for them to connect remotely to my home PC for them investigate further. At that point I declined to proceed and have sent it back for a refund. Garmin should not release such products to the mass market until they have ironed out the software issues, or should be quicker at issuing patches for them for seemless uploading.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 December 2014
After looking through a lot of reviews of SatNavs, this one stood out as having the best combination of features and reasonable price tag. However, like many other reviewers have mentioned around here, I had a lot of problems installing the maps update. It seems like a good deal, that you get lifetime updates of maps for all of Europe, but the installation process seemed to be fraught with difficulty.

It all relies on you loading up a a program from the internet - Garmin Express - then using this package to register your device and then download the maps via your computer. So this firstly means you must have a computer with a reasonable amount of storage space - which is not mentioned beforehand. Then you need a broadband connection fast enough to download the data. So whereas most electronic devices I own, have worked straight away, "out of the box" - this actually took me several days to set up!

OK, it may be that I need a faster connection - but it took well over 7 hours to download the map data - during which time my laptop was effectively tied up - nothing else would work at the same time. Then when it was finally downloaded - the program entirely filled the available space on my laptop and told me there was not enough room to build the maps. I therefore spent another day, removing all traces of Garmin Express and its downloads, then set about re-installing it; but this time telling the software to use an external hard drive, instead of my Laptop's C drive. Finally it worked after another 7 hour download - but only just! It had taken me 3 days to set this device up.

After all this hassle, anyone reading so far, must be wondering why I have given this 4 stars? Well, once you get it going, it is a very good Sat Nav - it works very well and very quickly. I tested it on routes I know and changed direction away from the advised route and it instantly calculated a new route. I like the clear 3D style of the maps and the voice prompts are clear and minimal - rather than pestering you with continual information, you get just what you need in a calm, assured voice.

I tried it on several routes and like the interface for searching - very clear, even without reading the manual - it all works perfectly and is perfect for what I wanted. It's small enough not to get in your way, but the screen is big enough to see what you need to - it makes sure you are in the right lane and you can always see the 3D road layout to check where you are.

Given how cheap this is now, this would be a 5 star top recommendation from me - it's just the map update processs that lets it down and which is such a pain that I feel it must lose one star at least. But if you can put up with this and get it to work, you have an excellent product that is very reasonably priced. .
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 10 July 2013
This is our third Garmin and I'm generally very happy with it. Much faster than my old W255 to recalculate, and it's reassuring to have the lifetime maps (a good deal) and traffic (a bit more flaky as coverage is not universal in the UK). It has route planning with choices (a la Google) which is useful, as I previously had to force waypoints in to choose an alternative route.

The voice is a much friendlier one that I don't feel compelled to switch off. though it has some strange pronunciations (e.g. FaRINGdon instead of FARingdon), and an annoying habit of quoting local road names instead of national numbers (can you switch this off?). And, strangely, it quotes one two and three digit number as A-4-4-7 etc., but four digit numbers as numbers as "B four thousand two hundred and seventy five" which is hard to process quickly.

I have found several errors on the speed limits on the base maps (as opposed to the safety camera maps) so watch out if you rely on these. I have so far also come across two navigation errors, a wrong one way road on the south of England and a bus lane in the Midlands that it tried to take me down. But it navigated me well round the back streets of Edinburgh recently to avoid the mega road works in the centre.

The Garmin website is confusing and the various features and the Garmin Express software doesn't seem to take any notice of what you've done on the web and vice versa, so I was very confused at the start as to whether I had downloaded the right map updates. I'm pretty IT literate so I don't think it was me. But it actually did work fine - just not very confidence inducing.

So overall I would certainly buy again, but have just knocked off a star for a little roughness round the edges of a very good product. As ever with sat navs, it's an invaluable tool. Just go on using your eyes and judgement when you're navigating with it.
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