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3.3 out of 5 stars55
3.3 out of 5 stars
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on 22 February 2012
Its name does it a disservice as it works to connect anything with a LAN port. I bought it to use with a Media Player for which I'd never managed to make a USB Wireless dongle work properly and it works a dream. Have used it successfully with both my Panasonic and Samsung TVs as well.

It is also extremely useful when we have guests who want to use their laptops etc on the internet. Instead of going through the rigmarole of setting them up on my router I just get them to switch off wireless and plug this into their LAN port. Instant LAN/Internet connection.

Set-up is simplicity itself although to call the instructions terse is to overstate their content! Give that the clientèle for this item might not be the most IT sophisticated group this is surprising.
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on 25 November 2014
Forget trying to do this with your computer, if you have an iPhone I can guarantee this works. Without sounding pretentious (or dumb however you want to look at it) but I have a degree in Computer Networking and yet I still struggled to figure this out so don't feel bad if you're not even tech savvy and having issues. It really is a pain in the back side.

Providing your wireless is already set up, switch your iPhone to aeroplane mode for a moment. (This should work with other phones but I cannot confirm nor do I know how it would look.)

Plug the Ethernet cable into your router. In my instance my Virgin Media SuperHub2.

Plug the USB in for power.

Now take your phone off aeroplane mode, then try to connect to your WIFI.

From here I was automatically prompted with the setup screen you are supposed to get when you connect to your computer at "HTTP://Belkin.Universal/" but this never worked for me.

Very simple from here, select your wireless network, put in the password and hey presto it was set up.

I then pressed cancel in the top right after seeing the confirmation screen as there was nothing else to click or do.

Unplugged the adapter from the router and whacked it in the back of my TiVo box.

I proved this worked by setting up a second SMART TV 1 PORT LINK box for my second TiVo box.
This way I can watch what is on TiVo box A via TiVo box B. Ideal if you have kids and share rooms for the bigger screen but occasionally don't mind letting them have the bigger screen for peace and quiet with the smaller screen!

I hope this helps you, I only discovered this method by messing around and my iPhone prompting ME for the setup/login screen. If you have any questions please comment below, or even if it was successful it'd be nice to know. I will try to respond to any questions if I can.


P.S I am noticing an orange light flashing on one box and a steady blue on the other however both work fine. I shall try and diagnose why I am receiving a the orange flashing light.
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on 23 March 2014
Possibly due to conflicts on folks systems in relation to IP addresses the unit web page Belkin.universal cannot always be accessed, this is a possible work around.

If you are using a laptop turn off your wireless and make sure the only other device connected to the laptop by wire is the Belkin thingy. Then you should be able to access the webpage http://Belkin.univeral which is actually on the device rather than on an external website. Then set up the wireless settings on the device disconnect it and connect it to your TV then turn your wireless back on on your laptop. Cheers
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on 23 December 2011
We bought a Panasonic Smart TV and were told it was easy to connect to the internet. But after 4 days on off of trying to connect I gave up and put my faith in this gadget. It was well worth the money, the instructions are clear and simple, and the device so easy to install - it took 20 minutes. The tv now has internet connection with no problems with streaming from I player etc. I would reccomend this to anyone who purchases a 'smart tv'.
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on 22 April 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The instructions which come with this product are hopeless. The printed quick installation guide is just a set of pictures with no indication of what to do next if you cannot get your browser to see the device. I cannot get it to do so. So perhaps the user manual will help. Well it is on a mini cd and my iMac cannot read those without getting an adapter. So online to download the manual from the Belkin website - no sign of it there (the four port version is listed so I have been able to read the manual for that but it is not much help).

I have worked in IT at various times and am generally suspicious of devices which are supposed to be set up like this. I always prefer to be able to get at the configuration menus so that I can see what is going on.

It is possible that because this device seems to expect that you will have a secure network it will only work across such a network {this is not the case - see the update below). I live in a remote location and have no need to have a secure network - and having one is an inconvenience for guests.

Obviously I cannot comment on how well it works as a streaming device as I can't even set it up.

So to anyone thinking of buying this I would add that caution but if you do then I wish you good fortune in setting it up.

UPDATE: After much messing about I finally discovered the problem. The instructions, such as they are, tell one to access the device by entering [...] in the browser address line. In fact I found that I needed to enter [...] in order to get access. It is now up and running.

Although it is primarily aimed at Smart TV users this is actually just a receiver for a wi-fi signal which is then output via a LAN (ethernet) port to an input ethernet port. So I tried using it for a laptop in a part of the house where I know that the signal is weakfish and it performed no better than the existing receiver. And in a sense why would it? If the signal from the router is weak because it is, for example, at the limit of its range or because there are thick walls in the way then how is this going to improve that? A weak signal is a weak signal.

On the plus side, when in normal range, the device seems stable enough and works solidly but I think that using powerline adapters to connect to an ethernet input on a TV is a better solution.

UPDATE 2: Well thanks to Amazon for helpfully removing from Update 1 the instructions for accessing the device - presumably because it began http and looked like a weblink. The "manual" says to enter belkin.universal which did not work for me (though now that I have the device set up it does seem to work). I found that entering belkin.smartlink gave me access. Note - unlike many set up arrangements there is a full stop between the word belkin and the next word. Many have a / but using that won't work.
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on 2 October 2013
I purchased this with some trepidation in the light of some less than favourable reviews. In fact it was working within 2 minutes of being unpacked and 2 days later seems to be working perfectly. It is used to connect TalkTalk's Youview box to the internet. The location of my router (TalkTalk's DSL-3780) is in a cupboard upstairs and the TV is downstairs. Running an ethernet cable was not practical and the router and TV were on different ring mains so Powerline was not an option. I ignored the poor instructions. I disconnected my laptop (a MacBook) from the WiFi and connected the Belkin to the USB and ethernet ports of the laptop. I pressed the the WPS button on the Belkin until it flashed then pressed the same button on the router. Result connection! I then connected the Belkin to Youview box (USB for power was fine) and found a location where the indicator light was solid blue and so far I have not had any problems.
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on 25 December 2014
I had a problem getting the signal from my Virgin Superhub to reach the TV box and there the Virgin iPad App was useless. Then I discovered in a forum others had this issue and someone kindly posted a link to this Belkin Universal Smart TV Link. I thought I would give it a go and I have not been disappointed. Now I have the virgin TV box on the wifi and can control my viewing completely from the iPad. Great product, easy to set up and does exactly what I hoped.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This HDTV adapter works perfectly with the sky anytime plus service. I do not have an internet ready TV, but had heard/read about the new free service from sky. Basically you just plug it into the back of your sky box with the supplied ethernet cable, pair it with your wireless router, sign up for the FREE service with sky and you're good to go.
The unit is small and neat enough to sit at the side of the TV, or if you wish, they supply some velcro pads to actually mount to the back of the TV set and out of view.
Another plus to this little unit, as has been mentioned in previous reviews, is it's ability to be used as a hard wired wi-fi receiver for a laptop. In my opinion the ethernet connection provides a more stable signal strength than my work laptop gets with it's own built in wi-fi - this may not be the case for everyone though. It is also far more convenient for friends to use rather than having to remember the wi-fi password every time someone wants to use my connection.
All in all I feel it is good value for money, you can buy basically the same thing from sky for the same price, but i feel the belkin brand and established name in home networking is a better option.
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on 20 May 2014
This device is a good bit of kit and works very well, unfortunately the instructions that come with it are as useful as a toaster in the middle of the Amazon. I think the people who have reviewed this item on here should have written the instructions as they were way more helpful than anything in the box.
From various reviews I worked out that the page you connect to to configure the device is "Belkin.Universal" and that the QR code on the bottom of the device holds the MAC address info (why they can't just put a sticker with it written on I don't know) anyway when I worked all that out I connected it to my Tivo box and I could then get Virgin TV anywhere working on my mobile. What should of taken 20 mins took 2 days to work. Hope this helps everyone else out there who might buy this.
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on 11 September 2013
I've just bought one of these and have tried to follow the poor instructions to set it up, along with everyone's suggestions from the web that I can find! But I can't find the correct link using belkin.universal or .smartlink or my IP address. This is about to be returned unless someone can help me?! I'm fairly gadget and computer savvy but I'm stumped. This looks a really easy thing but frustratingly is not!
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