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on 24 February 2014
There are a lot of really good reviews on here already, I just wanted to provide the highlights of this camera:


1) The image quality is excellent for a camera of this size and sensor type.
2) If you are used to lugging around a DSLR, you will love it. I will bring it along with me where I used to look at my DSLR and decide not to bother.
3) The latest firmware update adds loads of new 'Advanced' modes, including 'Toy' and tons of others.
4) The low-light shooting mode, "Pro Low Light" is just amazing. It takes four photos and overlays them to remove any camera shake. You can take wonderful atmospheric shots in virtual darkness. I have a series of pictures of the bridges and canals in Amsterdam which were taken at night and are just stunning.
5) The build quality, build materials and appearance are just class. People frequently comment on the great 'rangefinder' styling.


1) Lost the lens cap...

All in all, love this camera, and I don't miss my DSLR at all.
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on 29 May 2012
Superb I fell in love with a Leica CL in 1973 when I was a lad. 39 years later I have the digital zoom heir to that beautiful camera.
Lens is superb, images crisp and accurate and it is just a joy to use, fully digital and yet feels like an old fashioned pro manual camera.
A real joy, buy one you will not be disappointed!
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on 24 November 2011
The first three reviews have set a pattern that I think will continue for this camera and I echo all of the positive comments. To buy this camera, I sold my nearly new Canon 1000D, on Amazon, to part fund it. When my X10 arrived, I knew instantly I did the right thing.

The X10 is Rangefinder-like in design and is very similiar to my Bessa 35mm film camera. It is beautiful and beautifully built. To me, the aesthetic of my picture taking device is as important to me as any technical fluff. My Canon 1000D was functionally very good, but its look, feel and handling were souless. The X10 is like my old metal rangefinder and film SLR's; wonderfull to hold and to fiddle with. I also purchased it for its manual qualities; the zoom, exposure compensation, etc. Perhaps also I was seduced by the film emulation modes - I shoot Fuji Velvia colour film. I am a keen photographer, but not to the extent that I want to sit at my PC for hours fiddling with RAW files, though I understand that some photographers enjoy the digital darkroom process. The X10 allows that with its proprietary RAW option (not really supported outside of Fuji's bundled software). The JPEGs out of the X10 are awesome and totally belie the sensor size. If you print no larger than A4ish and don't overcrop, the images are superb. I hardly ever crop, following the example of HCB.

This is a camera that people will want to own because it has style, quality and enough imaging horsepower to satisfy those whose concern is more about composition than than pixel peeping. This is a camera for people who enjoy the process of picture taking. Finally, at the time of writing, the Amazon sellers prices are lets say rather on the high side. I got mine from Firscall Photographic for 430 quid ex-stock, so shop around carefully.

All in all, this could be the last digital camera I ever buy. I love it.

February 17 2012 update. A few months along and I still love this camera. Nary a problem with it. It's good to see that the doom mongers who prattled on about white blobs have been defeated and the camera is still at 4 and bit stars. By the by, the firmware update for this RARE white blooming issue has been released (not that I ever experienced it). The DPreview mob have been repelled, some by now may even have purchased a camera (any camera) and are using it. Me, I have a whole bunch of images from the X10 that I am very happy with. I'm even experimenting with using it in square format. Just brilliant.
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on 17 April 2012
This was given to me as a birthday present, purchased via Amazon. As usual, great service and prompt delivery.
About the Camera: The Fuji X10 was chosen after much deliberation, research and reading of reviews.
Now is the time to share my review having used it for a month or so. I use this camera alongside my Nikon DSLR.
Solid build quality
Great lens
Small and lightweight
I love the panoramic functionality
It has a viewfinder albeit not giving 100% view it still works.
A great many easy to use functions within the menu system
Very good picture quality even at higher ISOs
Good in low light situations without using the flash
Ability to get really close to your subject using the macro modes.
None so far

Try as hard as I can, I have not been able to replicate the ORBS caused by highlights that many forums are talking about. So no problem there.
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on 9 November 2012
If you want a real photographers camera in a small package then this is the one to get. The issue with "orbs" has now been resolved and this camera is truly excellent in all respects. What other camera, for this price gives you the following:

Beautiful old school styling.
Very high quality fit and finish, much like the film cameras of yesterday.
An optical viewfinder.
High Speed flash sync with the ability to fire another flash off camera (optical slave).
Silent shutter.
Fantastic manual zoom.
Full manual external controls.
Increased dynamic range (using pixel binning).
Beautiful Fuji colour
EXR mode which makes it virtually impossible to mess a shot up for the inexperienced.
Flash hotshoe.
1/4000th second max shutter speed.
Image stabilisation.
Panorama sweep.
Superbly foolproof onboard flash for fill in.
Macro focusing as close as 1cm.
Ability to process raw files fully in camera
High quality 28-112mm F2-F2.8 lens
Excellent image quality for such a small sensor, including up to ISO 1600 (3200 at a push).
Digital level.
Up to 10 FPS.
etc etc.

Now many cameras can do some of these things but none I know of do all these things in such a small package. This camera really is an incredibly versatile tool and is ideal for advanced users wanting a high level of control in a camera you can carry in a jacket pocket. Alternatively it's also great for those that want a cool looking camera that's rock solid reliable in auto modes. For the price it retails at now it's an absolute steal. I'm an experienced amateur who is passionate about photography and if you told me I could only ever use one camera it would be this one. Yes the Sony RX100 has a bigger and better sensor but it can't do half of what this camera can and it hasn't got a fraction of the style or fun factor. This is all the camera most people would ever need, it really is that good, colour me impressed!
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on 22 January 2012
As the satisfied owner of a Fuji F31FD I have long had a list of"improvements" that could be made to it. These included easily accessible exposure compensation, ISO adjustment and brighter, wider lens. The X10 is the camera that matches this list of ideals and is an excellent upgrade to the F31FD. It just about fits into the Lowepro 60 AW pouch with room for the strap, spare battery and lens cloth, although the resulting combination require a large pocket to carry it in. The results I have obtained so far have been more than satisfactory and I am extremely pleased with it. Having read of the "white orb" problem without experiencing it in my own shots I set out to produce a photo with these blemishes and succeeded, but I don't think it will concern me overly much or detract from my enjoyment of using the camera.

Since writing the original review, I have sent the camera back to Fuji who replaced the sensor FOC. Brilliant service! I also downloaded the firmware which amongst other things reassigned the Raw button, changing it to a quick menu. Still use it to take stunning pictures. So good I'm considering buying an X30.
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I bought the X10 as a replacement compact after breaking the lens unit on a Canon S95. The X10 was a risk for me because it is a bit bigger than the S95 and I wondered if it might find its way into my pocket so often (larger pockets are needed). It's a risk that I'm glad I took.

There is an abundance of reviews about this camera and I'm not sure that I can add much to the praise that has already been heaped upon it. There were some issues with early models but these have been completely resolved by sensor and firmware tweaks on the version that I received.

Image quality and vibrancy is outstanding for a camera of this size. It is an enthusiasts camera - it needs some understanding to get to grips with the plethera of controls, but I'm sure that anyone using the auto or EXR functions will be happy with point and shoot results. There is an abundance of features and these have tempted me to be more creative than with any camera I've previously owned (including my Canon 40D). It's made me feel like a "photographer" again for the first time since I've been using digital.
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on 2 October 2015
I was looking for a cheap camera a while back and stumbled on a reduced X10. I have had it for two years and it has changed my life. The images that this series of cameras produces are wonderful- The build quality is fantastic and the styling obviously is beautiful. I have taken my x10 with me stuffed into a small bag and it never lets me down. It doesn't have the xtrans sensor or 16 mpxs which makes the later models of the x series so desirable, however with the last firmware upgrade you have film simulation modes with really deep colour and the advanced filters in fuji are beautiful. It is capable of producing delightful surprises which have made me care about my photography as an art, no other camera I owned before this remotely did that. Even though I have upgraded my equipment since I still often find that I take my best shots with my x10.
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on 29 May 2012
I just purchased this last week as my second camera but have totally fallen in love with it. It is very well built and works exceptionally well. It can produce wonderfully shallow depth of field shots from it's fast lens and has an array of excellent features.

After purchasing I read up about the Orb issues and was initially concerned so I did many tests in situations which should produce orbs and have been unable to reproduce them. Either this is an intermittent issue, occurs very rarely or the news sensors are already making their way into new cameras. In any case I feel reassured that should it become a problem Fuji have agreed to replace the sensors in all faulty X10 cameras.

The only issues with the camera are how easily the LCD display scratches, I got some small scratches on the first day of use, being used to the Canon screens on their top end DSLRs I had always thoughts screen protectors a waste of time, however they are essential with this camera. I purchased these and didn't have issues with bubbles or alignment: 6 IN 1 PACK CLEAR LCD SCREEN PROTECTORS FOR FUJIFILM FINEPIX X10 - 3 LAYER ANTI-SCRATCH DISPLAY SAVERS

If you are looking for a leather case I highly recommend the BV & Jo case that is 1/2 the cost of the Fuji one and very high quality: 2 Parts Hard Leather Case for Fuji FujiFilm Finepix X10 digital Camera (Brown)

I would have also liked the battery to last a little longer, again I may just have high expectations, however this really isn't an issue as you can pick up Energiser replacements from about £4.

Overall an excellent little camera that takes amazing shots, with lots of creative freedom, small enough to take everywhere.
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on 23 January 2012
I bought this camera as a pocket alternative to my DSLR ( Cannon 500D )and was looking for a compact camera that offered high quality results. The X10 looked good and seemed to tick all the right boxes, so after a couple of months reading reviews I bought it. First impressions were very good - well made with a whole range of creative options that allow complete control and a number of interesting features such as 360 degree panorama and several different film type effects.

Using the camera has been very rewarding - it feels like a real camera and the quality of the images has been excellent so far. You can shoot on RAW but the quality of the camera processed images is not far short of my DSLR. No problems with 'orbs' on bright highlights so far or or with the exposure compensation dial as it requires a bit of pressure to turn so it does not get adjusted by accident. The menu is quite complex with the range of options available, but you can start on full auto and build up knowldege as you go.

The camera looks great and feels solid and as someone who started with film many years ago it's retro looks remind me of a classic viewfinder camera by a certain german manufacturer ! Not a cheap camera and some of the accessories are expensive but if you are looking for this level of quality you have to pay for it.
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