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4.4 out of 5 stars1,289
4.4 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: BlackChange
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180 of 187 people found the following review helpful
on 18 January 2012
I bought this to use with a small 'under telly' PC that's mainly used for a bit of web surfing and watching downloaded iPlayer content. The PC runs Ubuntu GNU/Linux and I already had a wireless keyboard/mouse combo which worked usually, but suffered from reliability issues - the mouse had a habit of going crazy unless kept close to the receiver (like 1m away). Plus it was heavy and used loads of batteries.

So I was after either a trackball or trackpad keyboard. I happened to see this one first and the price was reasonable so I bought it.

Initial impressions were excellent - I plugged the tiny usb dongle into the PC and rebooted. First off, this keyboard works with the BIOS so you can alter settings without plugging in a different one.

Secondly... it just worked with Ubuntu. Straight away, with no fuss, from a distance farther away than it's possible to read text on the TV screen. No faffing with drivers or anything else. Phew :)

The keyboard layout is a little quirky, but no worse than many laptops. As this is smaller and [much] lighter than a normal keyboard, the large trackpad takes up the space where the number keys would usually be. Also the enter key is rather small and some of the auxiliary keys are scrunched up or moved around a bit. Page/up down and similar are accessed via a function key but this is all clearly marked on the keyboard and easy to get used to. The keys require a fairly firm press to register - if you're a light typer you might find the od drped chrcter.

The large trackpad is very responsive and works accurately. I have no problem clicking on menus and buttons and so on. The only minor issue I have is that it can be hard to resize windows sometimes in Unity - but this is mostly down to Canonical's current 'my way or the highway' approach to its users at the moment :-| (the grab area for the window edges is very tiny).

Oh yes, my one reservation was the loss of the 'scroll wheel' functionality from the mouse. But I discovered that you can scroll using two parallel fingers as the trackpad supports 'multi-touch'.

I would prefer the mouse buttons to be a little further away from the trackpad too but again it's just a case of getting used to the layout as I'm not normally a trackpad user.

The other hardwired buttons are a second 'left click' mouse button on the left hand side which is very useful. and mute/volume controls which work in Linux. Also there's a 'home' button which opens your homepage if you're in a web browser, or your home folder if you're not. The usual plethora of 'media' buttons is missing but as I never used them that's fine by me. Oh, there's a tiny on/off switch too.

The keyboard is amazingly light and can be held in one hand to type with the other if required. There are no fold-out legs but the battery compartment provides a slight angle to the keys when the unit is on a flat surface.

Apparently the batteries should last for around a year.

All in all I'm very pleased with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone looking for a small/light ingegrated keyboard and mouse replacement. Oh, there's space to carry the dongle around in the battery compartment too if you're taking it with you to use elsewhere. Nice little touch.
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20 of 21 people found the following review helpful
on 8 April 2014
I've had one of these for about a year, and I have two small children... This thing has been dropped, stepped on, smashed against things, thrown, been filled with juice and apple sauce, and generally abused in ways only a 2 year old and 5 year old can. The battery compartment pops off and the batteries fly out, but it still works perfectly - and it's never had a single key come off, ever.

The distance range on it is not super great, but acceptable, the battery life is great, and the sensitivity and response time are plenty sufficient for using it as a remote for a media center PC. I'm not sure I'd want to play games on it, but for general usage, it's fantastic.
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on 25 November 2013
Bought this as I found myself plugging my laptop into my TV more often and wanted a nice wireless keyboard to use in the living room.

The build quality is all plastic but sturdy, isn't cheap-looking with matte-black front and matte-white back giving a nice contrast as well as a little style. Key travel on the keyboard is good but can miss the odd character if you're a light typer however I primarily use it for easy cursor navigation (YouTube, BBC Iplayer, movies etc.). The trackpad is nice and responsive, supporting the multi-touch gestures of Windows 7/8 - two fingers swiping up or down to scroll pages.

I use it between 3-5 metre range and it works okay, I will say the Logitech nano-receiver thingy is tiny so don't expect it to pick-up a good signal if it's hidden too much (I actually ended up using a little 20cm extender I had lying around so something to bear in mind)!

Overall 8/10
+ works fine
+ looks fine
- wireless receiver is tiny
review image review image review image review image
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108 of 119 people found the following review helpful
on 16 October 2012
Bought this to use with a Samsung ES5500 Smart TV. Plugged it in and it worked straight away with no problems. Makes the smart TV features much more useable. It's light and not too robust but I don't intend to throw it around the room anyway.
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43 of 48 people found the following review helpful
I have numerous wireless keyboards due to my continuous search for a better keyboard, and after using the Logitech K400 I will look no further. It satisfies my needs 100%. Yet some may want the numeric keypad, which in this case is replaced by a laptop styyle trackpad. I never really fancied trackpads, however Logitech have done a great job.

The build quality of this keyboard is top notch. I was at a computer store the other day and most of the keyboards felt so cheap and flimsy in comparison to the Logitech K400.

One has to find a compromise between size and usability. Compact keyboards usually end up in a lot of typo errors due to the proximity of the tiny keys. Not in this case. This keyboard is compact yet sports a great layout. It does require some getting used to as it still is a compact keyboard, yet having used it for just a few days I find myself typing much faster than on my previous full fledged, same brand, backlit keyboard.

Some have reported issues with the trackpad not responding. This is generally due to software / computer configuration. Downloading the latest trackpoint drivers from the Logitech website should solve the problem. I had this issue initially yet after installing the drivers it works a charm.

I really like the pinch to zoom and two finger scrolling. There are other features I have yet to discover and program.

The wireless range of the keyboard is very good, offering seamless connection for several meters. Usually I would have to place the dongle on the front of my desktop computer in order to have a good connection, yet there are no issues at all in this case. I suggest using the supplied adapter (which interfaces between the dongle and computer USB port) unless you use it for a laptop, where proximity s not an issue.

After a good 4 months of continuous use (over 8 hours per day) I am still using the original batteries, with no signs of "missing any key hits", so battery life is really great.

I would definitely recommend this keyboard to sofa surfers and to desktop users alike. I have tried it on my dad's Samsung LED Smart TV and it worked seamlessly.

Update: I like this keyboard so much that I've bought the white version too. My primary use is for the desktop as my current TV does not support keyboard input. Very satisfied with solid build quality and looks.

I would highly recommend this keyboard for users who do not use the numeric keypad often.
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53 of 60 people found the following review helpful
on 16 March 2013
I rarely write reviews of products unless there's something to say that hasn't already been said by someone else but I have rated this product at one star so that people will be wary of something that isn't documented anywhere and will have a drastic effect on the performance of this keyboard.

To quote logitech "Long-range wireless control. You can control your TV-connected laptop from across the room without leaving the couch thanks to the Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connection with a 10 metre range. The reliable wireless virtually eliminates delays, dropouts and interference."

This may be the case however as USB 3.0 is rapidly becoming the standard connection and for my recently built pc bought to connect to the TV the motherboard has a mix of USB 2 and 3 connectors. I purchased this keyboard to use exactly as advertised. What it says nowhere is that USB 3.0 will interfere dramatically with wireless 2.4Ghz devices, which is pretty much every wireless peripheral you will connect to a pc. So to give you my experience where it claims a 10m range what I can get is a maximum of around 2m and that's including it attached to the range enhancing dongle. It's unbelievable that something like USB 3.0 can be released that will almost prevent existing products working and a quick search shows this to be a known problem with no obvious work around so no wonder they're keeping it quiet. For the geeks read[...]

I am undecided whether to send this back and source a bluetooth equivalent but yet to see anything with as much promise. I'll try some things the only one I can think of at present is using a usb extension lead to move the dongle away from the pc but will have to see. So beware!

I can confirm that an extension lead to move the dongle away from the the pc worked a treat and I can use the keyboard anywhere in the lounge now and at least it can be hidden behind the tv but it defeats the object of the dongle in the first place!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 22 July 2013
Right off the bat, this is a brilliant idea from Logitech - very innovative thinking, and beautifully designed.

- While the design doesn't feel totally premium, there are no rough/sharp edges, and the flip side of the less-than-premium plastics is it is incredibly light.
- Touchpad is multitouch, with gestures. Having pinch to zoom on my PC is absolutely awesome, as is the 2-finger scrolling (much easier and more precise than a wheel) and the Windows 8 gestures are really handy (swipe from edges for charms bar, switch apps etc).
- Excellent radio performance: The range is great just with the tiny receiver (it's the smallest I've ever seen, barely pokes out of the USB port), and it comes with a free range extender just in case. Really thoughtful.
- Once you've installed and re-paired and it's all actually working, it works beautifully - all hotkeys function fully, including shutdown, and the onscreen graphics for caps lock, volume etc are really pretty, and even match the physical design of the unit.
- Generally looks really good, beautiful design
- Impressively quiet keys
- Finally I can use Windows 8 properly, so much better than a standard mouse.

Negative points:
- Size: this is not a full-sized keyboard - it is the size of a standard laptop keyboard, not a desktop one. But for my setup (PC connected to TV, used mainly for entertainment) it's fine, and you can type at full speed on this pretty quickly.
- There is also no dedicated numberpad (this space has been taken up with the numberpad). Again, not really a negative as the normal numbers are across the top.
- Bug: Beware if you buy this - there is a known software bug. After you install the software, the hotkeys won't work. You have to go into Unified settings, unpair the keyboard and re-pair it. PLENTY of forum threads etc on this, just Google it.
- No middle-click substitute - a massive oversight. There is no way to emulate a middle click/scrollwheel click. This means for opening tabs in new links etc you have to use 2-click methods, like the old days. Hopefully will be fixed with a software update. For now, you can set your own shortcut with AutoHotKey (Google it).

Overall I'm really pleased with this, though the software bug and lack of middle click are a nuisance, both can be overcome, and overall it's just such a clever design. It really is perfect for the new 'living room PC' paradigm. I have a media PC attached to a 47" flatscreen, and this keyboard just completes the set. No more fiddling with the mouse on the couch cushions trying to get it to register!
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41 of 47 people found the following review helpful
TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 September 2012
I've used Keysonic wireless keyboards for 3 years Keysonic ACK-540RF Wireless Mini Keyboard with Built in Touchpad and on the failure of my second this week, I decided to change brands; this time with the money from the Square trade insurance cover on my last to buy this one.

If you are used to having the touchpad centrally located -- it's odd initially to get used to it being on the right. Even though it has a bigger area for the touchpad and that seems a better idea -- my digits were still automatically going to the wrong place - a little over a week later,it's like this was my original keyboard.

Right and left click feel better and aren't clunky when pressed -- you can scroll the edge of a window by depressing the mouse icon and moving your finger on the touchpad up or down or by using two fingers at once on the touchpad -- if cursor is near text depressing the mouse key it lets you select text for editing.
Absolutely no problem using a wireless mouse alongside this -- model that seems best in conjunction is the sony Sony VAIO Wireless Laser Mouse - Black laser mouse (made by Logitech for Sony Vaio)

Advantages of this over the Keysonic are 2 AA batteries having a higher current capacity than the AAA type batteries in such other models. Hopefully this means longer running times.
Dedicated Volume up/down,a homepage key and volume mute all work instantly with clear symbols.Also it Seems classier.

Possible disadvantages are the Keysonic turned off after not typing for a while automatically and you "woke it up" by pressing a key -- this one has an on/off switch,so it does leave us consumers responsible for remembering to conserve battery when not in use.
{*edit -- continuous use over a week has not drained batteries at all}

Logitech make various keyboards and optical/laser mice for Sony and Alienware/Dell and this was what swayed me to try it.

The keys do require firmer pressing than the keysonic,but the plus is it's harder to hit an adjoining key than on my last model.

What makes me feel uncertain about the sturdiness of this model is the thinness of it, it looks good,but it is easy to twist with hands each side in opposite directions applying light pressure-there is some give-this wasn't easy to do at all with my previous model.* So far so good, the flexibility seems to allow for a little more shock-proofing.

So I'm basically saying I'm satisfied with this from new for now-in its function -- the dongle receiver is really tiny,and unobtrusive compared to my last model which stuck out like a sore thumb.

The only thing missing on every wireless keyboard I've had is a low battery indicator -- it must be possible to transmit battery state to the receiver and have a notice pop on screen -- i'd love that!

If I have any issues with it ,or it turns out my initial apprehension is unfounded I shall share thoughts here -- so for now I would call unit very good,but not for prolonged serious typing.

It's a keyboard very well suited for sofa or bedroom use whilst putting your feet up to do a few evening emails or HDTV media player/itunes control.

It's also fine on Windows 8 (64 bit release preview)
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 3 April 2014
The keyboard is lovely, I use it as my main keyboard on my laptop with Ubuntu. There are only three things that I don't like.

1) F1, F2 etc must be accessed with the FN key. I find this annoying, considering that I use these keys a lot.

2) If I slide my finger from the outside of the touchpad's right border INTO the touchpad, the letter 'C' is produced. This is incredibly annoying, especially when I am programming or writing a long text. Apparently I do this involuntarily a lot, and it makes things a little bit stressful.

3) The right Shift key is too small, and it is placed in a very inconvenient position. I am a touch typist and a very fast one, having the right shift in such a recondite spot does not help.

What I am saying with the first and the third point is that I Don't Want To Be Forced To Look At The Keyboard when I use it. I got used to the hidden Shift key, but once in a while I fail to press it, now I unconsciously adapted into using the left Shift more often, and to produce a capital 'T' I normally use just my left hand. But this slows me down, it is faster to alternate right hand left hand.

But overall I love it, 4 stars. I hope Logitech will fix these problems with its successor.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 10 May 2015
My son bought this for his Microsoft Pro Surface 3 Tablet which runs on Windows 8. To set the Keyboard up you simply plug in the USB dongle and switch it on. He is able to put his tablet into sleep mode and adjust the volume and brightness with the short cut keys at the top of the keyboard. The keyboard layout is UK unlike the US layout on the official Microsoft Pro Surface 3 keyboard and case. The touch pad is responsive and the overall build quality seems very good. According to the product information that came with the keyboard the batteries (2 X AA) last 12 months.
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