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on 11 August 2012
While I have a Wi-Fi network set up at times the performance can drop especially when a lot of devices are being used. Bought these to connect my desk top PC. There is lots of information on Powerline devices available , but in outline they use your existing electrical wiring to transfer data. These units are better than other Powerline devises as they don't block a power socket.

Set up is really simple, plugged the one into the nearest wall socket to the router and connected with the cable supplied. The other one plugged in near the PC and connected to the Ethernet port. While they seemed to create a connection straight away I wanted to pair them properly. Simply press the button on the bottom of one for about five seconds and then press the button on the second one and the network is established. Since set up they have worked perfectly.

A couple of points ; the units supplied are with UK style plugs and sockets (the picture on Amazon is the European model). These should be plugged directly into the wall socket and any extension/multiway connector plugged into the pass-through socket.

The cables supplied are only about a metre long so may be worth getting extra ones if your sockets are a distance from the equipment. TP-Link recommend CAT 5 or better. The connection is at the base of the plug so you need some clearance below the socket.

A small CD is supplied that contains the documentation and a utility. I downloaded this from the TP-Link website and is useful to check speed etc and can be used to add another unit if necessary. However seems that to add a third unit you simply need to press the button on the bottom on one of the existing units and then press it on the new third unit and it will join the network.

At the time of writing TP-Link (see their website) are doing a special offer where if you send in a copy of your receipt and the barcode from the box you get a free unit.

Overall a really easy to set up and highly effective way of having a wired network but without needing any technical knowledge or having additional wiring installed.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 1 December 2013
I would have given this kit of two passthrough Powerline adapters a high rating as they just worked as advertised. Plug and play. Worked for exactly 14 months from first use. Never had to do a thing to make them work or keep them working. Then overnight one of them is just dead to the world. Pass through mains works but LEDs showing no power, no activity. Nothing. Expired. Like the guarantee I guess but cannot find my documents now. Its a brick. Tried other sockets, reset, zilch. The other unit looks OK. With an hour to closing had to do a high street dash to buy a same brand replacement for a single unit (which now look slightly different) but at least it paired with the remaining unit and crucial homework can continue.

This is the first networking item I have ever purchased with such a short life. Usually I replace tech because of obsolescence after 5 years. Well I just bought one more TP-link Powerline adapter to be sure of as fuss-free, get back online, asap. Time was short. Will try a different brand next time..

[update] After a search I see these types of devices failing for a simple well known reason. The electrolytic smoothing capacitors blow out with time. This is unforgivable as the industry went through this plague already many times. Using the cheapest electrolytic components is unforgivable for something plugged in 24/7/365. Just opened mine up and yep, a black 6.3V 1500μF has a bowed out top. Others look fine. for history of this, search 'capacitor plague'
UPDATE: fixed with one of these Capacitor Electrolytic 6.3v 1500uf Price for 5. Sprang back to life.TP-link corner screws will destroy their hidden fixing holes be careful. 5th screw in middle hidden under label so pierce through to access.
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on 9 June 2012
This product worked first time. Plug in at both locations, press the button on the underside of each unit, bingo. Thats it. Could not be simpler. You do not even lose the plug socket as each unit has a pass through connection. Highly recommended. I even got an improvement in my broadband speed at the remote location. Win, win, win.
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on 20 September 2012
I plugged these in, hooked one unit into my router, the other in to my daughter's blu ray player with some Ethernet leads.

I pressed the button on the bottom of both units for "between 3 and 8 seconds", dashing up the stairs to do this within 120 seconds.

I set windows media player 11 up as a DLNA server, restarted my pc, went up back stairs and my little girls DLNA blu ray player played Winx quite happily from my pc through the powerline.

Really easy to get this set up, the only issues I had was with the software that comes on the tiny cd supplied in the box. The utility program refuses to load on one pc and instantly crashes on my laptop. But I don't care as the powerline network is working, the kit is cheap and it is doing the job I want the kit to do..

As the cd is one of those tiny ones, some computer cd drives will not accept them, but all the drivers/ manuals are on the TP Link website and I found them with no trouble.

The instructions say don't use them with extension leads, but my daughter's room is childproof. The power to her tv is by an extension lead with a million cable clips holding it in place and I am not disturbing that. I used the extension lead in place, and my network seems to work just fine.

I did plug a powerline wifi extender into another extension lead and that has surge protection. It didn't work and I found out that one of my old extension leads has built in surge protection when I looked to see the problem!

The units are rated at 10 amps for the pass through socket.

The only way to reset one of these is through the software, and that is a problem as the software is rubbish so I knocked off a star for that. I am not going to complain about the rubbish English in the manuals as it is so bad it makes me laugh!
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on 6 February 2013
Having read the reviews and star rating it was a "no brainier" not to buy these for our new Internet tv. Not as easy to set up as people have stated in previous reviews tho' Did everything the instructions told us to and they just wouldn't "pair". Nearly ended up sending them back as thought they were faulty, then decided to try thru the computer which worked. HELPLINE is utterly USELESS unless you have an ear for Cantonese. They now work perfectly but a lot of stress beforehand.
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on 12 December 2013
Having used a TP Link for quite a while to get the internet from my office to my home, using the electric wiring, some 50 yards away, after it gave up the ghost I immediately ordered two more of the same ilk. The service from Amazon, as many will know was exceptional - ordered around 4pm and received at 12.30 the following day. And with no post charges it's better that getting transport to the shops - and cheaper.

But back to the product. Try as I might pressing the buttons on the two parts, they just would not connect. The lights showed that all was well with the sender, but no internet would come through. I did as was suggested, using a short cable and pressed at varying times and in varying ways, but nothing. The things just would not work. And going back to the various reviews I realised this was an all too common fault, with many sending the product back.

But then I realised that the new sender would work with the former receiver, proving the it was that that was at fault. So rather than send it all back and be without internet, I left it as it was. I have to admit that at this time I have something going that I would not like to be without in the house in the evening, hence the decision.

But only two stars, as only half of it worked!

Certainly not recommended, as from other reviews it just is not a reliable product.

Tom Crossley
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on 28 March 2014
Don't be frightened if you have never used anything like this before. They are so easy to set up.
I just put the four that I bought into a six-way power strip and switched them on. Then go along pressing the 'pair' button on each and wait for the light to stop flashing.
That's it! Done.
Then take them out of the power strip and plug them into your sockets next to the equipment that you need to network.

Edit - after using these for a week now I have noticed that the connection keeps 'dropping' between units. The lack of connection lasts for around 30 seconds, then is re-established.
A check on the internet reveals that this is a common problem with these units. My anticipated improvement in speed and reliability are not present.

Edit 2. A firmware update has been released to cure this problem which is suspected to be an issue with the power saving feature of these power plugs. I have updated all four of my units and will report on whether it was a success. On day one all seems good
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on 24 April 2013
I plugged them in and managed to get them working once with the Sky + box and used On Demand. However, they have since stopped working and nothing I've tried has coaxed them into working again. The instructions with them are very basic and apart from pressing the reset button from between 3 - 10 seconds there doesn't seem much else I can do. I've searched various forums and tried plugging them on different sockets, using the same double sockets etc but whatever I attach to them can't see the internet.
The admin tool that comes on the CD is next to useless as it can't see the plugs either so I can't troubleshoot using that.
They are now lying on a shelf waiting for the next time I have a few hours to spend trying to sort them out. Which is a shame as I had high hopes
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on 4 September 2013
Works well and installation was simple.

Apparently 14 more words are required.

What's that about?

"Now I'm not the world's most physical man, but I know what I am. I'm a man, and so is my Lola. Lo-lo-lo-lo-lola."

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on 28 June 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
These things are superb. Mix and match them with your wifi network - it reduces the load on your wifi bandwidth and gives some of your devices (tv's, pcs, for streaming video) a more even flow. Really easy to setup too.

I've got a lot of TP-Link kit now and I like the brand.
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