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2.8 out of 5 stars40
2.8 out of 5 stars
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on 16 August 2012
What an utter load of rubbish. I was looking forward to a film I thought would give an accurate account of a true legend, as the executive produced was his own daughter, Shannon Lee.

It looked like it had been filmed by some teenager who was given a video camera for Christmas (minus the instructions). Many of the outdoor scenes looked like they had been borrowed from friends and neighbors unwanted holiday videos and most of the actors were worse than 1950's B, C, D through to Z movies, I've seen better acting in my kids school plays.

The only good thing about this video was the box it came in. Shannon Lee should be ashamed of herself to allow her father to be portrayed in such an abysmal movie.
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on 12 January 2012
As a fan of Bruce Lee for 40 years I've seen my share of good, bad and indifferent documentaries and bio pics. This definitely falls into the category of bad. Imagine Bruce Lee in a 3 hour episode of 'Home an Away' and you get a good idea of the standard of 'The Legend of Bruce Lee'.
Bruce was a man, who in his all to short life pursued the search for truth. Truth in martial arts. Truth in film making. Truth in life (The sculptor chips away at a block of stone to reveal the beauty within). With 'TLoBL' we are treated to lies piled upon conjecture piled upon myth.
There are some great documentaries and books about Bruce Lee's life out there. It's a shame then that the writers and producers of this production seem to have taken a flawed piece of work like 'Dragon, The Bruce Lee Story' and embellished upon it. Here are just two examples of how misguided they are:
1. In 'TLoBL' we are treated to countless scenes of Bruce Lee competing in tournaments. As any fan worth their salt knows although Bruce did demonstrations at tournaments he never actually competed in them.
2. Apparently the producers of 'TLoBL' would also have us believe that Bruce damaged his sacral nerve in a challenge match which ended in him being smashed in the spine with a log. Instead of the weight lifting accident which really caused it.
I'm disappointed that Shannon Lee has lent her name to this production. It gives the film credence it does not deserve.
Bruce Lee was an incredible man who led an incredible life. The truth of his story needs be told. I look forward to the up coming documentary 'I Am Bruce Lee' in the hope that it will provide us with a much needed counter point to drivel like 'TLoBL'.
As an aside I wish reviewers would stop giving dvds 5 stars based on what they think a film will be like instead of giving a considered critique after they've watched it.
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on 20 October 2013
Don't write reviews much, so I must be either elated or annoyed.

I've been a massive Bruce Lee fan since the early 80's when I saw 'Enter the Dragon' on TV and managed to get my hands on all Felix Dennis' Kung Fu Monthly magazines, I've seen and read most things that have his name on it and I've seen some dreadful films claiming to star Bruce Lee or be about him, but, this has to be the worst. I wasn't going to buy it based on other reviews and what I've been told, but, for a £2.99 Blu Ray I couldn't resist in the end. After just 26 minutes when the lead actor Kwok-Kwan Chan (let's not call him Bruce) is in hospital and the USA actors are all wearing clothes from the 90's or 00's in what is supposed to be 1960's and supposedly witnessing two enormous moments in Bruce Lee's life, which were wrong, I pressed STOP.

Bad acting, bad storyline and a real shame that Shannon Lee was Executive Producer to this pile of 'The Legend Of Bruce Lee'. Out of respect for Bruce, I think I shall be putting the Blu Ray in the safe hands of my friend Guy, who will be taking it to the top of the wooden mountain with him in a couple of weeks on November 5th.

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on 19 January 2014
As a fan of Bruce Lee I looked at the cover and upon seeing his daughter was involved I foolishly thought that it would be insightful into the life of this great man. However my hopes were burned to the ground within the first 2 minutes and I turned this rubbish off after 15. It's poor in every conceivable way.

1)Apart from the lead the acting is horrendous,

2) Whilst the dubbing brings back memories of Lees films it seems unnecessary for American characters to of been dubbed into Mandarin, why not just subtitle the English speaking characters into mandarin? Surely it would of been cheaper.

3) The script is cheesy, the fight scenes are not what I expected they were poorly choreographed and quite frankly dull.

I'm quite certain that the longer I watched this rubbish the more flaws I would of found but I would end up self harming if I had to sit through this 3 hour film. Yes this monstrosity goes on for THREE HOURS! The series was around 50 hours, how they could smash that into the meager three I do not know.

I would trade this in to my local store but I fear another fool will purchase this and suffer like I have.

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on 2 October 2012
Never before has his story been told so faithfully it says on the box! Well thats a lie right away!.
First of all there is more jirky camera movements than a steven segal movie and they have the actress thats playing his wife speaking in dubbed chinese she is american for christe sake lol infact all the non chinese people are speaking chinese! And just like that other crap the little dragon the bruce lee story he broke is back in the fight to be able to teach kung fue to anyone that wanted to learn when the guy he fights cheats (sound familiar?) In reality bruce lee won that fight in seconds and he broke his back during a weight training exorcise nothing to do with fighting!! Both linda and shannon lee should be ashamed of themselves both for little dragon and this nonsense!!!....... So to other fans of bruce lee out there I say avoid this utter tripe like a bad rash no wonder I had never heard of this movie before its a straight to video nonsens infact ive seen better steven segal movies! This movie make mortal combat seem like a winner of the golden globe 10 times over thats how bad this is so please save your money its an insult to bruces memory and I think he would be well pissed off if he was alive!!!!!!!!!............
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on 24 August 2013
I wasn't originally going to buy this at it's original price due to the bad reviews but once the price dropped I thought why not? How am a Bruce lee fan. It's also worth noting the series got good reviews on IMDB. I knew before I bought this some of the fight scenes were made up considering the series is 180 minutes long. I have to say Kwok-Kwan Chan played Bruce Lee excellent and the resemblance between the two is uncanny at fist glance minus the fact Kwok-Kwan Chan is pale while Bruce Lee is tanned. Like the film Dragon,quite a lot of the story is fictional to make it more entertaining but none the less I enjoyed the series cause of the action. I only give it 4 stars for 2 reasons

1. They cut certain parts of the fight scenes from the blu ray version but,if you watch the TV version on TV or online some of the fight scenes look different how they haven't been cut!
2. Even when their in America in the series,they have dubbed all the actors speaking Cantonese with English subtitles which I found just completely stupid!
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on 31 December 2014
Brilliant film, I was fascinated for the entire 3 hours. The fight scenes, philosophy and acting were superb I'm not "up" on all the facts of Bruce Lee's life, but this film conveyed the determination, brilliance and searching nature of the man. After reading other negative reviews, I think maybe (respectfully) they have missed the point. This focus' more on Bruce's search for the perfect form of martial art. As a life lesson, if not a biography, its beautifully portrayed. Excellent.
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on 10 January 2012
I have just started watching this and the audio on the packaging just states stereo which is a bit naughty really as it is chinese audio with subtitles. Strangely enough it still seems dubbed (lips out of sync). I love world cinema and dont have a problem with subs but just wanted to clarify this. I have neutrally rated it till watched and will then ammend.
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on 3 May 2013
This dvd is rubbish. Considering bruce lees daughter was involved in the making of this so called fim avoid it at all failes in every department. Ie actors,music,camera work everything. I watch 20minutes of it and chucked it in the bin. Crap.. Dont buy it crap.
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on 5 January 2012
Terrible Chinese TV show which was shown in multiple parts now put together for this dvd release. The actor looks slightly similar to Bruce... right ok that's it. Shows 100% that this is a low budget tv show, the sequences are terrible and most of the events just didn't happen in the life of Bruce Lee. Rubbish. I suggest that you check out a documentary instead such as How Bruce Lee changed the World or a Warriors Journey or something similar.
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