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on 10 August 2012
We have a Nikon D3100 (relatively new) and wanted a way to automatically download all the pictures to our computer and upload them to our picasaweb account. This wi-fi enable disk allows us to do just that. We just get home from an outing (e.g., yesterday it was the London 2012 Olympics), turn the camera and pc on and in c. 10 minutes all the photos are loaded on both the computer and our picasa account. The set up was very simple and easy and it saves us hours of time and the hassle of ejecting the disk and loading up pictures and then trying to synch with picasaweb. Brilliant.
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on 28 November 2012
I am normally pretty sceptical when it comes to claims about what products can do, so it was with a small amount of trepidation that I purchased the SanDisk Eye-Fi wireless card - I should not have worried.

Setting the card up is a simple matter of plugging into a spare USB slot on your computer (using the adapter provided), setting up a free Eye-Fi account, downloading the Eye-Fi app onto your device and hooking it all up. Sounds complicated but took no more than 10 minutes and worked flawlessly!

I take a lot of photos and one of the biggest bugbears (if I want to see the results immediately on something larger than the small camera screen) is having to lug a laptop to download them onto. This card allows me to tuck my Kindle Fire HD into my backpack and just remember to leave my camera switched on during breaks in shooting.

The WiFi seems pretty solid at close range but does tend to fizzle out at about 30 feet (approximately 9 metres for those of you who don't know what feet are!) and doesn't seem to compromise camera battery life.
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on 4 May 2012
This is in principle a great system but ruined by the very confusing and unnecessarily complicated set-up and UI. Even one of the more enthusiastic reviewers (Phil UK) said he got it all up and running "in a couple of hours"!! What low expectations we sometimes have!! It should take a few minutes, not hours!!! And why is it necessary to connect the card to the internet every time you want to change some settings, when you don't want any pics uploaded beyond your local network? The confusing and sometimes contradictory user instructions are scattered around a variety of web pages and help screens, treating the user as an idiot one moment and as an IT expert the next. The iOS App instructions show screens that don't exist!

The main function of transferring pics from camera to a desktop computer via a local wireless network is fairly easy to set up, and works fairly well (most of the time), but is of limited usefulness (IMHO). Modern multi-megapixel cameras producing 5MB JPGs will generate a lot of data very quickly (and for HD video, at a ridiculous rate!), and it is much faster and simpler to pop an ordinary SD card out of the camera and into a card reader on the desktop. Since you can't do anything useful with the pics on your desktop computer unless you are sitting at it, there seems little benefit in uploading them over the network. Transfer speeds are very erratic - sometimes pics transfer in a few seconds, sometimes it takes forever. It seems to need to be close to the wireless access point - and it rather defeats the object of the exercise to have to take the camera over to near the router and leave it there to transfer the pics.....

Far, far more useful is the ability to send pics to an iPad, to be used for instant gratification on a decent-sized display. Here, the picture (!) is very confusing. Eye-Fi's "Direct Mode" works very well, but ONLY if no other "known" networks are around, as it has the lowest priority when Eye-Fi tries to find a network connection. So, if you are out and about, away from known networks, it is great; but you do have to tell the iPad to connect to the EyeFi card every time, which it will only do while the Eye-Fi is transmitting, which it will only do AFTER you've taken a picture, and only for a short time before the camera goes to sleep again. It all works ok if you remember all this, and set the iPad app to not go to sleep, and perhaps extend your camera's sleep time too (both risking flat batteries). But trying to get pics to transfer to the iPad when at home where there are "known" networks can be very erratic. It is also difficult if, eg, visiting family where your iPad (but not your Eye-Fi card) "knows" their network; every time the Eye-Fi stops transmitting, your iPad will reconnect to your family's network (unless you tell the iPad to "forget this network"; a pain if you then want to Google something 5 minutes later and have to re-enter a password everyone has long forgotten...). Or you could tell the Eye-Fi card to recognise your family's local wireless network - except you can ONLY do this by plugging the card into a card reader in a computer with internet access!!! A further anomaly with the iOS App is that it is not at all clear how to delete pics (apparently, you have to change Apps to Apple's "Photos" App and delete them there - why??). And I still haven't worked out how to get the pics to transfer from my iPad to my desktop over my local network.... there is an option called "Relay Transfer" but I think this involves sending them via Eye-Fi's servers - the documentation is vague on this point and I haven't managed to get it to work. Easier to take the card out of the camera and.....

By far the least useful "use" IMHO is the ability (in theory) to upload your pics directly from your camera to various Cloud services. Uploading 5MB pics to Facebook or whatever is just plain daft. With my broadband upload speed of 250kbit/s, it takes 3 minutes per picture. Most people don't realise that their "10Mb" internet service is (a) Megabits, not MegaBytes and (b) the download speed, not the upload speed. Most UK consumers have a nominal upload speed of only 250 or 500 Mb/s.

All in all, a good device if you think the limited benefits are worth potentially hours of hassle. It could be so much better with (a) a completely re-written user interface and (b) a stronger WiFi signal.

******UPDATE a few days later******

With thanks to a Mrs Y who commented on my review:

I think a large part of my problem was due to weak WiFi signals from the Eye-Fi card, combined with generally poor WiFi coverage in my large old house, despite several access points. Deleting all the other networks from the Eye-Fi card forces it to work in Direct Mode to the iPad, which by definition is close to the camera when I'm using it thus. I still need to manually select the Eye-Fi network on the iPad, AFTER taking the first pic; and I've increased the sleep time on the camera as otherwise the iPad reconnects to the home network again when the camera sleeps - a pain if taking a number of pics with significant pauses in between.

And then, as you say, setting up the iPad to transfer the pics to my desktop works well; I just need to relaunch the Eye-Fi App on the iPad when I'm finished and the iPad has reconnected to my home network (tho' for the reasons mentioned in my original review, it's still just as easy to pop the card into a reader if there are a lot of pics). And my comments re sending large pics via the internet are obviously misinformed; as I don't want to do this anyway, I hadn't delved into the options to send smaller files.

So, many thanks for your help. I'd give the product another star now; but I still think the set-up is unnecessarily difficult and confusing.

One other minor issue is the slowness of the iPad App in "processing" pics - when you browse pics within the App, there is a delay of 2 or 3 secs before each pic transforms from a very-low-res thumbnail into a sharp pic. This delay is much greater than when doing the same thing within the Photos app, and the buffer seems smaller too (only 2 or 3 pics "remembered" at full res in the App, cf lots more in Photos). Perhaps I need a "New" iPad (have only the original one!)
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on 6 September 2012
Waw! Brilliant! So easy!

Well almost. First tried to set this Eye-Fi up using my Mac, the latest software was automatically downloaded and installed (great) but it would not recognise the card as a new unregistered card, and would not allow me to create an account to get going (fail). But, I booted up the trusty old PC, and after the old thing groaned into life, and settled down, the Eye-Fi was popped into its shiny little holder, and stuffed into an empty USB, and within minutes the software was installed on the PC, and in no time at all a new Eye-Fi account was created (easy) and we were on our way!

Setup was swift, very swift. Pretty much straight forward, but other than the basics to start it all off there was very little guidance, my curious mind however made me click on everything possible, and allowed me to tweak all the settings just as I wanted them.

I had installed the iPhone app in anticipation, and within moments of registration I was able to sign in with the App too, and get that going there as well!

Photos started to stream to my computer as I took them, within seconds they were safe on my hard drive.

Granted for this to happen the camera has to be in the same room as the wifi hotspot. But as the card is so tiny, and it is inside a metal cased camera. I really hadn't expected some long range miracle of wifi magic to happen! I did expect some limitations. Let's face it, if this thing did have long range wifi then surely it would kill the camera battery in no time, and we wouldn't want that would we?!

I will leave testing the direct connection between the iPhone App and the Eye-fi that is now in my camera until tomorrow when I am out and about. I don't want to turn off my home wifi.

Now then, Amazon's part in all this... quick, simple and easy ordering. No fuss, no postage fees, yes, I opted for the free delivery option, and the card was delivered well within the timescale specified on ordering. Brilliant service as always! And at less than half of the RRP! Thank You Amazon!

So even with the small glitch with the setup with the Mac I still gave this awesome product 5*. It does exactly what it says on the tin, it was easy to set up, easy to use AND it is MAGIC!

You will walk around with a really stupid grin for days after buying this, and you can be really smug, as you will have a secret that nobody else knows; to copy your pictures from your camera to your computer, you don't need to do anything more than turn your camera on when you get home... from now until ever more! Yay!

Diolch, pob hwyl!

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on 7 May 2012
Bought this from Amazon with a little trepidation due to previous reviews, but it is brilliant.
I found easy to set up. It has a little booklet and then you start up the eye-fi centre and it is fairly self-explanatory. I had it downloading pictures to my computer within 10 minutes. I then went on to set it up to load to my iPad by using the 'Direct Mode'. This means that when I am not at home, I can review my photos on my iPad screen as soon as I have taken them, which is fantastic! It is just like magic - I take a photo and it appears in full screen on my iPad about 3 seconds later. The iPad then uploads pictures into my laptop photo folder over the wifi at home whenever I switch the laptop on. I also have it set up to load to Picasa, which is again very easy to do.
I found it a bit slow to load onto the iPad at home (our internet speed is very slow as we live in a small village). I have found it easier to upload by one of two methods - either get rid of the wifi by switching it off either through the eye-fi centre or just at the router and using Direct Mode, or by putting the camera right next to the router which really speeds it up. I took about 40 photos this afternoon, and put the camera next to the router when I got home, and they were all on the iPad in about 3 minutes.
I have a Panasonic TZ30 and they work well together. Love it!
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on 28 February 2014
Firstly, I love this product. The product itself however I wish would transfer photos a little quicker. I have a wireless router that supports 802.11 ac protocols and 120Mb internet connection (15Mb upload speeds), so would expect the transfer to be quick and I feel it could be quicker. I don't know if it's to do with the low power this card consumes. But I wish it would be quicker.

Transfers straight to the iPad are very handy while on holiday.

The software could really be improved, I either have to select the iPad or to upload to a PC, and it drives me mad as I'd like to do both. I'm sure it's possible but haven't had the time to start digging down into it.

Another issue is that some of the premium paid services have been discontinued, such as Geo tagging. Which is a shame as I would pay for that.

Overall I would recommend, I certainly use my camera more now that I don't have to either get a cable out or start transferring the memory card out. Plus the ability to see holiday photos while on holiday on the iPad is great.

One other tiny issue, is that the camera battery does seem to last a little less, but a handy tip is that (at least on the Canon EOS) you can disable the eye-fi card to save the battery during the day while you're not transferring pictures.
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VINE VOICEon 24 June 2013
After reading the reviews of this product I hoped installation was going to be effortless, but I encountered a few problems (some my own fault) Out of the packaging I inserted it into a brand new camera which immediately asked me if I wanted to format the card, I said yes (naively!) and so in the process lost the eye-fi software you need to install on your computer, the instruction booklet is sparse to say the least and directs you to the sandisk website for support, through trial and error I eventually discovered a dedicated eye-fi website which is what the instruction book SHOULD refer you to!

Once the driver was downloaded and an account created I had more problems with the app on my iphone which repeatedly said it wasn't connected and told me to select the eye-fi network in my settings (I already had) a reboot of my iphone jolted it into action and it's now working ok.

Harder work than it needed to be to set-up. Be warned do not format the card as I did and if you need support go to NOT the site.

Apart from that it is now working brilliantly and I will buy another.
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on 5 May 2012
This is a really good addition to your camera, took 10 mins to download and create user profile on PC. You will need a bit longer to set up how and where you want photos to be downloaded to; either PC or IPhone/Android and then decide how you want to share on line (if you want to! - Facebook/Flkr) and you control whether all or selected images go online. Best bit for me was DIRECT MODE, this allows you to set up a network with the SD card and IPhone where if you are not at your home network it will download the pictures you take to your IPhone instantly (once you have paired the two). It allows you to view/delete or dowload yourself to Facebook etc, because it uses its own network there is no download cost/usage.

Must admit l wasn't 100% sure after reviewing others experiences, no doubt now it was the right choice. This product uses the Eye-Fi internet site so is fully compatible just check their site first to check your camera will accept a wireless card. Im using a Sony DSCH9XV. Amazon Verified Purchase
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on 25 November 2011
Well, somewhat surprisingly this card works well. Do be aware that as of when I bought it (21st November 2011) the Sandisk web site had no useful support information on it at all. However the card behaves like an Eye-Fi card, is setup with Eye-Fi's setup utility, has to be registered on Eye-Fi's web site and in every other respect behaves like an Eye-Fi card. So What I'm getting around to is that Sandisk's complete lack of information isn't really a problem. I got the card up and working with Shuttersnitch running on an iPad, both via my existing wireless network and also via its direct mode in a couple of hours. I did also try receiving sent photos on my laptop via Eye-Fi's supplied software and that worked OK too. I'm unsure as to whether one can swap the receiving device from iPad to laptop without altering the settings on the card or not, I've not tried that yet. Transmission speed seems to be a little erratic but when using an existing network I had to wait no longer than 5 or 6 seconds for an image to come though (I was sending 16MP, 1MB jpeg images) but I think, within reason, it's not so much the image size as all the hand shaking that takes the time, so my feeling is if you fed a steady stream of images at, say, 3 or 4 second intervals they'd probably come through a little quicker.

On the whole this card surprised me at how well it works and that I got it setup in a relatively short space of time without too much pain! One thing I would say is that if you are intending to use it with an iPad then budget for buying Shuttersnitch as well (£11 as of writing) because the Eye-Fi iPad app didn't seem great and is probably more trouble than it's worth.
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on 16 July 2012
I bought this a little while ago now and have been trying it out in my Canon Eos 1100D and recently in my Olympus E-PL1. It's pretty good at storing the picture quickly when it is taken but I still have not mastered the wi-fi bit. Consequently it uploads to the Eye-Fi Center when it feels like it; sometimes weeks after the shot was taken and then it notifies me, by email, about 3 or 4 times on consecutive days. Therefore I have taken to removing it from the camera and plugging it directly into my Mac where Dropbox automatically uploads the pictures to its photo store. I can do this from any SD card however, so there is no real advantage.

Sorry, only scores a two. I have to say that my son has one of these and it works fine for him so perhaps it's just me.
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