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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 7 April 2011
I have been a fan of this period of time for many years now and do read alot of factual books on the period. Some would think that because of that I would hate The Tudors. Infact the opposite is true. I love it!!! Now it does take alot of liberties with history! Some of which are massive e.g the first episode - Henry's "Uncle" is murdered. Henry's uncles were the Princes in the Tower. However, if people watch it knowing it is not going to be a fully accurate portrayal then I see no harm. I've seen on many discussion forums how the show has actually encouraged people to buy factual books to read on the period and also tourism at places such as Hampton Court has increased. Surely that is not a bad thing?

I will admit though that there were a few issues that did bug me alot. Most of the costumes in the show are of the Elizabethan style, not Tudor. I read an interview with the costume designer and alot of outfits were borrowed from previous period productions..and with such a large cast its understandable. Despite them being of the wrong period though they are absolutely stunning! I love so many I could not pick a favourite.

I also wondered why it took them until the last few episodes to finally age Henry. I feel it should have started alot earlier considering by the beginning of season 4 he was approximtely 40.

The last season was the worst for me. I didn't connect with Katherine Howard and found the character annoying. I thought Emily Blunt (in the production of Henry VIII where Ray Winstone was Henry) was far superior! I also found Joely Richardson an odd choice for Catherine Parr. Of all the seasons I think the 2nd was my favourite. However, Anne is my favourite of all his wives so this could be my own bias. I thought the chemistry between Johnathan Rhys Meyers and Natalie Dormer was fantastic. Also, some of the dialogue they use in the show is words that were actually spoken...Its fun trying to recognise which ones and then try and remember which history book I read them in.

Anyway, I think I've ran on too long. I hope others enjoy it as I have as a visualisation of the facts I've read. If you're new to the period I hope it encourages you to read further. If you wanted an easy read to start you off I would recommend "Six Wives" by David Starkey.
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on 31 March 2011
The Tudors, what can I say. Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII is amazing. Not only do you hate him you can't help but love him as well. Watching from the first season you will see Henry VIII as a young man full of life up to season 4 as an old man crimpled by disease and onto his last wife.

This boxset isn't for the faint hearted and live's up to the 18 certicate. Full of sex and torture. If your anything like me you will laugh and cry. I really loved this series and found watching the last episode emotional to watch.

Hope you enjoy it :-)

Long Live The King.
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on 13 June 2013
The first thing that has to be said is do NOT expect this series to be historically accurate. 'The Tudors' uses facts to make an outline of the story, and then uses poetic license and fiction to fill the middle. Yes, we know that Henry VIII did not look like Jonathan Rhys Meyers, yes we know that Wolsey did not kill himself, and YES WE KNOW that many aspects of this series is either mere speculation or a complete diversion from historical fact. But does that make this a bad series? Not for me atleast.

Having Meyers play Henry VIII was clearly to make this series 'sexy'. I doubt that the series would have had the same appeal, if they had used a man who looked like Holbeins portraits of Henry VIII, especially in say, the risque sex scenes that this series is famous for. And it can't be denied that Meyers is a good actor, despite the slight hint of an Irish accent in series 4 especially

The series starts with Henry VIII's failing marriage to Catherine of Aragon who failed to provide a male heir, and follows his 6 marriages, ending with him looking at his portrait and then his death (well, we assume).

As a brief summary, Series 1 focuses on the kings lust for Anne Boleyn and a divorce from Catherine of Aragon.

series 2 shows Anne becoming established as his wife and queen, the birth of Elizabeth, and then ending with fall and execution.

Series 3 shows his 3rd wife and the birth of his son Edward, as well as her death and then his fourth marriage to Anne of Cleaves.

Series 4 is the later part of the kings life and his final two wives, Catherine Howard and her adultery and execution, and the final wife Catherine Parr.

And amid Henry VIII's lovelife, we also see the reformation and the various struggles with this, as well as many other events that happened in this turbulent period. It is a pity that they didn't continue with the other tudors- Henry VII's children; the boy king Edward, Bloody Mary, and of course, Elizabeth I.

One thing I must say is this series is not for the overly sqeamish or children. There are sex scenes and some nudity (which I don't mind although some may view them as unnecessary or take offence) as well as violence. The 'worst' episodes for me would be the fall of Anne Boleyn, with the torture of Smeaton and the exuecutions of her 'lovers' being particularly hard to watch. Aside from this there are various executions, behadings and a 'hung drawn and quartered scene' in series 4, and I have to say the torturing of Anne Askew is uncomfortable viewing. Although it is realistic of the period, seeing this once was enough and I fast foward them.

Even though this plays with the history, it is one of my favourite dramas. Give it a go
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on 4 May 2011
A magnificent drama. A sumptuous, visually lush production, and a totally compelling saga of a King and dynasty that changed the face of England forever, with outstanding character acting from all involved. It may not be completely historically accurate (as its detractors complain) but as the Director put it, this is a drama series not a documentary. And as drama it is the most emotionally moving, slickly produced and magnetic piece of art. I was completely immersed from the very first episode and watched all four series in less than a week. If you love history, and this Tudor period in particular, it is simply unmissable.
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on 4 December 2011
I saw all of the series on the BBC, it was brilliant. The acting and costumes were first class. I would recommend this to all even if the 'Tudor' period does not normally interest you.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 December 2011
If you're a history buff you will realise that the creators of the series have taken artistic license and changed quite a few things to make it prettier, glitzy and more exciting. Again if you know your history then you also know there was no need to do that, because it was an era and monarch that needed no extra glam. I have always loved Henry VIII, yes I know he was a tyrant, bully and a serial philanderer and that's without counting all the heads he had chopped off. However he was also a very talented and intelligent man. What isn't to admire about the fact he made up his own religion and changed the course of British history, just so he could have a specific woman. Anyway, J. RHys Meyers may not be an exact replica of Henry or anything close to it for that matter, but he does pull the role off with pizzazz. I thoroughly enjoyed the series.
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on 8 July 2011
Although this depiction of Henry Viii reign may not be precisely historically correct the cinematography, scenes, costumes and acting were absolutely stunning. I was gripped from start to end and it inspired me to google wikepedia to explore the more accurate historical events. One of the best series I have watched on tv. I think this was superbly acted and will create interest in people in the real history of his reign which can only be a good thing.
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on 19 June 2015
The tudors can not be considered anything but cheap entertainment clearly aimed at an uninformed audience. A modern radiator in the background is an honest mistake, but this series distorts history. Cardinal Wolsey did not commit suicide, Henrys sister did not marry the king of Portugal and let alonoe murder him, the line of popes is not correct, there was no attempt to shoot anne boleyn. If you want to know the facts about Henry 8 i suggest you buy any books or documentary films made by David Starkey, whon is britains and indeed the Worlds Expert on the tudor era and Henry 8
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on 10 May 2011
My good lady was distraught when this series finished on BBC recently. So much so that she continually mentioned how brilliant Jonathan Rees-Myers was, how fantastic the costumes and set pieces were, and worse still, every time she saw an actor/actress who had appeared in the series she became misty eyed. So I bought her the box set and it's worked a treat. She now has a permanent record of, what she says, is one of the best TV events of recent years. And when it's raining outside, she can comfort herself by choosing whatever episode she thinks appropriate. Brilliant! Money well spent!
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on 23 April 2012
OMG this has renewed my love of the Tudors - Jonathan Rhys Meyers is absolutely gorgeous as is Henry Cavil. A wonderful DVD set and have been absolutely glued since having purchased it.. Best bit of History ever.
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