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on 30 October 2011
I was given the Kodak Hero 7.1 as a gift to print mainly photos, "has Kodak had being involved in the photographic industry for years" it was with some trepidation I opened the box to set it up as I had read reviews of earlier Kodak printers, commenting on problems with set up, faulty print heads requiring replacing and below average photo print quality.
First it could not have being easer to set up, just follow the steps on the enclosed instructions. Just tell it if you want WiFi or are using the enclosed cable (disc goes in to computer after you set up the printer).
I've held off placing a review for a while to see if the print head fails, but touch wood Kodak have seem to have solved this problem, and every thing is working fine.
I found the print quality does very, but this seems to be more to do with the quality / type of photographic paper you use. I printed the same photo on Lexmark paper, Canon and Kodak's own paper and got three different results, all close but not surprisingly the Kodak paper gave the best colour / tonal range on its own printer. You also have the ability to enter the batch code from your Kodak paper, so presumably any batch changes will not alter the colour of your photos.
I tried a similar test with a flyer and again found the quality was more to do with paper quality than inks, plain photo copy paper although exactable, paling in comparison to good quality paper and light card stock.
Printing from memory cards or sticks is a matter of just following the touch screen prompts to get what you want from individual prints to multi photo sheets
The scanning ability, is what you expect from a modern 3in1 printer (I used my own software to scan not the Kodak package) and works well as a stand alone copier.
With the inks being so cheap and not being used up any faster than my former Canon printer, I would recommend it for the general household printer use.
The only con is it seems slightly slower at printing colour images than my old Canon?
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on 11 May 2012
I bought a Hero 7.1 in February 2012. The first printer could only be switched on and off using the mains switch. But all other functions worked perfectly. After about 45 minutes on the phone to Kodak call centre they agreed to replace it.

The replacement printer arrived within a couple of days. Unfortunately the on screen control buttons did not function. After a 30 minute call they agreed to replace the printer.

Printer three arrived and functioned perfectly.... hooray!

Then three months later it developed a problem printing using wireless. Initially the printer seemed to take several minutes to process and spool and print even for basic one page Word documents. Then it started giving communication errors.

To test the wireless signal I tried moving the printer to within one foot of the router with no success. I reloaded the software to reset the printer to default settings. Then got the printer to search for wireless networks and it could not find any at all. My computer and phone could detect six.

I spoke to the call centre again who are based in India. They were very polite and very helpful and asked me to perform a few tests and also using remote software tried to fix the problem. This took about 90 minutes. At the end of this they agreed to send me printer number four. I've not received it yet but based on past experience it probably won't work for long.

On the positive side when it does occasionally function correctly the print quality is good.

I bought the Kodak Hero 7.1 to take advantage of cheaper print cartridges but as I will probably have to buy a new printer once its out of guarantee its a false economy.

If you still want to buy one be prepared for long chats to the call centre.

I did receive another printer. After a couple of months the printer stopped printing ink, after another conversation with the call centre they said it was out of guarantee but would replace the printer head. It came very quickly in the post. It didn't fix the problem. The printer was then taken to the local tip. The printer cost around £180 to buy not to mention the print cartridges that were nearly full but were of no use as it would not print. It really was a big waste of money. I would never buy another Kodak product.
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on 25 October 2012
Woeful printer, it scans ok, it prints pictures ok but ask it to print on anything other the Best setting and it bands badly and on draft it is all but unreadable. It may have cheap ink but the print quality is shameful. I spend at least a couple of hours a week live talking with India.
Unreliable, poor print quality, cheap ink at face value.
It just doesn't add up to a sensible buy - AVOID

I only wish I had bought from Amazon rather than Currys as i would have returned it for a full refund and be printing on something with more expensive ink, but that actually printed ok.

Just getting the printhead replaced, so basically its the whole printer replaced in parts, - wasting my time and shredding my nerves in the process.

UPDATE 06/01/14

The printhead was replaced and things were better, for a while. But then I was back on the phone to India and in the end my white printer was replaced, except for the printhead that I had to transfer over from the original printer, by a black version. I've been running this version successfully ever since. So now I have the machine I was after in the first place. I'm running it with a Mac and a windows laptop and they communicate perfectly with good quality printing and low costs.

However, I still cannot recommend this product to others as the time and cost it took to get to where I am now is not worth it. lets hope they get the problems sorted so they work out of the box.
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on 20 June 2012
I bought this printer last year and am very disappointed. The cheap ink claim is a con. The ink cartridges may not cost much but last about ten minutes. The Brother printer that we had before was much more cost effective. The first printer we had was faulty and Kodak sent us a replacement but we are still not impressed. I won't be buying another Kodak printer
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on 11 November 2011
My HP died while job hunting and I had to get something in a hurry. Cheap ink, duplex printing, and decent looks (for a printer) sold me on this one. Setup was quick and easy, document and photo print quality are great, as are the copies.
I would not hesitate to recommend this all in one printer to anyone.
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on 2 December 2013
I bought this inkjet printer last year, because I was currently a student studying photography I thought the printer was going be great for what I need it for.

First impressions (out of the box) nice looking, modern feel, great "dual paper trays", very easy to setup via Wi-Fi (and cable via Ethernet), great looking interface and driver software. The "starter" ink seemed to last quite a long time, about 5 A4 vibrant photos and a few documents. The standard ink lasted a bit longer, but for the money I thought the ink was a good deal. Also the other great built in features such as lined paper and cloud printing are great.

However, and a very big however, 3 months down line, my ink levels appeared to drop for no apparent reason. I didn't really think about why this happening so I just brought more ink. It happened again so I opened the area where the ink and printhead is. I then switched off the machine, took out the print head and the head was smothered in ink, I thought this may have been normal but turns out it is not. I also dipped my finger in the place where the print head is suspended when the machine is off and the machine was probably about half a millimetre filled with ink. So I thought the print head was leaking when machine is off.

I took the printer to the store I bought it from (PC world, unfortunately). They happily took it in for testing and "sent it to Kodak to be fixed". Well 2 weeks later, all they done was replace the printhead, no software errors, no firmware errors, nothing, no information.
So I spent more money on ink. The print head still leaked so I emailed, phoned, and sent letters to Kodak. I got absolutely got nowhere, because apparently the printer has been "modified". A complete Joke, in the end I sold the printer for a fiver to a technology repair centre (they knew about the fault) because they wanted it for other parts.

All in all;

1) Do not buy a Kodak printer.

2) They are not cheap to run.

3) Total cost for my situation was about £300-£350 within 6 months, the printer was £80 at the time, and I bought about 15 sets of ink.

4) If you want a decent printer buy a laser printer, however if you want to print photos print them professionally.

5) I have had my B&W laser printer for 3 months now, Perfect for documents; again just get your photos printed professionally. I've spent a total of £110 on my laser printer. I have only printed 400 pages and still running on the starter toner, I will write a review on it when I can.
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on 13 August 2012
We have owned the Kodak hero 7.1 for a few months now and it is constantly failing to print the quality expected!

I wouldnt say we re heavy printer users, however after constant ink head cleaning, head alignment and replacing cartridges, this printer still leaves stripes. We have tried a variety of papers, including Kodaks own paper and the pictures still come out flat in colour.

A very disappointing printer which we will be replacing
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on 11 January 2013
I purchased this product on the false advise of a poor salesperson at PC World, who I suspect was going to receive commision for getting rid of their rubbish. I returned it 5 days later and exchanged for an hp 6700 officejet (which is AMAZING).
The Hero is one of the biggest regrets of my purchase history.
I have a small home business, so I print small numbers of invoices, receipts for my online purchases and address labels with online postage. It could not cope with any of these. 50% of paper ended up jammed, making the double sided feature pointless in terms of saving paper, and the 'cheap' ink was no longer a good deal. The printer forced pages through, so it would not print labels without them coming off inside and causing a huge problem getting them out. Considering the large number of small home businesses now, a standard printer should be able to do these things.

Setup was annoying, in the last few years, apart from the Hero 7.1, I have not had to insert anymore than the ink cartridges into a printer. I had to uninstall and readd the program to my computer several times too. The printing from ipad took forever to set up.

Print wise, the quality was very poor. I printed a document on my new hp that I had printed on the Hero. The Hero's prints were dull and blotchy. Colours were awful eg, red was more brown. The Hero's prints looked like the colours had bled, and there was no sharpness to the print. There were also alot of lines through areas that should have been solid colour, no matter the paper type. Scanning and printing was also poor quality.
Made a lot of noise when powering up, and sometimes I had to cancel and restart the printing job several times as it just sat in the queue for half an hour- I do not know how much longer it would have sat there.

When I exchanged this printer, the good salesperson said this printer was one of the highest returned printers for a while, and not to touch them. Bear in mind also, that Kodak have withdrawn from the printer market, so stores are trying to get rid.

There are many better printers on the market for less money, and amazing printers for the same amount.
I would not recommend this printer to my worst enemy - stay well away!
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on 6 June 2013
This is the worst electronic product that I bought. There is not even a single day that passed without repenting about this decision. It worked well for two months. After that the printer never gets connected to the computers. I tried all option and including connecting using cable and USB. Still no luck. Its useless and waste of money. I don't know whether I could take legal action against the company who sold this product. No warranty information is available.Guys please stay away. There are 100s of other printers available in the market.
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on 15 June 2012
I bought a Kodak Hero 7.1 all in one printer in March to replace a Dell all in one printer which had provided 8 years of faultless service. Being fair it is the most worthless, troublesome, aggravating waste of money that I could ever have purchased and as of today it has gone!

Scanning: It did this effectively but with several overly complicated steps and the scanned image is not of sharp quality.

Copying: It does this competently but the quality was a poor 4 / 10.

Printing: It never actually managed to do this at all. I used it for a small business and everything it prints is not centered on the page. This is due to the paper catching within the internal mechanism and being obstructed as it passes through the print head. It is a consistent fault that could not be corrected. Every time you switched it on the first print would get chewed up in the internal mechanism necessitating stripping the cables out to gain access to the back compartment door and removing the obstruction. The documents produced were so poor I had to send them to my business partner in order that he could print the documents without embarrassment before sending them to our clients.

Print quality is generally unimpressive and poor. Text is not well formed, with feathering around the edges that makes the clarity and sharpness difficult to distinguish. Colours in graphics on documents are never rich or bold, big areas of colour fill are pretty ugly blighted by inconsistent colour and banding. Photo prints are even worse with dull colour hues and inconsistent levels of detail in darker areas of the picture.

Wi-Fi: This worked but without a reasonable printed document as a result was never actually used.

Please DO NOT believe the adverts about Kodak saving you money by doing cheap ink. It may be cheaper to purchase but there is so little ink in the cartridges that what is advertised as a 425 page cartridge will rarely do 150 pages. Google it and read what lots of people are saying, a search on Amazon will reveal similar dissatisfaction. You think it is cheaper but you have to purchase so much of it that it is truly false economy.

I contacted Kodak about the printing fault who were not in the slightest bothered. After a degree of persistence I did get them to agree to replace it, which they then did with a 4 year old reconditioned ESP7 which I refused point blank to accept. I pointed out to them that if I bought a 2012 Ford Fiesta which did not work as required and Ford replaced it with a used 2008 Fiesta people would start to talk about legal action. Their replacement policy is that you will never be given like for like, always an old model no longer in manufacture that has been discontinued. Ever since then Kodak refuse to discuss the issue and therefore no more Kodak for me.

I sought legal advice but did not need it. I wrote an E-mail to Amazon who responded promptly telling me to arrange to have it shipped back to them free of charge and they would refund my money.

Moral of the story: if you want a working printer that will actually print a document effectively then do not purchase a Kodak. The one I received was not of satisfactory or even reasonable quality given the cost of it. In addition it was never fit for purpose and for these reasons it has been returned.

I bit the bullet and have now purchased an HP laser printer through Amazon just because if the manufacturer lets you down like Kodak will then at least Amazon will support you.
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